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The delegates listed below from the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party

to the Democratic National Convention are pleased to announce their enthusiastic

endorsement of Representative Keith Ellison for Chair of the Democratic National
Committee. Ellison is the right choice to lead the Democratic Party forward. He was
a community activist and Minnesota State Representative before being elected to
the U.S. House of Representatives in 2007, and has always worked hard to represent
our values and lift up the voices of the marginalized. He understands that we need
to work together to build a strong party at every level of government.
Ellison continues the legacy of Minnesotas iconic progressive Senator Paul
Wellstone, and he understands that change starts with grassroots political
engagement. We ask you to join us in supporting Keith Ellison in this critical race
were excited about the transparency and accountability he will bring to the
Democratic Party.
Abdul Ahmed Clinton
Jessica Andrist Clinton
Michael Arulfo Clinton
Liz De La Torre Clinton
Christopher Dolan Clinton
Jose David Gallardo Clinton
Samakab Hussein Clinton
Patrick Kelliher Clinton
Javier Morillo Clinton
Edwina Patterson Clinton
Zachary Peterson Clinton
Representative and Senator-Elect Dan Schoen Clinton
Nancy Schumacher Clinton
Ruben Vazquez Clinton
Maychy Vu Clinton
Wang-Yu Vu Clinton
Andie Whitaker Clinton
Teresa Winston Clinton
Raymond Yu Clinton
Muhammad I. Abdurrahman, PhD Sanders
Heather Adams Sanders
Kashimana Ahua Sanders
Michael Bearfoot Sanders
Lisa Bender Sanders
Kaela Berg Sanders
Margaret Breen Sanders
Jacob Christy Sanders
Yishu Dai Sanders
Muhamad Elrashidi Sanders
Jessica Filiaggi Sanders
Michael Gibino Sanders
Armando Gutierrez G. Sanders
Rod Halvorson Sanders
Caroline Hooper Sanders

Representative Frank Hornstein Sanders

Nausheena Hussain Sanders
Emily Jensen Sanders
Karl S. Keene Sanders
Lindsey Ketchel Sanders
John R. Mahanna Sr. Sanders
Jacob S. Mazurek Sanders
Keith McLain Sanders
Chris Meyer Sanders
Will Moore Sanders
Melissa Olson Sanders
Erika Onsrud Sanders
Florkime Paye Sanders
Alexis D. Pennie Sanders
Rose Roach Sanders
Tharen Stillday Sanders
Travis C. Thompson Sanders
Rich Updegrove Sanders
Shauna K.W. Valdez Sanders
Fartun Weli Sanders
Imam Asad Zaman Sanders
Elly Zaragoza Sanders