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SAP Apparel and Footwear helps the industries to get updated with the Volatile demands of the

customers with the seasons and time. Its main focus is to specifically meet the demand of the Apparel
and Footwear industries. It provides industries to Plan, manage and control the flow of both internal
and inter company processes starting from the manufacturing to the delivery and keep the customers
and the manufacturer stable at every point. It helps the organization in forecast uncertainty, cost mark
downs and stock shortages that collaborate the industries globally successful in meeting the customers

Course objectives

Understand the Cost and Management Accounting process.

Understand the process of SAP Apparel and Footwear.

Describe the purpose of cost allocations.

Plan SAP Apparel and Footwear.

Implement SAP Apparel and Footwear.

Understand the benefits of cost and management accounting.

Naming the components that constitute the managerial and cost accounting Master Data.

Work Experience as in Related Field,

Work Experience in Business Process Procurement and Business Process Manufacturing

Course curriculum
Module 1: Overview Of AFS
Topics: AFS Master Data, AFS Categories, AFS Grids, AFS Sales Document
Processing, AFS Allocation Run, AFS Pricing, AFS Seasons, Value Added Services,
Special Sales Orders, Creating BOM, AFS Billing Process, AFS Limitations, AFS Tables &
Transaction Codes, Project Methodology
Module 2: Sales And Distribution And Allocation Run
Topics: Introduction to AFS-SD, Functions & Features of AFS, Sales Order Entry or Sales
Order Processing, AFS Master Data, Value Added Services, AFS Pricing, Substitution,

Prepacks and Assortments, Seasons, Mass Changes, Arun Process Flow, Additional Order
Types, Allocation Against Future Receipts, MRP and Arun Statuses, Arun Optimizer, Arun
Preview, Importance of Arun Within Different Business Processes
Module 3: Materials Management And Production Planning
Topics: AFS Master Data, Procurement, , Special Business Processes, Materials
Requirements Planning, Production, Production Forecasting And Planning, Invoice
Verification, Inventory Management, Master Data Iin Materials Management


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