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A multi-phase flow meter

New technology for well testing

In order to optimize its production
operations, Maraven, through its it, the MPFM measures simultaneously and in real time, each
Production Technology Department, with phase flow (oil, water and gas). In the table shown, an example
Intevep's support, started a multi-phase of performed measurements is presented.
flow meter for high gas void fractions
(GVF) and high gas/oil ratios (GOR) in The use of this technology in future developments is important
Barua V Flow Station, located in DOP's since it reduces space and costs (inversion/operation),
Barua-Motatan field, as an alternative to improves well test (more representative data and shorter test
traditional well testing system. times/costs), which is important for Reservoir, Production and
Operations Departments. Real time data allows a more efficient
Emilio Guevara, Production Technology and continuous remote supervision, thus reducing deferred
Fluid Management Superintendent, stated production due to failures. It is important to emphasize also that,
that the flow meter, Agar MPFM-400, for for performing a particular well test, this meter does not require
high gas void fractions is capable of fluid characterization (API gravity, gas or crude oil composition,
measuring gas contents as high as 99.9% viscosity, water cut, salinity).
and is an extension of Agar MPFM-300
series (limited to a maximum of 97.5% Economic feasibility studies, based upon conventional systems
gas) to which has been added a flow (test separator and heater) have demonstrated it is possible to
diverter. save up to 35%, depending on application and field conditions.

This diverter, using the difference in

momentum between phases, diverts most
of the free gas in the multi-phase stream
(oil-water-gas) towards a bypass, whilst
the remaining portion continues through
the multi-phase flow meter. The gas is
measured in the bypass line before it is
combined again to the mainstream at the
MPFM-300 outlet where total gas, oil and
water are computed.

Both gas portions are added and the result

is a meter capable of measuring gas-
dominant flow streams with an accuracy of
+/-10% of relative error and whose results
appear in the screen as shown in the
figure. This approach extends the
measuring range, especially for the GOR,
and reduces costs eliminating the need of
a bigger unit.

The meter is currently under evaluation in

Barua V flow station and is connected in Agar
series with the test separator. Results to Well Gas Oil (bpd) Water (bpd)
date are satisfactory, demonstrating once (mcfd)
more, the equipment versatility as a
Bara-6 1379 342 8
substitute to well testing separator. Unlike
Bara-7 1120 150 5
Bara-9 1393 100 189