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Aklan College was established in 1945 through the joint efforts and resources of a group
of prominent citizens of Aklan to satisfy the educational needs of the young people of the
province. In August 18, 1945, its stockholders met to approve the Articles of Incorporation and
By-Laws, and to elect the first Board of Trustees and Incorporators.
The fifteen Incorporators and members of the Board of Trustees were: Dean Filemon F.
Guerra, Atty. Manuel Laserna, Dr. Federico R. Menez, Atty. Ludovico O. Peralta, Atty. Jose Raz
Menez, Mr. Digno Alba, Dr. Salvador R. Acevedo, Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon, Prof. Vicente M.
Salido, Prof. Emeterio L. Prado, Atty. Jose R. Urquiola, Prof. Jose M. Reyes, Dr. Querubin
Fulgencio, Mr. Jesus Aranas, and Dr. Conrado F. Quimpo. There were seventy three (73) original
On July 9, 1945, classes formally opened with 180 students; 90 students in the College
and 90 pupils in the Elemantary grades, Mr. Filemon Guerra was the first Dean of the College
and Mrs. Ester I. Acevedi as its first Principal.
At first year of academic operation, the College offered two year Normal leading to
Elementary Teachers Certificate (E.T.C.); two year General Preparatory, leading to the degree of
Associate in Arts (A.A.); Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE); Bachelor of Science in Home
Economics (BSHE); Bachelor of Arts (AB); Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of
Philosophy (Ph. B.). The first recognition was granted to the College and High School in 1947
and 1949, respectively.
His Excellency, Most Rev. Jose Maria Cuenco, the Archbishop of Jaro, joined the College
during the later part of the second year of the establishment of the institution.
He integrated Religious Instruction in the curricula and converted it into a Catholic
Institution in the curricula and converted it into a Catholic Institution. Because of his keen
interest in and of his magnanimously benevolent gesture towards the institution, the Archbishop
is regarded as the Patron of Aklan College.
The College held its classes in the two-storey Salas Building located on the corner
Pastrana and 19 Martyrs Streets on its first years of existence and remained there until 1948. The
school moved to its present campus beside the Kalibo Cathefdral the year after.
During the Rectorship of Msgr. Salvador M. Mabasa, a new high school building was
constructed and was followed by the Gym-Auditorium, the three-storey Msgr. Salvador M.
Mabasa Building and the cementing of the quadrangle. Eventually, a thress-hectare lot in
Andagao was acquired where the Engineering Building was built. Recently, under Msgr. Adolfo
P. Depras administration, the Home Economics building was renovated and converted into a

Hometel, and the St. Francis Hall was constructed. The Jaime Cardinal Sin Building was erected
in Andagao Campus for the High school students.
In 1988, Mgr. Adolfo P. Depra was commissioned to be the Rector of the College after
Msgr. Conrado T. Mesina, who administered the College from 1976 to 1988.
Msgr. Depras thrusts included strengthening the unity of its academic community and
edify Aklan College as the hallmark of academic excellenece. Thus, new programs were initiated
such as the Information Technology and Hospitality Management offerings. Such resulted to the
renovation and conversion of Home Economics Building into a Hometel, St. Francis Hall in the
main campus and the Jaime Cardinal Sin Building in Andagao Campus were also constructed.
In the process, the College realized that it was a timely that its name be given the identity
that had long been its characteristic. The renaming of Aklan College to Aklan Catholic College
was done under Msgr. Depras administration. The act was rationalized as a reclaim of its best
feature of integrating Catholic education in all its curricula. In addition the idea that it was the
first Catholic College in the province, the resolution on the changing of the name was approved
by the Board of Trustees and was adopted by the Stockholders in February 2004.
In Novemeber 21, 2003, the College in its pursuit for academic quality and excellence
was granted Level 1 Accreditation by the Philippine Association of accredited Schools, Collges
and Universities (PAASCU).
After Msgr. Depras term in 2006, Rev. Fr. Gualberto I. Villasis superseded the
Rectorship-Presidency of the College. The new Rector-Presidents New Waves of Innovations
Program highlights the vibrant thrusts on infrastructure projects, digitalization of the system and
opening of relevant programs. All of these are towards sustainability and beneficiality of its
stakeholders and partners in the academic, religious, corporate, professional and social realm.
PRO DEO ET PATRIA, the College today still stands as the pillar of excellence in the
province of Aklan that is of Christian and global education.










We envision Aklan Catholic College as a vibrant
educational institution committed to empowering
stakeholders as globally competent and authentic

We commit ourselves to:
1. Ardently evaluate the value of programs and
services and the excellence of structures,
processes and leadership styles.
2. Zealously sustain leadership and professional
development through continuing education.
3. Steadfastly live out the Gospel values for the
integral development of all stakeholders.

4. Passionately form graduates through quality

researchers, curricular offerings and community
extension services.
5. Purposively streamline resources towards the
sustainability of the institution through good
governance and Christians stewardship.

Aklan Catholic College commits to the value of:
FAITH: We cultivate a way of life that is wholly
dependent on GOD and expresses itself in generous
loving service for God and country.
ACCOUNTABILITY: We are accountable to God, to our
country and to our community. We demonstrate

accountability through our skills, behavior, attitude and

CHARACTER & COMPETENCE: We are passionate and
intensely focus in serving our stakeholders and helping
them achieve their goals.
EXCELLENSE: We strive for excellence that glorifies God
in all areas of life.
SERVICE: WE put all stakeholders at the top of our
minds, giving them the best service, satisfying their
requirement and valued them for life.
By the Aklan River is a spot we love so dear
Havens for youths who for light and truth aspire
Its trying past with faith our hearts inspire
We think of thee, our Alma Mater!

Aklan College, carry thy banner high

Aklan College, long may thy colors fly
Always we shall be thy sons and daughters fair
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater!

Oh hear song of cheer, a tune well neer forget

One great refrain pledging loyalty to thee

To praise thy name, to hail thy celebrity

We sing of thee, our Alma Mater!
Aklan College, carry thy banner high
Aklan College carry thy banner high
Aklan College, long may thy colors fly
Always we shall be thy sons and daughters fair
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater!