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Language Courses
& IELTS Preparation



Our 6-week preparation classes are for those planning to take IELTS. The test is
designed by the University of Cambridge & IDP Education Australia and organised
by the British Council and AEO. There are 2 test types, Academic and General. Both
consist of listening, reading, writing, & speaking modules.
A good IELTS band is compulsory for admission in all prestigious foreign
educational institutions where English is the medium of instruction and for
emigration to countries such as the UK, Canada and Australia.
We teach IELTS test-takers the skills required to achieve higher bands. There is
focus on effective methods to take the listening, reading, writing, and speaking
tests. Learners receive practice material and sit full-length mock tests & interviews
every week.
We also provide individual support to learners as and when required with detailed
feedback highlighting areas for improvement.
The British Council has recognised our good practice by awarding us with
Platinum-Plus status

Monday to Saturday

Mornings: 9.00am -12.00pm

Afternoons: 1.00pm - 4.00pm


5.00pm - 8.00pm
6.30pm - 8.00pm

*Before beginning regular IELTS classes, you MUST take an introductory

class held Saturdays & Mondays at 3.15pm.


Our 4-week classes prepare learners for United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA)
approved Cambridge IELTS Life Skills (Level A1) tests for UK spouse visas.
Learners are given 8 hours training per week to enhance their language skills to
the requirements of the test and they undergo weekly practice assessments to
prepare for the actual test held by the British Council & AEO.

Monday to Friday

Afternoons: 1.30am -3.00pm

Weekly assessment on Fridays

Before admission, we ask learners to sit an assessment & interview in order
to allow us to measure ability and track progress.

Monday to Saturday
9.30am, 1.30pm, & 3.30pm (Fridays 10.00am & 3.00pm only)


Our 8-week ESL course is the most modern English language course available.
BETS is proud to be the first to deliver and develop the ESL course in Pakistan.
The course is offered at 2 levels, BASIC & INTERMEDIATE. Each comprises 12
hours per week of extensive learning, wide-ranging activities and comprehensive
guidance to develop English language skills. Progression from Basic to
Intermediate level is allowed after an evaluation and recommendation.

Monday to Thursday
Mornings: 9.00am - 12.00pm
5.00pm - 8.00pm
Afternoons: 1.00pm - 4.00pm (Summer only)

Our 8-week Conversation classes provide excellent opportunities to develop
fluency in spoken English. We remove reluctance and cultivate confidence
through 10 hours per week of comprehensive training and practice in a learning
conducive classroom atmosphere.

Monday to Thursday
Afternoons: 1.30pm - 3.30pm (Friday 2.30pm - 4.30pm only)


Our 6-week English for Young Learners (EYL) course aims to enhance and refresh
the English language skills of young learners aged (11-15) in an exciting and
enjoyable environment.
This course is an excellent opportunity for learners to improve their English
and eliminate hesitation to assist them at school and college.

Monday to Thursday
10:00am 12:00pm (Summers only)

Our 8-week advanced course is for professionals who want to develop a higher
level of proficiency in English. Emphasis is on speaking, eliminating hesitation,
and developing confidence through 8 hours per week of comprehensive training
& practice. Activities aim to enhance and build vocabulary, improve listening &
reading comprehension, and improve accuracy (grammar). The course also
covers situational English and presentation skills.

Monday to Thursday


Dates announced by the British Council for IELTS tests in Lahore:
January 2016

February 2016 March 2016

April 2016

May 2016

June 2016

09-Jan-16 (AC/GT) 13-Feb-16 (AC)

05-Mar-16 (AC/GT) 02-Apr-16 (AC/GT) 07-May-16 (AC)
14-Jan-16 (AC)
21-May-16 (AC/GT)
20-Feb-16 (AC/GT) 12-Mar-16 (AC)
16-Apr-16 (AC)
19-Mar-16 (AC/GT) 30-Apr-16 (AC/GT)
23-Jan-16 (AC/GT)

July 2016

August 2016

16-Jul-16 (AC/GT)
30-Jul-16 (AC/GT)

13-Aug-16 (AC)
03-Sep-16 (AC)
20-Aug-16 (AC/GT) 24-Sep-16 (AC/GT)

September 2016 October 2016

04-Jun-16 (AC/GT)
25-Jun-16 (AC/GT)

November 2016 December 2016

08-Oct-16 (AC/GT) 05-Nov-16 (AC)

29-Oct-16 (AC/GT) 19-Nov-16 (AC/GT)
26-Nov-16 (AC/GT)

03-Dec-16 (AC/GT)
15-Dec-16 (AC)

Details regarding these tests are available from the British Council:
65 Mozang Road, P.O. Box 88, Lahore, 0800 22000.

Dates announced by AEO for IELTS tests in Lahore:

January 2016

February 2016

March 2016

April 2016

May 2016

June 2016

09-Jan-16 (AC/GT) 13-Feb-16 (AC)

05-Mar-16 (AC/GT) 02-Apr-16 (AC/GT) 07-May-16 (AC)
21-May-16 (AC/GT)
23-Jan-16 (AC/GT) 20-Feb-16 (AC/GT) 19-Mar-16 (AC/GT) 16-Apr-16 (AC)
30-Apr-16 (AC/GT) 28-May-16 (AC)

July 2016

August 2016

September 2016 October 2016

16-Jul-16 (AC/GT) 13-Aug-16 (AC)

03-Sep-16 (AC)
30-Jul-16 (AC/GT) 20-Aug-16 (AC/GT) 24-Sep-16 (AC/GT)
27-Aug-16 (AC)

04-Jun-16 (AC/GT)
18-Jun-16 (AC)
25-Jun-16 (AC/GT)

November 2016

December 2016

08-Oct-16 (AC/GT) 05-Nov-16 (AC)

19-Nov-16 (AC/GT)
22-Oct-16 (AC)
29-Oct-16 (AC/GT) 26-Nov-16 (AC)

03-Dec-16 (AC/GT)
10-Dec-16 (AC/GT)
17-Dec-16 (AC)

Details regarding these tests are available from AEO:

24-E, Zaman Park, Canal Bank, Lahore. 042 6278936.
BETS - Business School
BETS - Computing School
BETS - Fashion School
BETS Business School is known for
the quality of its faculty and
curriculum which emphasises on
"learning by doing". BETS offers a
3 year BA through Edxcel HND
route and a top-up from a UK

Practical - No formal Exams

Highly Valued by Employers
Globally Recognised
65% less cost than in the UK!
Save around PKR 2 million!

BETS Fashion School provides

BETS Computing School provides

you an opportunity to grow from
absolute beginners to competent
IT users in no time at all.Our
Courses cover techincal & design
skills allowing your confidence,
knowledge & skills to flourish
BETS offers a 3 year BCS
through Edxcel HND route and a
top-up from a UK university.

an outstanding skill set to BETS

graduates are working in every
area of the Pakistani Fashion
industry. 2 year Edexcel HND in
Fashion & Textile leading to BA
(Hons) Fashion from a UK

Basic Computing

Fashion Drawing

Basic Graphic Design

Textile Techniques

Advanced Graphic I
Pre-Programming (C++)

Drawing Techniques & Approaches

Certificate in Pattern

Advance Excel

Certificate in Fashion

Advanced Graphic II

Certificate in Interior Design

Auto CAD
Web Design & Development
TV Post-Production


British Education & Training Systems

6-A, New Muslim Town (facing canal) Lahore

Tel: 35883281/2

City College

www.bets.edu.pk UK OFFICE