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Nama : Vivi Avidiati

Kelas : X Mipa 6
No.Absen : 30
Desciptive Text
My House

I live in a simple house.It has eight rooms : there are three bedrooms , a
living room , a bathroom , garage , a kitchen , and a family room.It aslo has two
floors , upstairs and downstairs.
In a downstairs , when you enter the house from the door , you will see the
living room, there are four sofa with a glass table , a big cupboard , aquarium ,
and others.
In front of the living room , there is a family room and a bedroom for
guest.In the family room , there are television , carpet , and stairs.My family
always spend our time in there.Next , there is a kitchen , there are one
refrigerator , a stove , desk , and other cookware.
My bedroom is behind family room.There are two beds , chair , table , a
cupboard , and others.In front of my bedroom is a bathroom.My parents
bedroom is behind my bedroom.

In the upstairs , there was no room just for drying clothes and see the
It is a simple house , but it is cozy , pleasant , and it is the best place i
have ever seen.