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Issue No.

1: Whether or not Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee was doing the right duties
and job as a lawyer?
In the beginning of the movie, we saw how irresponsible and
unaccountable LT Kaffee was. Instead of showing up to meetings, hed rather
play baseball. He did not even plan to read the case and did not plan to
defend his clients and give them due process of law. He broke the Canon 1
which says that a lawyer shall uphold the constitution, obey the laws of the
land and promote respect for law and for legal processes and contains the
duties of the attorney. He should have given his clients the benefit of the
doubt and not judged them as guilty as soon has he heard about the case
and basically just wanted to ask for a plea bargain instead of defending his
clients first hand.
Issue No. 2: Whether or not the negotiation between Lt. Kaffee and Captain Jack
in the office about the plea bargain was ethical?
No. The negotiation was unethical. Lt. Kaffee immediately claimed that
the accused were guilty for murder and negotiated with Captain Jack to
agree with the plea bargain from 20 years to 12 years of prison. He did not
give his clients the benefit of the doubt. Worse, he plans not to give his
clients due process. He broke the Canon 2 which says that a lawyer shall
make his legal services available in an efficient and convenient manner
compatible with the independence, integrity and effectiveness of the
Issue No. 3: Whether or not the Lt. Kaffees bargain towards the accused to plea
guilty without due process was ethical
No. The bargain between Lt. Kaffee and his clients to plead guilty
instead of defending them and giving them due process was unethical. As a
lawyer, his job is to protect the rights of the people and give due process,
regardless of his personal opinion as to the guilt of the accused.
Issue No. 4: Whether or not Captain Jack was being ethical for defending the
United States and accusing Lance Corporal Dawson and Private First Class
Downey even though he knew that Colonel Jessup ordered the code red
No. Captain Jack may be doing his job as the defender of the United
States, but he knew all along that the real criminal who ordered Dawson and
Downey was Colonel Jessup and did nothing about it. He defended the real
criminal which makes him unethical. He acted in an immoral conduct. Canon
3 says that a lawyer in making known is legal services shall use only true,
honest, fair dignified and objective information or statement of facts. He was
not being truthful. In Rule 6.01, the primary duty of a lawyer engaged in
public prosecution is not to convict but to see that justice is done. The
suppression of facts or the concealment of witnesses capable of establishing
the innocence of the accused is highly reprehensible and is cause of
disciplinary action.
Is the film a realistic portrayal of the legal profession?
Yes. These kinds of situations could possibly happen in real life, which
is why there are those lawyers who are disbarred and removed of their
licenses. They portrayed