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1. Booklist & Strategy
2. Prelims
1. Environment
2. General Science
3. General Studies 1
1. Geography
4. General Studies 2
1. Global Groupings
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Booklist & Strategy

How to Study Geography General Studies UPSC IAS
Books for UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination
Books for Geography Optional UPSC IAS CSE


UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol Carbon Credits Trading

Paris Summit 2015 Lima Summit 2014 INDC
Photochemical smog Sulfurous smog
Polar Vortex Ozone Hole Ozone Depletion

General Science
Universe Big Bang Redshift Blueshift
Star Formation Stellar Evolution Life Cycle Of A Star
Solar System Formation Nebular Theory of Laplace
Solar System Planets Inner Planets
Solar System Planets Outer Planets
Sun Internal Structure Atmosphere

General Studies 1
Geography Notes PDF PPT for UPSC IAS
How to Study Geography General Studies UPSC IAS
Earths Interior Earthquake Waves Shadow Zone
Earths Layers Earths Composition
Earth Movements Endogenetic Movements
Weathering Exogenetic Earth Movements
Continental Drift Theory Tectonics
See Floor Spreading Paleomagnetism
Plate Tectonics Indian Plate Movement
Ocean Ocean Convergence
Continent Ocean Convergence
Continent Continent Convergence
Types of Mountains Classification of Mountains
Fold Mountains Block Mountains
Himalayas Andes Rockies Urals Drakensberg
Divergent Boundary African Rift System
Volcanism Andesitic, Basaltic Geyser,Spring

Volcanic Landforms Extrusive, Intrusive

Volcanism Types Based on Out Flow of Lava
Hotspot Volcanism Hawaiian, Reunion Hotspot
Earthquakes Seismic Waves
Tsunami 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
Rocks Igneous Sedimentary Metamorphic
Fluvial Erosional Landforms River Valley
Fluvial Depositional Landforms Delta Types
Glacial Landforms Erosional and Depositional
Marine Landforms Coastlines
Arid Landforms Wind Eroded Water Eroded
Karst Landforms Stalactite, Stalagmite
Lake Classification of Lakes
Important Lakes on Earth Facts About Lakes
Plateaus Types Major Plateaus of The World
Latitudes and Longitudes Standard Time
Rotation and Revolution of Earth
Atmosphere Role, Structure, Composition
Temperature Distribution on Earth Heat Budget
Adiabatic Lapse Rate Latent Heat of Condensation
Pressure Belts and Wind Systems
Wind Movement Coriolis Force
Winds Permanent, Secondary, Local Winds
Temperature Inversion Types Effects on Weather
Jet Streams Geostrophic Wind
Subtropical Jet Stream Polar Jet Stream
Air Mass Air Masses Classification
Fronts Types of Fronts Occluded Front
Humidity Relative Humidity Dew point
Condensation Forms of Condensation Clouds
Rainfall: Conventional|Orographic|Cyclonic|Monsoonal
Thunderstorm Thunder Lightning Tornado
Tropical Cyclones Favorable Conditions, Formation

Storm Surge Cyclones in Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal

Temperate Cyclones Mid Latitude Cyclone
Tropical Cyclones vs. Temperate Cyclones
El Nino ENSO La Nina El Nino Modoki IOD
Polar Vortex Ozone Hole Ozone Depletion
Rainforest Climate Tropical Evergreen Climate
Monsoon Climate Monsoon Forests
Savanna Climate Tropical Wet Dry Climate
Desert Climate Hot Deserts, Mid-Latitude Deserts
Steppe Climate Temperate Grassland Climate
Mediterranean Climate Western Margin Climate
China Type Climate Gulf Type, Natal Type
British Type Climate European Maritime Climate
Taiga Climate Coniferous forests Lumbering
Laurentian Climate Fishing off Newfoundland, Japan
Tundra Climate Polar Climate Arctic Climate
Ocean Relief Major Ocean Relief Features
Marginal Seas Bay, Gulf, Strait, Isthmus
Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean
Ocean currents Factors responsible Effects
Pacific Ocean Currents Phytoplankton
Atlantic Ocean Currents Sargasso Sea
Indian Ocean Currents Effect of Monsoons
Temperature Distribution of Oceans
Ocean Salinity Vertical, Horizontal Distribution
Tides | Spring Tide, Neap Tide | Tidal Bore
Coral Reef Fringing Reef | Barrier Reef | Atoll
Coral Bleaching | Zooxanthellae
India Geographical Extent, Frontiers
Indian Rock System
Himalayas Himalayan Ranges
Himalayas Regional Divisions
Himalayas Glaciers, Valleys, Snowline

Mountain Passes India & Himalayas

Indo Gangetic Brahmaputra Plain
Divisions of Indo Gangetic Brahmaputra Plains
Peninsular Plateau Deccan Plateau
Aravalis-Vindhyas-Satpuras-Western & Eastern Ghats
Coastline of India Coastal Plains of India
Indian Islands Andaman-Nicobar-Lakshadweep-New Moore
Drainage Patterns Discordant-Concordant
Drainage Systems of India
Indus River System Jhelum-Chenab-Ravi-Beas-Satluj
Ganga Brahmaputra River System
Peninsular River System vs. Himalayan River System
Godavari Krishna Mahanadi
Cauvery Pennar Subarnarekha Ponnaiyar Vaigai
Narmada Tapti Sabarmati Mahi Luni Ghaggar
Indian Monsoons ITCZ Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone
Indian Monsoon Mechanism Jet Stream Theory
Indian Monsoons Easterly Jet, Tibet, Somali Jet
Indian Monsoons South West, North East Monsoons
Western Disturbances Cloudburst
Indian Climate Climate of India
Winter Season Summer Season Indian Climate
South West Monsoon Season
Retreating Monsoon North East Monsoon
Climatic Regions of India Stamps, Koeppens
Forests Natural Vegetation of India
Soil Profile Soil Horizon Soil Types
Soil formation in Indian Conditions
Alluvial Soils Black Soils Soil Types
Red Soils Lateritic Soils Alkaline Soils
Soil Degradation -Soil Erosion Desertification
Soil Conservation Various Methods
Iron Ore Distribution across the World

Iron Ore Distribution in India

Coal Formation of Coal Types of Coal
Coal in India Gondwana Coal Tertiary Coal
Distribution of Coal across the World
Petroleum and Mineral Oil in India
Petroleum and Mineral Oil World distribution

General Studies 2
Global Groupings
G 20 G 20 Major Economies 10th G 20 Summit

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Geography Notes PDF PPT for UPSC IAS
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See Floor Spreading Paleomagnetism
Glacial Landforms Erosional and Depositional
Continental Drift Theory Tectonics

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