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Power of Gems

Astrology tells us that one becomes rich or poor

according to various combinations found in the natalchart.

Mercury increases liquid cash, Share certificates and
Jupiter rules over all sorts of properties (buildings,
Jewellery, jewels, cash).
Venus is for jewels, Vehicles, furniture, luxuries etc.
Saturn governs landed property, mines, quarries, and
Mars gives land & buildings
The Sun is for Authority, Power, Name & Fame
The moon is for liquid cash and wet lands.

The condition of Moon in a male horoscope and of the
Sun in the female horoscope determine the fortunes to
a very great extent.

The Position of Jupiter, the planet of success and the
position of Venus, the planet of all pleasures, are most
important to grow rich and prosperous.

Any affliction to Jupiter and Venus may ruin your career.

In order to get early success in life, position of Jupiter
on the eastern side of the zodiac (in Aires to Virgo or in
Mesh to Kanya) is of utmost necessary, otherwise
success will come late in lift if Jupiter becomes
occidental (on the western side of Zodiac.)
The planets occupying the 2nd 4th 9th and the 11th house
must be considered very carefully.
The 2nd house stands for movable assets, Liquid cash,
money, gold, Jewellery etc.
The 4th house represents permanent
landed property, buildings, vehicles,

acquisitions like

The 9th house denotes general prosperity in life and

bhagya and lastly
The 11th hose represents recurring income in present
For a really affluent and wealthy person, all these four
houses must be strong and free from any affliction.
Jupiter is the karaka for 2nd 9th and 11th houses and he
becomes very strong when posited in these three
houses and gives wonderful and notable results.
Moon is the Karaka for the 4 th house which is the house
which is house of happiness and family peace. A man
who has a strong Moon has undaunted courage and
courage is the secret of success. The moon becomes
very weak and debilitated when posited in 6th 8th
houses and is afflicted by malefics.

The chief controllers for the finance & fortune are the
Moon & the Jupiter & any affliction of these two planets
brings disaster in the life and success comes late.
The nature of Mars, Saturn or Rahu is to put
obstructions, Obstacles and hindrances in source
money, to delay and even deny it. They always try to
put obstructions and hindrances in the acquiring landed
property, liquid cash. Jewellery etc, and often destroy
the existing ones if heavily afflicted and if posited in
evil places like 8th and 12th house.
Mars or Rahu if found in 2, 8, 9th house in birth chart
causes havoc.
Saturn in 2,4,8,12th house is a bad sign for earning
Mars only gives good results if posted in 10 th house and
the Sun gives good results if posted in 10th house.
Venus is the planet of all pleasures. A man may earn
lots of money but he could not enjoy it due to illness or
heavily afflicted Venus. For enjoyment of earthly
pleasures, beneficial rays of Venus are essential. Venus
becomes too weak and debilitated when posited in 6 8
& 12th houses.
Earning money and enjoying the same may not be
possible jointly. The 12th house represents enjoyment of
all pleasures. For proper enjoyment of earthly pleasures
the 12th hose must be free from any affliction. It is
better to have no planets in this house.

It is better to have one or two retrograde planets in a

birth chart. Retrograde planets always produce notable
results during their Mahadashas.
Rahu or Saturn in the 12th house cause havoc, heavy
expenditures, no savings and no peace of mind.
One becomes rich and wealthy if at least one planet is
found exalted in a birth chart.
Malefics in 3rd or 6th and benefics in angles or trines are
good for growing rich and wealthy.
Benefics in 8th and 12th do not do much harm as
The 6th 8th & 12th houses are called Dusthanas or Trik
houses. Lords of 2, 4,9,11th houses if posited in 6, 8,or
12 house, the native will invariable become poor and
wretched. The Sun in 4th house makes one begger.
The 1, 4, 7, 10 hoses are called angles if movable signs
(Aires, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are in angles, the
native would be active, pushing and dynamic. Benefics
in angles and trines make one rich and prosperous.
if majority of planets in the cadent houses that is
3,6,9,12th houses the native makes little headway in the
world and becomes poor and wretched.
The 7th hose deals with public and business activities.
Malefics in the 7th hose cause business failure. Saturn in
the 7th hose gives fortune just after marriage. Rahu in
7th house brings financial difficulties just after Marriage.
Even evil aspect to the 7th house causes business
failure. Mercury in the 7th gives speedy turnover and
larger business profits. Jupiter in the 7 th house indicates

good and expanding business activities. Venus in 7th

house is a very good position for name and popularity
in business life. Ketu in the 7th is not a favourable for
business activities. The Sun in 7th hose promises steady
business activities fluctuations.
1. A person rolls in money if Saturn is occupies either
of the Jupiters signs (Sagittarius and Pisces), but
this will fail if Saturn occupies 8th or 12th house
from the ascendant.
2. A person rolls in money of Jupiter is in Cancer.
Sagittarius or Pisces.
3. Mars though debilitated in Cancer and exalted in
Capricorn in both gives wealth and fortune.
4. The sun in Sagittarius makes one rich and wealthy,
but Sun makes one poor if posited in Cancer,
Capricorn, and Aquarius.
5. Jupiter and Mercury in the 2nd house give enormous
wealth. Jupiter in 2,5,9,11 gives huge wealth. But
Jupiter in Capricorn makes one unhappy.
6. Mercury in Leo makes one penniless. Saturn in Leo
or Cancer makes one poor
7. Malefics in 8th or 12th house destroy wealth and
threaten loss whereas benefics in 8 th indicate
legacy, sudden windfall gains, lottery prize etc.,
huge income from partnership business.
8. Benefics in the 2,4,9,11 make one rich and
prosperous while malefics in these houses make
one a pauper.

9. Malefics in angles or trines make on poor. The 5 th

house is called Laxmi sthan. Benefics here give
wealth and honour.
If there is no planet in 2nd and 12th house from
the Moon sign. It is called kemadruma yoga which
is a very evil yoga. It causes great hindrances is
earning money.
Kalsarpa Yoga is formed when all the planets
are posited in between Rahu & Ketu. This is a very
evil yoga for growing and prosperous.
Many plantes oriental (Eastern side of the
Zodiac) make one rich and prosperous while many
planets occidental(Western side of the Zodiac i.e.,
Libra to Pisces) especially mars and Rahu give
heavy and long attacks of sickness.
Many planets in their exaltations denote that
the native will rise in life and occupy a high
position in life.
When most of the planets are above the earth
i.e., in the 7,8,9,10,11,,12 it is a favourable sigh of
prosperity, if they are oriental. (i.e., from Aires to
Virgo-Mesh to Kanya)
If Saturn afflicts the Moon, it is a bad
testimony and makes the native poor.
Jupiter in the 10 gives house gives name and
fame all through lift while Saturn in the 10th gives
name and fame but only for very short period.