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Hey there! Congratulations on your decision to actively harness and improve your photography skills.

We, the photographers in this group, cant promise that youll

become a professional photographer by the end of this challenge. We do, however, fervently hope that with the active participation of the group members here, we
can help you in your journey through your discovery of photography. Below is the annual planner for the entire duration of the challenge. We, the organizers of this
challenge, are firm believers of planning. We therefore suggest that prior to taking your photos, have a concept in mind for your final output. Use this planner to your
utmost advantage. The themes in this planner will serve as your guide for your entire years photography journey. We wish you a joyous and fantastic trip in your
photography journey. Think. Create. Achieve!


Wee Theme Monday Tuesday Wednesd Thursday Friday Saturda Sunday
k ay y
1 I am me---The Things that shape me
- What/who shaped you to who you are now? What/who is
responsible for your personality and attitude? What are
your values and principles? What/who shapes your views
on life?

2 Out with the old, In with the New

- This week, its all about change. Who are you?
What are you working towards? What habits are
you getting rid of to be who are you are
supposed to be?

3 Seeking meaning
- What are your dreams, your goals and your
ambitions in life? What things do you do that give
you satisfaction and value? What do think were
you born to be/do? What gives your life

4 Life anchors
- This week is about stability. Who/what keeps you
grounded, rooted and steady through your
journey in life?
5 My place in this world
- Your creative haven, your work, the things that
you do in this world that make you feel at home
and gives your meaning and creative freedom.

6 Whispers and Callings of the soul

- Those yearnings of the heart that say, This is
what youre good at. This is what youre meant to

7 Vision & Goals

8 Learning

9 The Makings of a Winner:

Focus, Perseverance and Attitude

10 Growth and Understanding

11 Test Drive
- Trying out your acquired and learned values,
ideals, skills, knowledge, principles into the real
world (society)

12 Character and Achievement

13 Mastery and Habits

14 Knowledge and Wisdom

15 Thinking outside the box

16 Renewed and Rejuvenated

17 In Control

18 One Earth

19 Hope

20 Discipline

21 Change

22 Action and Productivity

23 Time
24 The Road Less Travelled

25 The Small Things that you do make a difference

26 Mans bestfriend

27 Take My Hand

28 Inspire Me

29 Toys for the Big Boys/In Action

30 Responsibility and Accountability

31 The Two of Us
32 Love
- In all its glorious forms and intensities

33 Inseparable
- The bonds you form with people in this world.
Celebrate them!

34 Together we stand (Unity)

35 Courage and Taking Chances

36 Challenges and Obstacles

37 Opportunity

38 Success, Abundance and Significance

39 Happiness and Contentment

40 Gratitude
41 Experience and Ignorance

42 Acceptance and Forgiveness

43 Holidays

44 Dying, Death and Decay

45 Religion and Beliefs

46 I love me (Body part)

47 Kindness and Compassion

48 Seven Deadly Sins

49 Dreams, Fantasy and Imagination

50 Once upon a time

- Your own version of childhood fairytales.

51 Everyday scenes

52 Getting There