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» % - meee = yee wou Aharnvetinel pa New Heal Insurance Scheme 2016 - Annexure - Reg. 4 rasa ‘aust NOVAS , “Dean, MVC" Dean, VOR! Oathanaas , Tinneive,"Orotor CANS" “Dheston CAPS* “écaju@anuvas agin. Drector IPP, Hose , Esate Ofcer ‘eptstivas.cins, ein TANUVAS.ORG IN" cadmingtarutas engin, ADNO TRPVE “Samcetbganuvasorpin>, PC to Vo TANS =pe2ve@anvs o> Plessefnd the tachment He Pogart Poy Bi Secon ‘New Heath Insurance Scheme 201 Gr Bose Encl ne. 08) Esti] 20s BAW. OT. Alb, copy Commonteats oleucth Arrennlle” Pll deo Reads oF Ceparnenis are reqanted do bts Sas terhenis among cho Emeyecs wentiny Unter Sunny “od te ese fe. ate OF each, emfyes. te SAR has ofa Enver ele SSok- Anle Bar arsed dvanaminion ae Ane Oniypatity ok ie tn oa 0? ‘eeinary Cage and a ‘esearch site Bac. Bl) the Heads oy the Departments, Rain Vea, Wunevel - twreugh enh. ce Apmelp.o [AAe weer, TN ‘TAMIL NADU VETERINARY AND ANIMAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY Nod2496/F-V-3/2015 30 Office of the Finance Offic Jao SANA, Ce ds Ess" pustaxor206 CURCULAR Sub: TANUVAS ~ New Heath Insurance Scheme 2016 ~ Provision of Health cate Assistance to the Employees of Government Departments Organizations covered under their Scheme and their cligible Fanily members through the United Insurance Company Limited, Chennai ~ Implementation Orders ~ Issued ~ Particulars ~ Requesting ~ Regarding. Ref 1) G.O.MsNo.202, Finance (Salaries) Department, dated 30" June 2016 of the ‘Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Secretariat, Chemai9, 2) This office circular even No. dated 19-07-2016. In continuation of this office circular asin the reference cited, 1 wish to enclose the New Health Insurance Scheme ~ 2016 ~ Aunerure — Vil forn for perusal Further, I roquest thet kindly arrange o furnish the data of the employees under your Sty areca hi orden et eres ee contol in the Annexure — VII_and send to this office on or before 1-08-2016 for _gttng New Identity Cards forthe above scheme. ‘Sd-K.VELMURUGAN ‘Enel: Annexure Vit FINANCE OFFICER To All the University Officer, TANUVAS, ChennaiS1. All the Drawing Disbursing Officers, TANUVAS, Chenni-S1. 1 Registrar, TANUVAS, Chennai ‘ce: The Administrative Officer, TANUVAS, Chennsi-sI. ‘The Accounls Officer, TANUVAS/A.A.O/Manager, TANUVAS, Chena. 4, ec: The File oO ‘True Copy Forwarded By Orde! ue ACCOUNTS OFFICER Annexure-VII ‘NEW HEALTH INSURANCE SCHEME, 2016 onder tis Schene {oxEnnloves of Got, sparinents and Graneadon coveted unde Shere Form for furnishing Data of Employee and their eligible Family 20) ‘Com ‘Admini ‘Members for insurance coverage under New Health Insurance Scheme, ‘2016 to Insurance Company/Third Party Administrator. 4 z a 4 7 10. co 2 8 1% 45 Name othe Employee Incase the spoure is empioyed the otse ofthe spouse shal io 86 imanee “tr “the came Jomo ‘spat contactable No Designation ‘NH 2012 1 Cara No. Pay Drawn Parcuars 1 PaylnP® + Grade Pay = Tot fl Head of Account in which the Govt Employee® ‘contibuion is being tecovere. “Type of Dce 1 PSY & $8 / Loe Soset / itstas/Orunsatons/ att oD cose Lise ferric axes Cpr Oem wnch Emad ate of bith Date of Appartment Date of Retirement Designation of Drawing & Disbursing Oficer& Coe Pay Drawing Office atached [PAO / Tessry / Sub-Tessiy wth ‘Aasress for Gowt Enpoyoos] {Otners Adesso Os) Employee Code 18, Aadhar No. Voter 10 No, Pan 17. Dela of the Employee and ther flgltle Famiy Members under the nis, 2016 Date | Relationship Se St) sume | of | tothe seport* se. Birth | Employee 7 Self 7 Details of Physically Challenged and Mentally Retarded Chiléren ae ordered to ‘pera 4 of Annenuret of the GO to be furnished. Signature of the Employee Cerifed thatthe above particulars are venfied with the Serice Register ofthe Employee. Sigaatare of Drawing and Disbursing Officer in Government Departments Signature of Pry Drawing Ofcoe ‘oreufnatione covered under tis Behe. Name Designation Date Seal | Teue Copy /- we ‘UNDER SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT.