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Sc Dairy Science course

Time: 3 Hours

Maximum: 100 Marks

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PART- A
Answer all questions

10 X 2=20

1. Tuberculosis
2. Aflatoxins
3. Mother culture
4. Starter culture for dahi
5. Gassiness in cream
6. What is major group of microorganism that spoils butter often.?
7. Bacterial standard for ice cream.
8. What is maximum permissible limit for coliforms in ice cream?.
9. Air filtration
10. Bulged cans

Answer any five questions out of seven questions

11. Explain the bacterial problems associated with boiling of milk
12. Write about of bactofugation of milk
13. Write in detail about functions of starter cultures
14. Effect of phage attack in fermented milk products
15. Explain the type of microbial spoilage of butter
16. Explain the Quality of sugar for ice cream preparation.
17. Explain the microbial quality of milk for condensing

5 x6=30

Answer the following questions


18. Explain morphology of commonly occurring bacteria in milk.

19. Write about method of control of mycotoxin excretion in milk
20. Write in detail about the starter activity tests.
21. Explain in detail the characteristics of good starter cultures..
22. Write in detail about factors affecting the microbial load of cream.
23. Write about the microbial spoilage of cream.
24. Explain in detail about types of microbes in ice cream ingredients
25. Write in detail about control of microbial spoilage of ice cream
26. Explain the type of spoilage of condensed milk
27. Write about the types of microbes in milk powder.