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Maqasid al shariah purpose of Islamic laws

Maslahah a concept of Islamic law that being used if the primary source does not
specify regarding the problem (considered as secondary source of Islamic law)
Maslahah mursalah things that not being said by al-quran or Sunnah as haram
thus, it is acceptable.; the factor that affect the legality of the act is more beneficial
rather than harm.
Mazhab- the collective of thought within fiqh that produce by Islamic scholar

As-sunnah; (said, did and approved)


Al-ijma (agreement in collectively)

Al-qiyas (analogy based on previous situation with similar condition)

Ict as a Qalam ; tools of knowledge for teaching islam.

Also to be considers as secondary source is customs(`Urf) as long it is not against



Came from


info that can
into action

The use of
knowledge to
use as basis of

Involving good judgement of right and wrong
Universal values
Ethics philosophy of good and bad
Islamic values divine-sourced, comprehensive and complete; not subjected to
Universal values man-made, continuous changes, using democracy as decisionmaker and secular.
*secular - denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious basis.

Shariah aspects



it security why we need it?

Knowledge worker vs wisdom worker

Knowledge is useful information.
Knowledge worker primarily work with the information. Usually, they make use
the knowledge at the workplace; creative in using the information.
Wisdom worker they have deep insight of the how and why of the task; power to
The term end justified the mean origin in the western military philosophy;
anything is permitted as long achieving the desired results.
Man the us human that created by the god
The definition of human that is knowledgeable is the individual with experience but
stays humble is the very definition of being human according to Islam.
Interaction with people with humbleness characteristic is displayed in the attitude
and action.

Peopleware as the servant and khalifah of God

Heartware is the combination between the peopleware, human and software or
the technology.
Information society, knowledge society and wisdom society
Power the influence toward other
Military might power is one of power that can affect other country and the
government itself
Power can be demonstrated by military might, labour / worker and students.

Information is the first steps to power the actualization of power through

information is demonstrated in the coup dtat in turkey that enraged the people to
fight for their leader.
Interaction is the key to society.
Information society
Combination allowed us to access information as a society.
Info-sec enabled access to information and communication
Society - the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered
Knowledge society: - generates, shares and makes available to all members of the
society knowledge that may be used to improve the human condition.
Wisdom society
Input (correct relevant useful) process(guidance) output(decision)
Reformation improvement(relatively)
Ict integration of information and technology intertwine of form of communication
that purposely for making it available for everyone and useful toward the society of
mankind. [figurative define]
Through Islamic perspective
Communication process truthfulness, guided, freedom and Dawah
Information is to create a context that understand the meaning and be closer to
Allah [eg. usage of tech for dawaah]
Info processing should be proceeding through guidance of shariaah.