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C 1 4 02 N OVA Ap artme nt s
Ma hi ndr a Worl d C i ty, Par anu r,

Mob No: 9962476229

Email: jkc.iitm@gmail.com

To work in a challenging and continuous learning environment in which I can improve my skills and lead to
organizational and career development.

Thermal Management
Turbulence Modeling
Flow and Thermal Instabilities
Model Based Design and Modeling
Software Development
Systems Simulation

Fluid flow and heat transfer

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Multi-Phase Flows
Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning(HVAC)
Hand calculations of Mechanical

M .Tech in Thermal
Engineering(Heat Transfer
and Thermal Power)



Year of completion

IIT Madras, Chennai



B.Tech in Mechanical

NIT, Warangal




SR Junior college,



SVRHS, Warangal




Got all India 139th rank in GATE 2008.

Got 251th rank in EAMCET 2004.

Got all India 1217th rank in AIEEE 2004 in B.E/B.Tech stream.

Got all India 290th rank in AIEEE 2004 in B. Pharmacy stream.

Got state and central government scholarships for scoring high marks in 10 th class.


Lead Engineer, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd, Chennai (Jan 2015- Present)

Using Model Based Design and Modelling tools like AMESim, MATLAB and SIMULINK to solve
problems in Automotive Systems.

Working with TK Solver and Galaxy Softwares to create applications for different front loading

Assistant Professor, CVR College of Engineering. (June 2014 to January 2015)

Taught heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics to B.Tech students of mechanical

Senior Product Development Engineer, LMS India Engineering Solutions Private Ltd. (Nov- 2011 -Dec

Working with the development team of AMESim software. AMESim is a multi-physics based onedimensional software used in many fields.
Development of sub models for libraries such as Fluid and Thermal Hydraulics, Two phase
flow of AMESim software.
Automation of tools using Python (basic).
Meeting development requirements within deadlines
Creating new features as per customer requirement and participating in technical discussions.

Associate Manager, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. (Aug- 2010 to Nov- 2011)

Modeling with Pro-Engineer.

Pump efficiency improvement and development using ANSYS CFX and ICEM-CFD.

Flow problems (water mist) using Applied flow technology (AFT -Fathom and Arrow) software.

Analysis of pipe network using surge analysis program.


Modeling with AUTOCAD, Pro-E, ICEM-CFD.

FLUENT, ANSYS CFX, AMESim, MATLAB and SIMULINK,AFT Fathom and Arrow, Surge Analysis

wx Maxima, GNU OCTAVE for equation analysis

C, C++, Python, HTML, basic debugging with MS visual studio and MS Office

Operating systems: Windows


Acted as a class representative for VI, VII and X class in school.

Won 1st prize in chess competition held in school level.

Done a physical education course for one year during B.Tech 1st year.

Acted as a member of class review committee in B. Tech final year.


Date of Birth

: 19-12-1986


: Indian


: Male

Marital Status

: Married

Languages known

: Telugu, English and Hindi.


: Playing chess, shuttle badminton, Cycling, Cooking and Trekking

Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd

Variable Air Velocity Radiator Application: The objective is to include the effects of variable air
velocities on radiator frontal area

Simulation of Tractor Cabin Heating and Cooling Circuit: Using model based design approach
analyzed Tractor cabin heating and cooling circuit.

Gear Snap Start Modeling: Torque variations are predicted during gear snap starting of vehicle
using AMESim

LMS India Engineering Solutions Private Ltd

Gas Transport Project: The aim of this project is to include the effects of variable air (or gas)
content in C elements in AMESim thermal libraries. It includes change of C and .spe files of sub
models, testing the developed models and making demos for gas transport feature.

Bearings extension: In AMESim 12 having solutions for short and long bearings only. We added
Goenka bearing models to increase the offer in bearings.

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.

Training of 3 months: The training includes manufacturing of all kinds of centrifugal pumps and
many campus to corporate events were present.

Modeling in ProE and CFX: Undergone CFD trainings at ANSYS, Pune. CFD analysis of centrifugal
pumps using ANSYS-CFX for performance improvement.

Water mist: The project is about preventing fire accidents in submarines using water mist
technology. Designed water mist system using AFT-FATHOM and ARROW softwares. The aim of the
project is to get appropriate water mist quantity at every nozzle. Total sub marine is divided into
many compartments and for every compartment the design and layout pipes is different.

Surge controlling in pipe network systems: The entire pipe line system is analyzed for upsurge
and down surge conditions existing in the system found using Surge Analysis Program -2 software

developed by IISc. Based on the values of upsurge and down surge pressures appropriate surge
control devices are provided in order to bring down the upsurge and down surge values to safety

Pressure drop in a canned motor pump: The working liquid itself used as coolant for canned
motor pump. The liquid is sent through number different cross sections of pipes and holes. The
entire pipe ( or hole) network is made in AFT FATHOM and found the pressure drop in the circuit.


Project: Determination of Hydraulic properties of the designed porous media under the guidance of
Dr. ARUNN NARASIMHAN. In this project I tried to find out the porosity, permeability and form
coefficient of the designed porous media with triangular rods by experimentally and numerically also. I
used GAMBIT for meshing and for simulation FLUENT was used.

Seminar: An Experimental Study of Debris Bed Quenching in a Radially Stratified Porous Bed under
the guidance of Dr. ARUNN NARASIMHAN. This explains about the quenching behavior of porous bed
formed during the severe accident in the nuclear reactor under different conditions.


Project: Parametric Studies on Combined Mode Heat Transfer from a Gas Cooled Nuclear Fuel Rod.
In this the problem of multi-mode heat transfer and the effect of different parameters on heat transfer
from a nuclear fuel rod subjected to gaseous cooling have been solved numerically.

Seminar: Design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Summer Internship: Operating Principles and Performance of Gas Turbine under the guidance of
B.VENKATESWARLU in BHEL, Hyderabad. In this we studied about different components of gas
turbine and their effect on the performance.