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September 15, 2016

Elisson joins LCCC revived

womens basketball program

Hot Springs County High School class of 2016 was determined to get back on the court her segraduate Randi Elisson was contacted by staff at nior year of high school after a serious knee injury
Laramie County Commuduring her junior year. For
nity College (LCCC) in
her two years at HSCHS, she
Cheyenne this summer.
was an integral part of our
She was offered a scholarprogram, said Sova.
ship and an opportunity to
Elissons comments on
join a womens basketball
the scholarship and joining
program that has been dorthe LCCC basketball promant for 24 years.
gram include, To be able to
When Randi contacted
continue my basketball came there was sheer excitereer and education at LCCC
ment in her voice. She is
is a dream come true. This is
truly an awesome young
the rst time LCCC has had
lady. She will do well at
a womens basketball team
Hot Springs County High School graduLCCC because of her attisince 1992. To be part of the
ate Randi Elisson will be an integral part
tude and effort, said Lady
rst team in 24 years is a
of the LCCC womens basketball team.
Cats head coach Cory Sova.
great honor. I am so excited
Sova added that Elisfor this opportunity to be a
son is coachable and gives everything she has got student-athlete in college. I love the game of bason the court. She always strives to excel. Elisson ketball and I continue to grow and learn everyday.

Grab and run

photo by Amber Geis

Wyatt McDermott grabs a pass as Logan Cole sets up to block at Saturdays game.

TMS comes back to win

Thermopolis Middle School
came away with a 40-30 win
at their rst game, against
Lander Saturday, though it
wasnt easy.
Coach CJ Scholl stated, It
was a great hard fought game.
We were down 6-24 at one point
but the boys came together
great and worked hard to get
back in the game. Once we got
back into the game the momen-

tum was in their hands and

they did fantastically. I was
very proud of the pride the boys
showed by not letting the score
get to them. Both Offense and
Defense performed very well.
On Tuesday, the boys traveled to take on Rocky Mountain at Basin. Though they
found themselves down 6-34
at the half, they didnt allow
another point the rest of the

game and were able to come

back and nish 30-34.
Coach Scholl stated, The
boys fought very hard, but we
dug ourselves into too big of a
hole. He was happy the team
never stopped ghting and
gave their all.
The middle school will next
take on Worland at home,
Thursday, Sept. 22 beginning
at 4:30 p.m.

State park home to scout jamboree

photo by Mark Dykes

Reach for it

Kamery Bowman makes a leap and stretches to get the ball back over the net, during the
TMS game against Worland.

TMS volleyball hits the nets

The Thermopolis Middle
School Volleyball program is in
full swing, led by Coach Cortney
OConnor, with Shila Little as
manager. Both the seventh and
eighth grade A and B teams competed at TMS against Worland
Monday afternoon.
The eight grade volleyball
team includes Karissa Balstad,
Oakley Bowman, Maggie Cable,

KyAnn Calhoun, Patricia Capelle, Mya Conrad, Bri DeVries, Sequoia Fishbaugh, Jasmine
Jensen, Chloe Payne, Reagan
Severance, Elisa Weber, Jocelyn
White and Grace Whitt.
The seventh grade volleyball
team includes Michelle Burgess, Kamery Bowman, Cadence
Becher, Ashlynn Harvey, Mariah Brooks, Julie Johnson, Kai-

tee Barton, Cadence Steadman,

Bronwyn Dobbins and Layne
The girls will hit the court
again Saturday at Riverton. Play
is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

HSC High School

Thurs., Sept. 15
Regional Golf at Buffalo
Cross Country at Riverton,
3:30 p.m.
Fri., Sept. 16
Volleyball Bobcat
Invite, 4 p.m.
Football vs.
Wheatland, 6 p.m.
Cross Country at Cody
Sat., Sept. 17
Volleyball Bobcat
Invite, 9 a.m.
Mon., Sept. 19
JV Football
vs. Glenrock, 4:30 p.m.
Thurs., Sept. 22
Cross Country
at Worland, 4 p.m.

by Mark Dykes
This weekend, expect to see
plenty of tents popping up at
Hot Springs State Park, during the annual Boy Scout/Cub
Scout Jamboree.
John Gibbel, the scoutmaster for Troop 5053, said during
the late afternoon and early
evening on Friday, scouts will
start arriving, and there will
be plenty of activity on Saturday, including pellet gun shooting, archery, canoes, the Ropes
course at Thermopolis Middle
School, rie range shooting,
rappelling, skill stations and
the mystery contest.
The park will not be home to
all the events, as they will be set

Thurs., Sept. 15
Cross Country at Riverton,
3:30 p.m.
Fri., Sept. 16
Cross Country at Cody
Sat., Sept. 17
8th/7th Volleyball
at Riverton, 10 a.m.
8th/7th Volleyball
at Lander, 1 p.m.
Thurs., Sept. 22
TMS Picture Day
8th/7th Volleyball
vs. Ten Sleep, 4:30 p.m.
8th/7th Football
vs. Worland, 4:30 p.m.
Cross Country
at Worland, 4 p.m.

up at various locations around

town, with a bus to take Scouts
to and from each. For the mystery event, Gibbel explained he
comes up with an activity that
nobody else knows about. The
Boy Scouts come prepared to
take on the event, which they
have an hour to complete. Gibbel added it might be any task
up to First Class, the fourthhighest rank of Scouts.
This is Gibbels eighth year
doing the Jamboree, and he
hopes to have about 500 people show up. He noted this
is the biggest Camporee type
event in Wyoming. While he
started it himself, Gibbel has
since received Councils sup-

port, which helped things run

much more efciently. Gibbel
also expressed his appreciation to the various organizations around town that provide
space for events, as well as the
Kiwanis for providing a Saturday morning breakfast and all
the volunteers who help make
the weekend a success.
As the trip is an overnight
one, Cub Scouts should have a
parent with them. Gibbel added many parents come just to
watch and support their boys.
He encourages parents to go
and check out the town, maybe do some shopping or have
lunch, as they are not required
to stay at the campsite all day.

Seeking nomineeS

The FFA Alumni are seeking nominations for Century Ranch, Ag

Citizen of the Year and Rising Star Awards. The 6th Annual Harvest
Moon Ball will be Saturday, Nov. 12 at the HSC Fair Building. The
ball features dancing, food, and the announcement of the awards.
Century Ranch is for a deserving farm or ranch that has been
operating in HSC for at least 100 years.
Ag Citizen nominee must be presently active in the agricultural
industry as a farmer, rancher or agri-business person.
Rising Star nominee must be the same, although with ten or
fewer years in the industry.
Send a brief description of why they should be nominated to FFA
Alumni, P.O. Box 582, Thermopolis, WY 82443. Deadline is Oct. 30.


Will You Child Be Ready?

photo by Dennis Nierzwicki

Forward motion

Bridger Peil digs in and outruns a Worland defender

to get some yards behind him on a carry.

Saturday 8-11 a.m.
Buy and Sell fresh local produce
Downtown by the flagpole
(5th and Broadway)

im lovin it

Winter is just around the corner...



to winterize your
sprinkler system 864-3744 or 921-1195 and leave a message

Call Childrens Resource Center for your

childs free devlopmental screening.


Ideally, your child should receive

one developmental screening
before the age of two.

130 Highway 20
Thermopolis 864-9227
Developmental services do not replace annual check-ups with your physician.