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Reese Rasband

D. M. Davis
Tech 201
14 November 2016
Thought Essay: the Spread of Islam
The spread of Islam can be attributed to many different factors, but the four main factors
or growth are due to the following traits. First, Islam is easily accessible. Second, it is
extremely easy to convert to the Islamic religion. Third, Islam is simply different than the
norm. Lastly, and arguably the most important reason, is that Islam is very believable.

The first reason that many are flocking to Islam is its accessibility. Islam is everywhere in
the world, and one does not have to travel far to find another Muslim or a place of
worship. In fact, Muslims do not technically have to go a specific place of worship, but
can do their worshipping from the comfort of their home. It is sometimes difficult for
people to travel to certain places of worship, but if they do not have to travel, the allure of
Islam is high. It is also nice to know that there are other Muslims in the area, and that if
someone really wants to learn more or create a study group, he or she would not have to
make a great journey. This accessibility is extremely attractive, and makes people more
inclined to convert or join.

The second reason that people are flocking to Islam is ease of conversion. In order to
become a Muslim, one need only recite a phrase, and then he or she becomes a Muslim.
In contrast, to become a Christian or a Jew, it is much more strenuous. Many sects require

at least a year of work, as well as an in depth interview to determine whether or not

someone is ready to convert. It is almost purely subjective in some cases, and this can
detract from the eagerness to convert. Although some mosques will ask some questions,
most people can easily convert to Islam. If someone new is looking for a religion, it is
often the case that he or she will pick the easiest religion to join.

A third reason that people want to join Islam is due to its particular nature. For a long
time, Christianity and Judaism have been dominating the religious scene. People often
will get tired of the norm, and will look for something different. Maybe a person just
doesnt believe in Christ, but believes in God, or maybe something else. Either way,
Islam is different and that draws people to it.

The last major reason that people are converting to Islam, and arguably the most
important reason, is that Islam is very believable. Why wouldnt someone want to believe
in more revelation? Many have questioned why God stopped giving revelation, but Islam
claims that He did not. Many scholars also argue that the Bible is riddled with flaws and
contradictions, however the Quran was never translated into different languages to create
flaws. It seems very plausible that the Quran is perfect, because it has not really changed
hands. It is also believable that if a person is a good person, that he or she will achieve
salvation, regardless of believing in a Christ figure. All of these beliefs are quite
convincing, and it attracts converts en masse.

There are, of course, other reasons that converts flock to Islam, but the above are most
likely the most prominent. Islam will always be enticing, and will continue to grow if
nothing changes.

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