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Introduction, D-mat

In India, shares and securities are held electronically in a dematerialized (or "Demat") (/dimt/;)
account, instead of the investor taking physical possession of certificates. A Demat account is
opened by the investor while registering with an investment broker (or sub-broker). The
Dematerialized account number is quoted for all transactions to enable electronic settlements of
trades to take place. Every shareholder will have a Dematerialized account for the purpose of
transacting shares.
Access to the Dematerialized account requires an internet password and a transaction password.
Transfers or purchases of securities can then be initiated. Purchases and sales of securities on the
Dematerialized account are automatically made once transactions are confirmed and completed.


Stock exchange are the integral part of the capital market . It is the most
perfect type of market for securities whether of govt. Semi govt. bodies or other public
bodies as for shares and shares and debentures issued by the joint stock Enterprise.
Stock exchange provides liquidity to the listed companies they give quotations to the listed
companies and help in trading raising funds from the market stock. Stocks are traded in online
and offline mode

The scope of the study analyzes us to know the how the online and online trading activities are
carried out in securities. The trading on stock exchange in India used to take place to open outcry
without use of information technology for immediate matching or recording of trades.
This was time consuming and inefficient with imposed limits on trading volumes and
efficiency. In order to provide efficiency liquidity and transparency energy introduced a national
wide online fully automated Screen Based Trading System (SBTS).
Online objectives & Offline objectives
Online objective

To Know the Online screen based trading system adopted by NSE,

communication facilities and appropriate configuration to set the network.

The Primary objective is to analyze the changes in trading after the exchange shifted


from outcry to online trading system.

To study investors reasons to trade online.
To study the measure taken for investor protection in NSE.

Offline objectives
1. To study about advantages and disadvantages of offline trading in stock market.
2. To study investors reasons to trade offline to online trading .
3. To find the ways to strengthen offline trading

about its

Research methodology
Sources of data (both primary & secondary)
Research methodology will help us to know what is the research methods, techniques used in
fulfilling the study conducted in security market . It also helps in giving scientific justification of
the problems, which are all methods are relevant and which are not relevant, why particular
research method is appropriate for the study.
Research design stands for advance planning of the methods adopted for
collecting the relevant data and techniques to be used in their analysis, keeping in view the
objective of the research and the availability of staff, time and money.

A sampling design is a procedure the researcher would adopt in selecting

the items for the sample. In fulfilling my project I have selected 60 employees randomly from
company to find out the Online and offline Trading in the organization and how it does brings
bad or good impact for both Investors and the organization.

In random sampling each and every item in the population have equal chance of inclusion
in the sample and each one of the possible samples has the same probability of being selected.

Type of Data Collection

Both primary and secondary methods have been used in collecting
data from stock brokers . Primary method means through observing and interviewing employees

of stock brokers and through questionnaire method. In secondary method data has been collected
from stock brokers s website.
Structured questionnaire: Structured questionnaire is a printed list of questions to be filled by
the respondents. The structured questions should be short as possible and simple to understand.
The questionnaire was designed such that it helps to elicit the accurate information.
Observation Method- This method is that subjective bias is eliminated. This is independent of
respondents willingness to respond.
Interview Method- this method of data collection involves of oral-verbal stimuli and reply in
terms of oral-verbal response. In fulfilling this project in SHIRAM INSIGHT Securities Ltd
personal interview method is used i.e. direct personal investigation.

1) Name- ________________
2) Age-

i) below 30 ii) 30 50 iii) above 50

3) Gender- i) Male ii) Female

4) Educational Qualification
i) School level i) Diploma ii) Under Graduate iii) Post Graduate iv) others
please specify_____________
5) Income

i) below 10,000 i) 10,000 20,000 per month ii) 20,000 30,000 per
month iii) above 30,000

6) are trading online or offline

i) Online ii) offline

7) What motivated you to do on-line share trading comparing with offline ?
i) Reference by friends ii) On-line advertisements iii) Advice by
consultants iv) self interest
8) Were you doing share trading before choosing Online?
i) Yes ii) No
9) From where do you access the internet?
i) Home ii) Stock broker office iii) Browsing centre
10) How often do you do on-line share trading?
i) Daily basis ii) Weekly basis iii) Monthly basis iv) Irregular
11) Are you a professional trader?
i) Yes ii) No
12) Which site do you use for trading?

i)IIFL ii) karvy iii) Sharekhan iv) Geojit v) IL&FS vi) if others, please .

13) Does the site guide you on on-line trading?

i) Yes ii) No
14) Are you satisfied with the information provided by online to do trading?
i) Yes ii) No
15) Does your broker site provide you with up-to-date news about IPOs (Initial .
. Public Offer)?

i) Yes ii) No
16) Is the commission charged by the trading site reasonable?
i) Yes ii) No
17) Are you aware of T +2 method of trading?
i) Yes ii) No
18) Is on-line trading simple?
i) Yes ii) No
19) How would you rate the internet and telecommunication facility in .
i) Poor ii) Average iii) Good
20) What are your suggestions to develop share trading?
In Hyderabad

Sample size minimum (100)

Statical tool ->pai diagram bar diagram chart
percentage analysis
X 100
Total No. of respondents

Period of study :- 45 days


The study is confined to online trading procedure only .Exhaustive analysis,

problem of listing , management of trade , SEBI guidelines relating to are
not covered due to limited time to keep the study in manageable limits

A study on online trading through investors view has been taken, through only
limited number of twelve questions from only thirty investors.

Analysis has been done with in a limited boundary or area where the

is lacking behind from other investors when compared to entire

geographical area.