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Incorporated in 1992, Minar Travels (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of Indias leading
Destination Management Company. A deep entrepreneurial urge and vision found fulfillment
when Minar Travels, Berlin invited Mr. Harvinder Singh Duggal ( Managing Director ) to set up the India
enterprise to handle German tourists. Harvinder Singh Duggal established Minar Travels (India) Pvt. Ltd. in New
Delhi..Widely recognized and respected brand in travel and tourism Minar

offers an extensive national and international service under one roof.

Now the company is present in more than 32 countries with inroads in the markets of Latin America, Europe and
Minar leads as one of the biggest Aviation Services and Destination Management Companies in the country, with 8
offices in India and 5 overseas. It is the GSA for 8 airlines, and services tourists from 32 countries across the world.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company with its corporate office in New Delhi
has branches in all strategic places across India and strong associates in
neighboring countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan and
Bangladesh. The main strength of company is its 250 plus dedicated
professionals, trained in various Tourism institutes of India. Minars most
important possession is multilingual staff well-versed in languages like
Russian, French, Spanish, German & Korean, offering personalized services.
Minar Travels has been awarded 9 times the National Tourism Award by the
Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.
Minar is a recognized and approved tour operator by the Ministry of Tourism,
Government of India. Minar is also a member of various International and
National Tourism Bodies such as: - ASTA, PATA, IGALTA, ICPB, IATO and TAAI.
The MICE team at Minar is having an expertise in operating many
International and National conferences, high profile incentives of various
multinational companies like Renault, Coke, Agfa ,Elf Oil, California SUN
Incentive, WPO, YPO to name a few.
Minar is a fully licensed Company to operate tourist charters into /out of India & has experience in handling
tourist charter flights. They have dedicated trained and professional team to handle aircrafts at various Indian
Minar Travels is the GSA of Mahan Air, Air Mauritius, Transaero Airlines, Vim Avia, Scat Air, Tiger Airways
,Kyrgyzstan Aircompany, United Airways BD Pvt. Ltd., Orenair, Flydubai, TransAsia, Rossiya Airlines

Minar is an Indian DMC and its infrastructure is as good as any other DMC of
its size. But the people in the organization right from top management down
the line have a different approach to business. The aim of the staff at all
levels is to give service with a smile at competitive prices.
The Minar Team says, follows & believes in the following words:- For all of
us at Minar, tourism is a passion and we are aware of the fact that, there is
only one boss- The customer. That sets us apart. We know well how to take
care of our business and our worthy clients.
One of the main strength of Minar is that it is the only DMC having strong

presence in Aviation and Tourism.

I visited minar travels india pvt ltd on 06.09.2016,regarding a research

survey on sustainable tourism for an assignment as part of my course
curriculam of Travel Agency management and Tour Operations.
During my visit to Minars Corporate office located at 29,Regal
Building,Parliament street,New Delhi,I was very warmly attended and
welcomed at the reception. I had went there to Meet Mr. Madan
Kak,COO,Minar Travels India Pvt. Ltd, & Fortunately got the wonderful
opportunity to meet him in person. He was very humble,polite,respectful
and full of hospitality and that reflected the warm and cordial culture of
Minar. Even after being at such a top managerial post,he was very down to
earth and generous. He patiently answered all the questions and gave his
valuable insights about the industry. His knowledge and experience was
outshining in his personality yet his open handedness was truly
motivating and encouraged.
I had a great knowledgeable experience in Minar,& it boosted my
confidence to go in trade sector & gave me the insights of work culture &
ethics in tourism sector.
The visit was very beneficial for me in terms of gaining
knowledge,experience & confidence & I truly felt that in Minar, Above

all,they create atmosphere where learning, selling, promoting and Team

building is combined with Leisure and play.

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