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Arcane Tradition

Schoolless Wizard
They are at times a time in which a wizard refuses to choose
to specialize in a school of magic, may it be because the
wizard is too ambitious to grasp the intricacies of all magics,
or rather unable to settle for a single school. Those who have
undertaken the studies to learn all magics rather than to
focus in one school are called generalists. They have given up
the practicality of mastering a school of magic to be able to
control and develop in all schools, giving them a wider range
of flexibility in their arts.

Generalist Savant

Beginning when you select this tradition at 2nd level, the gold
and time you must spend to copy a spell of a level equal to a
quarter your wizard level (rounded up) is halved.

Collegiate Wizard

Starting at 2nd level, your wide range of magical knowledge

gives you the ability to cast an extra cantrip, the cantrip can
be any of your choice from any class. The cantrip doesn't
count against your number of cantrips known.
Additionally, each time you gain a wizard level, you can add
an additional wizard spell to your spellbook. The spell must
be of a level for which you have spell slots. You also gain
proficiency in the Arcana skill.

Cantrip Mastery

From 6th level onwards, whenever a hostile creature

provokes an attack of opportunity from you, you can use your
reaction to cast a cantrip at the creature, rather than making
an opportunity attack.
You may also cast any cantrip as a bonus action, if you cast
it in this manner, you must expend one spell slot of any level.

Arcane Reserves

At 10th level, when you regain spells through the Arcane

Recovery feature you can regain additional spells slots equal
to your Intelligence modifier (a minimum of one spell).


Starting at 14th level, your extensive knowledge of all wizard

schools of magic allows you to prepare spells whenever you
wish. Whenever you prepare a new list of wizard spells you
may leave any number of spells unprepared.
If you have not exceeded your allotted maximum of
prepared wizard spells you may prepare a single wizard spell
from your spellbook, as a bonus action. Once the spell has
been prepared by this feature, it is considered to be in your
prepared spell list. You can use this feature a number of times
equal to your Intelligence modifier (a minimum of once).

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