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How to Get Resource Loading Histogram in Primavera P6

The resource histogram allows us to use projected and historical actualized data to trend
resource quantities, resource hours and cost in future. It also allows us to determine the
potential risks of excessive supply of resources or lack of resource requirement.

This tutorial demonstrates how resources allocation chart (histogram) is produced in

Primavera P6. Assume that you have done Assigned activities and Sequenced activities
to see resource loading histogram bar chart in Primavera P6. After assigning and
sequencing of activities:

Allocate overall resource and their rated cost

Assign resources in activity detail section and

View resource loading histogram

1) How to allocate overall resources and cost?

1-1) Go to Enterprise > Resource >

Note: When you are at Resource, you will see the filter name Current Project Resources If you
have already opened a resource loaded project. See figure below


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Reference: Toolbox4Planning

A blank project resource dictionary only will be displayed if no resource has been added to
current project. See below image.

1-2) Add New Resource

(Note: If the existing resources are not applicable for a specific project or no resource has been assigned
to current project. You can skip this step if the required resources are available in resource dictionary.)

When you try to add new resource, you will get the message like In order to add resource, the
filter will be changed to display all resources and you will see all resources for all the

projects. New Resource Wizard will be prompted, and follow the wizard. You will be asked to
enter the following,

Resource ID,

Allocate Resource Type (Labor, Non labor and material),

Resource Name,

Rate (Price/Unit), Default Units/Time and Max Units/Time,

Contact address if applicable

Resource roles which describes their skills

Resource Calendar

Select Auto- compute if you want actual units are updated by Primavera or select Do

not auto-compute actual if you can update manually for actual man hours spent.
Timesheets set up and log in

After entering of all data, you will notice that the newly added resources are not in the desired

location. Therefore, allocate those resources according to their resource level. For example, Pipe

fitter, Rigger/Signaler, General worker, Fire watches man, Workshop labor, Painter, etc. are
allocated under construction department of Petrochemical Projects.
See figure below:


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Reference: Toolbox4Planning

2) How to assign resources in activity detail section?

Go to Activities page > Select the activity > Go to Resource tab which is next

to Status tab > Add Resource which is located the bottom of activity detail box > Select
required resource and assign it.

You may also assign resource details such; resource curve, budgeted units and actual
units, Role.


https://ca.linkedin.com/in/pedramshz Pedramshz@gmail.com

Reference: Toolbox4Planning

3) How to view and print resource histogram and S curve?

3-1) Go to Activities page > Select Resource usage profile, and then you will see

Current Projects Resources Column on the left and histogram and bar chart on the
right side of the layout. The individual loading chart, for instance, welders resource
profile is shown in the following figure.

Remember that you are not able to view both materials and labor or non-labor

histogram bar chart at the same time as they do not have the same unit of measure.

You will be able to view material resource curve, both labor and non-labor curve, labor
or non-labor curve each time individually.


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Reference: Toolbox4Planning

3-2) you can customize the appearance of bar chart by the Resource Usage
Profile Options. Right Click on the bar chart area to find Resource Usage Profile Options.
You can select By date to see interval data (Histogram Chart) and select Cumulative
(S-Curve) to see total manpower unit in the following check box below.

3-3) the following check box is used when you want to show manpower resource profile
instead of man hour unit. P6 will calculate total men per period (interval) based on
working hours per period (interval) and total man hours per period. For example, total

men per week would be 10 when total man hours for a week are 400 and 40 working
hours per week.


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Reference: Toolbox4Planning

3-4) and then, select all resources in resource column to view overall man power
allocation. To print the bar chart.
Go to print preview > page set up > Options > Select Profile and unselect Activity
Table, All columns, Grid lines and Gantt chart. Set the time scale start to finish. Finally
you will see the bar chart as below.


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Reference: Toolbox4Planning

3-5) According to above bar chart, the weekly interval manpower is shown on the left
side and total manpower allocation is on the right side.
3-6) one of the reason for viewing resource histogram is to identify over allocated
resources against the available resources. To view any over allocated resources in your
Go to Data tag on "Resource Usage Profile Options" window, then select Show Limit and
Show Over allocation. Any resource unit above the limit line (black line) is over allocated.
Normally, over allocated resource is shown in red bar.
See below snapshots.


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Reference: Toolbox4Planning

How to view "Stacked Histogram?

You can also see Stacked Histogram for this manpower allocation.

Right Click on the bar chart area to find Stacked Histogram. Firstly, click on "Stacked
Histogram" tag, and then you can go to "Resource Usage Profile Options" to get screen
shot in step-g. See figure below.


Go to Resource Profile options > Assign Resource Filter/Group Name > Select Total
cumulative curve as shown in Figure below.


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Reference: Toolbox4Planning

Finally, you will get Stacked Histogram as shown in below. The stacked histogram
represents the manpower allocation by individual trade/discipline for a particular period
as well as total manpower allocation.
(Total manpower = 1000h, see the following figure) for all time.

When stacked histogram is viewed, one thing to take note is "Over allocated Resource"

can't be identified on that view. Switch back to normal histogram by deselecting "Stacked
Histogram" so as to analyses over allocated resources.

Are you working on multiple projects environment?

Go to "Open" select all projects that you wish to view resource profile by pressing and
holding control key if you are handling multiple projects.


https://ca.linkedin.com/in/pedramshz Pedramshz@gmail.com

Reference: Toolbox4Planning