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I wrote this on Facebook as a reply to a friends post, but when I tried to post it, it was disallowed due to

previosuly reported potential spammy or offensive material! So I will write it here, post it to Scribd, and
post the LINK instead.

Just note that if you are blocked in one way you can ALWAYS find another. We who are telling and
sharing the truth WILL NOT BE SILENCED.

Its worth being a bit paranoid, and learning a few computer skills, because it was just revealed that Google
was set up by the Feds as an information gathering mechanism in the first place, and Ill bet my bottom
dollar Facebook is exactly the same. But who cares? Think of the MILLIONS of Lightworkers who have
been ABLE to share and connect via these technologies and where has all this spying gotten the Feds
anyway, except our derision, a stronger will to not be silenced, and a huge admin headache for the Feds?

Oh and I am fully aware that the following is limited in content and possibly erroneous at times but I do
not seek the well-meaning re-education that may be offered by various computer experts it is simply my
version of what I know, flaws and all just so that the average computer user without much IT background
understand what this mysterious thing called the Internet REALLY is, and why Gates and the Feds (or
moron-opolists) CANNOT simply shut it down, whatever they might say to try and evoke the usual fear
and suppression.

When are these reptiles going to another 3D world anyway? Get lost so we can get on with a utopian 5D
body/mind/spirit/world Anyway Dont fall for their usual crap! Stay happy, loving, aware and alert!

Here is the original item I posted to With love

New Bill Gives Obama Kill Switch To Shut Down The Internet Dprogram.net

Those morons... The internet is NOT under any one person's control - not the backbone of it. Nobody can shut it

It has NOTHING to do with Gates or any other one agency.

Microsoft wrote Windows, sure, and it also made sure that its systems had breakable encryption, as secretly
mandated by the NSA. Lotus, for just one example, have their own encryption algorithms, which are NOT built
with backdoor breakability.

Most importantly most websites MOST run Linux as their Operating System. Linux is a totally custimsed
Operting System always built, configured and maintained by wonderful wonks who take pride in their computing
abilities, and generally detest Gates and their ilk for exactly their manipulative control attempts, plus the total
inefficiency of their Operating System and software.

In fact Gates was given the majority share all along directly by the FBI along with IBM when it endorsed
their products and installed them in all their offices with the ADVENT of the personal computer thus in one
swoop shutting down excellent competitors at the time, such as Commodore, Amiga, Unisys and it was only
through tenacity that Apple stayed in the game at all. The Feds WANTED ONE Operating System Worldwide.
Period. This has been brewing all along. They even refused Lotus to ship its products overseas with EQUAL
encryption available domestically, such was their paranoia.

The true story of all of this can be found in an excellent book called Crypto about the makers of the Public Key
Encryption Algorithms or RSA. Heres the link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/31103586/Crypto-How-the-Code-

Microsoft took over and stole everything from everyone else, naturally, then re-badged it or bought it through
whatever means. Some things they stole and tried to implement were propietary internet enabling technologies
as basic as they were such as all IP address allocation and the means of finding these IP addresses.

Why is this important? Because every website MUST have an IP address. Also to access the internet or ANY
NETWORK YOU MUST also have an IP address, plus a subnet mask, and a default gateway. The default gateway
is the means of you finding other nodes or computers/sites whether you are on an internal network or when
you try to go out externally to the web cloud.
Your default gateway can be hardware or software.

Enter slimy Microsoft again. They wanted the Internation standard of being able to FIND ANY address to be
owned by them. In the end, this was not feasible, and it didnt work. They did, however, include DNS software on
every version of their Operating System, and still do to this day. Again in their megalomania this is to ensure
that the Microsoft World the dream of Gates and the Feds is able to operate to the exclusion of all other
players and technologies. This is why they also run a technology called WINS Windows Internet Naming Service
even though it is largely redundant. If youre on Microsoft, it is running in the background right now along with
Microsoft DNS (Domain Name Service).

This became impossible to contain because of the crucial factor where separate networks needed to talk TO
Microsoft networks, and the other way around. You see, some Countries and even businesses started setting up
their OWN Operating Systems Linux and the like and Gates saw the horror of losing customers, so he
acquiesced (naturally with the same safeguards, back doors, shady deals and whatnot included).

The result was a balance. This is what we have today.

Now, the internet is actually constructed quite simply, at its most fundamental principle, thus:

The Internet Is Just A Series Of Routers.

This phenomenon of us all talking together is by means of amazing devices called routers. A router is, at its most
simple description, a device which allows your computer to know which route to take to get to its destination
whether this be a domain or an actualy computer/server. (Remember a File Server is simply a big computer
running the same Operating System, but paying Gates more for the privelege. Typical examples of these
overpriced computers, called File Servers, might run eMail systems (such as Microsoft Exchange), Anti-Virus
software, Databases and document storage or even Websites.

Yes websites are merely web pages on a File Server, living on a domain, connected via a router, running through a
firewall and thats it!

The beautiful part of all of this is that MICROSOFT DO NOT MAKE ROUTERS.

Cisco make routers. Now Cisco are another hidden but rampant monopolising megalith, who have deliberately
killed off almost every single worldwide competitor by outbidding them in every business, big or small, and
physically crushing the machines they replace. Literally their policy is to have their technicians physically
witness the crushing of opposition hardware that they have replaced! Talk about megalomania! (This is their
unofficial policy because, you see, it disallows any potential onselling of their competitor products, which might
be bought second hand by a needy school, for example, with a small budget and it also establishes the Cisco foot-
in-the-door at almost every business Globally).

A question you may have can Linux configure their own software routing tables. The answer is yes, absolutely.
The only difficulty is that these may or may not be static ie meaning a netadmin will need to manually configure
the routing tables to allow traffic flow but it CAN be done.

Now Id like to explain how routers work just the basics.

Your computer needs an IP address for whatever reason lets say its because you typed a web address into your
browser. Usually your computer will firstly see if that address belongs to a network accessible via its DNS
records. Failing that it will ask its WINS record. Failing that it will ask its default gateway. On an MS network, a
default gateway is usually a computer running MS DNS software which rips off Cisco routing tables to keep
rebuilding itself on the fly but lets say you fail all those steps Your default gateway has several listings,
because if the first one fails you have a backup 1 and 2. (So does the DNS Server, which is part of the chain in
this example). Whatever machine does it a broadcast will be sent to the NEXT default gateway, asking does
anyone know how to get to this domain / network / machine. (A simplification, but this is the principle).

We are now in router land, and away from the source computer and network out in the ether called the Internet.
As I said this is simply a series of routers.

To be fair, Cisco equipment is stunningly brilliant, and of the very ighest quality. It needs to be. Some of these
routers are running red hot with millions of requests a SECOND, non stop, day after day, year around and never
make a mistake! Think of it when you download anything it comes in a series of packets these need to be sent
seperately and tracked intelligently which these routers do as well, Plus so much more. But I digress. They are
like jewellery inside but the REAL thing you pay for is their SOFTWARE. It is simply brilliant!

If one router cant find an address on its own routing tables, it goes into action broadcasting to various other
routers it is connected to firstly to refer to their own routing tables and if they do not have the adress, then
to relay the same request on the originating routers behalf. Eventually one router, somewhere, has that
information, and replies in the affirmative. At this point, it responds to the requesting router, which updtaes its
own routing table forward and back and then passes this back down, and so on. Eventually your computer is
connected to your web page. This all happens in maybe one or two seconds, as you see it, during which time your
every packet of data has flowed through all these devices. Oh and the routers are so clever that in their spare
nanoseconds they continuously learn BETTER routes from nearby routers, and keep updating eachother endlessly.

So you can see that Gates cannot stop your computer accessing the Internet. Nor finding destinations.

Now lets find out why Gates has NO CHANCE of blocking access to 90% of websites around the World (the
10% at risk being those foolish enough to run their websites on Microsoft and even then Gates wont risk
shutting them down or interfering, because they all use eCommerce, and must communicate with other companies,
so the disruption to business would NOT be tolerated Gates hates lawsuits but he hates losing business even
more. Dont forget that US law only applies THERE and if the US wont allow the hosting of a website for
whatever reason, that business will quickly move its website to Switzerland or any other country).

The reason is that ISPs worth their salt run Linux customised Operating Systems - ie nothing to DO with
Gates. Period. Most websites have at least one dedicated webmaster, who is usually a smart cookie and will want
to keep careful tabs on the efficiency and security of their site, so will be adept at Linux. The reason one is
efficiency of performance. You see, Linux is custom-built meaning that it only needs to have drivers (software
which runs hardware like motherboards, video cards etc) for the components it has unlike Windows, which
includes drivers for every device ever built under the sun (again because Gates got cash to do so)! Thus Linux is
arguable hundreds (or thousands) of times more reliable, efficient and effective. Some Linux boxes have not been
rebooted for ten years, and still run perfectly! Try going a day without rebooting Microsoft!

The next reason is security. In Year 7 computing, kids are hacking Windows for a gag. This leads to the ooh-so-
scary game of hackers hacking Microsoft, Microsoft crying to the Feds who cry to the bought Judges to impose
penalties for daring to play hacking games with these moronoliths instead of the moronoliths having the skill or
quality of product to disallow this in the first place Then Microsoft must put their teams of experts who
incidentally do not work with eachother and have NO unity (eg every button in any application has a separate team
responsible, who do not talk to the configurer of the next button at their own level) to roll out a security patch
to fix this revealed flaw at a maintenance cost of course! Also, when one patch rolls out to fix something it
almost ALWAYS breaks something else which was working fine beforehand, resulting in more support hours billed
to Microsoft.

To stay well away from this total bullshit life, webadmins simply use FREE self-configured Linux. Now you know
why Gates HATES Linux. (Esepcially because it is FREE! Plus he has NO CONTROL)! Oh and when Gates has not
control, it is of course the same as saying that the Feds have no control. Too bad for them hay?

So to reiterate, most websites are not run on Microsoft software.

Now, lets see how you can access any website (assuming its not running on Microsoft) even IF some critical DNS
servers went down. (Let me quantify something: There are SEVEN MASTER DNS SERVERS around the World.
They are meant to update eachother and so on but as I have shown, you could turn them ALL OFF and the

But, just as conversation, and to explain how your browser finds websites, you must understand that your
browser uses meaningful *names* for websites for your ocnvenience, as a human. However they computer itself
doesnt care it in fact NEEDS a number an IP address and subnet mask to find that website. This, there
needs to be something running which converts the NAME you type in a browser into the NUMBER (IP Address) the
computer needs. I mentioned already that this software is called DNS in Microsoft, but that your Linux admin will
most likely have a version also on your network but even if all this failed you might wish to find out what IP
Address is actually used by each website.

You may not be aware that you can type an IP address by itself into your browser search field and it will go
straight to that website assuming that you know the address and look precisely the same as you are used to. It
*IS* the same thing youre used to only you used the addres and not the name.

You may or may not wish to learn the IP address of your most commonly used websites *now* - before Gates tries
anything stupid and make note of them. This is how you find these addresses out. (It may look difficult, but its
not just have a try yourself and be willing to take on a new challenge)

You will need to pen a Command Prompt. (This is just the underlying, basic Operating System underneath
Windows or the nuts and bolts, so to speak. I am not knowledgeable on Macs though, so anyone who wants to
contribute and post that information please feel free and if you do please use a similar title so people can find
it easily or include the words why the internet can not be shut down so they know how to find it).

So, in Windows, to open a Command Prompt you go to Start / Run and type in: cmd [Enter]. This will take you
to a black & white 'DOS' screen. Then simply type in the following (using just one space inbetween the
expressions): nslookup facebook.com

Of course, use whatever website name you need instead of facebook - no need for www. in front.

Your result will look like this:

Name: facebook.com

It will be one of those addresses (quite often a site will have one or more for redundancy or testing etc). If
you want to see this in action - open a fresh browser window now and post this into your address bar:

Viola - facebook! And no need to use any of Gate's MS DNS software either. (I should add that you can also
create your own local route tables, and a million other things to get around ANYTHING these idiots could try).

Some more things to think about doing, to protect your information, your knowledge bases, your connectivity to
friends, your ability to use email, and so on Why wait? Why not do them now

Sure you might get some Gates/Feds-affiliated sites like FB shutting down, or google/gmail, or ms/hotmail - in
which case - BE PROACTIVE - find an OPEN SOURCE email system, PC operating system, PC applications etc. Also
- please make sure you do backups. If you burn your info to DVDs then they are impervious to EMP pulses, which
*may* render hard drives useless in the event of a massive solar corona discharge / emp burst.

Also - be proactive. Take the time to download articles, YouTubes and so on to your own hard drive/s. (External
hard drives are really cheap now, and connect very easily). Go to Skype - establish connections with eachother
there. Install a free PDF printer - ie - print pages to PDF documents, give them meaningful names and store them
(on DVD when you have enough). One suggestion is your FB friends' profile page with the contact details - in case
FB goes down - or your Contacts List in your email software, whatever it is - do it now while it's current.
Have a think and ask yourself: What info would I be most worried about losing if thigns went down NOW - or it
was going to happen in one day.

(Oh and you may wish to explore open source software which means it is written for free basically by people who
simply want to share their skills and passion which happen to be in software development. One good site for this
is www.sourceforge.net, and another is www.tucows,com but feel free to search for more. The keywords to put
in your search engines are open source).

So I hope all this gives you more knowledge, which empowers you. You never need to be scared but you should
take responsibility for learning the things you need to be aware of, and take the time to do the actions necessary
same with everything else in life

A last word: I am by no means an expert. I am just letting you know that this shutting down the internet
bullshit is just another weak fear tactic by reptilian underlords and their slimy ilk, and that it just takes a little
work and planning - and self-empowering through knowledge, which is always a good thing anyway - to foil ANY
plans these cretins can think up.

Also I would ask anyone more knowledgeable - who could word this more succinctly and helpfully - to do so please.
It can then be put up on scribd.com or somewhere and we can all download a copy, as a tutorial. Or - if anyone
knows of any such existing documents / links, please post something yourself to that effect via social networking

Of course - you're welcome to pass this far and wide, or re-post etc etc wherever you want - help others by
getting the word out. This is what OPEN SOURCE means each of us helping the other without wishing to have
material gain helping just for the sake of helping! So pass freely to all with my blessings.

NO more fear, NO more control, NO more power - for them!

Love and Living Light to all. :-)