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Horizontal Autoclave

Model 39209 / 39206


Models 39209 / 39206
Sliding Door with automatic drive

Used in hospitals, clinics and nursing

homes (39209), industries, milk feeders
and vivarium (39206) for sterilization of
materials and various tools.

Touch Screen

Resistant and versatile, the IHM Touch Screen has a TFT highcolor panel with 4.3", 5.6", 7" and 10" screens with beautiful
and new elements making the high definition images more
colorful and perfect, thus assisting the users to quickly
understand the machine status and to monitor the process.
20 preset programs, being the user capable to reprogram them
It allows the reprogramming or cycle parameters, including
name, temperature and sterilization and drying time, at the
user's discretion
It has 3 password levels - Operator, Supervisor and
F0 calculation
Turn the printer on and off and set printing time
Capable to perform remote access and command with the help
of a computer connected to the Internet
Bowie Dick test, Leak Test, emergency sub-routines, among
others according to the customer's need.
It has different types of real time visual and sound alerts to the
users and failure self-diagnosis system.
It has periodic alarms of preventive maintenance

With stainless steel, top panel containing measuring instruments and
controls in addition to the driver. Viewer has external water level of the
steam generator and printer to process registration (optional).

Selection of a previously programmed cycle or programming new

parameters for sterilization temperature from 90C to - 135C,

and sterilization and drying time from 0 to 99 minutes.
Start or cancel a cycle.
Command the equipment manually and through a password
View of selected cycle parameters, phase in process, operational
and safety messages.
Digital pressure indicator incorporated in the IHM itself, where
it's possible to identify in any phase of the cycle the working
pressure of the steam Generator of the External chamber and
vacuum, pressure and temperature of the Internal Chamber.
Pressure self-calibration compensating the atmosphere pressure
in the installation place
Integrated real time clock enables to transfer time data to the
Doors opening and closing in equipment with automatic sliding
Available in Portuguese, English and Spanish

Measuring and Control Instruments

The measurement and control instruments are arranged in a panel

On-off switch with lighting indication;

M-anometer indicating pressure in the external chamber and
steam generator;

Manovacuometer indicating pressure and vacuum in the internal


Emergency button to fully power off the equipment and quickly

depressurize the generator;

Level and electrode control, to control the electric power in

resistances as the water level, protecting them against burn;

Pointer record coupled to the internal chamber for a slow

decompression and moisture elimination;

Record of flow control between the internal and external

chamber to control the steam injection in Bowie Dick tests;

In double door equipment, there are lights indicating that the
door is open or ready to use in the opposite side

Rectangular inner chamber with different capacities (see dimensional
table), made of AISI 316L stainless steel with bright polished finish,
used for accommodation, sterilization and drying of materials and the
outer chamber are made in AISI 304 stainless steel. Hydrostatically
tested in accordance with Rule 13 NR. Has thermal insulation through
aluminized layers of rock wool and external galvanized finish to prevent
heat loss and heating of the external ambient. Provided with sensors
for temperature and process validation.

Activation of the door

Door made of stainless steel, thermally insulated with rock wool with
automatic drive, close and lock system through the electronically
controlled automatic pneumatic driven. The actuation of the door are
made by injection of compressed air, with silicone rubber rings high
durability and strength. Optionally it can be manufactured with 2 ports
(sanitary barrier type). The compressed air (compressor) is required.
Optionally it can be added to the equipment

Security systems

vapor existing network at the site of installation. Has throttle inlet

pressure steam filter and moisture separator (water droplets) to ensure
the quality of the steam. 3rd Double operation, with the possibility of
using their own generator or the steam network.

Hydraulic System
Pipes and connections made of copper or stainless steel. Steam
diffuser are made in stainless steel tube with screen retaining
impurities and condensation exhaust valves, check valves and solenoid
valves and pneumatic valve also in stainless steel or brass. The pipes
and components can be manufactured by customer request.
* Vacuum system: equipped with a vacuum pump liquid ring to
process operations and pre-vacuum drying for moisture removal of
materials during the sterilization process.
* Supply: equipped with a water pump to automatically supply the
steam generator before or during the sterilization cycle with a power
capable of supplying it even when pressurized.
* HEPA Air Filter CAP, 0.1

Cabinet assembled on angle frame stainless steel AISI 304. External
covering of stainless steel plates with a brushed finish.

Safety valves for immediate relief in the external chamber, in

case the pressure exceeds the maximum working limit;

Manual valve, for full discharge of steam and pressure in an


Safety pressure switch in the external chamber;

Pressure control of the external chamber through pressure
switch or pressure transmitters.

PT-100 class 1 temperature sensors for an accurate temperature

control of the internal chamber.

Safety system that prevents the door to open when the

equipment is pressurized.
Anti-crushing sensor (optional)
Safety valve in the internal chamber against compressed air input
Bacteriological air filter retains particles equal to or greater than
0.1 m (micron)

Eletric Power
Posee electric resistances equivalent to the dimension of the internal
chamber under the Technical Standards and ABNT NBR 11816:2003.
With voltages: 220V or 380V - Three Phase and 50 or 60 Hz power.

Electrical, the network or double function: 1st Electrical done by the
steam generator coupled to the outer chamber, made of stainless steel
AISI 304. By automatic filling pump, with electric operation performed
by the computer coupled to resistances. With electrodes to control the
water level and shut off the power in case of obstruction of the water
supply , ensuring protection against the burning of resistance. Key
cutting for manual draining and cleaning of the generator. Externally
coated with layers of rock wool aluminized and galvanized outer casing
to prevent heat loss and heating of the external ambient. Using 2nd

Quality system according to ISO 9001:2000. Designed and built to

ASME, ABNT NBR 11816:2003, ABNT NBR ISO 17665-1:201, EN
285, IEC 61010-1:2013, IEC 61010-2-40, IEC 61326:2012 and
complies with regulatory standard NR-13 standards. Register
ANVISA / Ministry of Health under No. 80004710004.
Note: Features and specifications contained in this catalog are
only suggestive and can be changed by request, provided that
such changes do not compromise the safety and proper
functioning of the team. In this case, follow the new specifications
in a document attached to the business proposal.


Software for monitoring and control

More practical and safety registers
The software developed by PHOENIX LUFERCO supervisor to view
and control the parameters of operation and maintenance of the
autoclave remotely. Connected via Ethernet port.
Performs record date, time, product code, batch cycle phases, time,
temperature and pressure. Allows viewing of graphs in real-time
parameters, programming and reprogramming of the parameters
and maintenance cycle.

Optional registration
Modernity and economy
Data Logger

Serial Printer

Allows viewing the graph in real time

and save the cycles through via USB
connection that can be downloaded into
a computer.

Serial or thermal printer. Prints data

with the lot number, date, time,
sterilization time, drying time, drying
temperature and user.

Vehicle for transportation

More comfortable and convenience

The autoclaves can be manufactured with optional

Baskets made in stainless steel


External car with wheels, for the transportation