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Financial Risk Manager

September 2010

Dont let risks overwhelm

Become a Certified Risk

Developers for Training and Consultancy in partner-

ship with the Institute for Financial Analysts-IFA is
proud to introduce exclusive and for the first time in
Egypt the reputable international certificate :
Financial Risk Manager

What is the FRM? This course is especially designed for

Global recognition and respect for the FRM desig- CFOs, Financial Advisors, Bankers, Invest-
nation is dramatically growing. FRM is certified by ment Bankers, Investment Managers, Strate-
The Global Association of Risk Professionals gic Investors, Securities Analysts, Financial
(GARP). GARP is an independent non-partisan in- Managers and Internal Auditors.
ternational association, committed to the Risk
Management profession. GARP was founded in
1996. In 2008, GARP had about 100,000 members
from 167 countries and 116% increase in member-
ship since 2005. The FRM emphasizes the body of Register Now
knowledge required of a professional risk manager
to cope with current and future risk management
challenges. FRM covers, in detail, basic financial
instruments, markets and concepts, and risk meas-
urement using Value at Risk (VaR) and other tech- Developers for Training
niques. FRM also covers financial risk management Consultancy
implementation issues and concepts. FRM program
is designed to allow immediate application of learn- Website: www.developers-egypt.com
ing to daily activities. Email: info@developers-egypt.com
Tel: +202 26909 557 +202 26909 558
Fax: +202 22910743
The main components of the Financial Risk Manager Tainting and

Level 1 Level 2
Covers, in detail, basic financial instruments, mar- Covers financial risk management imple-
kets and concepts, and risk measurement using mentation issues and concepts. Will extend
VaR. risk measurement beyond VaR, and includes
Objective is to ensure the FRM candidate has a some additional subject areas.
good understanding of the basic tools necessary to Exam questions test candidates knowledge
be a successful financial risk manager. Exam about more advanced uses and applications
questions would test more on understanding con- of the instruments and tools covered in Level
cepts than application. I. The questions would be more case study
4 hours, 100 multiple choice questions: and practice orientated versus those in Level
Foundations of Risk Management. I.
Quantitative Analysis. Market Risk Measurement & Management.
Financial Markets and Products. Credit Risk Measurement & Management.
Operational/Integrated Risk Measurement
& Management.
What will you learn? Risk Management in Investment Manage-
Current Issues in Financial Markets.
The FRM is a vital differentiator for the profes-
sional risk manager. The FRM program stresses About the providing body
the body of knowledge required of a profes-
sional risk manager to face current and future The Institute for Financial Analysts-IFA,
risk management challenges. In an environment Lebanon is a firm specialized in training
where institutions retrench and cut costs and courses for professional designations, and
jobs, the FRM distinguishes those professionals seminars for business decision makers. IFA
committed to updating their skill-base. The pro- offers preparatory courses for Financial Risk
gram designed to allow immediate application Manager in Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi
of learning to daily activities. Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Jordon and now in
Egypt, in association with Developers for
Training and Consultancy.

Level 1Fees : USD 3000

Date: June 2010
Discounts apply for early and group
FRM -Level I- Tentative Schedule- Egypt

Cumulative Tentative Day of

Instructor Time Study session
hours date week

Module I

Dr. Assem Safieddine 9:00 am -3:00 pm 6 Foundation Of Risk Management 17-Sep-10 Friday
Dr. Assem Safieddine 9:00 am -3:00 pm 12 Foundation Of Risk Management 18-Sep-10

Revision- Practice Problems Handouts

Exam-Module I 25-Sep-10 Saturday

Module II

Mr. Ghazi Homsi 9:00 am -3:00 pm 18 Quantitative Methods 1-Oct-10 Friday

Mr. Ghazi Homsi 9:00 am -3:00 pm 24 Quantitative Methods 2-Oct-10 Saturday

Mr. Ghazi Homsi 4:00pm-10:00pm 30 Quantitative Methods 3-Oct-10 Sunday

Revision- Practice Problems Handouts

Exam-Module II 9-Oct-01 Saturday

Module III

Mr. Marwan Chbaklo 9:00 am -3:00 pm 36 Financial Markets & Products 15-Oct-10 Friday

Mr. Marwan Chbaklo 9:00 am -3:00 pm 42 Financial Markets & Products 16-Oct-10 Saturday

Mr. Marwan Chbaklo 4:00pm-10:00pm 48 Financial Markets & Products 17-Oct-10 Sunday

Revision- Practice Problem Handouts

Exam-Module III 23-Oct-10 Saturday

Module IV

Mr. Khaled Abdul

9:00 am -3:00 pm 54 Valuation & Risk Models 29-Oct-10 Friday
Mr. Khaled Abdul
9:00 am -3:00 pm 60 Valuation & Risk Models 30-Oct-10 Saturday
Mr. Khaled Abdul
4:00pm-10:00pm 66 Valuation & Risk Models 31-Oct-10 Sunday
Revision- Practice Problem Handouts

Exam-Module IV 6-Nov-10 Saturday

Mock Exam Date

4 Hours ( 2;2 hour session) Mock Exam I 12-Nov-10 Friday

4 Hours ( 2;2 hour session) Mock Exam II 13-Nov-10 Saturday