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Presented by: Sanaa EL Alaoui

Mass media companies
Role of Mass Media
Cultural effects of Mass Media
Freedom of speech


The term mass media denotes various forms of entertainment:

TV, films, music, newspaper, magazine, internet, advertising, etc

It is instrumental in defining what we think, how we look and our

social place and issues in the society

A means of communication that operates on a large scale , reachi

and involving virtually everyone.



SNRT: a shareholder in Euronews,
and a member of the European Broadcasting Union.

Al Oula
Al Maghriba

Aflam TV
Tamazight TV

2M TV (mixedowned)

Medi1 ( private)


Role as a public broadcaster:

Promote awareness of constitutional principles and civic values.
Guarantee the objectivity and truthfulness of the information
provided, while ensuring that a broad range of views is presented.
Facilitate democratic debate and the free expression of opinion.
Promote the territorial cohesion and linguistic and cultural
diversity of Morocco.
With a commitment to quality, diversity, innovation, and high
ethical standards.

Freedom of speech:
Freedom of speech is quasi-absent and many journalists are
practicing self -cencorship .
Questioning the legitimacy of the monarchy or the actions of
the King is a taboo and questioning the kingdom's
"territorial integrity" is illegal.

Cultural effects of Mass Media:

Moroccans are loosing their identity
TV broadcast programs are remarkably dominated by a wide range
of foreign entertainment contents, of which only few are Moroccan.
(E.g: American, Turkish, French and Mexican entertainment
productions have gotten the lions share in what we, Moroccans,
are exposed to watch).
It plays a big role in changing Moroccans habits, and obviously
habits are a fundamental part in our culture.
With the accessibility of all medium, many Moroccans spend more
time watching television, or navigating in the internet rather than
making some effort and visiting family.

Gradually, if our Moroccan

society absorbs the influences
of mass media, the coming
generation would not find many
traits of our original traditions.

To conclude, mass media is double edged sword.
If Moroccan media recognizes its responsibility in handing
Moroccans what they really need with a relative supervision and
censorship of the external media flows, the media would functions
towards positive ends. Otherwise, media can play a destructive role
that would target the fundamental cornerstones of the Moroccan