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Debate Script

Introduction- A debate script begins with an introductory paragraph, which states the thesis. The thesis or stand can be made clear by giving a
clear answer to the prompt question.
Example of debate script :Technology has invariably touched all spheres of life. It has proved to be advantageous, as well as disadvantageous for
mankind. Do you think technology is a boon or a curse for mankind? Give suitable examples and reasons to support your argument.
It is beyond a doubt that technology has become an integral part of modern life. However, its effect on mankind is a debatable issue. While many
people consider it detrimental for our world, it is not true. Technology is definitely a boon for mankind, while life without it would be a curse. We
are surrounded by innovations of technology, like computer, cellular phones, household gadgets, etc., which have enabled us to enjoy the
comforts of life.
You are participating in an interschool debate competition. The topic is 'Wars Always Create More Problems Than They Solve'. Here are some
points for and against the proposition. Use them and your own ideas to write out the debate script.
No one wants it, but if the necessity arises we must be
ready for it
Patriotism-a freedom struggle
Protect and defend our borders, resources, our territory,
Fight it out and settle the dispute once and for all

Is no solution to disputes and disagreements between nations
Causes blood shed and destruction
Scarce resources used up for war-economic development suffers nuclear war-can destroy
the whole world
The real war should be against poverty, exploitation, hunger, illiteracy

Remember to choose only one side of the argument - 'For' or 'Against'. Do not mix up the two. Also, your arguments should be as forceful as
possible, persuasive and logical. But never ridicule or abuse your opponents in any way.

Model Answer
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Good morning Respected Judges, my honourable opponent and members of the audience. I am _______ for ________ school and I'm going to speak for the
topic "Wars always create more problems than they solve".
The world has already faced two World Wars. It has been through Cold war. There has been the Korean war, Vietnam war, Bosnian war, and the IsraeliPalestinian war, which still continues. Now, there is the added dimension of terrorism and suicide bombers. We have witnessed the destruction of the WTC
Towers and the war against the Al Queda and Taliban in Afghanistan. At home, terrorism has rocked the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, our Parliament in
New Delhi, and taken a number of innocent lives. War clouds are looming large. We were almost on the brink of war, but it seems to have been stalled for the
Yes, the world has seen a lot of war. But has it solved any problem? I firmly speak for the proposition 'Wars Always Create More Problems Than They Solve'.
Wars have left in their wake only death and destruction. The feelings of enmity, hatred, jealousy and greed that cause war have still remained. Children have
become orphans, people maimed, entire cities have been destroyed, large areas of fertile agricultural land have been laid barren, many have become refugees,
large numbers have lost their livelihood and sunk into poverty. These are the legacies of war. Wouldn't my worthy opponents agree with me that war has
certainly created more problems than it has solved?
Let us take a more concrete example. India and Pakistan have already fought three wars. Including the Kargil war, the number amounts to four. But has it
solved the basic problem? No, an emphatic no. The enmity and distrust between the two nations continues. Isn't it true that if both the countries shared a
peaceful relationship, both would have benefited? Instead of spending large sums on defence and nuclear weapons, they could have spent it on fighting out
poverty, hunger and illiteracy. This would have made a real difference in the lives of the people of both the countries - two of the poorest in the world. So, isn't
it clear that war only brings problems and doesn't solve any?
I sincerely feel that dialogue and negotiations are the only way to solve disputes between nations or even communities within a nation. It is better to spread the
language of love, peace and understanding instead of sowing seeds of hatred and violence in children. If heads of State and religious leaders sat face to face,
thrashed out the problem, made a genuine and sincere effort to find a solution, made the necessary compromises without having any ego hastles, then most of
the disputes could be solved. I reiterate once again - refrain from war, war once started may go on and on and create a host of problems.
Thank you.