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Dacurro, Kimberly Ong


Construction safety training video by Cleveland construction
In their Jobsite safety training, all of their workers undergo safety training before
they can begin working. The said safety training program informs employees of the
dangers on the construction site, the equipment for their protection and strategies used
to work safely. In their safety training video they outline 7 critical aspects of
construction safety: Lesson 1 Personal Protective Equipment. The objectives of the
first lesson is to have an overview of the required and optional PPE, Proper use and
care for your PPE and lastly How to properly inspect your PPE. Lesson 2 Fall
Protection. The objectives of the second lesson is to know the hazards of falling,
Various fall protection systems and Fall protection equipment. Lesson 3 Elevated
Work Platforms. The objectives of the third lesson is to be Familiar with most common
types of elevated work platforms, understand the safe operation and use, be able to
identify which elevated work platform is most appropriate for the task and understand
which elevated work platform require additional training. Lesson 4 Material Handling
and Storage. The objectives of the fourth lesson is to know how to identify the common
material handling hazards and the methods for eliminating or at least minimizing
the occurrence of material handling accidents. Lesson 5 Power Tools and Electrical
Safety. The objectives of the fifth lesson is to know the proper use, safety and
maintenance of powder actuated tools, safety practices related to electrical power and
safe operation of lasers. Lesson 6 Hazardous Communication Program. The objectives
of the sixth lesson is to know the details of your Right to know haz-com program, the
two most common material labelling systems, The location of MSDS and its contents
and lastly the appropriate action if hazardous exposure occurs. Lesson 7 Fire
protection. The objectives of the seventh and last lesson is to know the different
classifications of fire extinguishers, how to use a fire extinguisher, evacuation
procedures and hot work permits.
In the video, it shows that they put a lot of thought and effort into their safety
program. They take the construction safety seriously. It is not an easy job. I say kudos
to them. Here in the Philippines safety programs like that are not taken seriously.
Probably in other countries that is not the case. I do hope that engineers/contractors
realize how important it is to have and implement a proper safety program. Yes it does
require more time and effort but I think it is worth it, because we are talking about the
lives of the workers. It can help minimize or prevent incidents. The video can also be a
reference if you want to make your own version of safety program.