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Stop! (command to dogs)., Ouch!, Yes.

giak Upper back and shoulders (=tagigk, the front legs, front flippers together with kiasik, the shoulder blades from seal and sea
game). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
hk Vagina. n. hkkik! Darn you!
ha Yes, yes! ha tagga Yes I understand, that's understandable, there you are Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
hail Yes, Certainly. I am in complete agreement.
hale Must it be? Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
hammagik Certainly. hammageng? Are you certain? Is that true?
hatok I hope so! I hope that will Come true.
jugak Crack in harbour ice. n. jugammut nakkasimalauttuk. He had fallen in a crack in the ice.
k Give. v. Laugh hysterically or for a long while. v. Not being able to catch one's breath, especially after crying. v. gok. Give it
to him. jausimajut motakkut. They were brought over by boat. likKaujuk, unikkautigakku. He couldn't stop laughing
when I told him about it. Nutagak littuk, tunungagut patigok. The baby can't catch his breath; slap him on the back.
kKigasupp Does what is needed to cure him or to repair it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kKigisurpait Puts them in order (part of a jigsaw puzzle, cards ect). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kKik Fix. v. Cure. v. Become well. v. kKivauk. He fixed it. kKiv? Is he well now? kKiumiv? Is he feeling better now?
kKisuttaujuk. It is being repaired. kKitaujuk. It is fixed.
kKisik Fix something. v. Repair. v. kKisigasuajuk motakmminik. He is trying to fix his car.
kKisuik Prepare. v. kKisuilaugit niKitsanik. Get our dinner ready.
kKitik Cure by massaging. v. Annsiaga kKitigilluasuak. My grandmother is very good at massaging.
kKitipp Does what is needed to cure him or to repair it, she arranges it, puts it in order, repairs it, cure hime, also she puts dog
harness in order before leaving. rKituk It is healed (arranged repaired, put in order or corrected) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
lluanguak Spotted whale (Narwhal, Monodon monoceros). n. Ref: Murphy
lluasiak Jumper (White-Beaked Dolphin, Lagenorhynchus albriostris). n. Inuit dance. n. lluasiapmattanga mamattusuak.
Jumper skin is very tasty. lluasiannguajut. They are dancing like jumpers playing in water.
lluk Look up. v. Swordfish (male), thrasher (female) (Killer whale, Orcinus orca)(n.). n. lluvuk. He looked up. lluangajuk. He
is looking up at you.
maik Drunk. v. mailikKunga. I am now drunk. maiven? Are you drunk?
ndlik Trout (Brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis). n. nadlileng? Does it have any brook trout?
nak Grandmother on father's side. n. naga ningiungulittuk. My grandmother is old now.
ng Yes. -hng? Is that true?
nguak Amulet. n.
ni At the south., South. nejuk. It is over there (south).
nnguak Present. n. Uva nnguanik piutsangituk. He doesn't like my present.
nniak Be in pain. v. Pain. n. Sore. n. nniaven? Are you in pain? nnialik ilummini. He has a pain or sore inside his body (i.e.
nniasiupvik Hospital. n. Nursing station. n. nniasiupvimejuk. He is in the hospital.
Doctor. n. Medicine. n. nniasiutilialaugaluattuk. He did go and see a doctor. Kanimmasik tainna
nniasiutiKanngituk. There is no cure for that sickness.
nnik Hurt. v. nniven? Did you hurt? nnitailiKattagit. Be careful; don't hurt yourself.
nnitik Beat a person. v. nnitilauguk. Give him a beating or spanking for being bad.
ppale Apple, a loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais
set As usual. it can't be helped. KaikKaujuk set. He came as he usually does. set nakungajuk. It can't be helped.
sivak Spider. n. Ref: Watts
tsik Give. v. Bring to someone. v. tsiv? Did he give her some? tsiniakKutit puijivinimmik. Bring her some seal meat later.
tsinguak Give a gift on a special occasion. v. tsinguajuk tigumiamminut. He gives a gift to his godmother.
tsuk I don't know. tsumarik. I really don't know.

tsup Finishes, polished the thong he is working on. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
ttaliak Between 7 and 8 o'clock. ttaliami tikikKaujuk. He came between 7 and 8 o'clock.
ttat Eight. ttanik Kaitsilaugit. Give me eight of them.
ttuk Skin an animal, the curing and cleaing process. v. ttugiak immaK ajunnatuk. Skinning an animal, such as a fox, must be
very difficult work.

A - a
A-ngik Hound (Old Squaw, Long-tailed duck, Clangula hyemalis). n. Ref: Watts
A-a-k Hen. n. A-a-t Nigikkatauvan? Have the hens been fed?
Adlak Black bear (Ursus americanus). n. Adlamik mikigiattisisimajuk. He has caught a black bear in his trap. Adlgak. Black bear

Adlavinik Black bear meat. n. Adlavinittusonguven? Can you eat black bear meat?
Agggu Next year. n. Agggu skidoo-tsalkKunga. Next year, I will get a skidoo.
Aggguagu In two years. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Aggk Placenta, envelope of the foetus. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Aggni Last year. Aggni tigiganniaKatsialaungilak. Last year there weren't very many foxes around.
Aggnitsk Year before last. Agganitsk nolauttut.
Aggajk Glove. n. AggajliulaulakKama. Knit me a pair of gloves sometime.
Aggak Dig. v. Hand. n. Kimmialuvut pattini aggasimajuk. Our old dog has been digging holes in our front yard.
Aggappuk Voracious, eats rapidly. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Aggasiutik Hand lotion. n. Ref: Dorais
Aggek Ice duck (Old Squaw, Long-tailed duck, Clangula hyemalis)? Ref: Peacock
Aggetuk Moves it slowly, irregularly. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Agguik Cut up. v. Deal cards. v. NiaKojat samik agguilaugit. Cut up some bread. Agguigiamik Kaujimangituk. He doesn't know
how to deal the cards.
Agguk Go against a head wind. v. Aggujut. They are going against the wind.
Aggunak Headwind. n. Aggunammongituk. Don't head against the wind.
Agiagusijak Play the violin. v. Agiagusijalimmat, nukkangagunnangiKattajut. When he plays the violin, my feet can't keep
Agiagutik Violin. n. Agiagutik tusannituk. The violin makes good music. Agiagutik agiak. Violin bow.
Agiak File for sharpening tools. n. File. v. Lower belly, pubis of an man beast or fish. (see nk). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Agiattausimajuk. If I had a file, I would sharpen it. It has been filed.
Agiattojak Eskimo curlew (numenius borealis) (a small shore bird that once numbered in the millions, it's now an endangered
species not seen in Labrador for many years. Possibly extinct, although up to twenty may still remain other parts of north. The
curlew used to breed in the Northwest Territories tundra. Every fall million flocked east to Ungava Bay then south along the
Labrador coast on the way to south america for the summer. The bird was considered a delicacy and was hunted near extinction
by the year 1900. Nests have not been found in more that 110 years. The curelew is pigdeon sized and easily confused with
other larger shore birds like the appingik, (snipe), note different colours and slightly down turned beak). Ref: Peacock
Agiutsik Fed up with the same thing. v. Tired of or bored with something. v. Agiutsivunga ttsuming atsainlummik. I am tired of
that same old thing. Tnna piusik agiujaga. I am tired of that record.
Aglo Seal hole in the ice. n.
Aijaupiak Slink (spent or kelt salmon returning to the sea after spawning.). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Aik Fetch. v. Sleeve. n. Place for the legs of a dog in a harness. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Aiga Kausilivuk. Go and fetch it. My
sleeve got wet.
AikKavak Long sleeved mitten. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
AikKavaugak Sealskin mitts without fur. n. Leather gloves. n. AikKavaugkka silami Kimannigakkit, Kimmitaunnikok.
Because I left my sealskin mitts outdoors the dogs ate them.
Ailak Damp. v. Dampness on the ground from dew, fog or light rain, also sweat. n. Ukiungulimmat, illuvut ailainnaKattajuk. In
the winter our house is always damp. Ailanninga takutsak Dampness is evident.
Ailvaliak Between I0 and II o'clock. AilvalialikKuk; ilialigit. It's after ten o'clock; go to bed.

Ailvat Eleven; loan word from German. Ailvanik tikisaijuk. He is ordering eleven of them.
Ainnik Dirty. Ainnialunguna. It's dirty; don't touch it.
Ainsik One o'clock; a loan word from German. Ainsivuk. It is one o'clock.
Ainsiliak Between 12 and 1 o'clock. Ainsiliami takujaniakkugut . We will show the movie before 1 o'clock.
Aipajuk Raw meat. n. Ref: Watts
Aippak Spouse. n. Other half of a pair. n. Aippalik. He is married. Tnna pualuk aippaKanngitualuk. That mitt doesn't have a
partner. It is odd. Aippaile? Where is your companion? Aippagek A couple. Ref: Watts
Aittak Open your mouth. v. Aittatilauguk. Make him open his mouth.
Aittangautik Tongue depressor. n. Ref: Dorais
Aittauk Yawn. v. Aittaujuk. He is yawning.
Aittuik Give out to many people. v. Uvannik aittuinginnatuk. He is always giving me something.
Aittuivik Church festival called the love feast. AittuivilianiakKen? Are you going to the love feast?
Aittuk Give. v. AittuKauvnga. He gave me some.
Aivik Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus). n. Aivik kigutinganik pitaKavunga. I have a walrus tooth. Aivinniajut. They are hunting
Aivinniutik Harpoon. n.
Ajtsuk Aunt on mother's side. n.
Ajagutak Rainbow. n. Ajagutak tauttusiagittuk. The rainbow has nice colors.
Ajai Gee, ooh, ah, etc. Ajaiglunguna. What a bad person you are! Ajaitsiavak! How pretty it is! Ajaitlanguavingluk. I am
amused and shocked at your behaviour.
Ajak Shove. v. Aunt on mother's side. n. Ajakallajanga. He gave her a quick push. Ajaulauguk. Push on it. Ajagok. Give it a push.
Ajappk Lean on something. v. Ajappjuk Kammamut. He is leaning on the wall. Ajappaviginiannagu minguatainnasimajuk.
Don't lean on the newly painted pan.
Ajauppiak Cane. n. Ajauppialik KaKuttamik He has a white cane.
Ajuak Boil. n. Ulcer. n. Ajuanga Kjuk. His boil busted.
AjugaKgituk Almighty., Without comparison. AjugaKgituk Gotivut. Our God is almighty. Skidooga ajugaKngituk. My
skidoo is the best; there is none that can compart with it.
Ajugik Copy. v. Imitate. v. AjugituinnaKattaguvit ilinianngilatit. If you just copy someone's work, you won't learn how to do it
Ajuk Unable to do something. v. Ajuttuk. He is unable to do it. Ajulunngitanga. He is quite capable of doing it. AjukKuk Can't
Ref: Watts
AjuKittuijik Minister. n. Preacher. n. AjuKittuijukullumi Kanimajuk. The minister is sick today.
AjuKittuk Teach. v. Show. v. AjuKittulauguk tajaliugiamik. Teach her how to knit.
Ajulik Collapse. v. Iggaviga ajulijualuk. My engine is completely dead. Tingijokkut tikitlagalualitlutik ajulisimajuk. Just as the
plane was arriving, he died. Ajulivok. They collapsed.
Ajunnamat It can't be helped... Ref: Noggasak
Ajunnangipat If possible. Ajunnangipat KaititsilkKutit. If possible, send me some.
Ajunnangituk It is simple. Ajunnaginngitaga. I find it very simple.
Ajunnatuk It is very difficult. Ajunnagijn? Do you find it difficult? UKauttiugiak ajunnatuk. Being an interpreter is very
Ajutsak Poor. v. Ajutsatuk. He is unable to support himself. Aullasimaliguvit, ajutsajojllikkugut. When you are gone, it shall
seem like we are poor.
Ajuttigivuk Dampens.
Akailutak In the way. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Akaugiv Finds him agreable. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Akauvuk It is good, fine practical. Akausivuk He improves (bodily mentally or spiritually) feels better (in a postive sense.) Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
Akiagautik Stretcher. n. Wheel barrow. n. Akigautikkut
Akigannik Opposing. Akigattusainatuk tnna uvannik. He opposes me all the time.
Akigartuppuk Resists. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Akigiak Pay back a wrong. v. Avenge. v. Piungigitolinnivinet Kangatuinnak akigiattaulttuk At any time, you will be paid back
for the wrongs that were committed.
Akigujotik Shade. n.
Akiguk Branch. n. Twig. n. Knot in a tree. n. Akiguk ulimaniattaga. I am going to cut the branch with the axe.

Akik Price. n. Answer. v. Kanuk akileng? What is the price? Akivten? Did he answer you?
Akikittuk Cheapest price. Tnna akikinnipk. That is the cheapest.
Akilek Pay. v. Ukua akilegialikka. I have to pay for these things.
Akilik Pay one person or for one thing. AkilittauKauvunga. I got paid today. AkiligiaKanngituk. It doesn't have to be paid.
Akilitsak Loan. n. Bill. n. AkilitsaKappvunga. I have a lot of bills to pay. Omunga akilitsaKaven? Do you owe this person
Akilitsasik Loan. v. Charge something. v. Akilitsasigumaven? Do you want a loan? Ukua akilitsasejakka. I charged these to my
Akilittauk Paid. v. Kangalikiak akilittaulkKinga? I wonder when I will get paid.
Akimmituk Reflected by OR hits (rain, wind, sun). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Akinitsivuk Echo.
Akinnijattip Reflects it (sunlight, light). v. Reflects heat. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Akisuppuk Light., Sun reflects its light or heat off... Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Akitik Pillow. n. AkitiKaven? Do you have a pillow?
Akitujuk Expensive. Akitujogaluappat, pisiniattaga. I shall buy it even if it is expensive.
Akka Here! take it! catch it!
Akkak Uncle, on father's side. n. Akkagale? Where is my uncle?
Akkik Harpoon point. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
AkKak Dive. v. Go down. v. Puijik akkav? Did the seal go down?
AkKalajuk Ant. n. AkKalajunuttatattuk. It is full of ants. AkKalajob manningit. Ant eggs.
AkKunak Storm. n. Stormy. v. AkKunammut pijausimajut. They were lost in a storm. AkKunatsivuk. It turned stormy.
AkKusk Short stop. v. AkKusgalvunga. I am only making a short visit on my way elsewhere. Nainilialluta akKuslkKugut
Hopedalimut. We shall make a short stop at Hopedale on our way to Nain.
AkKusinialuk Highway. n. Main road. n. AkKusinialuk takijuk. The highway is long.
AkKusinik Road. n. AkKusinimmi pllaKauvunga. I fell down on the road.
AkKutik Road. n. Path. n. Route. n. AkKutikkolaugit. Walk on the road. Upinngasmi akKutiKaKattangituk. In the
early spring, there is no way to get across there.
Aklunk Rope; heavy line. n. Ref: Watts
Akpiujak Strawberry. n. Ref: Murphy
Akuak Outlet of pond.
Akuk Catch. v. Pattak akuvaga. I caught the ball.
Akulaittuk Frequent. Nlautikkut akulaittumik tusttauKattatuk. It is frequently heard over the radio.
Akuliak Nasal bone. n. Space between the eyes. n. Point of land, a raised promontory between two bays.
AkuliakKutujutsuak His eyes are very far apart.
Akullik In the middle., Middle child. n. Akullivutit. You are in the middle. Akullingani napvjaga. I found it mixed up with
them. Akullip The most centered.
Akunek Gone a long time. v. Akunelittuk nniasiupvimi. He has been at the hospital a long while.
Akungani Among. Akunganejuk. It is amongst them.
Akuni For a long time. Akuni KinijalikKagit. I've been looking everywhere for you for a long time. AkuneniakKen? Will you be
a long while?
AkuniKa For a long time. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Akunnasivuk It is still undecided.
Akunnatuk Goes in, enters. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Akunngani Between them, amid them, among them. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Akutsik Mix bread. v. Catch a ball. v. Bread dough. n. Akutsilaugit niaKojatsamik! You mix dough for bread! Akutsivuk
pattamik. He caught the ball.
Akutsivik Pan for mixing dough. n. Akutsivigale? Where is my mixing pan?
Akuttatik Catcher in a ballgame. n. Akuttatiutsiangitualuk. He is a poor catcher.
Akuttuasippuk Game where on marks traces in the frost snow to a rythmic song to define whether ... will happen: if the
sequence concurs then the event will happen. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Akuttuatittuk Act, speak at long intervals. v. Akuttuatippait She spaces out his words or deeds Akuttutut Those that are spaced
out far from on another (in space or time) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Akuttujuk Infrequent. Akuttujummi esiKattagialik. He has to take his pills every so often.
AKaguk Expect to leave. v. AKagujut Nainiliagiamik Kauppat. They are expecting to leave for Nain tomorrow.

AKiaguk Stomach. n. Glutton. n. AKiagunga annialik. He has a stomach ulcer. AKiagualok. You glutton!
AKiak Abdomen. n.
AKiggik Barrener or white partridge (rock ptarmigan, lagopus mutus). n. AKiggisiugiajuk. He is gone hunting barreners.
AKiggiKutik Chicken or turkey. n. Ref: Dorais
AKiggilik Spruce partridge (Canachites canadensis). n.
AKigginiutik Partridge hawk (gyrfalcon, Falco rusticolus). n. Ref: Murphy
AKiggivik Brooker or white partridge (willow ptarmigan, lagopus lagopus). n.
AKittuk Soft., Lead. n. AKittumik akitikkagumavunga. I want a soft pillow. AKittumut kKigajakKotuk. I think it can be
repaired with lead.
AKotik Tiller. n. Steering wheel. n. Rudder. n. AKotinga katasimalauttok. Their rudder fell off.
AKuk Steer a boat. v. stern of boat. n. AKulaugit. Steer the boat. AKumejuk. He is in the stern of the boat.
AKumiak Outboard motor. n. Ref: Dorais
AKumigok Drive a speed boat. v. Speed boat. n. AKumigojut. They are in a speed boat. AKumigokkojut. They are going by
speed boat. AKumigolik. He has a speed boat. AKumigolautsimaven? Have you ever ridden in a speed boat?
AKumik Go with the wind. v. AKumijut. They are going with the wind.
AKupivuk Animal squats. v. Dog curled up in a ball. v. Animal crouched to hide. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
AKupvik Cockpit. n. Ref: Dorais
AKutti Ships's pilot. n. Tiller person in an umiak. n. Driver of a car. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
AKuvippuk Squats.
Alak Sole of a shoe, boot. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Alakkak Appear. v. Nuvutannakut pujulik alakkaniattuk. The steamer will come in sight through Nuvutannak.
Alakkasjak Paper. n. Alakkasjak tittaivuk. The piece of paper blew away.
Alansi Orange; a loan word from English. n. Grapefruit; a loan word from English. n. Lemon; a loan word from English. n. Ref:
Aliagik Like. v. Aliagijaga. I like it.
Alianai Pleasure.How pleasant it is.
Alianavuk Delightfull!
Alik Tear. v. Line made from dried sealskin. Aliv? Did it tear?
Alik Harpoon thong for a seal harpoon. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Alikkut Object of derision. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Alikut Translucent quartz. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Alingik Had enough. v. Not wanting to do it again. Alingivunga ilinniatitsigasuagiamik Inuttut. I've had enough of trying to
teach Inuttut; I never want to try again. Alingittpuk. He has had enough fights.
Alittik Sock. n. Stocking. n. AlittiKaven? Are you wearing socks? AlittiKnngituk. She is not wearing stockings.
Alittuk Tear up. v. Atuagegunni alittuniakKatit. Tear it up when you finish reading it.
Alivpuk Person retreats a little, goes away a little distance. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Alivasittuk Who is some distance. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Allk Straddle. v. Spread the legs out. v. Kimmik allngajuk natimmi. The dog is on the floor with its legs open.
Allkkatautik Round snow shoes used by Innu that oblige the wearer to swing his legs widely when walking. Ref: Schneider:
Allluk And even ... (at the start of a sentence, insistantly). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Allpp Wiped it. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Allt Even so. Allt tnna. Even that one. Allt Kuatsmut kamilltlunga anisimakKauvunga. I had such a bad fright, I ran
outdoors in bare feet.
Allagak Letter. n. Allagalitauven? Did you receive a letter?
Allagutiagulk Hankerchief.
Allagutik Sponge. n. Dish towel. n. Face cloth. n. Towel. Allagutinga paudlatuk. His dish towel needs washing (it's dirty, dusty).
Allagutigaven? Do you have anything to wipe up this mess with?
Allait Books. n. Innu. n. Letters. n. Allaminik atuatsenatuk. He is always reading his books. Allait tikikKaujut. The Innu came.
Allait tikikKaujuk. Your letters came. Atinga pingasunik allalik. His name has three letters.
Allak Write. v. Innu. n. Hymnbook. n. Drawings on a dickey. n. Letter in the alphabet. n. Allasonguven? Can you write? Summa
allalautsimagunnaiKen? How come you never write anymore? Allauninga takutsak. It's obvious that he is Innu.
AllaKanngimaidluni tutsiasualikKaujuk. She was singing away without a hymnbook. Allangit piujutsuat. Her embroidery
is very well done. Allagok. Write it.

AllaKik Nice, clear, sunny day. Kauppat allaKilkKuk. Tomorrow will be a nice, clear, sunny day.
Allanguak Spotted whale (Narwhal, Monodon monoceros). n. Ref: Murphy
Allatalik Bookcase. Ref: Dorais
Allatausimajunik unuksititsije Publisher. Ref: Watts
Allatigik Wipe dishes, etc. v. Allatigilaugit. Wipe the dishes. AllatigiutitsaKaven? Do you have something to wipe it with?
Allatsngotip Change expression, to appear smiling. v. Change liturgical vestiment (colour). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Allausinga Handwriting; a way of writing. Ref: Watts
Allautik Pen, pencil, chalk, etc. n.
Allavik Office. n. Office desk. n. Writing pad. n. Allavimmejuk. He is in the office. AllaviKatlalangatung. I wish I had a desk.
AllaviKaven? Do you have a writing tablet?
Allavitsak Writing paper. n. Exercise book. n. AllavitsaKanngilanga . I don't have any writing paper.
Alligk Flooring or a rug. n. Ref: Watts
Alliguk Lower jawbone. n. AlligungasiKumisimajuk. His jaw is broken.
Alliguljuk His teeth chatter from cold. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Allik At the bottom. n. Allipk piunippk. The one on the bottom is the best one of them.
Allinik Mattress. n. Ref: Dorais
Allugvik Doormat. n. Ref: Dorais
Allugik Doorstep. n. Ref: Watts
Alluk Take a step. v. Alluso-on? Can you step across it?
Aluijak Wipe the feet on something. v. AluijaniakKutit. Make sure you clean your boots before you go in.
Aluijapvik Doormat, carpet. n. Aluijapvik itsutulauguk. Shake out the doormat.
Aluk Sole. n. Deer's stomach insides. n. Snowmobile track. n. Dog paw. n. Alokka ippiniagunnaitok; lmmak Kuajok. My soles
are numb; maybe they are frozen. Tuttuk alunga mamattusuak. Deer's stomach is a delicacy.
AluKasijannik White ice along shoreline just before freeze-up.
Alupk Lick out. Alupjuk pogutamminik. It is licking its plate.
Alutsk Eat soup. v. Soup. n. Bad ice. n. Jammimik alutsjuk. He is spooning jam. Alutjga suli onaluadlatuk. My soup is still
too hot. Alutsglutuinnak. The ice is like soup.
Alutsak Patterns for footwear. n. Ref: Watts
Alutsautialuk Dessert spoon. n. AlutsautialuKavise? Do you have any dessert spoons?
Alutsautiatsuk Teaspoon. n. Alutsautiatsuk tatallugu siugaujattniakKat. Put in one teaspoon salt.
Alutsautik Spoon. n.
Amgutik Anything used for carrying and infant on one's back. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Amk Carry a baby on the back. v. Edible root. n. Amjanga. She is carrying him piggy back. Amnga pigulittuk. The root of the
plant is now growing. Amnga ajuap pejaujuk. The root of the boil is taken out.
Ammailtak Brassiere. n. AmmailtaKaven? Are you wearing a brassiere?
Ammak Suck the breast or bottle. v. Breast. n. Ammajuk. She is sucking a bottle. Ammaittausimajuk. She has had a breast
Ammautik Baby's bottle. n. Ammautingale nutaga-um? Where is the baby's bottle?
Ammiutak Object carried in a baby's hood, Decorations on an amautik. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Amttuajiv Carries her baby for her. v. Amttuap She, he carries a baby on his, her back (to help the mother). Ref: Schneider:
Amaguk Grey wolf (Canus lupus). n. Amagusimajuk. He has killed a wolf.
Amajak Lance (Atlantic sand eel, Ammodytes americanus). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Amauligk Snow bird (Snow bunting, plectrophenas nivalis). n. Ref: Murphy
Amaulik King eider (male, Somateria spectabilis). n. Male eider duck (c ommon eider, Somateria mollissima). Ref: Murphy Ref:
Amautik Hood of a Kulitak for carrying a baby. n. Amautilinnik takulautsimagunnaiKugut. We never see baby-carrying hoods
anymore. Amaummijp He renmoves what she is carrying in her hood Nutagamik ammaummilep She puts the baby in
her hood. Amaummiliutiv She puts an object in her hood. Amaummip He carries him in and amautik. Amaut Hood of a
female parka Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Amek? Goldeneye (barrow's goldeneye, Bucephala islandica). Ref: Ittulak Ref: Peacock
Amiakkuk Leftovers. n. Anything that is left over. n. Left over. v. Amiakkunik kisiani niKitsaKavugut. All we have is leftovers.
AmiakkutauniakKunga. Save some for me.
Amigaijaik Peel. v. Remove bark. v. kttopalannik amigaijailaugit! Peel the potatoes! Alakkasjausaliuttauligamik

amigaijattauKattajut Kijuit. In pulp manufacture the bark is removed from the wood.
Amigaittut Numerous, there are many. Ref: Watts
Amigak Short of things. v. Tree bark. n. Skin on fruit. n. Sunami amigavit? What are we short of? Amiganga pegialik. The bark
must be removed.
Amigatsik Short of things. v. Ref: Noggasak
Amigik Find too small. v. Amigijai-en? Is it too small for you?
Amik Human skin. n. Animal skin, pelt. n. Amejuk. He skinned himself.
Amisut School of seals. Amisuniajut. They are after a school of seals.
Amittasajak Tin (material used to make cans). Ref: Dorais
Amittuk Narrow. AkKusinik amittuk. The road is narrow.
Ammggaujak Woven basket. n. Amggaujaliusok. She knows how to weave baskets.
Amma And., Also., Too. Ammalu. Give me some more. Amma una, ikajuttigimmijaga. This one is also my helper. Amma
Inuttut ilinniatitsigasualigatta, uKumaittupngugattamat. Also, when we're trying to teach Inuttut, it becomes very
Ammagituasuk Sea cucumber (cucumaria frondosa). n. Ref: Ittulak Ref: Jararuse
Ammaigutik Can opener. n. Ref: Dorais
Ammak Open. v. Ammasimajugav? Is there one already open? Kummujuk ammalauguk! Open the tin! Kanga ammaniattung
niuvipving? When will the store open?
Ammomajuk Clam (soft-shell clam, mya arenaria). n. Ammomajuttajuk. He is picking clams.
Ammut Downwards. Ammut iggalangajuk. He is looking downwards.
Amna That one, who is about to speak, who is far off, who is on the other side, who is to the north. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
AmuaKattautik Block and tackle. n. Umiavut kisiani amuaKattautimmut Kakitaugajattuk. Our boat can only be pulled
ashore with a block and tackle.
Amujok Chest of drawers. n. Amujommejuk alittekik. Your socks are in the drawer.
Amuk Pull out by the roots. v. Amulauguk. Pull it out by the roots. kigutinga amuttaugialik. Her tooth must be pulled out.
Amuvuk. It has pulled apart.
Amusik Parka made loose enough to hold a baby. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Annak Mother. n. Annaga kamiliujuk. My mother is making a pair of skin boots.
Annanguak Step-mother. n. Ref: Watts
Annsiak Grandmother on mother's side. n. Annsiaga Kanimappjuk. My grandmother is very ill.
Annsiatjusk Great-grandmother on mother's side. n. Ref: Ben-Dor
Anagek Shit fly. n. Ref: Igloliorte
Anagiattuvik Bathroom. n. Washroom. n. Toilet. n. Outhouse. n. Anagiattuvivut mni. Our toilet is here.
Anajanattuk Delicate, fragile.
Anak Pass feces. v. Feces. n. Anagunnangiven? Are you constipated? Tkkua ukaliup anangit. Those are rabbit droppings.
Anakulojak Mustard. n. Ref: Igloliorte
Ananauvuk Nice person, he is almighty.
Anangik Dirt fly. n. Ref: Igloliorte
Anauk Hit something with an object. Kimmik anaulauguk. Hit the dog. Anauttauniannak. Don't get hit.
Anaullagak Drum. n. Ref: Dorais
Anautsagak Hockey puck, ball. n. Ref: Dorais
Anautsak Play ball. v. Suguset anautsanguajut. The children are playing Indian baseball.
Anautsautik Hockey stick. n. Baseball bat. n. Bowling pin. n. Ref: Dorais
Angajuk Girl's older sister. n. Boy's older brother. n. Angajuatsuga ullusiujuk. My older brother is having his day.
AngajukKk Boss. n. Leader. n. Parent. n. Chief. n. AngajukKsavut. He will be our leader. Taikinna Allait angajukKnga.
That man there is the chief of the Innu. AngajukKngugasugilikKen? Do you think you're the boss.
Angak Uncle, on mother's side. n.
Angakkuk Sorcerer. n. Someone with spiritual powers. n. Hex. v. Bird through which the angakkuk communicates with the
spiritual world. Suli angakkuKavuk silatsuami. There are still sorcerers in this world. Angakkutausimajuk. Someone cast a
spell on him. Timmiakulummik angakkuKalauttuk. Her angakkuk was a little bird.
Angatsuk Uncle, on mother's side. n. Ref: Noggasak
Angiggak Home. Angiggav? Has he gone home? Did he come home?
Angijuk Big. Angijugusimajuk. It has grown bigger. Angiluadlatuk. It's too big. Angigijaga. I find it too big. Anginitsak. Bigger.
Committee member., Coard member., Council member., Church elder. AngajukKauKatigenut

ilittausimalittuk. He has been appointed a church elder.

Angik Agree. v. Say yes. v. Angiven? Do you agree? Angittauguma kisiani. Only if I am given permission.
AngiKak Go home. v. Home. n. AngiKalittatok! I wish we were going home! AngiKaganngitukuluk. The poor thing, she has
no home. AngiKami. At home.
AngiKatigek Make a deal. v. Agree to something. AngiKatigejok. They both agree to it. AngiKatigegutsi, taimk pilkKugut. If
you all agree with that, that's what we will do.
Anginik Bigness of size. Angininga Kaujimanngitaga. I don't know how big it is.
Angittuk Agrees; says yes. Ref: Watts
Angok Accidentally defecate. v. Angosimajuk. He dirtied his pants.
Angotik Propeller on a boat. n. AngotitsaKanngituk motavut. Our boat has no propeller.
Anguk Kill a seal. v. Angusimajuk natsimik. He has killed a jar seal.
Angummatik Catch up. v. Angummativuk uvannik. He caught up to me.
Angusalok Young male animal; a young buck. n. Ref: Watts
Angusiak Midwife's name for boys she has delivered. Ref: Ben-Dor
Angusivuk Overtakes. v.
Angutik Male. n. Man. n. Husband. n. Una Kimmiagulak angutik. This puppy is male. Angutiugaluanguna. He is, in fact, a man.
AngutiKaven? Do you have a husband?
Angutiksak Fiance (male).
Angutitsiak Handsome male. NulettuKutinga angutitsiasuak. Her boyfriend is very handsome.
Anigotik Come out through. v. Tamauna anigotiso-ong? Can it come out through that way? Ilulinga anigotisimalauttuk. The
bullet came out through his body.
Aniguvuk Goes out through. v.
Anik Go out. v. Brother of a girl. n. Anigiasiven? Are you going out now? AnikKujausimajuk. She was driven out.
Anittailititaujuk. She is being kept from going out. Anigumanngituk. She doesn't want to go out. Aniga naukiak. My
brother is somewhere; I don't know where he is.
Aninguak Step-brother of a girl.
Aninnegutik Lose breath. v. Aninnegutidluni, tikikKaujuk. He came all out of breath from running.
Aninnik Breath. n. Life. n. Aninniga nukKakasvuk. My breath nearly stopped. Motanga aninniKanngituk. The motor is
completely dead. Aninnialuk God the great spirit.
Anippanppuk Deserves what he gets. Anippanttaulauttuk. He was given what he deserved. Anippanmek! Good! He
deserved it. He was asking for that. Anippananppjuk He is delighted with his revenge on someone who made him suffer.
Anippattuk What is considered good, durable. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Anitsk Sigh. v. Anitstigasualauguk. Try to make him breathe. Anitsp. I am out of breath. Anitsginnalittuk. He keeps
Anitsivik Dump. n. Anitsivialuvut mamaittusuangulittuk. Our dump is really smelly now.
Anitt! Good! let's go out., Fortunately, just in time (used above all in negations, fortunate that we are not without game, did not
drown ect.). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Anittaima Yes, just as I thought. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Anntuk Complain. v. Anntuttaunguvunga. I am sick of your complaints.
Anna That one (about whom one is about to speak) who is in the south. rel. assuma, pl. akua. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Annagek Mating pair of animals. n. Ref: Watts
Annaik Miss a shot. v. Miss out on an opportunity. v. Annaivaga. I didn't get a shot at it. VoniKanngikaluamut,
annaisimalaukKugut katimajunik. Because we didn't have a phone, we didn't hear about the meeting and so missed out on it.
Annak Female., Woman. n. Wife. n. Annamik pigumangilanga. I don't want a bitch dog. Annangun? Is that a woman?
Annatkaslittuk. He is nearly getting married. Annaga takukKauvn? Did you see my wife?
AnnaKutik Midwife of a boy. Ref: Ben-Dor
Annaliak Midwife's name for girls she has delivered. Ref: Ben-Dor
Annaligiak Bitch (female dog). n. Ref: Watts
Annalluk Female animal. n. Ref: Watts
Annasiak Pretty girl or woman. Annasiagitsuajaga. I find her very pretty. Annasiangunngimaittuk. She is not at all pretty.
Annasitsijuk Menstrates. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Annaviak Female duck or bird. n.
Anngajugak Pant. v. Kimmik Anngajugappuk kiatsiuppat. The dog pants because it is too warm.
Anngak Niece. n.

Anngijivuk Conceals. v.
Anngilik Pit of the stomach. n. Anngililigivuk He has a pain in the pit of his stomach
Anngiujak Nail or bolt head. n. Ref: Dorais
Anngo Don't touch. Don't do that.
Anngutik Overtake. v. AnngutilikKuk sivullipmik. He is overtaking the first one. AnngutiniagunakKunga niuvipvimut. I
wonder if I shall get there before the store closes.
Annguvik Poor.
Annigijaunik Election. Ref: Dorais
Annigusuk Favour. v. Vote. v. Elect. v. Annigusuijaujuk Inunnut. He is the people's choice. Annigusuvunga ominga. I nominate
her. AnnigusugiaKavugut. We must vote.
Annikippuk Lasts a short time.
Annikittuk Ice skate. Ref: Dorais
Put on clothing. v. Dress. n. Clothing. n. Imminik annugsongulittuk. She can now dress herself.
AnnugkkaKattalaugit! Do wear a dress now and then! Annugtsiangitokuluk . She doesn't have much of a wardrobe.
Annugk atajok. A slip.
AnnugKautik Clothes closet. n. AnnugKautiKalittatok! I wish for the day when we will have a clothes closet!
AnnugKautimmejuk. It is in the closet.
Annugtsajak Cotton. n. Material for making dresses, etc. n. Annugtsajammik ilupiagutalik. The lining is cotton.
Annupuk Sad.
Anuggutik Ventilator. n. Ref: Dorais
Anugaulitak Windscreen. n. Ref: Watts
Anugautik Wind breaker. n. Ref: Watts
Anugik Wind. n. Blow (wind). v. Anugimut tittausimajuk. The wind blew it away. Ippasak anugippaplilaukKuk. Yesterday the
wind was blowing very hard. Anugik iluiggane. Winds blowing ohshore.
Anuguammijttuk Blows in gusts. v.
Anuk Dog harness. n. Harness a dog. v. Anumminik kelisimajuk. He has been chewing on his harness. Anugasualauguk. Try to
harness him.
Anuksak Seal skin line used to harness a dog team. n. Ref: Watts
Apa Horsehead (Grey seal, Halichoerus grypus). n. Apasimajuk. He got a grey seal. Apgajuk. It's a grey seal pup.
Apakaivuk Sees him unexpectedly. v. Apakaittausimakpaujuk anagiattusimadluni. Someone opened the outhouse door on him.
Apag. I didn't expect that to happen.
Apigik Ask. v. Apigilauguk Kanga tikilmmangt. Ask him when he will be back here again. Apitsujuk She asks for
information. Apitsutuk He questions, interrogates. ApikKutik A question.
Apik Snowed in. v. Apivok. It is snowed in.
ApikKuin None of your business!
ApiKunik Over-curious person who asks too many questions. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Apitsuk Question. v. Apitsutaunnguvunga. I am tired of being questioned.
Appk Go and notify. v. Applaugit tikijunik. Go and tell them that they have arrived. Apptituinnak. A person who is always
Appak Turre (Common murre, Uria algae). n. Turre (thick-billed murre,Uria lomvia). Ref: Brice-Bennett Appaluvinik taunani.
There are a lot of turres down there.
Appaliatsuk Bull birds (Dovekie, Alle alle). n. Appaliatsuit mamattusuat. Those bull birds are very tasty.
Appalik Run. v. Appalillutit, uKautigiattulauguk. Run and tell him. Appalittutuk He makes several paces running (either
tripping or gathering himself to jump)
Appalittupuk Stumbles. v.
Appangik Walk quickly. v. Appangijuk. He's walking fast. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Appik Bakeapple (Rubus chamaemorus). n. Appet aunigulittut. The bakeapples are getting ripe.
AppiKutik Bakeapple plant before the fruit
is formed. n. Plant with leaves used to make herbal tea (Sibbaldia procumbens). n.
Ref: Aichen
Appingik Hudsonian curlew (whimbrell, numenius phaeopus). n. Snipe (common snipe, Gallinago gallinago)., woodcock
(american woodcock, scolopax minor). Ref: Peacock Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
AppinnaKutik Stems and leaves of a bakeapple plant. n. Ref: Aichen
Appitsak Bakeapple plant in spring before they turn red. n. Ref: Aichen
Apuk Bump. v. AputtauKaujuk Kamutimmut. He was bumped by the sled. Apuniannak! Don't bump into it!

Aputik Snow that has fallen. n. Ref: Noggasak

Aputiktatuk Fetches snow to make water. v. Ref: Watts
Aputjauk Buried in snow. v. Ukkuanga aputjausimajuk. His door is buried in snow and he can't get out.
Apvak Half., Part of., Half hour. n. Apvamik pigumaven? Do you want a half piece? Apvanganik Kaitsilaugit. Give me a part of
it. Apvagutittait. Divided into two piles or groups. Ref: Watts Apvaguttuk Is half finished, half completed, half full. Ref:
Apvaku Part of. Apvakumik Kaitsijuk. She gave me a half-empty pack.
Apviak Be in the way. v. Apviatlanak. Don't be in the way. Apvialutlutuinnak. It is only in the way.
Apvik Bow head whale (Balaena mysticus). n. Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) rare. n. Sperm whale (Physeter
macrocephalus) males come north. n.
Apvitak Go from place to place. v. Apvitajuk paitsijik. The nurse is going around town looking in on patients.
Asi Other. Asileng? Is there another like it? AsiKanngituk. There is no other. There is no replacement. AsiKagiaKalatsingippk
He looks after only one thing. AsiKagiaKalatsingittuk He only looks after himself.
Asia Another. Asianik tigusingasaligit. Take another one instead. Upvalu asia. I thought it was a different one. Asianguvuk He is
different, it is another or he is replaced.
Asiggupk Takes another path, goes by another way. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Asiguk Destroyed. v. Perish at sea. v. Lost. v. ImmaK asigusimalittut. Maybe they have died at sea. PaigittsigukKunata! Protect
us, lest we perish!
AsikKik Waste. v. kenaujammik asikKituinnalikKutit. You are only wasting money.
Asinevuk Elsewhere from me.
Asinga Its other. The one different from this one.
Asinnepuk At another place than me. He is with some one else, not me.
Asinniak Commit adultery. v. Asinniajutsaungilatit. You should not commit adultery.
Asiujik Lose. v. Asiujiven? Have you lost something? Asiujiniannagu! Don't lose it!
Asiuk Disappear. v. Asiuv? Did it become lost? Asiuvuk. It disappeared.
Assut Caribou moss (cladonia rengiferina). n. Ref: Peacock
Asu Is that so! I see.
At Its under side. Atsanejuk. It is below it. Atsanga minguasimanngituk. The bottom is not painted.
Atppuk Has come down. v.
Attak Father. n. Atataga angiKami. My father is at home. At. Dad. Attaille? Where is your father?
Attanguak Step-father. n. Ref: Watts
Attsiajusk Great-grandfather. n. Ref: Ben-Dor
Attsiak Grandfather. n. Attsiagluga pisugunnagunnaituk. My old grandfather is too old and weak to walk.
Atttuk Comes down from inland to the sea. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Atajok Dress. n. Ref: Dorais
Atajualok One-piece long underwear (long johns). n. Ref: Dorais
Atak Connected. v. Related to. v. Joined on to something. v. Tatsumunga atajuk. It is connected to that part.
Atanigusik Governor. n. Atanigusivut tikilttuk. Our lieutenant-governor will pay us a visit.
Atanik King. n. Queen. n. Atanivut tuKujugong. They say that our Queen is dead.
Ataniusik Want one's own way. v. Ataniusituinnajukulualuk. The child is spoiled and wants his own way.
Atanngusivuk Determined. v.
Atanniutivigiv. Advises him. v.
Atatotik Truck. Atatotik ukiusiutik A tractor (with tracks) Ref: Dorais
Atausilik Ace (in a deck of cards).
Atausiliugutik Crochet needle. n. Atausiliugutinga saunimit sanajausimajuk. Her crochet needle is made from bone.
Atausiliuk Crochet. v. Atausiliusimajuk. It is crocheted. Atausiliugiamik ilinniajuk. She is learning how to crochet.
Atautsik One. Atautsimiugaluappat. It doesn't matter even if it is only one. Atautsimeng? One?
All together., All at once. Atautsikut tutsiagiasiniakKusi. Start singing at the same time.
Atautsikogunnangituina-Kai? Maybe they can't all go on the same one?
Atautsituinak Only one. Ref: Watts
Ate Go ahead, keep on trying!
AteKai Come in; welcome to my home. Ref: Noggasak
Atigiappak Sweater. Ref: Dorais
Atigik n. Put on a parka. v. Atigiliuttanajuk. Someone is making a parka for him. Atigijuk. He is putting on his parka.

Atigitsak Duffel. n. Ref: Dorais

Atigusik Surname. n. Ref: Watts
Atik Name. n. Put on clothes. v. Atinga Kaujimajan? Do you know his name? Atilauguk. Put it on.
Atinguak Nickname. n. Ref: Watts
Atitsk Come down. v. Atitspat uKautiniattaga. I shall tell him when he comes downstairs.
Atitsiak Namesake. n. Good name. n. Atitsiaga inolipvilik. My namesake has a birthday. Atitsiag? Does she have the same name
as me?
Atittuk Put on a lot of clothes. v. Atittusdlalauttuk . He hurried up and put on his clothes.
Atituvuk Deep.
Atjak Ash. n. Carry. v. Gun-powder. n. AtjaijagiaKagaluattaga. I really must take the ashes out of it. Atjaso-on? Can you carry it?
Is it too heavy for you? AtjataugiagakKaujuk. He had to be carried on a stretcher.
Atjaluak Wheel. n. Cogged wheel. n. Atjaluanga pevuk. The wheel came off.
Atjigek Those two are alike. Atjigenngimaittuk. Those two are not a bit alike. Atjigenngituk. An odd pair of socks.
Atjik Same., Alike. Una atjinga. This one is like it. Atjivut. He is like us. Atjiganngituk. It is strange. There is nothing like it.
Atjinguak Photograph. n. Ref: Noggasak
Atsgekkutik Something to prevent rolling. n. Ukkuak atsgekkutittlauguk. Put something against the door to keep it from
Atsk Snatch. v. Take with force from someone. v. Take away. v. AtsnniKaliagiattugaujilik. She came and snatched it away.
Sugusimminik atsttausimajuk. Her children have been taken away. Atsgasualaunga. Try to take it from me.
Atsnik Seaward, sea current. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Atsajuak Wheel on an axis, but not a flywheel. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Atsak Aunt, on father's side. n. Slope. n. Atsasuga. My aunt. Atsanganimmi. On the slope.
AtsaKuk Upper arm. n.
Atsalippuk Rubs between his hands. v.
Atsaluak Wheel. n. A cogged wheel. n. Atsaluanga pevuk. The wheel came off. Atsaluatippk He makes the wheels go around,
the vehicle advance.
Atsanik Northern Lights. n. Light up. v. Atsaninnik itsiven? Are you afraid of the Northern Lights? AtsanitsualikKuk. The
Northern Lights are really active tonight.
Atsapaluak Roll. v. AtsapaluakKaujuk pinnimut. It rolled into a crack. Atsapaluak A spherical object. Atsapaluattipk He
makes a round object roll.
Atsattjuk Chickadee (Black capped chickadee, Parus atricapillus). n. Ref: Murphy
Atsaujak Ball. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
AtsiKagettuk Like it already.
Atsipuk Deep down.
Atsot Go ahead. I don't mind. Try harder. Keep on going.
Atsuguk Use strength. v. Exert oneself. v. Think highly of. v. Atsugugaluadluni, matuigunnakaungitanga. Although he used all
his strength, he could not open it. Atsuguttailigialik. He must rest and not exert himself. Uvannik atsugutsiasiajuk. He loves
me with all his heart.
Atsuil As it was expected to happen. Atsuil Montgimi tikivuk. As expected, he arrived on Monday.
Atsuilik Healthy person. n.
Atsungittuvuk Fastens forcefully. v.
Atsupk Child to bed with a bottle or the breast. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Attaguivuk Diligent. v.
Attajappuk Loafs. v.
Attap Not considered, OR not respect him. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Attasik Borrow. v. Taimanganit attasingilanga. Since that day l have borrowed nothing. Attasigutta kisiani. The only way we can
do it is by borrowing.
Attatugauvuk Loaning thing.
Attatuk Borrow. v. Attatuttausimajuk. Someone has borrowed it. Attatupviusonguven nlautimming? Can I borrow your
Attiavuk Robs. v.
Attipuk Separates.
Attuannik Northerly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget
Attuinak Ready. Ref: Watts

Attuk Touch. v. Attutailiguk. Try not to touch it. Attuniannagu! Don't touch it!
Attulukuluk Sweepings.
Atuagak Book (to read). n. Novel. n. Atuagamittok! I wish I had a book to read!
Atuak Read. v. Atuaso-on? Can you read it? Atualauguk. Read it.
Atuanningk Northwesterly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget
Atuatsik Reading. v. Atuatsisonguven? Can you read? Uvannut atuatsiKattatuk. He reads to me. Atuatsijuk. He is reading.
Atuinnak Ready. AtuinnaulikK? Is it ready now? Atuinnak. It is ready.
Atuinnautik Make ready. v. Atuinnautijaunngitullonet. It is not even being made ready.
Atuk Use. v. Wear. v. Valuable. v. Una atuniattn? Will you be using this? Atujanga. He is wearing it. Atupppjuk. It is really
useful. He is a great deal of help to us. AtukKongitualuk. It doesn't seem to be a part of it. It seems useless.
Atungak Skin boot bottom. n. kisimi atunganga mitsugiakalittuk. Only the bottom needs sewing now.
Atungatsak Sealskin that will be used for boot bottoms. n. AtungatsaKaven? Do you have any sealskin that can be used for boot
Atungaujak Leaves of mountain avens (numbs the tongue). n. Ref: Aichen
Atunik Used or worn thing. Takutsak atunik. It's evident that it has been worn before. It's clearly second hand.
Atunit Each one. Each time.
Atunngik Stitch the inside of boot bottoms. v. Atunngigialikka. I still have to sew the insides of the boot bottoms.
Atusivuk Puts on clothes. v.
Augappuk Leans forward. v.
Augiak Blood clot. n. Augiaglunnik migiajuk. He is vomitting blood clots.
Augitsik Drain of blood. v. Ukalimmik augitsijuk. He is letting the blood drain out of the dead rabbit.
Aujak Summer. n. This summer. Aujaulippat, onadlaKattalgivuk. In the summer, we will have some hot weather again. Aujak
ogannialkKunga. This summer, I will go cod fishing. Aujlik It has is summer fur, plummage Aujattuk Summer has come.
Aujatsiutit Summer clothes. Aujasiutuk Spends the summer. Ref: Watts
Auk Musher's command to turn right., Blood. n. Bleed. v. No!, Melt. v. Auk! Auk! Turn right! AuKatsiangituk. She has low blood.
She is anemic. Aujuk. He is bleeding. Auk. Definitely not Auvuk. It melted.
Auka No. Aukammagik. Certainly not. Aukjuk. He said no. He does not agree to it.
Aukkanik Become warm. v. Maunnga aukkanitsigiaittuligit. Come over here and warm yourself. Have you warmed up now?
Aulajik Remember from past experience. v. Aulajiven sivullipk tingijok tikimmat? Do you remember the coming of the first
airplane? Ilangit aulajinngitakka, sugusiulaugama. I don't remember everything because I was only a child at the time.
Aulajotik Motion picture projector. Ref: Dorais
Aulajuk Motion picture camera. Atjiliugutik aulajuk. A movie camera. Ref: Dorais
Aulak Moving. v. Aulajuk suli. It is still twitching. Sunakiak aulajuk taunani. Something is moving around down there.
Aulasajuatik Fishing line. Ref: Dorais
Aulasak Jig. v. Aulasajut imappimi. They are jigging for fish in deep water (the open sea).
Aulitjak Move. v. Aulitjapat, KukiniakKat. When it moves, shoot it. AulitjagunnagunnaimaikKunga. I can't move at all.
Aullk Move away to a temporary residence. v. Aullsimajut. They are away at their winter place. They are away.
Aullsimapvimejut. They are at their sealing place.
Aulltik Move household belongings. v. Aulltijut. They are moving their things into another house.
Aullagiavuk Moves further away.
Aullaik Sell. v. Aullaigajattn uvannun? Can you sell it to me? Aullaigatsaungituk. It is not for sale. Aullaijuk imikulunnik.
She is selling soft drinks.
Aullak Go away. v. AullamagilikKen? Are you moving away for good? Aullatitsijuk Kimminik. He is driving the dogs away.
AullalikKen? Are you going away?
AullaKik Nosebleed. v. AullaKijuk imminik. His nose began bleeding on its own. AullaKitij-en? Did you make his nose
Aullaumajppuk Wretches with pain.
Aullaumak Play hookey. v. Away without letting anyone know. v.
Aulsak Jig. v. Aulasajut imappimi. They are jigging for fish in deep water (the open sea). Aulsagialautta. Let's go jigging.
Aulsautik Jigger. n. Aulsautiga nitsivuk. My jigger is caught on something.
Aumluk Coal. n. Aumlunnik kisiani KijuKaKattalaukKugut. All we had to burn for firewood was coal.
Aumaijaik Clean stove of ash. v. Aumaijaigiak ajunnatuk. Taking the ash out of a stove is dirty work.
Aumajuakkutak Cushion. n. Ref: Dorais
Aumak Brands. n. Partly thawed out. v. Aumaleng? Are there any brands left in the stove? Aumajong? Is it thawed out?

Aumaliutuk It it turning to embers.

Aumaku Glowing coal (no flame). n. Aumakulik. The coal is still glowing hot.
Aumaluak Round. kenanga aumaluatuinnak. Her face is really round. Aumaluanguna. That is a circle.
Aumauttuk Heated red hot, becomes a firebrand, an ember (coal, iron, wood) is . Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Aummitik Bedclothes. n. AummitiKaven? Do you have any bed clothes? Aummitituaga. My only blanket.
Aunk Bleed. v. Blood that has been bled. n. Go that way. v. Aunpplittong? Is it bleeding a lot? Aunglunganut tutiniannak.
Don't step on the pool of blood. Aunnglitta. Let's go that way instead.
Aunga Southen direction. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Aungijak Hemorrhage. v. Bleed a lot. v. Spitting blood. v. TB-jut aungijaKattatut. Those who have T-B spit blood. Aungijajuk.
He has cut a major artery.
Auniguk Rotten., Become decayed. v. keta aunigogami alijuk. It must be rotten; it tore. kttopalait aunigulittut. The potatoes are
getting rotten.
Aunik Rotten., Bare spot of ground in winter snow. n. kigutingit aunet. His teeth are rotten. Aunimmi nigimmniakKugut. We
shall have a picnic on the bare spot of earth.
Aunngak Go over there. v. Aunngastta. We must go over there now. Aunnga. Over there. Aunnga ililiguk. Put it over there.
Aunngasok. It can go over there.
Aunniapuk Crawls to a seal. v.
Aupalngajuk Orange. It is nearly red. It has a tinge of red.
Aupallak Blush. v. Aupallaving? Did I blush?
Aupallangak Blushing. v. Aupallangatuinnalittuk. He is just blushing, not knowing what to do or say.
Aupaluttgutik Lipstick. Ref: Dorais
Aupaluttak Red. Aupaluttamik tikKialikkatuk. He is wearing a red, peaked hat.
Aupaluttanguak Purple saxifrage, a plant with edible pink flowers (Saxifrage oppositifolia). n.
Aupilak Newborn caribou calf. n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Aupvik Caterpillar. n. Rafter. n.
Autsk Hover. v. Swoop down. v. Autsvuk nunivakkamik. The bird swooped down on the mouse.
Autsiak Something that is being thawed out. Autsiagijaga. I am waiting for it to thaw out.
Auttutak Bird's nest. n. Auttutaliujuk. It is building a nest. Auttutanga siKuminiannagu. Don't break its nest.
Avk Knock unconscious. v. Knocked out. v. Avjanga. He knocked him out. Avven? Did the bump nearly knock you out?
Avttaujuk. Someone knocked him unconscious. Avkasvunga. I nearly knocked myself out.
AvlKivuk Cries out.
Avngak Partly knocked out. v. Act as if half awake or stupid. v. Avngajuk. He is partly knocked out. Avdlatok. How slow he is!
Avak Bowhead whale calf. n. Ref: Watts
AvakKutak Island in river.
Avalappuk Boat is driven off course. v.
Avalliku Branch of river. n.
Avaluk Fence. n. Child's playpen. n. Frame. n. Avalo iluanejuk. He is inside the fence. Avaluliujuk. He is building a fence.
Avaluttak Knock. v. AvaluttatuKavuk. Someone knocked on the door.
Avani Up north, to the north. Avanimiut. People from the north. Avanejuk. He is in the north. It's over there. Avangat pikKaujut.
They came from over there.
Avat Limb. n.
Avat Surrounding it. Avat allatitsianiakKat. Wipe its outside well.
Avatak Float made from skin. n.
Aviggugak Rice. n. Ref: Dorais
Avik Divide. v. Divorce. v. Tnna aviliguk. You can share that between yourselves. Avitausimajuk. He has been divorced.
Avisimajuk. He is divorced.
Aviluttapuk Knocks. v.
Avinngak Ungava lemming (Dicrostonyx hudsonius). n.
Avitsik Divide. v. Cut off a piece. v. NiaKojammik avitsilaugit! Cut off a piece of bread for me!
Avitt Cut in half. Ref: Watts
Aviujivuk Ringing in his ear. v.
AviuKaik Cut up into slices. v. AviuKat He cut it into slices Ref: ?
Aviuttuk Shaky tail (american pipit, anthus spinoletta) (n.). Ref: Ittulak

E - e
Egnnisiamek Aroma from cooking food. Ref: Watts
Egangak Lean. v. Ungammiutanga egangajuk. The picture is leaning to one side.
Eggapk Hiccough. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Egiangusk Salivate. v. EgianguslikKunga. My mouth is watering.
Ejak Pill. n. EjatttaukKauvunga nniasiutimmut. The doctor gave me some pills.
Ek Swallow. v. Evaga. I swallowed it.
Ekianai Expression of sincere gratitude, much appreciation. Ref: Watts
Elilikapk Roasts it (in the oven). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Elilikattuk Burns herself in the fire. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ennik Star fish. n.
Esik Swallow medicine. v. Esigumanngituk. He doesn't want to take his pills.
Evak Smutty harp (dark phase harp seal). n.

F - f
Fiar Four o'clock; loan word from German. Ref: Watts
Fraitg Friday; a loan word from German. Ref: Watts

H - h
Hpvik Harp. n.
Hailiggi Holy.
Hara Musher's command for left!
Hau Musher's command for to come!
Huit Musher's command to go!

I - i
Idlojak Seaweed. n.
Idlok Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Igajik Cook. n. Igajitsiasuanguvutit. You are a good cook.
Igak Cook. v. Sunamikia igajuk. She is cooking something.
Igalk Window. n. Igalmmejuk. He is at the window.
Igaltsajak Glass. n.
Igalik Chimney. n. Igalinga paujuk. The chimney is sooty.
Igautik Oil heater, primus stove. Ref: Dorais
Igavik Kitchen. n. Igavimejuk. She is in the kitchen.
Iggk Sunglasses. n. Iggkannasivuk. It is time to wear sunglasses.
Iggni Near the bottom of anything containing a clear liquid. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Igganaik Finish. v. Igganaijattuk. She's just finishing up. Igganaipp. He finished it.

Iggavet Engine. n. Intestines and other inner organs. n. Iggavillutuk. Engine in disrepair. Iggavettanajuk. It is disemboweled.
Iggaviliuttik Mechanic. n. Ref: Dorais
Iggettuk Joyful, happy. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Iggiagommijk Shout for. v. Tikigavit iggiagommijlikKauvunga. When you arrived, I wanted to shout for joy.
Iggiak Throat. n. Iggiangagut tigumiajak. He is being held by the throat.
Iggialigik Sore throat. v. Iggialigivunga. I have a sore throat.
Iggialiginek Diptheria. n. Iggialigivuk. He has diptheria. Ref: Watts
Igginaik Dim. v. Kullik igginailuadlatuk. The oil lamp is too dim.
Iggujik Hide oneself. v. Iggujijuk. He hides himself.
Iggup Rinses.
Iggutik Something to wipe with. n. Iggutimmik Kaitsilaugit! Give me a face cloth!
Iggutotik Washer. n. Scrubbing board. n. Iggutotimmingk atuligit. Use the washer instead.
Iggutuik Wash clothes. v. IggutuigiaKavutit. You have to wash cloches.
Iggutuivik Wash tub. n. Washing machine. n. Iggutuivik siKumijuk. The washer broke.
Igik Throw away. v. Una iginiannagu. Don't throw this away.
Igimak Harpoon with moveable foreshaft (used from a Kajak). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Iginak Tune. n. IginaKangitumik tutsiajuk. She is singing out of tune.
Iginatsik Tune. v. Iginatsijuk Kilullagammik. He is tuning up the guitar.
Igipak Sopping wet. Igipalittut annugkka. My clothes are dripping wet.
Igitak Pluck feathers. v. Igitagiamik piutsangilanga. I don't like picking birds.
Igitsik Throw. v. IgitsiKauvunga ujagammik imammut. I threw a rock into the water.
Igunak Rotten., Fermented fish heads for eating. IKaluit igunasimajut. The trout have gone rotten.
Igutsak Bee. n. Igutsak mikKaujuk uvannut. A bee landed on me.
IgutsaujttoKauk Bee hive. n. Ref: Igloliorte
Igutsaujak Wasp (Parasitic Yellowjacket - Dolichovespula adulterina). n.
Iguttik Take apart, to unravel. v. Iguttivuk. It fell apart. Iguttilauguk. Unravel it.
Ijagujak Crystilline lens of the eyeball. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ijaguk Something in the eye. v. Ijagujuk. Something went into his eye. Ijagurp He hits him in the eye, wounds him in the eye.
Ijaguvak Eyeball. n.
Ijainnik Peep through a window. v. Ijainnijuk. He is peeping at them through the window.
Ijaujak Gem in a ring, bezel, Diamond. Ref: Dorais
Ijautik Eye glasses. n. Ijautikkajuk. He is wearing glasses.
IjeKattautijut They play hide a seek. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ijerpp Hides it. v. Ijerpuk She hides. Ijetsimajuk It is hidden. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ijik Eye. n. Hide oneself. v. Ijiga nniajuk. My eye is sore. Ijigiattuvuk naptiop tunuanut. He went and hid behind the tree.
Ijiligak Worm found in seaweed. n.
Ijipvak Grenadier. Ref: Jararuse
Ijitsik Hide something. v. Ijitsivuk. He hid something. IjitsKattatut. They play hide a seek.
IjotiKak Laugh at someone. v. IjotiKajut uvannik. They are laughing at me.
Ijuguk Ghost, spirit of the dead. n. Takulautsimaven ijuguming? Have you ever seen a ghost? Ijugualok! You old devil!
Ijuk Laugh. v. Ijuniannak. Don't laugh (future).
Ijukkak Fall down from. v. IjukKakasvunga. I nearly fell off.
Ikk Ceiling beam. n. Cross over. v. Iktsimalittuk. The beams for the ceiling are up. Ikjuk kokulummik. He crosses the small
Ikajuk Help. v. Ikajunga. Help me. Ikajuttuviniup ilitagijauninga Credit Ref: Watts
Ikajuttik Helper. n. Nurse's assistant. n. IkajuttiKanngilanga. I have no helper.
Ikangk Southerly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget
Ikautik Bridge or cable car. n. Ikautik nangiagijaga. I am terrified of the bridge.
Iki Light. v. Board. v. Ikilauguk supogutiga. Light my pipe for me. Ikigasuaven? Are you getting on?
Ikiak Waistcoat. n. Breast. n.
Ikigak Switch. n. Ref: Noggasak
Ikigasak Strait. n. Ikigasammi puijisiulauttut. They hunted seals while they came through the strait.
Ikigesok Flammmable. Ref: Igloliorte

Ikiggak Scaffold for Kajak, meat, etc. n. Ikiggak uggujuk. The scaffold fell down.
Ikijok Match. n. Ikijok Kamivuk. The match went out.
Ikilligiak Make fewer. v. Ikilligiakket. Make them fewer.
Ikimak Aboard. v. Ikimatuinnagit. It's alright; stay aboard.
Ikinna That one. Ikinna annak Kimlittuk. That woman is running away.
Ikinnisat Less. Ref: Watts
Ikisuittuk Asbestos. n.
Ikittut Few. Ikittolittut. There are only a few left.
Ikkagilik Robin (American robin, Turdus migratorius). n. Ikkagilet tikiakKalimmijut. The robins are returning.
Ikkatuk Shallow. Uviluluvinik ikkatumi. There are a lot of mussels in shallow water.
Ikke Brrr, l'm cold.
Ikketujok Horned owl (Great horned owl, Bubo virginianus). n. Ref: Murphy
Ikketuk Blunt. Saviga ikketuk. My knife is blunt.
Ikki Pinewood streaks. n.
Ikkik Wound. n. Gums. n. Ikkiga suli sakKijjuk. My scar still shows. Ikkika nnialittut. My gums are aching.
IkKaik Bring to mind. v. Paninnut ikKaitigijaga. She reminds me of my daughter.
IkKak Ocean floor. n. Remember something forgotten. v. IkKamut kisautik tuvuk. The anchor hit the ocean bottom. ImmaK
ikKaniattanga. Maybe he will think of it.
IkKalutsuak Ground shark (Greenlandic shark, Somniosus microcepahlus?). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
IkKaluvak Man shark (Black Dogfish, Centroscyllium fabricii?). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
IkKamiutak Sea life from the ocean floor.
IkKananngituk Who cares. A worthless object or person, or incident of no importance.
IkKanattuk Cared about, valuable, precious noteworthy.
IkKasuk Care. v. IkKasujuk. He cares. He's jealous. IkKasungilanga. I don't care.
IkKasuttuk Tidy. IkKasuttusuak. She is very tidy.
IkKaumak Remember. v. IkKaumatsinge? Remember when? IkKaumainnataga. I am always thinking of him.
IkKumak Awake. v. Conscious. v. Alert. v. IkKumajuk. He is awake or conscious. IkKumagasuaKattagit. Try to be alert.
IkKumanngituk Stupid. IkKumanngitualovutit. You are stupid or drunk.
Ikotak Carpenter's brace. n. Bit in an Inuit drill; bow drill and by extrention all drill bits. Ikotattguma kisiani. I must get a
carpenter's brace(I can't do without it).
Iktik Egg yolk. Ref: Watts
Ikualagiasijuk Going to start the fire. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ikualaik Start a fire. v. Ref: Watts
Ikualak Burn. v. Fire. n. Ikualajuk. It is burning. Ikualavik. Fireplace. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ikualasautitsak Kindling. n. Ref: Watts
Ikualavik Fireplace made with rocks. n. Ref: Watts
Ikuggak Stool or anything used for reaching up for something. n. Ikuggetllutit tigulauguk. Get something to step on and take it.
Ikullak Confidence. n. Ikullangituk. He is full of confidence.
Ikulliak Calm water. n. Ullkut kisiani ikulliaKattavuk. The sea is calm only in the morning. Ikulliasuak! What a beautiful day
for boating!
Ikumak Fire. n. Light. n. Lighted. Ikumak iluanejuk. It is in the flames. Ikumanga pujuliup sakKijlittuk. The ship's light is
now visible. Ikumanngituk. It is not lighted.
Ikumatsuak Hell.
Ikumautet Electric lights. n. Ikumautet Kvut. The lights blew.
Ikunga Put over there. Ikunga gok. Put it over there.
Ikupiak Share that one receives of a divided object. Ikupiakipp He gives him a small share.
Ikuselek Elbows torn. v. Ikusellisimajuinnait uvinigukka. All my shirts have holey elbows.
Ikusik Elbow. n. Ikusegik maunalek. Her elbows are dirty.
Ikusiutik Sling. n. Ref: Watts
Ikutsiak Hurt the elbow. v. Ikutsiajuk. He hit the funny bone on his elbow.
IKak Stiff. v. IKavunga pisunnimut ippasak. I am stiff from all the walking I did yesterday. IKaga iKajuk. I cannot pronounce
that word.
IKaluapik Canned sardines. Ref: Dorais
IKalugak Measure for net mesh. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

IKaluk Trout or char (arctic char, Salvelinus alpinus). n. IKalusimajuk. He has caught some char. IKaluKautik Container to hold
fish. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
IKalunniak Trouting. v. Trout fisherman. n. IKalunniajut. They are trout fishing. Taikkua iKalunniat. They are trout fishermen.
IKalunniutik Night hawk (Northern goshawk, accipter gentilis). Ref: Ittulak
IKattaituk White skin boots. n. IKattaitutsajak. Seal skin with fur removed for making white skin boots.
IKattilik Black skin boots. n. IKattilikkajuk. He is wearing black skin boots.
IKiak Hook. v. IKiattaujuk. It is hooked up. Something is caught with a hook.
IKianak Thankful. v. Expression: Thanks for the meal! Much appreciated! IKianai!
IKiasuk Lazy. v. IKiasupp. I'm some lazy.
IKiasulk Curl. v. Curly. IKiasulttilaunnga. Set my hair for me. IKiasulanngajuk. Her hair is curly.
IKiattautik Fish hook. n. Ref: ?
IKik Shrink. v. Fetal position. v. Louse egg (nit). n. Ref: Watts IKit takunnajn? It shrunk. He is doubled up. Do you see the nit's
IKikKuk Little finger. n. IKikKumini sukkisimajuk. He has a splinter in his little finger.
IKimiak Chew tobacco. v. Shrew (Water shrew?, sorex plustris OR masked shrew, sorex cinereus OR Pigmy shrew, Sorex minutus).
n. IKimiajuk. He is chewing tobacco. IKimmiakulualuit Kuinagijakka. I am a afraid of shrew mice.
IKimmiasajak Chewing tobacco. n. IKimmiasajaga nungujuk. I have no more chewing tobacco.
IKinnaik Hardworking. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
IKinnauk Lazy. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
IKisolittigivik Hair drier. n. Ref: Dorais
IKisolittiutik Hair curler. n. Ref: Dorais
IKitsik Embrace. v. IKitsijuk. He embraces someone.
IKotik Used toilet paper. n.
IKotitsajak Toilet paper. n. IKotitsaKangilanga. I have no toilet paper. IKotitsajaKanngilak. There is no toilet paper.
IKotitsak Toilet paper. n.
IKuigillk Wiggle. v.
IKuipilk Wiggle. v. IKuipilKattatuk pisuligami. She wiggles when she walks.
IKuk Use toilet paper for what it was intended. v. IKuvn? Did you wipe his behind?
IKungluk Cross bill (White wing cross bill (loxia leucoptera). n. Ref: Ittulak Ref: Murphy
IKungak Crooked. v. IKungajuk. It is crooked.
Il Word of agreement., Part of... Ref: Watts Ilngai. Yes, hey.
Ilk Patch. n. IltsaKaven? Do you have any material for patching?
IlKutsik Porcupine (Erethizon dorstum). n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ilttotuk Darning needle. n. Ref: Dorais
Ilttuk Darn or patch. v. He adds several pieces to it. v. Ilttusimajuk. It is patched.
Ilagek Two related people., Set. Ref: Noggasak Ref: Watts
Ilaijak Comb. v. Ilaijalaugit. Comb your hair.
Ilaijautik Comb. n. Ilaijautimittung. I wish I had a comb.
Ilaijautitsak Plastic. n. Ref: Dorais
Ilak Add on. v. Relative. n. Part. n. Member. n. Ilangu. Put some mix in it. Ilatit takulauttaka. I saw your relatives. Taikikkua
ilanga. It's part of them.
Ilaku Remnant. n. Ilakunik sikareKavunga. I have less than a full pack of cigarettes.
Ilakuit Pieces of a whole. Ref: Watts
IlaKik Tangle. v. IlaKivuk nuluajak. The rope tangled.
Ilaliuk Agree with someone. v. Ilaliutuinnajanga. He is just agreeing with him.
Ilanga Part of it. Ilanga puigujaga. I have forgotten the rest of it.
Ilangani Sometimes. Ilangani iKiasuttusuangupattajuk. Sometimes he is really lazy. Ilangit mni. Some of them are here.
Ilangit Some of them. Ilangit piginngitakka. . Some of them are not mine.
IlaniKiak Coat made of pieces, patches.
Ilannk Friend. n. Ilanngitsiamagittaga. He's my bosom buddy.
Ilanngak Take a piece off. v. Ilanngasitajuk. It is not whole. Ilanngavaga. I took a piece off.
Ilatsuk Pity. v. Ilatsuguk. He pities someone.
Ilauk Attend. v. Go along. v. katimmavimmut ilaugasuaven? Are you going to attend the church service? Pujulikku
ilaugasuavunga. I am going on the ship.

Iliatsuk Orphan. n. Iliatsuvunga. I am an orphan.

IliatsuKautik Orphanage. n. IliatsuKautimmesimajuk. He has spent some time in an orphanage.
Iligasuk Shy. v. Iligasuven? Are you shy?
Ilijiuk Make a meat cache. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ilik Learn. v. Place. v. Partner. n. IlilikKen? Are you learning? Ililauguk maunnga. Place it here. Iliga sukkajutsuak. My partner
is very speedy. Ilejuk. He stores it, put is away in it's place. Ilisijuk Puts it away, stores it. Iligesuk Learns fast; is intelligent
Ref: Watts
IliKittamppuk Lets his head nob back and forth or to the left and right: an old person ect. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ilimagiv Look after something. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ilimajak Sanitary napkin, pad. n. Ref: Dorais
Ilimanak Feared. Tkkua ilimanaitut. Those are not to be touched.
Ilimasuttuk Watches out for him from fear, being on his guard. v.
Ilingak Belong to. v. Uvattinut ilingajuk. It belongs to us. Paninga uvannut ilingajuk. Her daughter is named after me.
Ilinni On you. Ilinnejuk matuitsiutik. You have the opener. Ilinnik One who has a habit.
Ilinniak Learn. v. Ilinniavunga. I am learning.
Ilinniatitsijik Teacher. n.
Ilinniatitsijuk Teacher. n. IlinniatitsijiKanngitut suli. They still have no teacher.
Ilinniavik School. n. Ilinniaviliajuk. He is going to school.
Ilippak Stingy person. n. Ilangi ilonnatik ilippait. All his relatives are miserly.
Ilippauk Stingy. v. Ilippauluatiatuk. He is too stingy.
Ilipvnti Elephant; a loan word from English. n.
Ilipvik Place for storing something (usually in the possesive). Ilipvinga Her place for storing things.
Ilisimaik Crazy. v. Ittoligami Kimmialuvut ilisimailittuk. Our dog is so old, it's gotten crazy.
Ilitannamek Greeting of old friends; nice to see you again! Ref: Watts
Ilitatsigutik Sign that enables one to recognize, subject or object that one recognizes. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ilitatsik Recognize. v. IlitatsikKaungilagit. I didn't recognize you. Ilitagiv He recognizes him.
Ilitjivik Attic. n. Ref: Dorais
Ilitsi You, three or more. Ilitsi inuit nlalaugitsi! You people, listen!
Ilitsik Place in or on. v. Ilitsijuk Katimmavimmut. He gave a donation to the church.
Ilittisik Cut away to form a pattern. v. IlittisigekKen? Did you finish cutting the pattern?
IliukKaik Put inside. v. Place many different things in one place. v. IliukKaijuk pottamut. He is putting things inside the bag.
IliukKaipait She places many different things in one place.
IliulluKik Blizzard. Ref: OKalaKatiget
Iliuttk Play jigs and reels. v. Iliutttuk unnuak ndlugu. He played jigs all night.
Ilivuk Behaves is such a way. Ttsutunak ilingajuk He behaves like that. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Illgusik Porcupine (Erethizon dorstum). n.
Illauk Unborn baby seal. n.
Illiak Womb. n. Illianga nniajuk. She has pain in her womb.
Illigik Value. v. Illigijatuanga. Her only prized possession. Illigijanga tajanga. He values his watch.
Illik Bed. n. Illimejuk. He is in bed.
Illinak Balcony. n. Ref: Dorais
Illu Ship's cabin. Ref: Dorais
Illua Other of a pair. Ref: Watts
Illugek Pair (of shoes, mitts, binoculars etc.). Takkua illugek. Those are a pair. Illugengituk. They are odd. Illuituk Odd one, is
missing a pair Ref: Watts
Illugusik Bedroom. n. Nammini illugusilik. He has his own bedroom.
Illuigiutik Slingshot. n. Illuigiutimmut milujanga. He hit it with a slingshot.
Illuik Snow blind. v. Illuijuk. He is snow blind.
Illuinattotik Revolver. n. Ref: Dorais
Illuk House. n. One of a pair. n. Illuga. My house.
Illukki That's amazing! marvelous!, expression of admiration and surprise. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Illullek Damp boots. v. Illullevunga. Oh, my boots are damp.
Illunga His house., Other of a pair. Illunga tuappingajuk. His house is untidy. Illunga asiumajuk. The other half is lost.
Illungak Bowlegged. v. AKanganimmut illungalittuk. Because he squats so much, he is bowlegged.

Illusuak Sod house. n. Illusuavinimmik napvlaukKugut. We found the remains of a sod house.
Illutik Set saw teeth. v. killotik illutigiaKaligemmijuk. The saw needs to have its teeth set again.
Illutuk Use both hands. v. Kattanga angimmut illutugialik. Her bucket is so big and heavy, she has to use both hands to carry it.
Illuvigak Snow house (igloo). n. Illuvigaliujuk. He is making a snow house.
Ilonnanga All of it. Ilonnanga tiguliguk. Take all of it.
Ilonnasi All of you.
Ilonnata All of us.
Ilonnatik All of them and everyone. Ref: Watts
Ilua It's inside. Iluanengituk. It is not inside.
Iluani Inside it. Inuli iluani. There are people inside it.
Iluingatait Everyone or everything included. Ref: Watts
Iluittuk Whole. Suli iluittuk. It is still whole.
Iluk Hole. n. Inside., Damp. v. Ilulik. It has a hollow spot. Ilunga. It's inside. Ilusimajuk. It became damp (from
Ilukittuk Shallow ( bay or lake), Can hold only a small quantity. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Watts
Ilukkusik Culture. n. Ilukkusivut. Our culture.
Ilulik Bullet. n. Ilulinga anigotisimajuk. The bullet went right through.
IluliKut Vase, container. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ilulilik Object inside of ... Ref: Watts
Ilullik Undershirt or a tank top. n. Ref: Dorais
Ilullituik Load a gun. v. Ilullituijuk. He is loading a gun.
Ilumegok Pie. n. Ref: Dorais
Ilungittotik Accelerator. n. Ref: Dorais
Ilungittuk Use all one's strength. v. Ilungittulutit. Use all your might. Ilungungittujuk. He acts with all his might and main.
Ilunnaniapvik Bathtub. n. Ref: Dorais
Ilupk Petticoat. n. Slip. n. Undergarment. n. Ilupnga sakKijjuk. Her slip is showing.
Ilupiagutak Lining. n. Atigiga ilupiagutattgialik. My coat needs a lining. Illuvut ilupiagutaKangituk. Our house has no
Ilupiguk Men's winter underwear. n. Ilupigukkanik Kaitsilaugit. Give me a pair of my long-johns.
Ilusik Custom. n. Habit. n. Way of living. n. Ilusinga. Its natural state. Ilusigingitavut. It is not our custom. Taim ilusilik. That's
his way of living.
IlusiKatsianik Good manners. n.
Ilutk Make hollow. v. Ilutlauguk. Make it hollow.
Ilutak Groin. n. Ilutammigut miluttausimajuk. He was hit in the groin.
Ilutsisiagittuk Shapely. Annanga ilutsisiagittuk. His wife is shapely.
Ilutsituinnak Tiny. Ilutsituinnamik illulet. They have a tiny house.
Ilutujuk Can hold a lot of things. Ref: Watts
Iluvik Grave. n. Iluvik itijualuk. The grave is deep.
Iluvipvik Graveyard. n. Iluvipvik tatajuk. The graveyard is full.
Imk Like this., Die by drowning. v. Thus ( refers to something which should follow, that is about to be said). Imk pigialik. It has
to be done like this. Imsimajuk. He drowned.
Imaguk Become water. v. Imagujuk. It melted. Imaguppuk. It leaks. (This refers to a boat.)
Imailivuk This is what is says, how it goes. Ref: Noggasak
Imaingatak Squall hawk (Northern hawk-owl, Surnia ulula). n. Nighthawk ? Ref: Ittulak
n. Ref: Murphy
Imak Water. n. Liquid. n. Imakkojut. They are travelling by water. Imanni. In the water.
Imappik Sea (outside, offshore). n.
Imatsuk Swamp. n. Imatsukut pisukKauvunga. I walked through the swamp.
Imattgutalik Elephant. n. Ref: Dorais
Imialuk Liquor. n. Imialuttusimajuk. He has been drinking liquor.
Imigak Drink lots of water, etc. v. Wager, bet. v. Imigajuk angiKami. He is drinking at home. Imigajuk,tagekKutunik
niginnigami. He is drinking a lot because he ate salty food. Imigalttuk He had a sip.
Imik Drink. v. Drinking water. n. Imitilannga. Give me a drink. Imimmik. Water, please. Imiliuttuk She's melting ice to make
water. Imittatuk He fetches water. ImigusualuaKijuk He who is very quick to become thirsty, to want to drink too often.

Imikkak Chip an object. v. Kajottk imikkasimajuk. The cup is chipped.

ImikKutailak Stern or pay trick (arctic tern, Sterna paradisea). n. Ref: Ittulak
Imikuluk Soft drink. n. Imikuluttomajuk. He is drinking a coke.
Imilluanik Buzzing of an insect. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Imippuk Collapses. v.
Imitsiak Good clean water. n. Ref: Watts
Imittavik Water well. n. Imittaviliujuk. He is digging a well.
Imiutik Drinking straw. n. Ref: Dorais
Immaguak Leaky. Motanga immaguajuk. His boat is leaky.
ImmaK Maybe. ImmaK Kauppat. Maybe tomorrow.
Immali How beautiful it is! If only I could... Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Immasak Not so long ago, recently. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Immek Water. v. Immesijuk piaKautimmink. He is preparing his beer bucket.
Immigok Separate. v. Immigolingajut. They're separated. Immigojuk piga. Mine is separate from the rest.
Immik Wash your face. v. Immilaugit. Wash your face.
Imminik By himself. Imminik pisusok. He can walk by himself.
Immujak Marshmellow.
Immuk Milk. n. ImmutniakKet. Put some milk in it.
Imotik Wrapper. n. Imotinga pillauluk. Take the wrapper off.
Imujiutik Fishing line reel. n. Ref: Dorais
Imuk Fold. v. Imulauguk! Fold it! Imusimajuk. It is folded.
Imuligk Wrinkly. Imuligsimajuk. It is wrinkly.
Imulluk Wrinkles. n. Imullulik. He has wrinkles.
Imutsak Cigarette paper. n. Ref: Dorais
Inak Invite. v. Inapp. He invite him.
Inalojak Spagetti or macaroni. n. Ref: Dorais
Inaluak Intestine. n. Inaluakka takijualuit. My intestines are long.
Inaluat Wire. Ref: Dorais
Inalukak Bat. (Little Brown Bat, Myotis lucifugus). n. Ref: Peacock
Ingigglak Start. v. Ingigglavuk motakk. The car started.
Ingiggak Travel. v. Ingiggavugut. We are moving. Ingiggangituk sitontik. The clock is not running.
Ingiggalautik Pedal. n. Ref: Dorais
Ingigganik Current (ocean or river). n. Ingigganimmut ejaujuk. It was swallowed up by the eddy.
Ingiggasiutik Starter. n. Ref: Dorais
Ingik Sit down. v. Ingiget! Sit down!
Ingiullik Sea swells. n. Ingiullivuk. The sea is swelling. Ingiullinut asiuKattajuk. It is sometimes hidden by the swells.
Ingiullitsiutik Sleepy diver (black scoter, Melanitta nigra). n. Ref: Murphy
Ingiulliuk Seasick. v. Ingiulliusonguven? Do you get seasick?
Ingulak Tired. v. Ingulaven? Are you tired?
Iniak Wash hung up on the line. n. Iniukka panijut. My clothes are dry.
Iniat Things that hang to dry (clothing, fish nets, fish, ect.). n. Ref: Watts
Iniattuik Hang clothes on a line. v. Iniattuijuk silami. She is hanging the clothes outdoors.
Iniattuvik Clothesline. n. Iniattuvik katajuk. The clothes line fell down.
Inik Position. n. Place. n. Iniga tigujauvuk. My place is taken. InitsaKanngituk. There is no place for it.
IniKuk Beautiful. IniKualuk! Magnificent!
IniKunak Pretty. IniKunattusuak. Very pretty.
IniKunanngituk Ugly. Angutinga inuKunanngimaittuk. Her husband is not the least bit good-looking.
Inillak Lie down. v. Inillasimalittuk. He has gone to bed.
Inittik Tell someone to stop doing something. v. Inittiket. Tell them to stop. Inittitauvugut. We are reprimanded.
Inittuinak Despair. v. Inittuivok. He gives up hope. Ref: ?
IniukKaik Hang up laundry. v. IniukKaijuk iggutuaminik. She is hanging up her wash.
IniukKavik Clothesline. n. IniukKaviga nailuattatuk. My clothesline is too short.
Inkik Ink; loan word from English. Inkik asikKiniannagu. Don't spill the ink.

Inna That one (not present but visible, in the distance, beyond). Inna angutik tikijuk. That man arrived.
Innaitak Spark plug (from Inna... a flintstone). Ref: Dorais
Innak Cliff. n. Ray of fire. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Innami auttutalik. It has a nest on the cliff.
Innaminuak Echo. n. Innaminuamminik tusjuk. He hears his echo.
Inngak Leak. v. Inngajong? Is it leaky?
Inngautaujak Molasses. n. IngautaujattniakKet. Add molasses to it.
Inngautaujaujak Corn syrup. n. Ref: Dorais
Inngik Sing in a choir. v. Inngilaugit. Sing a song.
Inngitik Person who sings in a choir. n. Inngitiuvunga. I sing in a choir.
Inngitit Choir. n. Inngitet ilinniajut. The choir is practising.
Inngusik Glass, tumbler, cup. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Inngutak Grandchild. n. InngutaKaven? Do you have any grandchildren?
Inngutatjusk Great-grandchild. n. Ref: Ben-Dor
Innigekkut Cord tying together the two sled runners (in front?). n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Innik Son. n. Innet. Your son.
Innippalaut Flint. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Inok Two people. n. Sikumi maggok inok. There are two people on the ice.
InoKuappuk Old man. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Inolik Born. v. Inolitainniatuk. He is newborn. InolikKanik. He was born only recently.
Inosik Way of living. n. Being. n. Mental or physical health. n. Inositsiagi. A healthy, happy person. Inosiga sujujuk. My health is
ruined. Inotsiajuk. He lives a good life.
Inosuttuk Young. n. Inosuttogunnaituk. He is no longer young. Inosuttuit pinnguajut. The young people are playing.
Insik Inch; a loan word from English. Insituinnanik naittuluadlatuk. It is just an inch too short.
Insuaransik Insurance. n. Motaga insuaransitoakKaujaga. I bought insurance for my boat.
Inuak Murder. v. Inuagasuajuk. He is trying to murder someone. Inuasimajuk. He has murdered.
Inuattik Murderer. n.
Inugak Checkers, pawns or draughts (previously the knuckle bones of the phalanxes of the hands and feet used kin a game
(phalanxes of people: Inuit forebearers were cannibals anthropophages, it is said); or the knucklebones of seal. n. Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
Inugannguak Play checkers. v. Inugannguajut. They are playing checkers.
Inuit People. n. People. Inuit pigumaijaugusingit. The wishes of the people.
Inummak Wags it's tail, friendly. n. Ref: Watts
Inunganguat Fingers or toes. n. Ref: Watts
Inunnguak Statue. n. Idol. n. Carving of a person. n. Inunngualiujuk. He is making a carving of a person.
Inuppak Giant. n. Uva saninni inuppauvutit. Compared to me, you are a giant.
Inutok Alone. v. Inutovunga. I am alone. Inutonngilanga. I am pregnant.
Inutsiak Friendly person. Taikinna inutsiasuak. That person is very friendly.
Inutsik Shoot under. v. Inutsivaga. I missed the target.
Inutsituk Insufficient for... n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Inutsuk Pile of rocks erected on a hillside as some sort of marker (Inuksuk). Aulialligama, mni inutsuliugasuavunga. Because
I will be leaving soon, I shall build an inuksuk here.
Inuttut Language of the Inuit people. n. Like a person. Inuttut uKlasonguven? Can you speak Inuktitut? Adlak inuttut
nikuvingasok. The black bear can stand up like a person. Inuttitut. Like the people.
Inutuak Alone. Inutuakulodluni itsivajuk. He is sitting all alone.
InutuKak Old person. n. InutuKaujut nalligikkit. Love the old people.
Ipageppuk Straight-grained (wood).
Ipak Year-rings in tree. n. Ipangit kitikKaujakka. I counted the tree's year rings.
Ipatsik Understand. v. Ipatsivuk. He understands.
Ipejautik Cleansing-powder soap (ie Comet). n. Ref: Dorais
Ipigk Wade in water. v. Ipigniannak. Don't go wading in the water.
Ipigaik Make things dirty. v. Ipigaituinnangimaillutit. Don't just make everything dirty
Ipigak Whip. v. Ipigattuijuk. He is whipping. Ipigavak. He whips himself.
Ipigautak Whip. n. Ipigautaliujuk. He is making a whip.
Ipik Sweat. v. Smother. v. Dirt or filth. n. Die from suffocation. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ipijiak I am sweating. He is smothered.

Your sweater's too dirty to wear. Person suffocated (unintentionally) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ipijiagiv She suffocated him,
made him die of suffocation (unitentionally: mother who falls asleep while nursing her baby who is suffocated on the breast)
Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ipipp She causes a baby to suffocate (unconsciously). He suffocates him (intentionally).
Ipiniak Out of breath, panting, suffocates, gasps for breath (after running, from illness, lack of ari, oppression. v. Ipiniattip He
leaves him breathless (the person chasing him or the cold in his head) Ipiniagutigiv She has it as a cause for being out of
breath (her cold, asthma ect). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ipiniggasik Find a dead seal that was suffocated by a high sea. v. Ippiniggak. A dead seal suffocated by a high sea. Ref: Schneider:
Ipitik Suffocate someone to death on purpose. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ipitsaik Sharpen. v. Ipitsailauguk saviga. Sharpen my knife.
Ipitsauk Sharpening iron, whetstone. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ipitsik Intentionally caused someone to die from suffocation. v. Ipitsigutik Something used to suffocate someone. Ipitsigusipp
He covers her faces with something to cause her to suffocate. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ipittuk Sharp. Ipittunung? Is it sharp? Ipettuk. It is not sharp.
Ipiutk Isthmus. n. Ipiutk ulitjauKattajuk. At high tide, the isthmus is under water.
Ipiutak Trace of a dog. n. Boat line. n. Whip. n. Ipiutanga kittugammat, Kimmika KimkKaujuk. When the trace snapped, my
dogs ran away.
IpKit Dirt, offal. n. IpKejapp He cleans it. IpKettuk Clean (it has no dirt). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ipolik Sauce pan. n. Ref: Dorais
Ipotik Paddle. n. Ipotek. Two paddles.
Ippak Dirty. v. Food stuck to a container that had a meal in it. n. Ippagegiven? Are you dirty again? Ippaliguk. You can lick, scrape
out the bowl. Ippapp He dirties it.
Ippasni Day before yesterday. n. Ippasni tikilaukKunga. I came day before yesterday.
Ippasak Yesterday. n. Ippasak takulauttaga. I saw her yesterday.
Ippataijuk Shotgun. n.
Ippiasojak Jellyfish. (ctenophora, comb jellies). n.
Ippiasuk Pocket or pouch. n. Ippiasunnejuk. It is in my pocket.
Ippigk Sand hillock. n. Ippigmmi situganguajut. They are sliding down the sand bank.
Ippigunak Beetle. n. Ref: Dorais
Ippik Handle of a pot or stove. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ippiniak Feeling. v. Feel. v. Feel drunk. v. Ippiniajong niu-on? Is there any sensation in your leg? Kanuk ippiniaven? How do
you feel? IppinialikKunga. I am feeling drunk.
Ipuk Paddle. v. Handle. n. Ipuginai? You paddle, eh? IpuKanngituk. It has no handle. Ipugatuinnak. A boat with no motor, or sail.
Ipuinnagut. A boat with no motor, or sail.
Ipummik Keep mouth shut. v.
Ipupvik Oarlock (fulcrum for an oar attached to the gunwahle of a boat). n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Iputik Oar. n. Iputik nakajuk. The oar broke.
Ipvauk Distort one's face. v. Ipvaungalittuk. The baby is nearly crying.
Ipviliuk Little room, can hardly move. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ipvinegusuk Envious, jealous. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ipvit You. Ipvingk. You, instead of him. Ipviungituk. Not you.
Ipviugak Grass work. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Isluk Mope (pine grosbeak finch). n. Ref: Murphy
Isaguk Wing. n. Tingijop isagunga. The wing of a plane. Kupanuap isagunga. A bird's wing.
Isagutak Shelf. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Isak Extend one's arm. v. Isadluni nukketuk. He strained a muscle while stretching his arm.
IsakKaik Beat with a stick. v. IsakKaivuk. He beats him with a stick.
IsaKattak Measure with arm lengths. v. IsaKattap. He measured it with his arm lengths.
IsaKaut Rod or stick. n. IsaKav She beats it with a stick. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
IsaKutk Sunbeam. n.
Isavuk Bird is moulting. v.
Isigiak Haze. n. Isigiavuk. It is hazy.
Isigitsiak Smoked trout or meat. n. Isigitsialiujtik. He is smoking trout.
Isik Smoke. v. Smoke. n. Ikualait isiluadlatuk. Your fire is smoking too much. Isittuk. It is smoking. Isianne. I smell smoke.

Isipi Spades in a deck of cards. n. Ref: Dorais

Isitjugik Whisper. v. IsitjugigiattuKaujuk uvannut. She came and whispered to me.
Isivik Spread out. v. Isivigok. Spread it out.
Isivitsik Open out. v. Isivitsivuk Kipimmik. He opens up the blanket.
IssoKangitumut Forever. Ref: Watts
Isua End. n. NauKo isua? Where is the end of it?
Isuani At the end. Kilasimajuk isuani. It is tied at one end.
IsuiluKusik Make an obstacle preventing someone from doing what they want. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Isulluk Butt of a rifle. n. Ref: Dorais
Isum End. n. Isuani. At the end of it. IsuKanngituk. It has no end. Eternity.
Isumaitsik Lose one's mind. v. Isumaitsingajuk. A mad person or a rabid animal. Isumaitsijuk. He is going crazy.
Isumajk Ponder. v. Worry. v. Isumajtuinnalittuk. He is only sitting and thinking. IsumajppalikKen? Are you worrying a lot?
Isumak Brain. n. Opinion. n. Thought. n. Mind. n. Isumalippk. He has a lot of sense. He is very intelligent. Isumammini atujuk.
He is acting on his own thinking. Isumannit ipvit. Do what you want.
Isumaki Brainless. n. Isumake-ai. Hello, stupid.
Isumakittuk Foolish. Isumakittusuak. He is very childish.
IsumakKutujuk Wise., Intelligent.
IsumaKak Think. v. IsumaKajuk utiniattunga. He thinks that I will return. Sunami isumaKaven? Is that your opinion?
IsumaKanngituk One who gives no thought His actions. n. IsumaKanngitualuk. A thoughtless person.
Isumammek Help oneself. v. Isummelittuk uKummiagannik. He is gorging himself on candies.
Isumanappuk Dubious. n.
Isumannik Up to you.
Isungak Long tailed jaeger (Stercorarius longicaudus). n. Ref: Murphy
Isuttak Nursing white-whale calf. n. Ref: Peacock
Isuttanguak? Moutain avens (Dryas integrifolia), a plant that foretells the coming of winter. Ref: Aichen
Itk Break and enter. v. Kimminut itttausimajuk illuvut. The dogs broke into our house.
Itialuit Damn you.
Itigluk Shoe. n. Itiglokka Kailaukkik. Pass my shoes.
Itigtuinnak Slippers. n. Ref: Dorais
Itigainnak Sneaker. n. Ref: Dorais
Itigajnnak Make someone enter a bay or gulf for shelter. v. Itigajttuk He goes into a bay or gulf. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Itigak Foot. n. Itigkka ipilittok. My feet are sweating.
Itiguk Urine. n. Itigunga tigujaujuk. They took a sample of his urine.
Itijuk Deep., Deep water. kilijuk itijummik. He has a deep cut. Itijummi kivijuk. It sank in deep water.
Itik Enter. v. Anus. n. Sea urchin (Green sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus drobachiensis). n. Itittomajuk. He enters. Itivunga. I'm
coming in. Itiga ungilajuk. My anus is itchy. Itittomajuk. He's eating sea urchin.
Itillik Peninsula. n. Itillimejut. They are on the peninsula.
Itillimak Hagues. v. Itillimajuk. He is having bad dreams.
Itimak Palm of the hand. n. Itimaganut ilijanga. He put it in my palm.
Ititsak Indentation. n. Kimmik ititsaliujuk. The dog is digging a hole.
Itittananngituk Diarrhoea remedy. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Itittuk Act prudently, with precaution. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Itivik Other side of land. n.
Itjanguk Become dizzy. v. Itjangujuk. He has become dizzy or out of breath.
Itjapp Looks like him, has him as a model. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Itjilik Frosty. Januarimi itjilitsuaKattaKuk. It is very cold and frosty in January.
Itjisiutik Thermometer. n. Ref: Dorais
Itjuak Copy or mock someone. v. Itjuasijuk uvannik. He is mocking me. Itjuasijuk sanajannik. He is copying what I am making.
Itjuitauk Castrated. v. ItjuitauniagasugilikKauvunga. I was afraid that I would be castrated.
Itjujuk Thick. Itjuluadlatuk. It is too thick.
Itjuk Testicles. n. Sod. n. Itjukut miluttatiKauvunga. I was hit in the testicles. Itjutagiajuk. He has gone for some sod.
Itjunak Dirty. Itjunappuk. It is dirty
Itjutk Lever. n.
Itliguk Crave for. v. Itligujuk appinik. She is craving for bake-apples.

Itlivik Chest or box. n. Itliviliujuk. He is making a coffin. Itlivimmejuk. It is in the chest.

Itluatsaijik Judge, magistrate. n. ItluatsaijiliagiaKavutit. You have to go to the magistrate.
Itluatsaik Judge. v. Itluatsaijuk. He is presiding over a courtroom.
Itluatsatauk Judged. v. Itluatsataugialik. He has to appear before a magistrate.
Itluattuk Comfortable. Itluattusuak illiga. My bed is very comfortable.
Itluigusuk Jealous. v. Itluigusujuk angutimminik. She is jealous over her husband.
Itluittuk Uncomfortable. Una jaikak itluittuk. This is uncomfortable.
Itluk Rectum. n.
Itsaguak Covering, roof (traditionally the top of a tent). Ref: Dorais
Itsagunnguk Pain in heart. v. Itsagunnguvuk. He has a pain in his heart.
Itsak Jawbone. n. Ancient times., Roof of cabin, boat, deck OR skin tent. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Itsalik X-ray machine; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Itsasuane Along time ago. Ref: Watts
Itsavik Wharf. n. Itsavimejuk. He is at the wharf.
Itsik Afraid. v. Itsinak. Don't be afraid.
Itsilipvik Case, box, coffin or casket. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Itsinattuk Fearful object or person. Savialua itsinattuk. His knife looks dangerous.
Itsivak Sit. v. Itsivaget! Sit down!
Itsivautluk Couch. n. Ref: Dorais
Itsivautak Chair. n. Itsivautak atni. Under the chair.
Itsivavik High chair. n. Ref: Dorais
Itsivik Chest or a box. n. Ref: Dorais
Itsuak Peep. v. Itsuajuk illugusimmut. He peeped into the room.
Itsuk Carry on back. v. Point of an instrument (file) that is inserted into the handle. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Itsujuk
nutagammik. She is carrying a baby on her back.
Itsuma That one (not seen). Itsuma Kaijanga. That one gave it to me.
Itsumani At that time (in a remembered past).
Itsumunga With that one, to that one. Itsumunga ilitsilauttuk. He put it in that thing (not seen).
Itsutuk Shake (a rug, etc.). v. Itsutugiattulauguk tulligk. Go and shake out the rug.
Itti Sap. n. Ittinga kuvilittuk. The sap is running out.
Ittitannek Diarrhoea. n. Ref: Dorais
Ittok Shy. v. Old man. v. Ittovuk. He is shy. Ittongilanga suli. I am not yet an old man. Ittojuk. He is imbecilic (because of old age).
Ittugak Boat seat. n. Ittugak Kausittuk. The boat seat is wet.
Ittugik Stutter. v.
Ittugippuk Square, has four angles . v.
Ittuk Old man. n. Rustling sound., King in a deck of cards (the old man.). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Dorais Ittujuk. Fashion
befitting an old man. The wind moans.
Ittuki Exclamation of surprise, astonisment. How amazing!
Iva Turning harp seal. n.
Ivajak Steal. v. Scrounge. v. Ivajagiajuk. He has gone to see what he can find. Ivajk. Something scrounged off someone.
Ivakkak Trot. v.
Ivaluk Sinew. n. Ivalummut mitsutausimajut. They are sewn with sinew.
Ivalutsak Thread. n. IvalutsaKaven itjujuming? Do you have any thick sewing cotton?
Ivalutsatalik Spool of thread. n. Ref: Dorais
Ivavuk Sitting on its eggs (bird). v.
Ivianngik Breast of a woman (for mamilaries of female animals : mamaut. Ammak is used generally of breasts without
distinction of sex or species). n.
Ivik Wipe hands on something. v. Long grass. n. Ivijuk omunga. He wiped his hands on this. Ivialuit takijuadlalittut. The grass is
too long now.
Ivikkak Fall over. v. Ivikkatailiniakkutit motammi. Try not to fall overboard from the boat.
Ivinngak Lemming. n.
Ivitk Clay brick or any red earth, stone. n.
Ivitsukak Grass (sea lyme-grass, Lemus mollis). n. Ivitsukannejuk. It is in the grass.
Ivittisik Put together. v. Ivittisijuk. He pulls it together.

Ivittitk Put together a puzzle. v. Domino. Ref: Dorais Ivittitjut. They are putting together a puzzle.
Ivittitt Puzzles (jigsaw). n.
Iviujak Green. Jaikaga iviujak. My jacket is green.
Iviuttik Rag. n. Ref: Dorais
Ivugak? Grey duck (mallard, Anas platyrhynchos). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Ivuluk Make a noise in the distance. v. Loud distant noise, like thunder. n. Ivulujuk motak. The noise of the boat engine can be
heard in the distance. Tusvunga ivulujumik. I hear a muffled noise in the distance.

J - j
Jrik Year; loan word from English. n. Katsinik jriKaven? How old are you?
Jritik Yard (Imperial measure). n. Ref: Dorais
Jrittigutik Yard stick. n. Ref: Dorais
Jagk Fried meat. n. Jagttugasuaven? Are you going to have some fried meat?
Jagautik Frying pan. n. Jagautigale? Where is my frying pan?
Jaikak Coat. n. Jaikatsiavait! What a nice coat you have!
Jakkik Jug; loan word from English. n. Jakkimi imikuluKavuk. There is some juice in the jug.
Jaman German; a loan word from English. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Jilik Jelly; loan word from English. n. JilikKauven? Did you make jelly?
Joka Joker in cards. Ref: Dorais
Jolutsi Oatmeal, gruel; loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais

K - k
kfik Coffee; loan word from English. n. kfitujuk. He is drinking coffee.
kk Hungry. v. kven? Are you hungry?
kllikatta Helicopter. Ref: Dorais
knnik Hunger. n. knnialuk. It's bad to be hungry.
kpak Copper, a loan word from English. n. kpaujattuk. It looks like copper.
ktagekutik Garter belt. n. Ref: Dorais
ktak Garter; loan word from English. n. ktakkajuk. She is wearing garters.
kttopalak Potato; loan word from German. kttopalait aunet. The potatoes are rotten.
kaggaik Frightfully bad scare. v. kaggaivnga. He gave me a bad fright.
kaillot Instrument for unblocking a gun. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kailluagutik Wheel-barrow. n. kailluagutikkajuk. He is using a wheel-barrow.
kailluaKattautik Wheel-barrow. n. Baby-carriage. n.
kaillugak Muzzle loader gun. Ref: Dorais
kaimik Push in, drive in nails. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kaimitsik Push out a boat. v. kaimitsijut. They are pushing the boat out into the water.
kaimmaKutaujak Carrot. n. Ref: Igloliorte
kaitjanguk Giddy. v. kaitjanguvuk. He gets giddy.
kaivallak Go around once. v. kaivallajavut. We went around it.
kaivaluak Go around and around. v. kaivaluajuk. It is going around.
kaivik Spin around. v. kaivittuk. It is spinning around.
kaivittuk Grindstone. n. kaivittumi ipitsaijuk. He is sharpening it on the grindstone.
kajuk Brown., Red fox (Vulpes vulpes). n. kajuni nujelik. He has brown hair. kajummik mikigiattisisimajuk. He has caught a red
fox in the trap.

kajumik Cry a lot, to continue to cry. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

kajunginnik Desire. n.
kajusik Come straight up. v. Go without hesitation. v. kajusivunga maunga. I came straight here. kajusisimajuk sinidluni. He
died while sleeping
kakak Carry on one's head, shoulders. v.
kakautik Strecher. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kakiak Clear. v.
kakiatsijik Whiten, bleach something. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin kakiatsiv The place for bleaching. He put whitens it (to thin
tea, coffee or soup). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kakik Prick. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kakillk Pins and needles. v. Feel pricks on the feet. v. kakilljuk. He has pins and needles. kamiKanginami, kakilllittuk.
Because he is not wearing boots, his feet are being prickled.
kakillnaKutik Prickly saxifrage, a plant whose leaves are for tea, in cuts or as bedding for husky puppies, toughening the soles of
their paws(Saxifraga tricuspidata). n. Ref: Aichen
kakillnatsiuk Asleep (hands or feet). v.
kakillasak Cushy (three spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus OR Fourspine stickleback, Apeltes quadracus OR nine spined
stickleback Pungitius pungitius). n. kakillasanniajuk. He's after cushies.
kakivak Spear with three-prongs (for catching fish). n. kakivammut iKalunniajuk. He is after trout with a spear.
kakivak Upper lip. n.
kakkek All shrivelled up. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kakkigutik Hankerchief. n. Ref: Dorais
kakkik Blow one's nose. v. Snot. n. kakkilaugit! Blow your nose. kakkialunga katangajualuk. His old snot is hanging down.
kakkitik Baste clothes. v. Put a needle in a pin cushion, etc. v. kakkititsijuk. She is basting it. kakkitiguk. Stick the needle in the
pin cushion.
kakkutik Pin. n. Ref: Dorais
kallik Measles. n.
kaltsiak Play cards. v. kaltsiasonguven? Can you play cards?
kaltsiat Playing cards. n. kaltsiaKaven? Do you have a deck of cards?
kalak Impetigo, scab, or eczema. n. Clubs, in a deck cards. n. kalajuk. She has impetigo. kalammik pigumavunga. I want a club.
kaliggak Sound of a sled and dogs on snow. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kalik Tow. v. kalijuk pantimik. He is towing a punt.
kalikatk Drag your feet. v.
kaliuk Drag. v. kaliungimaillugu. Don't drag it.
kaliutak Wagon. n. kaliutamittok! I wish I had a wagon!
kallak Bear berry, inedible (arctous rubra). n. kallluit igutsaut nigingit. Bear berries are bee' s food.
kallaKutik Alpine bear berry (Arctous alpina). n. Ref: Aiken
kalligk Barge. n. Ref: Dorais
kalluk Thunder. v. Thunder. n. kallulikK? Is it thundering? kalluk tusjg. I hear the thunder.
kallunguattuk Roars (like thunder) ie. a lion or bear. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kaluni Gallon (Imperial measure). n. Ref: Dorais
kamajik Watchman. He is a watchman. n.
kamak Watch, consider, admire, pay attention to. v. Look after. v. kamatsiagit. Watch carefully. kamaginiakKatit. Look after them.
kamatsulliugiv He does not consider it, closes his eyes, does not want to see or hear something.
kamannngisittuk Pretend not to notice. v. kamannngisittujuk. He is watching on the sly.
kamele Camel; a loan word form English. n. Ref: Dorais
kamialuk European style boot. n. Ref: Dorais
kamialutsajak Rubber. n. Ref: Dorais
kamik Boot. n. Skin boot. n. kamittujuk. He is putting on his boots.
kankutlik Women's stockings. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kanaiKik Nansary (Greater yellowlegs, Tringa melanoleuca). n. Ref: Murphy
kanajugak Young sculpin. n. Suguset kanajugatsiujut. The children are looking for young sculpins.
kanajuk Sculpin. ( Arctic sculpin Myoxocephalus scorpioides, or, Shorthorn sculpin, Myoxcephalus scorpius). n.
kanajuttusonguvunga. I can eat sculpin.
kanajunniutik Mink (Mustela vison). n. Ref: Dorais

kanangk Easterly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget

kanani Down there. kananejuk. It is down there.
kang Worry. v. Sorry. v. Disappointed. v. kangjuk. He is disappointed.
kangesuk Suspect. v. kangesulikKunga tillitausimagianganik. I suspect that it may he stolen.
kangia Landward side. n. kangianejut. They are on the landward side.
kangidluk Bay. n. kangidlumi Kasutsejut. They are waiting in the bay for the storm to die down.
kangimut Towards the west. kangimut tugjut. They are heading toward the west.
kanguk Snow goose (chen caerulescens). n. Ref: Ittulak Ref: Ittulak
kanivaut Pleura. n.
kannanelik That, further down. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kanngusuk Shy. v. kanngusunngimaillutit. Don't be shy.
kannngasuik Sow crops. v. kanngasuijuk. He is planting seeds
kannuajak Copper. n.
kannujak Copper, bronze, brass (any alloy of copper). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kapik Stab. v. Prick. v. Needle. v. kapittausimajuk. He has been stabbed. MikKutimmut kapijuk. He pricked himself with a
needle. kapittaujuk. He received an injection.
kapisik Inject. v. kapisijuk nutagammik. She gave the baby a needle.
kapitsiutik Syringe. n. kapitsiutimmik itsijuk. He is afraid of the needle.
kappianattuk Danger. n. kappianattuKangilak. There is no danger.
kappianattupvik Hell. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kappiasuk Afraid. v. kappiasudlanak. Don't be afraid.
kapputik Stick in. v. a needle. n. kapputijuk. It stuck in. kapputimmik atujuk. He is getting injections.
kapputittatok Electric plug (male). n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kapuggaluk Test the snow several times continuously (to find good snow for building a snowhouse). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kapukKautik Fork. n. Fish prongs. n. kapukKautiKangituk. He has no fork. kapukKautennik atujuk. He is using fish prongs,
kataik Drop. v. kataiven? Did you drop it?
katak Drop. v. Fall. v. Lower part of the door in a Inuit house (the threshold, doorstep of a lower half door). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
katavuk. I dropped it. It fell.
katalungak Discouraged, weary, not joyful. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
katautik Parachute. n. Ref: Dorais
katik Join. v. Gather. v. Bump your head. v. katinngajut. They are together. katilaukkit. Join them together. katijuk. He bumped
his head.
katillugit Add up... Ref: Watts
katimak Meet. v. Meeting. n. katimajut. They are holding a meeting. katimattunejut. They are at the meeting.
katimavik Meeting place. n. katimavivut. Our meeting place.
katimmavik Church. n. katimmavilianiakKen? Will you be going to church?
katinngak Together. v. katinngajut. They are together.
katititauk Wed. v. katititaulauttut ippasak. They were married yesterday.
katititsik Hold a wedding. v. katititsilauttuk ajuKittuijuk. The minister married them.
katitsik Put together. v. katitsijuk. He gathers.
katitsuik Collect, gather . v. katitsuijuk nutaungitunik unikkausinnik. She is collecting old legends.
katjk Desire. v. Hit, beat, crush, pulverize or kick. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
katjik Crown of the head. n. katjinga. The top of his head.
katjiktuk? Eagle (Bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
katjuk Pound a hammer. v. kinainna katjujualong? Who is that pounding?
katKutak Sternum. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
katsek Wicked, cunning, malicious. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
katsungaippuk Eager. v.
katsungavuk Not eager. v.
kattinik Bump on the head. n. kattivuk He bumped his head. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kattutik Ribbon by which objects are tied together. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kauk Hit the nail on the head. v. Walrus skin. n. kauvunga. I hammered myself. kaujaga. I hit it.
kaukummk Slippers. n. Ref: Dorais
kaullugak Muzzle loading gun. n. Ref: Dorais

kaummik Hands in pocket. v. kaummijuk. He has his hands in his pockets.

kautak Mallet. n. Legendary old man under the ice. n. kautalik. He has a mallet. kautak tusvn? Do you hear the old man
knocking under the ice?
kautittavik Electric plug (female). n. Ref: Dorais
kauv Wedges an object into an opening (filling it thus). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kavnguvuk No appetite. v.
kavak Hungover. v. Excess. v. kavasimajuk. He is hungover. kavavunga. I am tired of it.
kavamanti Government; loan word from English. n. kavamatip uKausingit. The government's words.
kaviguak Ear-drum. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kavinguak Deafened by loud noise. v. kaviguakKauvunga. I found the noise too loud.
kavisik Fish scales. n. kavisingit pejallugit. Scrape off the scales.
kavisilak Herring (Atlantic herring, Clupea harengus). [kavisilak = has many small scales]. n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
kavisilik Salmon, over 6 pounds (Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar) (peal, under 6 pounds, jack, a pale salmon). n. kavisilimmik
igaven? Are you cooking a salmon?
kek Bite. v. Cake; a loan word from English. kejauvuk. He is bitten. kelippuk She clenches her teeth. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kelak Become punctured. v. kelavuk. It became punctured.
kemesok Icing. n. Ref: Dorais
kemmiagak Horse's bit. n.
kemmiak Hold between the teeth. v. Saunimmik kemmiajuk Kimmik. The dog has a bone in his mouth. Sejonga kemmiajuk.
His zipper is stuck.
kenailitak Balaclava. n. Ref: Dorais
kenak Face. n. Edge. n. Cutting edge of a knife. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin kenaKanngituk. It is not sharp. What a pretty face
she has!
kenalik Sharp.
kenappak Mask. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kenatsiutik Toilet soap. n.
kenaujak Money. n. kenaujaKaven? Do you have any money?
kenaujaKautik Wallet, billfold. n. Ref: Dorais
kesok Paper clip. n. Ref: Dorais
keta Only thing is. keta suliaKagiaKagama. The only thing is that I have to work.
ketakuluk Little bit. ketakulogalluappat, Kaitsilaugit. Give me some, even if it is only a little bit.
ketatak Pincer or tongs. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
ketaugaluak Too bad it is so small. Don't mention it.
kia Whose? kiamun? Who owns it? kia Kaijang? Who gave it to you?
kiaguppuk Sweats. v.
kiak Heat. n. kiagluk. Some hot.
kiangijak Sweat profusely, with a fever. v. kiangijajuk. He is sweating from a fever.
kiapiguk Part of the caribou nearest the neck. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kiappalotik Heater. n. kiappalotik siKumisimajuk. The heater is broken.
kiappaluk Warm. kiappalutsualikKuk. It is very warm.
kiasik Shoulder blade. n. Puijik kiasinga. The shoulder blade of a seal.
kiatik Blouse. n. T-shirt. n. kiatikkajuk. She is wearing a blouse.
kiatsak Light a stove. v. kiatsalaugit. Light the stove.
kiatsautik Cooking stove, range. n. kiatsautik sanianejuk. It is by the stove.
kiatsautisiutik Heating oil. n. Ref: Dorais
kiatsiuk Find it warm. v. kiatsiulikKen? Do you find it warm?
kiggak Chapel servant. n. kiggauvunga. I am a chapel servant.
kiggaluk Muskrat (Ondata zibethicus). n. Ref: Murphy
kiggatuk Ask on someone's behalf. v. kiggatujuk uvannik. He is asking on my behalf.
kiggavik Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus). n.
kigiak Beaver (Castor canadensis). n.
kigik Stop. v.
kigusigik Toothache. v. kigusigiven? Do you have a toothache?
kigutanginnak Blue berry (Bilberry, Vaccinium uliginosum ). n. kigutanginnatomajuk. He is eating blueberries.

kigutik Tooth. n. kigutiKanngituk. She has no teeth. kigutiminik salummasaijuk. He's brushing his teeth.
kigutiligijik Dentist. n. Ref: Dorais
kigutiligiutik Tooth brush. n. Ref: Watts
kigutinnguak False teeth. n. kigutinnguaminik kataijuk. She dropped her false teeth.
kigutsivuk First teeth coming for a baby. v. Ref: Peacock
kijaKijak Warm oneself. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kijippuk Afraid to say. v. Hesitates to do something from fear, from timidity, he is afraid of doing something because of someone, in
front of someone. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kikengavuk Hands are behind his back.
kikiak Nails... v. Nail. n. Iron or steel. n. kikiasimajuk. It is nailed on. kikiat pukulaukkit. Pick up the nails. kikiamik avatilik. It
has a steel body.
kikiakuluk Thumb tack. n. Ref: Dorais
kikiangijautik Nail puller. n. Ref: Dorais
kikianniutik Hacksaw. n. kikianniutimmut pejausok. It can be removed with a hacksaw.
kikitaKappuk Left out. v.
kikkak Gnaw. v. Pick a bone. v. Nick on the cutting edge of a tool (axe, knife, chisel). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Saunimmik
kikkajuk. He is picking a bone.
kikki Notch. n.
kikkulik Seal hole in the ice, its entrance in the allu, the winter home visible in spring when the snow has melted. n. Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
kiKuivuk Betrays a secret. v.
kilaiguti Can opener. Ref: Dorais
kilaik Make a hole. v. kilaivuk. He made a hole in it.
kiligak Scrape the hair off skin. v. kilipp He cuts out a thongs from the around the carcass of bearded seal. Ref: Schneider:
kilik Cut oneself. v. kilivuk. He cut himself.
kilillik Person situated to the back of the snowhouse, the person sleeping there. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kilipagik Stapler; a loan word from English (clipper). Ref: Dorais
kilippi Bobby pin; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
kiliutak Scraping tool for sealskin. n. kisimmik kiliutammut kiliuttuijuk. She is stretching the dry sealskin with a scraping tool.
kiliutik Sickle. n.
kiliuttuik Stretch dried sealskin. v. kiliuttuigialik tasipptlalguammat Kausiliguni. It must be scraped so that it will not stretch
too much when it gets wet.
killak Hole. n. killalik. It has a hole.
killapait Wire mesh. n. Ref: Dorais
killevuk Penetrates. v.
killigiutsiniak Question. v. killigiutsiniattaujuk inuattik. They are questioning the murderer.
killigiutsivuk Confesses. v.
killijijuk Tells the truth.
killik Border or edge. n. East. n. killingani. At the edge. killimiut. People from the east.
killotik Hand saw. n. killotikkajuk. He is using a hand saw. killomittujuk. He is sawing.
killuigutik Two handed saw. n.
killuk Saw, cut. v. Do the opposite. v. killomiktupp He saws it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
killumut Contrary (or towards the other side, on the other side, in the other direction, the other way around).
kiluk Seam. n. Foot of a bed. n. kiluagut alijuk. It tore at the seam. kilummejuk. It is at the foot of the bed.
kimattotik Handle of an ulu (woman's knife). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kimmautek Pliers. n. kimmautennik attasijuk. He has come to borrow a pair of pliers.
kimmautialuk Vice. n. Ref: Dorais
kimmiavik Cigarette filter. n. Ref: Dorais
kimmik Heel. n. kimmeKijuk. His heels are showing.
kimmikittuk Women's high-heel shoes. n. Ref: Dorais
kimminak Red berry, partridge berry (Lingnon berry,Vaccinium vitis-idaea). n. kimminattagia? Let's go picking red berries.
kimminaujak Currants. n. kimminaujait pigusot uppiganni. Currants grow amongst the willows.
kina Who? kinaun? Who is he? kinauven? Who are you?

kinak Wet or dirty (consequence of sweating or letting liquid flow). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kinatagut Brake shoe on a wheel. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kingippuk High.
kingugaik Miss someone. v. Late for an appointment. kingugaijuk. He arrived too late to meet someone.
kingugak Back of the leg from the calf to the buttock. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kinguk Behind, in space or time., Sea louse. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin n. kingunngani It at the back. kinguvasittuk. The seals come
later than usual. kingunuttatajuk. It is full of sea lice.
kingulia Second one. Ref: Watts
kingullimik Second (next) one., Next time., Afterwards. Ref: Watts kingullimik puigulnnak. The second one is better. Don't
forget the next time.
kingullipk Last one. kingullipngulittuk. It is now the last one.
kingumut Backwards. kingumut ingiggajuk. It is moving backwards.
kingunngujivuk Inherits. v.
kinguppiak Go backwards. v. Motak kinguppiajuk. The boat is going astern.
kingupvak Shrimp (Pandalus borealis). n.
kingutuk Puffin (Common puffin, Fratercula arctica). Ref: Brice-Bennett
kinguvk Descendant. n. Ref: Peacock
kinik Lap, where one carries something. n. Soak. v. kenaujakka kininni. I carry my money in my lap. kinivuk. It is soaked.
kinirmip She has carried it in the front panel of her parka or her apron.
kinitagutik Shake a chain at dogs. v. Chain brake for Kamutik runner. n. kinitagutitsijuk. He is shaking the chain at the dogs to
make them run faster. kinitagutimmut sukkailititsijuk. He uses the chain for a brake.
kinnganikut Dregs. n. kinnganikutuinnaulittut. Only the dregs are left.
kinngik Gap. n. kinngimut katajuk. He fell into the gap.
kinngik Gap between teeth or anything missing, deficient. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kinngomak Miss. v. kinngomanngitaga. I don't miss it.
kipaluk Servant. n. Crew member. n. kipalunga. His servant. kipalungit. His crew.
kipik Cut. v. Homesick. v. kipijanga. He cut it. kipijuk. He is homesick. kipisimajuk Who or want has been cut.
kipput Dike in a river. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kipujungavuk Stumbles in speaking, stutters or stammers over words. v.
kipungauttut Back to front or tip to toe (articles of the same kind, pencils in a box of people in a line). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kipuppok Those two are uneven.
kipviapuk Fills. v.
kisak Anchor. v. Anchor. n. kisajuk Kikittak saniani. It anchored by the island. Pingasunik kisalik. It has three anchors.
kisiani Only. kisiani Kauppat. Only tomorrow. kisianiKai aullagutta. We must go.
kiti Seaward side. n. Putty. n. kitingani. On the seaward side of it. kitimik atujuk. He is using putty.
kititautik Scales for weighing. n. kittitautimmut ililauguk. Put it on the scales.
kititsik Count. v. Spell. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin kititsigunnangituk. He can't count.
kitjak Cut hair. v. kitjatausimajuk. He has had a hair cut.
kitjattak Caribou carcass without the head and legs. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kitjautek Scissors. n. kitjautennut kipilauguk. Cut it with scissors. kitjaumilauguk. Cut it. kitjaumittup He cuts it with
kitjituk Warm. v. kitjijttuk He sweats, perspires.
kitsak Sad. v. kitsajuk He is sad. kitsanattuk. Deplorable. Ref: Peacock
kitsanik Sadness. n. Ref: Peacock
kitsautik Dried deer fat from around the stomach. n. Ref: Noggasak
kittautik Weighing scale. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kittitak Weigh on scales. v. kittitasguk. Weigh it first.
kittugak Break. v. Nuluajak kittugavuk. The string snapped. kittugatsimajuk It's broken.
kittugejautik Bug spray (insecticide). n. Ref: Dorais
kittugiak Mosquito. n. kittugiakulualuit! Nuisance mosquitoes!
kiuk Answer. v. kiulauguk. React to his statement. kiuvuk. He answered.
kiumajotik Quarrel. v. kiumajotijok. They are quarrelling.
kivik Sink. v. Lift. v. kiviv? Did it sink? kivino-on? Can you lift it?
kiviligekkutik Braces for trousers. n. kiviligekkutikkajuk. He is wearing braces.

kivilingak Dropping one's trousers. v. kivilingajuk. His pants are halfway down his legs. Ijegik kivilingajok. He has drooping
kivinik Water on ice under snow. n.
koga Marble; a loan word from English (core). Ref: Dorais
koguk Groove. n. koguk sanilik. The groove is dusty.
koguk Rear rifle sight. n. Ref: Dorais
kok River. n. Brook. n. Flow. v. kogiluk. A big waterfall. kokuluk. A small brook. kojuk maunga. It is flowing this way.
kokkusivuk Shoots to the left. v.
kokkuviak Whistle. v. Whistle. n. kokkuviajuk. He is whistling. kokkuvialiujuk. He is making a whistle.
koku Hot choclate (cocoa). n. Ref: Dorais
kolti Gold; a loan word from English. Ujaminga kolti. Her necklace is gold.
kopvik Water pipe. n. Ditch. n. kopvik Kuasimajuk. The water pipe is frozen. kopvimi nalajuk. He is lying in the ditch.
koti God; loan word from English.
kotinnguak Statue. n. Ref: Dorais
kotinngualik Roman Catholic. He has a false god.
kotsik Hip joint (where the femur joins the pelvis). n.
kotsink Hips. n.
kotsiutik Lord and lady (Harlequin duck, Histrionicus histrionicus). n. Ref: Murphy
kotuk Feet turning inward (sc says outward). v. kotujuk. His feet are turned inward.
kuannik Kelp type of edible seaweed (alaria kelp, Alaria esculenta ) [Inuit eat centre stem 2-3 centimetres wide]. n. Vegetable 'hair'
eaten by Inuit. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin kuanninik iKiatsijuk. He hooked up some seaweed.
kuapakut Co-operative; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
kuigemik Pig. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kuigengi Pig. n. kuigengingiujttuk. He looks like a pig.
kuik Seal's hind flipper bones. n. Ref: Peacock
kuitijuitukuluk? Smutty harp (starveling Harp seal). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
kujapiguk Backbone, spine of any big game. n. kujapittutuk She eats vertebra meat (dish served to women in traditional feasts)
kukik Nail (finger or toe). n. Tractor track. n. Claw. n. kukejajuk. He is cutting his nails. kukejuk. His nail came off.
kukisiutik Nail polish. n.
kukkik Something stuck between the teeth. v. kukkijuk. He gets something stuck between his teeth.
kukkilingijautik Tooth pick. n. Ref: Dorais
kukuk Hood. n. kukujuk. He puts on his hood. kukuppalik. He has a big hood.
kukuppk Point of a dickey hood. n.
kulngi Dog other than a husky. n. kulngialutuinnak. It is only a cracky.
kulluk Thumb. n. kulluituk. A person with a thumb missing. kulluga. My thumb.
kullupuk River is bad.
kumak Louse. n. kumalik. He has lice.
kumik Scratch. v. kumijuk. He is scratching.
kummagutiv Takes away someone's goods.
kumuniuni Holy communion; a loan word from English.
kunik Kiss. v. kunittaujuk. She is being kissed. kuninnivuk. He kissed her.
kupanuak Paserine, any type of sparrow. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kusik Drip. v. kusijuk. It is dripping.
kusisivik Funnel for pouring liquid. n. Ref: Dorais
kusitsiak Solder. n. kusitsiamut kKigajattuk. It can be fixed with solder.
kusugak Icicle. n.
kutailtak Roofing felt. n. kutailtatjanga. He put roofing felt on it.
kutappuk Stutters, pronounces incorrectly. v. kutaguti What is pronounced in correctly. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kutjangak Upside down. v. kutjangajuk. It is upside down.
kutsasuk Serious, Careful look on your face. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kutsitagusik? Shaky tale (american pipit, anthus spinoletta). n. Ref: Murphy
kutsitak White cap or head sparrow (white-crowned sparrow, Zonotrichia leucophrys). n. Ref: Murphy
kutsualuk Pitch. n. kutsualummut inngagekkutitjuk. It is water proofed with pitch.
kutsuk Chewing gum. n. kutsutugumaven? Would you like some chewing gum?

kuttungajuk Bow-legged.
kuvigk Slop bucket. n. kuvigk anilauguk. Go and empty the slop bucket.
kuvijuk Shower. n. Ref: Dorais
kuvik Spill. v. kuvivuk. It spilled.
kuvisik Pour out. v. kuvisivuk. He poured some out.
kuvisiutik Dropper. n. Ref: Dorais
kuviutik Tap (faucet). n. Ref: Dorais
kuvivik Funnel for pouring liquid. n. Ref: Dorais

K - k
Kgautik Firing pin. Ref: Dorais
Kjok Bomb. n. Kjottausimajuk. It has been bombed.
Kjuk Feel cold temperatures (even in a snowhouse). v. Kjuttuk He is very cold, feels the cold. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kk Explode. v. Squat. v. Top. n. mattress. n. Kvuk. It exploded. KlikKama. You are squatting me. Knga allatilauguk. Wipe the
top of it. KtsaKanngituk. He has no mattress.
Knga Top. Its top. Knganejuk. It's on top. Tnna Knga. That is the top.
Kngani On top of. Itsivautau Kngani. On top of the chair.
Kngik Go past. v. Kngijuk. He goes past. Kngijavut. We passed it. Kngitsivuk. He goes past (in a race).
Ktsuak Blister. v. Ktsuajuk. He has a blister.
Ktsuk Blister. n. Ktsunga Kjuk. His blister busted.
Kttsivik Detonator. Ref: Dorais
Kagaik Squat a lot of things. v. Paungani Kagaijuk. He is squatting the berries.
Kaggik Bleached by the sun in the air. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kaggimiuk Seated together for a meeting, conference. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kagguk Miss. v. Kaggujauvuk. It is missed. Kaggusijuk. He shot over it.
Kagitak Brain. n. Puijik Kagitanginnik nigilautsimaven? Have you ever eaten seals brains?
Kagitaujak Computer (like a brain). n. Anderson
Kaigulek Birch tree. Ref: Murphy
Kaigulialuk Bay harp (old male Harp seal). n.
Kaigulik Bedlamer (mature Harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus). n.
Kaik Come. v. Kaiget. Come here. Kaigasuaven? Are you going to come?
Kainguk Ballikater. n. Kainguk sanianejuk. He is by the ballikater (ice mound).
Kaitsik Give. v. Kaitsigit. Give me some. Kaitsigasuajuk. He is going to give you some.
Kaittuk Rock bank. n. Granite. n. Kaittumi situgannguajut. They are sliding down the rock bank.
Kajagiak Canoe. n. Kajagiakkojut. They are travelling on a canoe.
Kajak Sealskin boat of the Inuit. n. Kajattujuk. He is paddling a kayak. Kajaliujuk. He is making a kayak. Kajakujuk. He
abandons his kayak where is overtaken by bad weather (high winds or a storm). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kajattvuk His
kayak has a new skin. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kajattujiak A kayaker. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kajauguattuk A kayak that
is easy to capsize. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kajaujuk. A miniature kayak (skin covered frame of of walrus ivory). Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin Kajautak A kayak that's capsized by another kayaker or and animal. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kajippuk Sole leather for white skin boots of the finest white colour. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kajottak Cup. n. Kajottanik srnotsilaugit. Put some cups on the table.
Kajuk Gravy. n. Kajutsiakulok! What a delicious gravy! Kajuliujuk. She is making gravy.
Kajutsajak Corn cob. n. Ref: Dorais
Kajutsak Noodles. n. Ref: Dorais
Kakik Haul oneself out of the water. v. Put on airs over newly-gained prosperity. v. Immini Kakivuk. He pulled himself out of the
water without any assistance. Kakidlatuk. He was so poor; now he acts so grand. How pompous!
Kakkisuk Worn down by the wind. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
KakKak Hill. n. KakKamit takutsak. It can be seen from then hill. KakKaliajuk. He is going to the hill.
KakKojKulak Excursion bread. n. Sweet biscuit. n. KakKojggulaKangilagut. We don't have any sweet biscuits.

KakKojluk Hard bread. n. KakKojluttugumaven? Would you like some hard tack?
KakKojak Biscuit. n. KakKojattomajuk. He is eating biscuits.
KakKulk Chew something hard. v. KakKuljuk. He is eating something hard.
Kakugu When? (in the future). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kakutajak Bed sheet. Ref: Dorais
KaKialik Repent. v. KaKialijuk. He repents.
KaKiannangituk Not exciting., Unpleasant. KaKiannangitumut tikitauvugut. Misfortune has befallen us.
KaKiannapuk Works badly.
KaKiannatuk Fun to be doing. Pleasant.
KaKuanngajuk Beige. Jaikanga KaKuanngajuk. His coat is beige.
KaKulok Haydown or bawk (Greater shearwater, Puffinus gravis). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
KaKunnak Hoarfrost. n. Unnua KaKunnaniKuk. Last night, it was frosty. Everything is covered with hoarfrost.
KaKutsik Whiten. v. Pale. v. Silami KaKutsejaga. I am bleaching it outdoors. KaKutsivutit. You paled (nearly fainted).
KaKuttsuk White fox (Alopex lagopus). n. KaKuttsujuk. He shot a white fox.
KaKuttak White. n. Annugga KaKuttak. My dress is white.
Kalak Boil. v. Finish cooking. v. Wake of fish. n. Kalavn? Are they cooked now? Kuleligait Kalangit. The capelins are surfacing
on the water.
Kalasik Navel. n. KalaseKijuk. Her belly-button is showing.
Kalilligek Pile one on top of another. v. Atuagait Kalilligettisimajangit. He has piled up the books.
Kalinguattuk Growl once (dog). v. Kalinguljuk The dogs growls continually for some time. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kalipk Highest. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kallek Trousers. n.
Kallik Panties. n. KalliKanngituk. She is not wearing panties.
Kallinitsajak Felt. n. Ref: Peacock
Kallunk Caucasian. n. White person. n. Kallunt niKingit. White man's food. Kalluntut uKlajuk. He is speaking English.
Kallunngajuk Settler (livyer). n. Inuit decendant with mixed blood. n. Kallunnngajoven? Are you a settler? Are you part Inuit?
Kallunttajak Cloth. n. Sewing material. n. Kallunttajak utsualuinnak. The cloth is oily. Kallunttajammit sanajausimajuk.
It is made from cotton.
Kallutik Dipper. n. Kallutik inngalittuk. The dipper is leaky now.
Kallutiujak Flat part of a caribou horn. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kalotik Water pump. n. Boat bailer. n. Kalotiliujuk. He is making a water bailer for the boat. Kalotitsavut kKisuttaulittuk. Our
water pump is being set up.
Kalugiak Spear, lance for hunting. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kaluigutik Electric beater. Ref: Dorais
Kalunik Lard or shortening. n. KalunittKauvn? Did you put lard in it?
Kaluvuk Dips several times with a cup or dipper. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kamigutik Electric switch. Ref: Dorais
Kamik Dought. v. Kamilauguk. Put out the fire. Kamivuk. The light went out.
Kamitsiutik Electric plug (male). Ref: Dorais
Kammak Wall. n. Kammamejuk. It is on the wall.
Kammatuk? Edible Labrador plant ? n.
Kammatuppuk Calls the dogs together. v.
Kamna This one, this inside. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kamutik Sled. n. Kamutimmejuk. It is on the sled.
Kanak Tent pole. n. Crosspieces of a seal screen. n. Kanatsiujuk. He is looking for a tent pole.
Kanaksak Construction scaffolding. n. Ref: Dorais
Kanga When? Kanga tikiniattuk? When will it arrive? Kanganen taimailingalittung? How long has it been like that?
KangaKiak I don't know when. Ref: Watts Kangalonet. Never. Ref: Watts Kangatuinak Anytime Ref: Watts
Kangatsink Upper lip. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kangattaivik Hook for hanging clothes. n. Ref: Dorais
Kangattak Lift. v. Kangattalauguk. Lift it up. Kangattatuk Bird, plane soars, rises in the air.
Kangattaujpvik Swing. n. Ref: Dorais
Kangattautik Baby swing. n. Ref: Dorais
Kangiak Neice or nephew of a man. n.

Kani Honey, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais

Kanigasak Germy food or drink. n. Kanigasannik nigiKattanak. Don't eat food that has been touched by someone else.
Kanik Mouth. n. Kanialok. You big mouth. Kanituinnak. He is all mouth. Kanimminotsijuk. He put it in his mouth.
Kanimak Sick. v. Kanimaven? Are you sick? Kanimajuk. He is ill.
Kanimmasik Disease. n. Sickness. n. Sunamikiak Kanimmasilik. He has some kind of disease. Kanimmasimmut
nungutausimajut. They were wiped out by the flu.
Kaninngitugiak Further. It is further.
Kaninngituk Far. Kaninngitongituk. It is not far. Kaninngitumettuk. He is far away. He lives in a distant place.
Kaninngotik Microphone. n.
Kanippalotik Harmonica. Ref: Dorais
Kanittuk Close or nearby. Kanittukuluk. It is very close. Kanittojttuk. It looks as if it is close.
Kanivaut Diaphram. n. Ref: Peacock
Kannguik Snore. v. Kannguijuk. He is snoring. KannguiKattaven? Do you snore?
Kannik Snow. v. snowfall. n. Kannivuk. It is snowing.
Kanningajttuk Angry, mad. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kanuitsatailik Patient, indulgence for him. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kapuk Froth. n. Kapojttuk. It is like froth.
Kapulik Froth at the mouth. v. Kimmik Kapulijuk. The dog is frothing at the mouth.
Kapviasiak Marten (Martes americana). n.
Kapvik Climb up. v. Carcashoe (Wolverine, Gulo gulo). n. Kapvivuk. He climbed up.
Kasigiak Hair seal (Ranger seal). n. Dotter (old Ranger seal). n. Kasigianniagiattujut. They are going ranger seal hunting.
Kasilik Hurt. v. Otsimanniga Kasilijuk. My burnt spot is hurting.
Kasuk Becomes calm (weather). v. Loosen. v. Kasuvuk. It became calm. Kasungajuk. It is loose.
Katk Become pale in the face, to appear ill. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kataittuk High-tuned. Kataittusuak. His voice is very high.
Katangutik Cousin. n. Katangutiatsuga. My dear cousin.
Katigak Upper part of body. n. Waist. n. Katigaga nniajuk. The upper part of my body is sore.
Katitujuk Deep voice., Bass, contralto.
Katjak Scrape fat off seal skin. v.
Katjanik Blubber scrapings. n. Katjanet Kimminolaukkit. Give the blubber scrapings to the dogs.
Katjituk Pie bird (Common golden eye, Bucephala clangula). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Katjuk Arrow. n. Katjunga nakajuk. His arrow broke.
Katjululivik Elevated stage for storing food. n. Ref: ?
Katjusak Fish hook. n. Jigger. n. Katjusanga nitsijuk. His jigger got caught in the bottom.
Katsauk Wobby (Red-throated loon, Gavia stellata). n. Katsauniajuk. He hunting wobbies.
Katsinik How many? KatsiniKalikKen? How old are you? Ref: Noggasak
Katsitak Knoll. n. Lump. n. Katsitammi iluvinga. His grave is on the knoll. Katsitalik niaKummini. He has a lump on his head.
Katsittuk It's bulged outward, sticking up or humped.
Katsiugutik Kettle. n. Katsiugutik imatlauguk. Fill the kettle.
Kattak Bucket. n. Pail. n. Kattak tatajanga. He filled the bucket.
Katuinnk Superficial in one's thinking. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kaugulik Beetle. n. Kaugulik siutinganut pulasimalauttuk. A beetle had crawled into his ear.
Kaujigatsak News. n. Notice. n. Kaujigatsanik atuatsijuk. He is reading the notices. KaujigatsaKaven? Do you have any
Kaujik Discover. v. Realize. v. Understand. v. Kaujiv? Has he found out? Kaujisimalittuk sallutujoninganik. He has realized that
she is a liar. Kaujititautsiagialik. She must be given complete understanding. We must make sure she understands.
Kaujikkaivuk Betrays. v.
Kaujimajaujuk Known thing. She is known. v.
Kaujimak Know. v. Kaujimajaga. I know him. Kaujimajuk. He knows. Kaujimaven? Do you know?
Kaujimangik Faint. v. Lose consciousness. v. Kaujimangisok. She gets the fits. Kaujimangivuk. She fainted. She lost
Kaujimanni Guide. n.
Kauk Poke. v. Forehead. n. Sunrise. n. Kaujanga ijingagut. He poked him in the eye. KaukKutujuk. He has a big brow. Kauvuk.
The sun rose.

Kaulik Keep poking. v. Kingamminik Kaulijuk. He is picking his nose. Kamimminik Kaulijuk. He is stretching his boots.
Kaulijuk kiatsautimmik. He is poking at the ashes in the stove.
Kauliutik Wooden stick for stretching dry skin boots (This tool has a wooden base on which the feet are placed to keep it upright
and a rounded end that's used for stretching dried or shrunken skin boots.). n.
Kaumak Bright. v. Light. v. Shine. v. Kaumajuk. It is a light color. It is shining. Kaumaluatatuk. It is too bright.
Kaummalak Flash. v. Lightning. n. Kaummalavuk. It flashed. Kaummalvuk. The lightning is flashing.
Kausek Wet. v. Kausejuk. His socks and feet are wet. KausellaKijuk. He got a little wet. Kauseliven? Did you get wet?
Kauseligekkutik Umbrella. n.
Kausittuk Wet. Kausittualuk. It is too wet.
Kausiut Daytime star, like a planet at sunrise/sunset. n. Ref: Peacock
Kavanganik South easterly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget
Kek Parched with thirst. v. Grey hair. n. KelikKunga. My throat is parched. Keluvinilik. He has a lot of gray hairs.
KekKuat Algae. n. Ref: Peacock
Ketik Last agony, in the spasms of the agony of death. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kiak Cry. v. Kiajuk. He is crying. Kiadlanak. Don't cry.
Kiannatuk Onion. n. Kiannatunik agguijuk. He is cutting up onions. Kiannatong? Does it make you cry? Is it an onion?
Kianngulvuk Whistling noises made. v.
Kibjak Twisted tobacco. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kigatak Stiff. v. Kigatajuk. It is stiff.
Kigattak Stiffen. v. Kigattajuk. It became stiff.
Kiggavik Goshawk (Northern goshawk, accipter gentilis). Ref: Murphy
Kigguit Rock pile. n. Kigguinijisimajuk. He is hiding behind the pile of rocks.
Kijuk Wood. Kijuttagiajuk. He has gone to get some wood. Kijummik slik. He has a wooden table.
Kijukuluk Twig. n. Stick of wood. n. Kijukulummut anauniakKat. Hit him with a stick of wood.
Kikailak Active person, someone who is always busy. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kikajuittuk One who is never inactive.
Kikak Stay in one place. v. Rear. v. Off work or on holiday. v. Kikajuk. He is not working. He is doing nothing.He is on holiday.
Kikalautsimangituk. He is always busy. He is never still.
Kikattuk Man who does not go on a hunting but instead stays a home to do small jobs. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kikiggak Noise of movement. n. Noise of engine in the distance. n. Kikiggagiljuk. The noise of the engine can be heard in the
distance. The distant murmur of a motor boar.
Kikittak Island. n. Kikittluk. A big island. Kikittakuluk. A small island.
Kikittaujak Tidal island or peninsula. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kikittaukak Archipelago, several nieghbouring island. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kikkiggak Crunching sound underfoot. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
KikKak Middle. KikKani. In the middle.
KikKuak Seaweed. n. KikKuat Kuinagijakka. I am ticklish of the seaweed.
KiKsek Resistent, to not want something. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kilak Tie. v. Sky. n. Heaven. n. Roof of mouth. n. Kilaigasuajuk ukkuaminik. He is going to tie his door. Kilammi nuvujaKavuk.
There are clouds in the sky. KilalialkKoKen? Do you think you will go to heaven? Kilannut nipijuk. It stuck on to the roof
of my mouth.
Kilalugak White whale (Beluga, delphinpterus leucas). n. Kilaluganniajut. They are hunting a white whale.
Kilamik Later on, in a little bit ( of time). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kilangiv Desperately wants it now (athing which he has rights to and which his is certain to obtain). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kilatsiutik Hair ribbon. n. Ref: Dorais
Kilaunnguak Chain. n. Kilaunnguakajuk Kimmik. The dog is wearing a chain. Ujamimma Kilaunguanga siKumivuk. The
chain on my necklace broke.
Kilaut Inuit drum. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kilautik String. n. Drum used by Labrador shamen. n. Ref: Dorais Kilautitsamittok. I wish I had some string.
Kilitsik Braid. v. Kilitsilaunga. Braid my hair.
Kilittik Braids. n. Kilittika tuappingajut. My braids are in a mess.
Killagittuk Fir tree. n. Ref: Murphy
Killalugak White fish. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Killik Shine. v. Killivuk. It shines.

Killisaigutik Polish. n. KillisaigutiKaven? Do you have any polish (or wax)?

Killisaik Polish. v. Killisaijuk Kititlimimminik. He is polishing his ring.
Killisak Polish. v. KillisaniakKat. Make sure you polish it. Killisajanga. He is polishing it. He polished it.
Killitak Shiny. Ujaminga Killitak. Her shiny necklace.
KilluKut Bolt (to close a door or gate). KilluKusipp She bolts it shut. KilluKutjpp He unbolts it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kilommivuk Shivers out of fear. v.
Kilujik Cramps. v. Shiver. v. Kilujijuk. He has the cramps. He is twitching.
Kiluk Bark. v. Kilujuk. The dog is barking.
Kilullagak Play the guitar. v. guitar. n. Kilullagasonguven? Can you play the guitar? KilullagaKavunga. I have a guitar.
Kilullagaujak Banjo. n. Kilullagaujak akitujualuk. The banjo is very expensive.
Kilullak Trigger on a gun. n. Ref: Dorais
Kimk Flee. v. Kimjuk. He is running away.
Kimak Leave behind. v. Kimajavut. We left it behind. Kimattak Derelict. Ref: Peacock
Kimatulivik Food cache. n. Ref: Peacock
Kimigguak Look at magazines. v. Kimigguajut. They are looking at magazines.
Kimigguatuat Comics, Newspaper. Ref: Dorais
Kimigguk Inspect. v. Examine. v. Sight-see. v. Look at. v. Kimiggusiallugu. Examine it carefully. Kimiggutaugialik. It must be
inspected. Kimiggugiattulaulluk. Let's go sight-seeing.
Kimiggutik Tongue depressor. Ref: Dorais
Kimigiak Eye-lash. n. Kimigiakka naittusuat. My eye-lashes are very short.
Kimik Choke. v. Kimittausimajuk. He was strangled.
Kimilluk Back of neck. n. Spine. n. Stem of a plant. n. Kimilluga nniajuk. The back of my neck is sore. Ref: Schneider:
Kimmiagulak Puppy. n. Pingasunik Kimmiagulalik. It has three puppies.
Kimmik Inuit dog. n. Kimminga isumaitsijuk. His husky has the rabies.
KimmiKutitsak Dog food. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kimminguak Pine or spruce cones. n. Toy dog. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kimuk Haul a sled. v. Kimugiujuk. This is the first time this dog has been in a team.
Kimutjuk Snow drift. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kimutsik Travel by dog-team. v. Dog-team. n. Kimutsijut. They are travelling by dog-team. Kimutset sakKivut. A dog-team
came in sight.
Kinajuk Furious with pain (man or animal). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kinaujok Squall hawk (Northern hawk-owl, Surnia ulula). n. Kinnuajok mannilik. The squall owl has eggs.
Kinaujuk? Squall hawk (Northern hawk-owl, Surnia ulula). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Kingak Nose. n. Kingaga aunjuk. My nose is bleeding.
Kinidlik Tonsils. n. Kinidliligijuk. He has bad tonsils.
Kinigutik Telescope, spyglass, table of contents (what is used to search for something). n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kinik Search. v. Look for. v. KinittaulikKutit. They are searching for you. Kinijuk. He is looking for something.
Kiniutik Tuning dial on a radio. n. Ref: Dorais
Kinnagiak Bad mood, angry. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kinngak Squint from the sun. v. Kinngap. It is too bright.
Kinngutik Binoculars. n. Spy glass. n. Kinngutimmut takutsak. It can be seen with a spy glass.
Kinnisoti Lever, pincers. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kinnitgak Black person. n. Kinnitgammik takulautsimangilanga. I've never seen an African.
Kinnitak Black. n. Kinnitanik nujalik. He has black hair.
Kinnuajok Hawk (rough legged hawk, buteo lagopus). Ref: Ittulak
Kinnualk Scream. v. Kinnualttisijuk. He is making them scream.
Kinnusak Make someone impatient. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kinuak First thin ice. n. Something asked for. n. Tnna Kinuanga. That is what he ordered.
Kinuinnik Patience. n. KinuinniKajigimaittuk. He has no patience whatsoever.
Kinuittuk Patient. He is patient.
Kinuk Ask for. v. Order. v. Request. v. Plead. v. Kinuvtit. He asked for you. KinukKaujuk kenaujamminik. He asked for his
Kipik Cover with a blanket. v. Blanket. n. Kipilauguk. Cover him up. Kipimminik iggutuijuk. She is washing out her blankets.

Kipik Kakuttajat. Sheets.

Kipiluk Refuse. v. Kipiluttauniangilatit. You will not be refused.
Kiputak Score (scratch lines in something). Ref: Dorais
Kiputalik Wrench. Pejaitik Kiputalik Removing wrench. Ref: Dorais
Kisek Take off the skin. v. Seal skin pants. n. Kisettausimajuk. It has been skinned. Atugasuaven Kisenning? Are you going to
wear your seal skin pants?
Kisigik Drizzle, light rain.
Kisik Seal skin with its fur. n. Kisimminik aullaijuk. He is selling his seal skin.
Kisiligik Scrape fat off seal skin. v. Kisiligijuk. She is cleaning a seal skin.
Kisittotik Green boughs. n. Inuviatsiutiliujuk Kisittotinnit. She is making Christmas wreaths out of boughs.
Kisuk Vapour, steam that rises from a lake before is freezes. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kitidlimik Jewelry ring. n. Kitidlimitsiavait! What a beautiful ring you have!
Kitigaligepat Afternoon. Ref: Watts
Kitigalitsiut Midday dinner. n. Kiligalimi At dinner (lunchtime) Ref: Noggasak
Kitik Centre. n. Waist. n. Small of back. n. Kitinganejuk. It's in the centre. It's on his waist. Kitiga nniajuk. My back is sore.
Kitikisautik Foundation garment, corset or girdle. n. Ref: Dorais
Kitjaluak Screw. n. Kitjalualeng? Does it have a screw? Kitjaluale? Where is the screw?
Kitjiugak Junk of firewood. n. Kitjiugannik itkKailaugit. Bring in the junks.
Kitjiuk Chop wood. v. Kitjiugiattujuk. He has come (or gone) to chop firewood.
Kitsiak Spit on someone, shout them down. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kitsik Receive it (seal skin) as your share of the kill. v. Give it (seal skin) as someone's share of the kill. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kitsimigk Look slyly. v. Kitsimigjuk. He has a sly look.
Kitsuak Scratch (repeatedly). v. Kitsuaniajuk. He is scratching (at someone).
Kitsuk Scratch (once). v. Kitsugualuk. He who scratches. Kitsutauven? Did you get scratched?
Kittusik Stiffen. v. Kittusivuk Kisik. The sealskin has stiffened.
Kitunngak Child. n. Pingasunik Kitunngalik. She has three children. Kitunnginasuttuk She is giving birth to a child.
Kitunnganguak Play with dolls. v. Doll. n. Kitunganguajuk. She is playing with dolls. Kitunganguanga nutk. Her doll is
Kituttuk Soft.
Kiujak Cold. v. Kiujaven? Are you cold? Kiujanngilanga. I am not cold.
Kiujanattuk Cold., Cold weather. Kiujanav? Is the weather cold? Kiujananngilak. It is not cold. Kiujananngituk. It (object) is
not cold.
Kiutungiak? Teal (Blue-winged teal, anas discors). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Kiviak Turn your head to look. v. Kiviaget. Turn your head. Ilonnatik Kiviavut. They all turned their heads to took.
Kivittautik Hinge. n. Ref: Dorais
Kok Become angry. v. Reduce something too big, make it narrower, smaller (trouse belt, a tear, and opening.). Koven? Did you get
angry? Are you angry? KokKauven? Did you get angry? Kolliuppuk. It breaks its way through a narrow opening. Kotipp
He reduces something too big, makes it narrower, smaller. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kokak One who is easily angered. Kokakulualuk. You bad-tempered thing.
KokKuk Tin container. n. KokKumejuk. It's in the tin. KokKusajak. Made of tin.
Komik Dance, hop (dividing, opening legs and and bringing them together again). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kommipuk Close (He closes legs of scissors, etc.). v.
Kongak Angry. v. Kongajuk. He is angry.
Kosautik Causes frustration or anger. Vonnialuvut Kosautituinnait. Our telephones are useless.
Kuagak Dwarf willow (net-vein willow, a plant with edible leaves used in salad, boiled in tea or as bandaids, Salix reticulata). n.
Ref: Aichen Ref: Ittulak
Kuajk Soapy liniment, ointment against rheumatism. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuajautik Black moss on rocks (lichen)? Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuajok Cement. n. Plaster. n. Ref: Dorais
Kuak Freeze. v. Perish by exposure and cold. v. Anything frozen. n. Kuav? Is it frozen now? Kuasimajut. They had frozen. They
died of exposure. Kuattugumaven? Do you want some frozen meat?
KuaKautik Refridgerator. n. Ref: Dorais
Kuannatuk Sub-zero weather. KuannatolikKuk. It is sub-zero weather.
Kuasak Slippery (black) ice, freezing rain, any ice so slippery as to cause on to fall.

Kuatjuk Point of land. n. Kuatjumi illulet. They have their house on a point of land.
Kuatjulik square headed object. n. Needle with a square head. n. Wooden beam. n. Kamiliuliguvit Kuatjulimmik atuniakKutit.
When you sew skin boots, use a needle with a square head. Kuatjulingit illuta pijagesimalittut. The beams on our house are
now finished.
Kuatsk Frightened. v. Startle. v. Kuatsven? Did you get a fright? Kuatsjaga. I startled her.
Kuatsnattuk Electricity. n. Causes a shock. n. Battery. n. Electric plug (female). Ref: Dorais
n. Ref: Dorais Kuatsnattutausimajuk. An electric kettle. The kettle works through electricity. He works with electricity.
He has been electrocuted.
Kuatsevik Freezer. n. Fish-freezing plant. n. Kuatsevimmejut iKaluit. Your trout are in the freezer. Kuatsevimmi suliaKajuk.
She is working in the fish plant.
Kuattak Pin worm found in the intestines. n. Ref: Peacock
Kuigiattuvik Toilet. n. Outhouse. n. Kuigiattuviliajuk. He is gone to the washroom.
Kuik Urinate. v. Genitalia. n. Kuisuven? Do you want to go to the toilet? Puijik Kuingit. A seal's hind parts.
Kuikak Person with urinary tract problem. Kuikakulualuk. A bed-wetter.
Kuillak Fat. Kuillatannak. A fat person. KuillauluadlalikKing? Am I too fat now?
Kuinak Ticklish. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuinalupa How disgusting! Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuinatsk Tickle. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuingluk Oh-my-gosh!(excalimation of feal or disgust, real or imagined). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuinijuk Chubby.
Kuinngigagettuk Rubber pants. n. Ref: Dorais
Kuinngilitak Diaper. n. Ref: Dorais
Kuittk Slip and fall. Kuittajnnatuk It is slippery. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuittisautik Fattening, fat or fatness. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuittuk Cough. v. Kuittuniannak. Don't cough. Kuittuven? Did you cough?
Kujalik Thankful. v. Appreciate. v. KujalilaukKunga, ikajuttaugama. I was thankful for being helped. I appreciated the
Kujana Never mind., It doesn't matter. Kujantuinnajaga. I just gave up on it. Kujanlunguna. Leave it alone.
Kujapigak Spine. n. Ref: Watts
Kukigiak Shoot at. v. Kukigialaugit. Take a shot with the gun. Kukigiattauvugut. Someone shot at us.
Kukik Shoot. v. Explode. v. Kukivuk. He shot. It exploded.
Kukiutiaguk Rifle, .22 calibre. n. Ref: Dorais
Kukiutik Gun. n. Ref: Dorais
Kukiutitak Gun barrel. n. Ref: Dorais
KukKuk Can (for canned food). n. Ref: Dorais
KuKuajok Saxaphone. n. Ref: Dorais
KuKuak Shout. v. KuKuajuk. He is shouting.
KuKugak Keep shouting. v. KuKugadlanak. Don't shout.
KuKuppuk Screams out loud.
Kulk Ceiling. n. Upstairs. n. Attic. n. Seal skin roof in a snow house. n. Kulnejuk. He is upstairs. Kulnogasuaven? Are you
going to the attic? Kulvut upvagialik. The ceiling needs cleaning. KulKanngituk. It has no ceiling.
Kulalik Give up hope. v. Despair. v. KulaligiaKalunngilagut. We must not despair.
Kulannak Someone of whom we are despairing. Kulannatolittuk. It is expected that he will not live.
Kulautjok Skipping. Ref: ly
Kulek Back. n. Kulega ungilajuk. My back is itchy.
Kuleligak Capelin, outside and bay (Mallotus villosus). n. Kuleliganniajut. They are after capelin.
Kuleligaujak Smelt (Osmerus mordax). Ref: Jararuse
Kulelik Saddler (Great black-backed gull, Larus marinus). Kulelialuittingisivut. The saddlers took flight.
Kuligutsivik Shelf. n. Kuligutsivimmolauguk. Put it on the shelf.
Kulik Top. Kulinganejuk. It is on top. It is on the upper one.
Kulit Ten (from Kulik, upper limbs). Kuliugutinga His tenth, his tenth unit or part. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kulitak Woman's skin coat with tails in the back and front. n. Kulitakkajuk. She is wearing a skin coat.
Kulivitsivik Shelf. n. Kulivitsiviliujuk. He is making a shelf.
Kulliak Resin. n. Spruce gum. n. Drool. v. Drip on something. v. Kilisimanninga Kulliatjanga. He put spruce gum on his cut.

Kulliajuk. He is drooling. Kullianiannagu. Don't drip on it.

Kullik Traditional Inuit lamp. n. Electric lights. n. Upper part. Kullik isiuljuk. The lamp chimney is getting sooty, while lighted.
Kullivut ikumatsiagunnaimaittut unnusak. Our lights are pretty dim tonight. Kullingani sininialikKutit. You can sleep on
the upper (bunk).
KulliKuliak Ring necked bird (Semipalmated plover, Charadrius semipalmatus) (word sounds like the bird). n. Ref: Murphy
Kullualak Twitch a little. v. Kullualavuk. It twitched a little.
Kullugiak Snake. n. Worm. n. White hairless larva. n. Kullugiattausimajuk. He has been bitten by a snake.
Kulluk Run down. v. Chop up a junk of wood. v. Kullupuk. The water runs down. Kitjiugait Kullulaukkit. Chop up the junks of
wood into smaller pieces.
Kullungajuk Bud of a flower. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kullupp Tear up a letter in several pieces. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kullusuguk Keel. n. Kullusugunganik sanajuk. He is making the keel of the boat.
Kullutsivuk Folds. v.
Kullutuk Crack in many places, ice in the tidal zone, ivory, wood. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuluappuk Wind in his stomach.
Kulugiak Spear. n.
Kulusuk Back, spine of a bird. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kulutsitik Chaulking iron. n.
Kumak Worms of pools and lakes. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kumepp Pulls arm out of sleeve.
Kumiuk Save something for someone. v. Kumiujanga. He saved something for her for when she returns. Kumiggusipp. He has
given him something reserved for him. Kumiggut. Object reserved for someone. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kummegak Bun of hair worn by the women of Labrador (hair bound behind, with small plaits in in front?). Kummegaut. Ribbon
for tying plaited hair. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kummuak Go up in the air. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kummuatisiutikvik. An elevator Ref: Dorais
Kummuatattuk Crankshaft. n. Ref: Dorais
Kummut Upwards. Igilauguk Kummut. Throw it upwards.
Kungak Smile. v. Kungajuk. He is smiling. He smiled.
Kungasekkutik Scarf. n. Kungasekkutiga aupuluttak. My red scarf.
Kungaseltak Bandana. n. Kungaseltakkajuk. She is wearing a bandana.
Kungasigutik Necktie. n. Ref: Dorais
Kungasik Neck. n. Collar. n. Kungasiga nniajuk. My neck is in pain. Kungasinga jaikamma alivuk. The collar of my coat tore.
Kungulik Sorrel, an edible plant often found near bird nests (Oxyria digyna). n.
Kunguliujak Herb with spoon shaped leaves: chochlearia. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuniguk Feathers. n. Eider down. n. Akitiliujuk Kunigunnit. He is making a down pillow.
Kunnk Split.
Kunnk Crack, crevasse in rock or earth. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kunnik Inshore ice. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kunujk Carry an omen of death. v. Kupanuak itikKaujuk; Kunujjukulualuk. A bird came into the house; it is an omen of
Kunuk Unwilling. v. Refuse to do something. v. Kunuven? You don't want to do it?
Kunulik Fade. v. Wither. v. Give up something that you had planned to do. v. Piguttuka Kunulivut. My flowers withered.
Kunuliven? Have you changed your mind? Kunullivut. They have faded.
Kununnik Unwillingness. n. Kununninga sakKijtsiamailittuk. His unwillingness is clearly visible.
Kunutujuk One who is always unwilling. An uncooperative person.
Kupanuak Small bird (not used for food). Kupanuanniajutsaulunngilatit. You shouldn't be chasing small birds.
Kupanuakpak Horned lark (Eremophila alpestris). n. Lark, sky lark. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Kupanuanniut Butcher bird (northern shrike, Lanius borealis). n.
Kupanuatsuak Whiskey jack (gray jay, Perisoreus canadensis). n. Kupanuatsuak pitsiniajuk. The jay is after the dried fish.
Kupigguk Maggot. n. Niviuvluit Kupigguliujut. The blue flies are making maggots. Kupiggutaujuk. The maggots are eating it.
Kupiggusimavuk. It's full of maggots
Kupik Split. v. Kupiso-on? Can you split it? Kitjiugak Kupivauk. He split the junk of wood.
Kupitjualuk Crocodile. n. Ref: Dorais
Kuppak Crack, Split. n. Segment., Fragment. Kuppanga Kailauguk. Give me a part of it. Kuppamut katajuk. It fell into the


Kuppaku Peach. n. Ref: Dorais

Kuppalik Pear. n. Ref: Dorais
Kuppik Turn a page. v. Kuppip. He turns the page.
Kupugk Striped., Stripe. n. Striae only on sea ice in formation. Usinngasegik Kupugk. His pyjamas are striped. Kupuglik. It
has stripes. Kuputattuk. The sea ice has stripes, striae in the ice as it is forming. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuput Milky Way.
Kuputik Milky way. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kupvigik Pour water. v. Kupvigilaunnga. Pour me some tea. Kupvigilauguk. Pour him some.
Kupvik Chamber pot. n. Toilet bowl. n. Bed pan. n. Urine bottle. n. Kupvitujuk. He is on the bed pan.
Kutiguppuk Walks along the beach. v. Kutiguttuk He follows the shore at the foot of the cliff of foot by boat of on sled. Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
Kutitsak White of the eye. n. Someone the white of whose eyes looks bad through illness. Kutitsalittuk. Kutitsittuk He has a
white mark on the iris of the eye (a cataract Kuvittitttuk. He has a cataract forming in his eye. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kutjaunak Eel (Anguilla rostrata). n. Ref: Ittulak
Kutjautak Place for splitting wood. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kutjautak Wedge. n.
Kutjuk Swan. n.
Kutsalk Frightened, discouraged, knocked down (said also of earth, a stone a house.). Kutsalaituk Giddy, enthusiastic, turbulant.
Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kutsipuk High up. v.
Kutsittuk Situated above. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kutsuppuk Cries out at the top of her voice. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kutsutak Yellow. n. Kutsutak illuga. My house is yellow.
Kuttugak Thigh. n.
Kutuk Collar bone. n.
Kuvianak Joy. n. Tikippat, Kuvianak! When it arrives, what joy!
Kuviananngituk Sadness. n. Uvattinut Kuviananngitumik tikititsijuk. He has brought us sadness.
KuviasotiKak Ridicule. v. KuviasotiKatuinnatuk uvannik. He is only ridiculing me.
Kuviasuk Happy. v. Kuviasujuk. He is happy. Kuviasonngituk. She is unhappy
Kuvitsalungajuk Someone who looks through of below out of ill humour with lowered head. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuvitsaluttuk Someone the white of of whose eyes look bad through illness. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Kuvvik Tears. n. Kuvvika katagajut. My tears are falling.

L - l
Laitak Lighter; a loan word from English. LaitaKaven? Do you have a lighter?
Lomikek Lube oil. n. Lomikettlauguk. Put some lube oil in it.
Lopi Lube oil; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Luivik Lion. n. Luivimik takulautsimaven? Have you ever seen a lion?

M - m
Mk Kiss. v. Mlaunga. Rub noses with me.
Mnakut Now, at this moment. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Mnek Stay here. v. Mnegasuaven? Are you going to stay here?
Mni Here. Mnejuk. It is here.
Mnisik The one closer here. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mnna Now. Mnna Kaigusuaven? Are you going to come now? Mnna mnna. Right now. MnnaKamik Recently; lately Ref:

Mnngat From here. Tigusiligit mnngat. Take some from here.

Mpi Mop; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Mppuk Yelps (dog).
Mttuk No more pain, his wound is healed. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Maggak Clay. n. Dishes. n. Porcelain. Ref: Dorais Maggaka siKullutausimajut. He has gotten stuck in the mud. My dishes have
been smashed.
MaggaKautik Cupboard. n. Maggatalimmejuk. It is in the cup board.
Maggaligik Wash dishes. v. Maggaligijuk. She is washing dishes. He is working at clay.
Maggaligiutik Wash rag, Liquid soap. Ref: Dorais
Maggasajak Enamel. n. Porcelain. n. Maggasajammik Kupvilik. She has an enamel chamber pot. Maggasajaugami
siKumisagaittuk. Because it is porcelain, it could break easily.
Maggatalik Cupboard. n. Maggataliliujuk. He is making a cupboard.
Magguk Two. n. Maggonik Kaitsilaugit. Give me two.
Magguliak Twin. n. Maggulialik. She has twins. Magguliat. Twins. Maggulik. The two in a deck of cards Maggolingatut
They're going n pairs Ref: Watts
Maike Monkey. n. Ref: Dorais
Maippuk Tender.
Majangavuk Falls easily.
Majiak Blessed Virgin. n. Ref: Dorais
Majiannguak Religious sister, nun. n. Ref: Dorais
Majotik Stairs. n. Ladder. n. Majotikkut. Through the stairs. Majotigagituk. He has no ladder.
Majotit Stairs. n. Majotilet. They have stairs in their home.
Majuk Climb. v. Majuvuk. He climbed up. Majupvigilauguk. Climb up on it. Majulauguk. Climb it.
MajukKak Steep slope. n. MajukKami minnguisilut. They are resting on top of the bank.
Majupvik Place, thing used for climbing. n. Majupvimi pinnguajut. They are playing on the climbing equipment.
Makaloni Macaroni, spaghetti; a loan word from English. n.
Makiappuk Tears. v.
Makik Rise from of bed. v. Rise, to stand up. v. Makiliget. Get out of bed now. Makitajuk. He is up (not in bed). It is upright.
Makitik Hip. n.
Makkak Top of the skull. n.
MakKaipuk Gone out.
Makpilitak Shingle, tile. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Makua These. Makua ilakka. These are my relatives.
Makutiva Overpowers him. v.
MaKaik Absent, far away, gone on a trip. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
MaKik Heal. v. Open. v. MaKijuk. It is healed. MaKitilauguk. Squeeze it so that the pus comes out.
MaKujuppuk Detests. v. MaKujupp Hhe has revulsion, aversion, distaste for him, her or it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Malsasi Molasses; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Maligatsak Law. n. Rule. n. Guideline. n. MaligatsaKavuk pitjutiKajumik ttsuminga. There is a law pertaining to that.
Maligatsaliujuk. He is making a rule.
Malik Follow. v. MaliniakKama. Follow me. Malijuk. He is following. Malittaujuk. He is being followed.
Malikatk Bitch dog in heat. n. Malikatmmejuk. He is with the bitch in heat.
Malitjuagak Beach greens, used for medicinal tea (Beach sandwort, Honckenya peploides). n. Ref: Ittulak
Mallik Wave. n. Loppy. v. Mallialuk Kaijuk. A big wave is coming. Mallivuk. It is loppy.
Malugik Notice. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Malugusuk Suspect something. v. Notice. v. Feel one's drinks. v. Malugijn? Do you notice some thing about him?
Malugusulaugaluattuk. At the time he suspected something was going on. Malugusuven? Are you feeling your drinks?
Mamagik Like the taste or smell. v. Mamagiugitaga. I don't like the smell/taste of it.
Mamaitsak Not to like the taste or smell. v. Mamaitsajuk tupkiannimik. She doesn't like the smell of tobacco.
Mamaitsunik Stink. v. Mamaitsunijuk anagiattuvik. The washroom is smelly.
Mamaittuk Smelly or stink. Mamaittusuak. It is some stink.
MamaittuKutik Labrador Tea (ledum pulustre). n. Rosemary (the spice). Ref: Ittulak Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Mamak How good this tastes!

Mamammek Gulp down. v. Mamammelittuk. He is gulping it down.
Mamanngituk Stink. It stinks. Illunga mamanngituk. His house is terribly stink.
Mamatsak Enjoy the taste or smell. v. Put on perfume. v. Mamatsusuat ukua piguttuit. These flowers smell very nice. Annaga
mamatsasualittuk. My mother is sure putting on the perfume.
Mamatsautik Perfume. n. Mamatsautikkasainatuk. She is always wearing perfume.
Mamattuasujak Pie. n. Ref: Dorais
Mamattuk Delicious., Sweet., Sweet tinned fruit. n. Fruit salad. n. Mamattusuat igasimajatit. What you have cooked is
delicious. UKummiagait ukua mamadluajatut. These candies are too sweet. Mamattunik pisiniakKutit. Buy some tinned
Mamik Heal. v. Mamijuk. It is healed.
Mammalik Orange marmalade. n. Ref: Dorais
Manettuk Rough., Rough spot. n. Manettoluattatuk allavigigianga. It is too rough to write on. Manettukogunnangituk. It cannot
go through rough spots.
Mangapp Slanders someone. v.
Mangitsik Bandage. v. Mangitsejuk. He is bandaging him. Mangitsik. He is bandaging himself.
Mangittak Lamp wick. n. Wick in a stone lamp. Ref: Dorais
Mangittasak Bandage. n. Mangittasalik. He has a bandage.
Manigak Plain, flat ground.
Manigotinik Humility. n.
Manigunnipuk Comforts someone. Manigupp He consoles, comforts someone.
Manik Lamp wick (made of striaght moss fibers piles together). n.
Maniksaut Smoothing plane. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Manimmik Hold the same position. v. Not resist. v. Tame. Manimmituinnajuk. He is not fighting back. Manimmijuk. He is not
Manitsaik Irons... v. Manitsaijuk. She is ironing.
Manitsaivik Ironing board. n. ManitsaiviKanngilanga. I don't have an ironing board.
Manitsak Smooth. v. Ironing. v. Manitsalauguk. Iron it. Manitsagialik. It has to be smoothed over.
Manitsautik Iron. n. Ref: Dorais
Manittak Lamp wick. n. Manittanga nunguvuk. Its wick is burnt out.
Manittuk Smooth., Smooth place. n. Manittusiakujok! What a nice, smooth place! kenanga manittusuak. Her face is really
Manngitunik Rusty. It is rusty. Manngitunilittuk. It is rusting.
Manngomivuk Soft snow.
Mannguk Root of hair. n.
Mannik Egg. n. Pus. n. Manninik napvvunga. I found some eggs. Mannilijuk. It is infected.
Mannitotik Bacon. n. Ref: Dorais
Manugk Pass over Kidlapait Mountains.
Manugak Man-o-war (warship); a loan word from English.
Manuilitak Baby's bib. n. Manuiliakajuk. He is wearing a baby's bib.
Manullivuk Settles down.
Mapiatilipp Put on so that it overlaps.
Mappapuk Flat.
Mappik Turn over. v. Tear. v. Mappigok. Turn it over. kukinga mappijuk. His nail tore open.
Mappilittak Shingle. n. Mappilittangit pelittut. The shingles are coming off.
Mappilittaujak Clapboard. n.
Mappinga Other side. Mappinga takulauguk. Look at its other side.
Masavuk Soft snow falls. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Mastak Mustard; a loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais
Matsak Sleet. n.
Matsojak Sea scallop (Plactopecten magellanicus). n. Ref: Ittulak
Matsuak Courageous, enterprising. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Mattagekkutik Binding, cord around the body to prevent a dog from unharnessing. n. Mattagekkutikkajuk. The dog is wearing a
cord to prevent unharnessing.

Mattak Remove outside clothing. v. White whale skin. n. Mattajuk. He took off his coat. Mattatujuk. He is eating white whale

Mattutik Bandage. n. Mattutikkajuk. He is wearing a bandage.

Matuitsiutik Can or bottle opener. n. Corkscrew. n. Matuitsiutille? Where is the can opener? Matuitsiutilauguk. Open it for her.
Matuk Close or cover. v. Cover or lid. n. End a sermon or speech. v. Matulauguk. Close it. Cover it. Matunga Kailauguk. Give
me the cover. Matuligatta, ominga tutsialautta. Let us sing this in closing.
Matumani Now, (here in this place or at this time in story). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Maujagak Jump from ice-pan to ice-pan. v. Maujagannguajut. They are jumping ice-pans (for fun).
Maujak Deep snow. n. Snow in one's boots. v. Deep (snow). Maujauv? Is the snow deep? Maujaven? Did you get snow in your
boots? Maujasiujuk. He is going through deep snow.
Maun Through here. Maungit. Go this way. Maunnijuk. He came out through this way.
Maunak Hard dirty skin. n. Maunalik Kungasimmini, immisiaKattanginami. He has dirty skin around his neck because he does
not wash properly.
Maunga Here. Put it here. Maunga niujuk. He got off (the plane, etc.) here.
Maunngak Come here. v. Maunngalaugit. Come over here.
Metvog Wednesday; a loan word from German. Ref: Watts
Miaggok Yelp. v. Kimmiagulak miaggojuk. The puppy is yelping for its mother.
Mianitsijik Shepherd. He is a shepherd. n.
Mianitsik Look after. v. Mianitsijuk. He is looking after the flock.
Migallosk Retch. v. Amekuluk, migiallunstuinnalittuk. The poor thing is only trying to vomit.
Miggavik? Long-stalked starwort (Stellaria longipes). n. Ref: Aichen
Migiak Vomit. v. Vomit. n. Migiagasualauguk. Try to vomit it out. Migiaglua salummasagialiga. I have to clean up his mess.
Migiannguk Feel nauseated. v. Migianngup! I feel nauseated!
Mik Land. v. Mivuk. It landed. Milittuk. It is landing.
Mikiak Bite off pieces with your teeth. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Mikigak Raw seal meat. n. Mikigattusonguven? Can you eat raw seal meat?
Mikigiak Animal trap. n. Caught in a trap. v. Mikigiammik nagiattasijuk. He put some bait in the trap. Mikigianniajuk. He is
trapping. Mikigiasimajuk. He is caught in a trap.
Mikijuk Small. Mikijukuluk. Very small. Mikiluadlatuk. Too small. Mikinngituk. How tiny! Mikijonngituk. It is not small.
Mikiligak Ring finger. n. Mikiligammini Kitidlimikkajuk. He is wearing a ring on his ring finger.
Mikininga Smaller part. Its smallness. Mikiningagut nakalauguk. Break it at its smallest part. Tatamivunga mikininganik. I am
surprised at its smallness.
Mikinippk Smallest. kamekka mikinippk. My boots are the smallest.
Mikinitsk Smaller. Pinnit mikinitsak. It is smaller than yours.
Mikkik Gnaw. v.
MikKuk Feather. n. Human body hair. n. Ikkagilet aupalutamik mikKulett. The robins have read feathers. MikKuKangituk. He
has no body hairs.
MikKutik Sewing needle. n. Tutijuk mikKutimmut. He stepped on a sewing needle. MikKutimmik atuinnutitsijuk. She is
getting the sewing needle ready.
MikKutuk Fluffy dog. n. Kimmiga mikKutuk. My dog has thick fur.
Miksilisik One that is closest to us , between us and a distant object. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Milk Chip. v. Kajottak milvuk. The cup chipped.
Milak Spot. n.
Milik Bedspread. n. Ref: Dorais
Miliunni Million; loan word from English. Miliunni ungatni. Over a million. Milanianguvunga. I am a millionaire.
Milluak Suck. v. Milluajuk mannimik. He is sucking an egg.
Millugak Tail fin of a fish. n.
Milluk Keep throwing. v. Millujuk. He is throwing.
Millutik Pitcher. n. MillutiuniakKunga. I will be the pitcher.
Milugatsak Stout (Horse flies and Deer flies (Tabanidae) ). Ref: Ittulak
Milugiak Sand fly (black fly, Simulium venustum). n. Stout. n. Throw at. v. Milugiannik papvinguvunga. I am sick and tired of
the sand flies. Milugiannik itsijuk. She is afraid of stouts. Milugiajuk uvannik. She threw at me.
Miluk Throw and hit. v. Milunnijuk. He hit something. Milugok. Throw at him and hit him.
Milutsik Suck. v. Slurp. v. Milutsivuk. He sucked it out.He slurped it.He hit someone.

Mimik Caribou's hind leg. n. Mimimmik aittutaujuk. He is given a leg of caribou meat.
Miminnak Thick root of a tree. n.
Minappuk Takes something home.
Mingigiak Small fish in general. Mingigianiappuk He fishes for small fish. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Mingotik Paint brush. n. Mingotet salummittut. The paint brushes are dirty.
Minguagutik Paint. n. MinguagutiKaven? Do you have any paint?
Minguak Paint. v. Minguagijuk motamminik. He is painting his boat. Mingualauguk. Paint it.
Mingujak Bird lands on the ground. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Minngik Jump over. v. Minngivuk. It jumped over.
Minngittunik Wake of a ship. n.
Minnguisik Rest. v. Minnguisijut. They are resting.
Minnguk Black beetle. n.
Minngutuk Tired. v. Minngutuvunga. I am tired. Minngutuven? Are you tired?
Minnigiak Fish. n.
Minoti Minute; loan word from English. Minotimmik sukkailuatlatuk. It is a minute slow.
Mipvik Airport or airstrip. n. Mipvinganojuk. He is going where it landed. Mipviliujut. They are making an airstrip.
Misaligak Water-soaked snow. n.
Misappuk Smacking noise being made., Eat noisily. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Misappaluppuk. He makes the sound of smacking
his lips, or he makes a clapping sound when water is hit with and open hand , or it makes a smacking sound when the fish
jumps our ot the water
Misattak Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). n.
Misiannek Denial. n.
Misigak Fermented oil from seal fat for dipping with meat or fish. n. MisigaKavise? Do you have any seal oil?
Misiginik Perception. n.
Misik Jump. v. Misivuk. He jumped. Misigasuaven? Are you going to jump?
Misittak Jump up and down. v. Misittajuk. She is jumping up and down. Misittanguajuk. She is skipping (at play).
Misok Able to land. Namutuinniak misok. It can land anywhere.
Misuk Dip, plunge into a liquid. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Misutsijok Dipper. n. Ref: Peacock
Mitanngik Look cross. v. Mitanngijualuk. He looks cross.
Mitappuk Jokes. v.
Mitautik Something made fun of.
MitautiKak Mock. v. MitautiKajuk. He is making fun of someone. Mitautigijak. A person that is mocked.
Mitik Eider duck (Somateria mollissima). n. Mitinniagiajuk. He is gone duck-hunting.
Mitilik Men convered in duck down who live at sea and warm themselves in the sun on the ice in the spring : Inuit traditional belief.
Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Mitilluk Black duck (American balck Duck, Anas rubripes). n. Mitillujuk. He shot a black duck.
Mitilujak Pintail (Northern pintail, Anas acuta). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Mitjuktip Makes him enter a cave, hides him in it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Mitsanut Towards it. Mitsanut uKagasuavunga. I am going to say something to that effect.
Mitsik Beside a mountain in any direction. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
MitsiKppuk Real/true.
Mitsilik Who tells the truth, What is the truth. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Mitsilillik Closest to us , between a distant object and us. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Mitsotik Sewing machine. n. Mitsotimmut akuniungituk pijagegajattuk. It could be finished in no time with a sewing machine.
Mitsuk Sew. v. Mitsutausimajuk. He has been stitched up. Mitsujuk. She is sewing.
Mitsusauk Dew. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Moggok Howl. v. Moggojut Kimmet. The dogs are howling.
Montg Monday; a loan word from German. Ref: Watts
Motak Motor boat. n. Engine. n. Motor. v. Motalik. He has a motor boat. Motajuk. The motor is running.
Motakk Car or bus. n. MotakkkoKauvunga. I came by car.
Motaliupvik Workshop. n. Ref: Dorais
Motapvik Engine exhaust. Ref: Dorais
MotukKavik Garage. n. Ref: Dorais

Movipvik Theatre. n. Movipviliujut. They are building a theatre.

MuKetsivuk Grinds. v.
Mulik Nipple. n. Mulekka nniajok. My nipples are sore.
Mumik Turn over. Mumilauguk. Turn it over.
Mumitsimajuk Remains upside down. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Mumitsiutik Spatula (egg flipper). Ref: Dorais
Munnguk Lazy. Munngutlatuk. How lazy he is!
Musuk Draft through the door, stove flute. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Mutjuk Sink. v. Mutjuvuk aputimmut. It sank in the snow.
Mutusaikal Motorcyle; a loan word from English.

N - n
Njok Safety pin. n. Njokkajuk. She is using a safety pin.
Nk End. v. Hook in. v. Stomach. n. Nvuk piusik. The record is ended. kukinnut nvuk. It hooked up on my nail. Nnga
nniajok. Her stomach is sore. Nkka My body Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nkillivuk Vexed (stomach contracts).
Nkkigik Pity. v. Mercy. v. Nkkigijutsaginngitluit. You should have no pity on him. Nkkigusutuinnagattajuk. He only has
mercy on...
Nla Listen! Hark.
Nlagiak Go to listen. v. Nlagiattok. He has gone to listen.
Nlak Listen. v. Obey. v. Sapvingani nlajuk. He is listening to her chest. NlaKattalaugit. Learn to obey.
Nlausijapvik Radio station. n. Ref: Dorais
Nlautik Radio. n. Stethoscope. n. Nlautittvugut. We have gotten a radio. Nlautinga nillinattuk. His stethoscope is cold.
Nligak Lord. Nligavut tussok. Our Lord can hear.
Nmmak Fit. v. Enough. v. Nmmajung? Does it fit? Is it enough?
NmmaKik Come at the right time. v. NmmaKitsiasiavutit. You came at exactly the right time.You just caught me before I left.
Nmmank Shoot a seal in the right spot. v. Nmmansi magami kivingituk. It didn't sink because it was hit in the right spot.
Nmmasik Satisfied. v. Enough. v. Nmmasiven? Are you satisfied? Have you had enough?
Nnngipuk Hops on one leg. v.
Nnnguk Belly-ache. v. Diarrhoea. v. Nnnguven? Do you have a stomach ache? Nnngup. I have a belly-ache.
Npiuninnik Manner of mercy. n. NpiuninniKanngituk. He has no human understanding.
Ntlek Hook foot and trip. v. Trip up. v. Ntlevnga. He tripped me up. Ntlenijuk. He tripped up someone.
Ntsik Trip up. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nvik Spill. v. Nvijangen? Did she spill them?
Nvitsik Spill intentionally. v. Empty. v. Nvitsijuk natimmut. He emptied it onto the floor. She spilt it on the floor for badness.
Nagaje Frog (Mink frog, rana septentrionalis, found near Hopedale or Northern Leopard Frog, rana pipien found south of Groswater
Bay). n. Ref: Peacock
Naggik Break a limb. v. Naggisimajuk. He has broken a limb.
Nagguak Knuckle, joint. n. Nagguangit KaKutsivut. His knuckles turned white.
Nagguk Dislike. v. Straight. v. Naggugijaujuk. He is disliked. He is not wanted. Naggujuk niKinnik. He thinks the food is not
good enough for him. Nagguvuk. It is straight.
NagguKutik Blueberry bushes. n.
Naggunattuk Despicable., Unworthy. kamiliujgik naggunattok. The boots she is making are ridiculous (ill-made).
Naggunattoving? Am I despicable?
Nagiak Attract. v. Bait. n. kenaujaKannintuinnamut nagiasimalittuk. She is hanging around the one with the most money.
Nagiattjaga. I put bait on it.
Naijak Incence. n. Ref: Dorais
Naik Smell. v. Naivuk niliannimik. He smells the stink of flatus.
Naimak Smell (continuous). Naimaju sunamikiak. She keeps smelling something.
Naina Nine; loan word from German. Nainak. Nine o'clock. NainalialikKuk. It is between eight and nine o'clock. Nainat. Nine of


NaipiKunnapuk Pitied.
Naipitsik Come across. v. See. v. Naipitsikauvunga allanik, atjinguanik Kinitlunga. I came cross your letter when I was looking
for the pictures. Angutinnik naipitsiven? Did you find your husband?
Naittuk Short. Naittukuluk. Very short. NainnisaKav? Is there a shorter piece?
Najtsuk Sister younger than yourself.
Najak Sister of a boy. n. Najaga Kiajuk. My sister is crying.
Najangak Dozing. v. Najangajuk. She is nearly falling asleep. He is dozed off, sitting.
Najangalak Outside jar (ring sea, pusa hispidal). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Najanguak Step-sister of a boy. Ref: Watts
Najuk Bide by or to stay. v. Skin. v. Najugasuaven? Are you going to stay? Najuniattn? Are you going to skin it?
Najummik Hold on. v. Najummilauguk, killomittuniagakku. Hold on to it so that I can saw it.
Najummikutak Support. n. Najummikutanga ugguniagani. Make sure its support doesn't fall.
Najuttigik Possess. v. Najuttigivan? Does he have her with him? Panimminik najuttilik. She has her daughter with her.
Najuttik Thing taken.
Nakak Break in two. v. Nakatsijuk nuluajammik. He cuts off a piece of string. Nakav? Did it break?
Nakasojak? Arctic campion (Silene involucrata). n. Ref: Aichen
Nakasuk Bladder. n. Nakasuga anniajuk. I have pain in my bladder.
Nakasunnak Calf of the leg. n. Nakasunnamigut kilijuk. He cut in his calf.
Nakatannak Turnip. n. Nakatannanik niuvigasuajuk. He is going to buy some turnips.
Naket From where? Naket piven? Where did you come from?
Nakilitsik Inconsistent, not fixed. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nakimannik Wind truns in every direction, Versitile, ambiguous. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nakkak Fall overboard. v. Nakkajuk. He fell overboard.
Nakkasuk Calf of the leg. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
NakKuk Metal end to a cleaning rod for a gun. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nakuajik Steady at work. v. Nakuajijuk. He is steady at work.
Nakuk Good, without fault strong. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nakullarpuk That is very good, very nice (that it is so). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nakummek Thank you.
Nakummik Thank. v. Nakumminiakkat. Make sure you thank her. NakutlakKutit Thank you very much.
Nakungak Squint-eyed. v. Nakungajuk. He is squint-eyed.
Nakutsik Improved, remade or to get better from an illness. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
NaKitgutik Seal skin lash-line or other line or rope used to tie down and load on an Inuit sled. n. NaKitgutitsaKanngituk. He
has nothing to lash it on with.
NaKitagik Lash things onto a Kamutik. v. NaKitagitsijuk piKutimminik. He is lashing his things onto the Kamutik.
NaKitik Touch, feel to tell how it is to the touch. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
NaKtautik Snuff. Ref: Dorais
Nalgut Truly. Nalgut uKaven? Are you telling the truth?
Nalni In its direction. Nalnettuk napajop. It's in line with the pole. UKautiKalautsimanngituk nalni. He has never said
anything about it.
Nalak Lie down. v. Nalajuk illimi. He is lying on the bed.
Nalangaippuk False. v.
Nalautsk Try and guess right. v. Nalautsjut. They are guessing. Nalautsgiagutik. Dice for throwing or drawing a number. Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
Nalautsik Guess correctly. v. Nalautsijuk. He guessed correctly.
Nali What is in front of him, facing him. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Naligek Two equals in size strength or power. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nalikkk Crotch. n. Nalikkailisimajuk. His pants are split in the crotch.
Nalitsap Visits him.
Nallia Which one of the two? Nallia pigumajat? Which one do you want? Naliat? Which one of these many? Ref: Watts
Nalliggutauk Worthy of someone. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nalligik Love. v. Nalligivagit. I love you.
Nallikk Take turns. v. Between the legs part of a pair of trousers, of a human body the groin area. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

Nalliktlutik nalautsjut. They are taking turns at guessing.

Nallikak Come one after another. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nallikarpait Does them (treats them, takes them) one after another. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nallinak Lovable. Nallinattuk. A lovable person.
Nallisivijik Fits well.
Nalluagak Dried, partly whole fish. n. NalluagaKaven? Do you have any dried fish?
Nalluk Wade or swim in water, caribou track going down to a lake. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nalujuk Heathen. n. Janny. n. Ignorant., Backward. Nalujummi, nalujonnguaKattajut. On Old Christmas Night, men dress up as
jannies. Tukisingituk, nalujogami. He cannot understand because he is ineducable. Nalujualok. You ignorant, backward
Naluk Not know it, to ignore it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
NalukKutik Unworthy. v. Confused. v. NalukKutivuk. He is unworthy. NalukKutijuk. He does not know what to do.
Nalunaikkutak Clock, time-piece. n. Mark of an owner. n. Nalunaikkutanga amujaga. I wound his clock.
Nalunaikkutatttlugu, Kimalauttanga. Leaving his marker on it, he left it.
Nalunak Doubtful. v. Nalunattuk. It is doubtful. Nalunangituk. It is perfectly clear.
Nalunik Ignorance. n.
Nammak Carry on the back. v. Nammajuk pottamik. She is carrying a bag on her back.
Nammatuk Enough, sufficient. Ref: Watts
Nammautak Knap-sack. n. Nammautakkajuk. He has a knap-sack on his back.
Namut Where to? NamungalikKen? Where are you going? Namukiak. Somewhere. Namugiasivit? Where are you planning to
go? Ref: Watts NamulikKit? Where are you going now? Ref: Watts
Nane Where is? NanekKauven? Where were you? Nanettuk? Where is she? Ref: Watts Nanimiunguven? Where are you from?
Ref: Watts
Nangi Baby's napkin. n. Nanginga salumaittuk. His napkin is dirty.
Nangiak Afraid of falling, ect... Tingijogiamik nangiajuk. She is afraid of flying. NangialikKunga. I am getting nervous.
Nangiannatuk Dangerous.
Nangik Stand. v. Nangigit. Stand. Nangijuk. He is standing up.
Naniguak Flashlight. n. NaniguaKaven? Do you have a flash light?
Nannank Goat. n. Mni nannanKanngilak. There are no goats here.
Nanngak Find fault with. v. Nanngainatuk. She is always finding fault.
Nannuippuk Waters sled irons.
Nanuk Polar bear (Ursus maritimus). n. Nanuk itsinattualuk. The polar bear is frightening.
Napttugalk? (OR AvalaKik?) Dwarf birch (Betula glandulosa). n. Ref: Aichen
Napttuk Tree. n. Napttuluvinik. A lot of trees. Napttuasuk. Christmas tree. Napttulik. It has trees. Napttukut
akKutiliusimajuk. He has made a path through the woods.
Napttulik Forest. n. Ref: Noggasak
Napttutuinnak? Spruce tree. n. Ref: Murphy
Napagutak Mast of a ship. n. Ref: Dorais
NapagutakKutok Male killer whale. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Napajuk Pole, mast. n. Standing. v. Napajuk Kupilittuk. The pole is splitting. Ulimautik napajuk. The axe is standing on end.
Napak Stand. v. Antenna. Ref: Dorais Napattilauguk. Stand it on its end.
Napik Stiff. v. Napisimajuk. He is stiff.
Napitgutik Belt. n. NapitgutiKaven? Do you have a belt?
Napitsik Lasso. v. Napitsivuk Kimmimik. He lassoed a dog.
Nappakuk Cut part. n. Nappakunga Kimajanga. He left the stump.
Nappautik Pole of any kind. n. Ref: Watts
Napuagullk Striped animal. n.
Napuk Cross bar on a Kamutik. n. Napunga siKumivuk. The cross bar broke.
Napvak Find. v. Something found on Christmas morning. n. Napvvn? Did you find it? Napvnun? Did you find this in your
Nastsuk Inuit church cap. n. Nastsukajuk. She is wearing a church cap.
Nasak Put on a cap. v. Cap. n. Nasalauguk. Put her cap on. Nasakkajuk. He is wearing a cap.
Nasauligk Snow lark (Lapland Longspur, Calcarius lapponicus). n. Nasauligt Kuillasuat. The snow larks are some fat.
Nasigiajuk Gone to see if any boats are coming. v.

Nasipippuk Looks around from a hilltop. v.

Natk Bottom. n. Kattak natnga salummalauguk. Clean the bottom of the bucket. Natnganejuk. It is at the bottom.
NatakKuak Outer part of the nostril. n.
NatakKuk Gristle, a source of calcium. n. NatakKunga sakKijjuk. His gristle is showing.
NatakKulk Chew gristle. v. NatakKulpvaljuk. I can hear him chewing the gristle.
NatakKunak Hail. v. Hail stone. n. NatakKunalikKuk. It is hailing. NatakKunannut igalavut siKumitauvut. The hailstones
broke our windows.
Natannak Flat fish or flatties (yellow tail flounder, Limanda ferruginea). n. Natnnaluvinik mini. There is a lot of flatties here.
Natannavak Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus). n. Ref: Jararuse
Natik Floor of a house. n. Natimmi itsivajuk. He is sitting on the floor.
Natiligik Scrub the floor. v. Natiligijuk mnna. Right now, she is scrubbing the floor.
Natitsajak Linoleum flooring. n. Ref: Dorais
Natitsak Floor boards. n. Ref: Watts
Natjuk Horn. n. Antlers. n. Tutto natjoginnik pisigumajuk. He wants to buy caribou antlers.
Natjulik Goat. n. Ref: Dorais
Natsak Carry. v. High hill. n. Natsajuk piKutimminik. He is carrying his belongings. Natsani paunngaluvinik. There are a lot of
berries on the hill.
Natsiak Fur necklet. n. Young jar seal. n. Natsianga asiujuk. Her necklet is lost.
Natsik Jar (ringed seal, Pusa hispida). n. Natsimik pilajuk. He is skinning a ringed seal.
Natsilk Wrinkle the nose. v. Uivettukuluajuk natsiljuk. That saucy one is wrinkling her nose at someone.
Natsivak Hooded seal (Cystophora cristata). n. Natsivammik kisiani pisimajuk. All he got was a hooded seal.
Nattik Commit suicide. v. Nattipuk. He committed suicide.
Nattugalik Eagle (Golden eagle, Aquila chriysaetos). n. Nattugalimmik takukKauvugut. We saw an eagle.
Nau Out of the way! let me see! let me pass! let me do it! Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Naujak Gull of any kind. n. Gull (glaucous gull, Larus hyperboreus). n. Naujak manningit. Gull's eggs. Naujgak. A gull chick.
Naujalluk Ice partridge or ice gull, immature - sea partridge (ivory gull, Pagophila eburnea). n. Ref: Murphy
Naujalukak? Ring-billed gull (Larus delawarensis). n. Ref: Murphy
Naujasigak Iceland Gull (larus glaucoides). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Nauk Let me see., Which one?, Where. Nautaim piga? Where is mine?
Naukkiutivuk Trips. v.
Naukkon Which way? NaukkoniakKen? Which one are you going on? Which way will you go? Naukkut nalliakut? In which
direction? Ref: Watts
Naulak Harpoon. n. Harpoon. v. Naulait puigukasvat. You nearly forgot your harpoon. Naulajausinanuk. It has been harpooned.
Naulik Penis. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Naulikpuk Begins to grow. v.
Naumani Yes certainly (see ahaila). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nausauvuk Being examined. v.
Nautsajak ? Herring gull (larus argentatus). n. Ref: ?
Nautsak ? Tickle-ass (kittiwake, rissa tridactyla). n. Nautsait tingisivut. The tickle-asses took to wing.
Navipp Empties it out. v.
NeKuk Cracking sound made: gun, flag flapping in the wind, chewing gum in the mouth, snow or ice that snaps underfoot. Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
Nenigak Play an organ. v. Organ. n. Nenigasok. He can play the organ. Nenigamminik aullaijuk. He sold his organ.
Nenik Press. v. Nenijanga. He pressed it. Nenigjanga. He is on it.
Nenillgak Key of a wind instrument. n. Ref: Dorais
Nenitsiutik Typewriter. n. Nenitsiutimmik pilluasak. She is a fast typist.
Nestsuk Porpoise or small jumper (Harbour porpoise, Phocoena phocoena). n. Nestsuniajut. They are hunting a porpoise.
Niaguppuk Has hunger pangs. v.
NiakKigijuk Has a headache. v.
NiakKolunngituk Never!
NiaKojak Bread. n. NiaKojammik Kaitsilaugit. Give me some bread. NiaKojavinik. Dried up bread. NiaKojatsajak. Dough.
NiaKojaliugutik Bread pan. n.
NiaKojaliuk Bake bread. v. NiaKojaliujuk. She is baking bread.
NiaKotik Crown. n. Atanik niaKotikkajuk. The king is wearing a crown.

NiaKualuit Dried cod heads. n.

NiaKuk Head. n. NiaKuligijuk. He has a bad head. NiaKukittuk. He has a small head.
Nidlinguk Stingy. v. Nidlingujuk. He is stingy.
Nigak Sling. n. Talinga nigammetuk. His arm is in a sling.
Niggagasak Caribou moss. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Niggalangak Lie back and relax. v. Niggalangailuni, sinsivuk. He fell asleep, lying on his back.
Niggik (OR NikKik) North easterly wind.
Nigigiattusimavik Restaurant. n. Ref: Dorais
Nigik Eat. v. NigigiattuKulaukkik. Call them for supper. Nigilitta. Let us eat. Nigijut. They are eating.
Nigikkak Feed your animals. v. Kimmitit, nigikkaniakKatit. Be sure to feed your dogs.
Nigiliktak Soft palate. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nigink Graze. v. Ref: Watts
Nigiuk Expect. v. Nigiugijaga. I am expecting him. Nigiuppuk He waits for it with desire, hunger Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nigivik Dining room. n. Ref: Dorais
Nigukittuk Narrow, with little space. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nigumik Warm. v. Nigummittong Katsiuguting? Is the kettle warm? Nigumittuk. It is warm.
Nigummiappuk Carries by hand. v.
Nigutujtuk Spacious, having more room. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nigutujuk Wide. v. Nigutunitsamik. I want a wider one. Nigutuluattuk. It is too wide.
Nikagik Think someone is of little worth. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nikasuk Avoid hurting someone. v. Nikasunngituk. He doesn't care if he hurts him. Nikanattuk. It is fragile. Nikanangituk. It
looks frightening.
Nikik Move, divide itself, multiply. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nikiniak Eat meat, be carnivorous. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nikisuittuk Polar Star.
Nikkuk Dried meat. n. Nikkutujuk. He is eating NikkuKavise? Do you have any dried meat?
Nikkuliuk Prepare dried meat. v. Nikkuliujuk tuttuvinimnik. She is making dried caribou meat.
Nikuvik Stand up. v. Nikuvilautta. Let us stand. Nikuvingajuk. He is standing.
NiKgasik Caribou moss (Cladonia rangerferina). n. Ref: Peacock
NiKk Moss. n. Tuttuit niKttomajut. The caribou are eating moss.
NiKik Food. n. NiKivut nmmangitut. We do not have enough food.
NiKitgutik Social services, welfare. n. Ref: Igloliorte
NiKitotik Mustard. n. Mayonaise. n. Ref: Dorais
NiKitsunik Raw place on body. n.
NiKitugak Hiccoughs. v. Ref: Watts
NiKrikik Usually eats little. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nilak Clear, fresh-water ice. n. Aujami, imivut nilattKattatavut. In the summer, we add ice to our drinking water.
Nilaujak Drinking glass. n. Nilaujammit imijuk. He is drinking out of a glass.
Nilik Fart. v. Fart. n. Niliven? Did you fart? Niliannialua mamanngituk. His old fart is some stink.
Nilittupok Speedboat. n. Nilittupokkolautsimanngitulk. She has never ridden in a speed boat.
Nillak Colder. v. Nillavuk. It got colder. NillaikKuk. It is getting colder.
Nillatk Cool. Nillattsiavak. Nice and cool. Nillatlugasak. Ugly and cool. Nillatttuk. It is cold.
Nilliajok Accordion. Ref: Dorais
Nilliak Speaking. v. Nillianak. Don't speak. Nilliapnnak. Don't talk too loudly.
Nillik Goose (Canada goose, Branta canadensis). n. Nillisiugiajut. They are gone goose-hunting. Nillivinik. Goose meat.
Nillinluk ? Gannet (Northern gannet, Sula bassana). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Nillinak Brant (Branta bernicla). n.
Nillinattuk Cold., It is cold. Uvininga nillinattuk. Her skin is cold. Nillinatsivuk. It became cold.
Nimk Cry in pain. v. kigutaittaugami, nimkKaujuk. He cried out in pain when his tooth was taken out. Nimvuk. He throws
himself about.
Nimajk Writhe. v. Anniamut nimajlittuk. He is in so much pain, he is moving around a lot.
Nimitsik Bind. v. Ivalutsamut nimitsijuk. He binds it with thread.
Ningk Beat up somebody. v. Annaminik ningjuk. He is beating up his wife.
Ningak Bellow in rage. v. Break something in anger. v. Angry. v. Angutialua ningajuk. Her horrible husband is angry.

Ningaugtsuk Uncle on mother's sister's side. n. Ningaugtsuga tikijuk. My uncle has arrived.
Ningauk Son-in-law. n. Brother-in-law. n. Tanna ningauga. That's my son-in-law. That's my brother-in-law.
Ningaunnguak Step son-in-law. n. Step brother-in-law. n. Ningaunnguatuinnaga. He is only my step son-in-law.
Ningik Meat received after animal is killed. n. Lower by rope. v. Ningivuk. He lowers it by rope.
Ningiuk Old woman. n. Ningiugulittuk. She is now an old woman.
Ninngajak One who is easily angered. n.
Ninngaumak Angry. v. Ninngaumajualuk. He is angry.
Ninngik Snowbank around house. n.
Ninngujuk Strong (string, rope)., Tough (person). Ninngujonitsamik nuluajammik pigumavunga. I want a stronger string.
Nipak Disappear. v. Voice. n. Nipappuk. It has vanished. Nipatsiagittuk. He has a nice voice.
Nipakittuk Quiet. Nipakiluadlatuk. It is too low (sound).
NipakKutujuk Loud., Loud-voiced. NipakKutuluadlatuk. It is too loud.
Nipalk Make a noise. v. Nipalnngilaugitsi! Stop making so much noise!
Nipalppuk Water is making a swirling noise. v.
Nipijok Scotch tape. n. Ref: Dorais
Nipik Stuck. v. Voice. n. Nipinga pulangajuk. His voice is weak. Nipivuk. It stuck on.
Nipiliugutik Tape recorder. n. Nipiliugutimmik atujuk. He is using a tape-recorder. Nipiliuttausimajuk Recorded.
Nipinngak Stuck on. v. Tkkua nipinngajok Those are stuck together.
Nipisak Type of fish (?). n.
Nipisiuppuk Seeks. v.
Nipitigutik Scotch tape. n. Ref: Igloliorte
Nipitik Glue. v. Glue. n. Nipitilauguk. Glue it together. Nipitigiutik. Glue.
Nipitinnigutik Plaster, glue. n. Ref: Dorais
Nipititsiutik ? Glue. n.
Nipittk Sticky. v. Honey. Tnna nipittjuk. That is sticky.
Nippanniut Harpoon with a fixed point. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nippiggik Absorb humidity with an object of any kind. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nipuk Quieten down. v. Become satisfied. v. NipusinnaKuk. He finally quietened down. Nipungilanga suli. I am still not satisfied.
I haven't given up yet.
Nitjaut Flute. n.
Nitjuk Small spider. n.
Nitjut Land animal. n.
Nitsk Belch. v. Take with oneself. v. Nitsvuk. He belches. Nitspuk. He takes it with him.
Nitstuk White partridge or Barrener (rock ptarmigan, lagopus mutus) (n.). Nitstusiugiajuk. He is gone hunting barreners Ref:
Nitsik Hook a jigger or anchor on the bottom of the sea. v. Katjusaga nitsisimajuk. My jigger is hooked on the bottom.
NitsiKattautik Rake. n. Crocheting needle. n.
Nittaik Fog. n. Necktie; loan word from English. Ref: Dorais NittaiKaven? It is still foggy. Are you wearing a necktie?
Nittatlapuk Praises. v.
Nittavuk Weather is bright. v.
Nittunak Respect. n. Nittunattuk. A person worthy of respect.
Niugautik Hairbrush. n. kigutiup niugautinga. Tooth brush. Ref: Dorais
Niugguk Visit another settlement. v. NiuggulkKunga. I shall visit.
Niuggusivuk Sells it. v.
Niuk Disembark. v. Leg. n. Tamni niugasuavunga. I am getting off here. Niukka nniajuk. My legs are sore.
Niuluk Leg of object. n. Niulunga nakasimajuk. Its leg is broken.
Niulutuk Daddy long legs (Crane Fly). n. Ref: Peacock
Niungak Curved or crooked. v. Niungjok. It is crooked or curved.
Niutsik Gulp. v. Something stuck in the throat. v. Taste. v. Niutsijuk sanniguammik. He swallowed a button. Saunimmik
niutsivuk. He has a bone stuck in his throat. Niutsitilaunnga. Give me a taste.
Niuvik Buy. v. Niuvippuk. He trades. Niuviakka. Things that I bought.My groceries.
Niuvinniusik Bill. n. Ref: Dorais
Niuvipvik Shop. n. Niuvipvilialaullok. Let's go to the store.
Niuvittik Shop clerk. n. Ref: Dorais

Niviatsiak Girl. n.
Nivingak Hanging. v. Nivingajuk. It is hanging.
Nivinngak Hang. v. Nivinngalauguk. Hang it up. Nivinngavn? Did you hang it up? Nivinnganik. Manner of hanging.
Nivinngaujatik. Clothes hangar.
Niviuk Value something. v. Sit on eggs; a bird's protective instinct. n. Niviujanga. He values it.
Niviuvak Bluebottle (blue fly). n. Niviuvluit. Big, ugly blue flies.
Nok Move. v. Nogok. Move it. Noniannagu. Don't move it. Novugut. We moved.
Nollk Relocate. v. Nolltijut. They are relocating. They are moving their belongings to another house. Nollsimalittut. They have
now moved to another place.
Nomar Number; a loan word from English.
Notsik Move an object from one place to another, as in checkers. v. Notsiven inunning? Did you move your checker?
Niguminnisamut, notsiven? Did you move it to a warmer place?
Nuak Niece or nephew of a woman. n. Nuagtsuga. My niece. My nephew. Nuagtsongai. Hello, niece! OR Hello nephew!
Nuatsik Collect, gather. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nuggak Prickett (yearling calf). n. Nuggalik. It has a prickett.
Nuggalik Doe (2 year old female). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Nuik Appear. v. Spear. n. Nuivuk. It appeared. It became visible. kiamuna nuing? Who owns this spear?
Nuilak Fur trimming on hood. n. Tigiganniamik nuilalik. He a fox-fur trimmning on his coat.
Nuilatok Loper (Short-eared owl, asia flammeus). n. Ref: Ittulak
Nuit Spear to catch birds, Leister. Nugguit Fowling spears Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nujak Hair. n. Nujangit kipittausimajut. His hair has been cut. Nujttuijuk. He is pulling her hair.
Nujannguak Wig or hair-piece. n. Nujannguakajuk. She is wearing a wig.
Nujuattak Untamed., Wild animal. n. Tnna Kimmik nujuattak. That dog is wild.
Nukadlik Someone younger. n. Uvanni nukadlik. He's younger than me.
Nukadlipk Youngest one. n. Nukadlipga ilinniaviliaKattangituk. My youngest doesn't go to school.
Nukagek Siblings. n. Ref: Watts
Nukak Younger brother of a boy. n. Younger sister of a girl. n. Nukaga. Boy: my kid brother. Girl: my kid sister.
Nukappiak Boy. n. Nukappiaginnait. They're all boys.
Nukatugak Ragged jacket (yearling caribou). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Nukik Muscle. n. Strength. n. Nukilik. He is strong. NukiKangituk. He has no strength.
Nukkitsautik Dumbell weight. n. Ref: Dorais
NukKak Stop. v. Sitontivut nukKasimajuk. Our clock has stopped. NukKanak. Don't stop.
NukKatitsiutik Brake. n. Ref: Dorais
NuKaguliapuk Pulls himself up. v.
NuKatsigak Guitar or violin string. n.
NuKatsigalik Harp. n.
NuKattik Coil spring. n. NuKattejasimajuk. It has broken springs. NuKattilik. It has a spring.
NuKippotijut Play tug-of-war with each other, each holding their own. NuKipottut. They play tug-of-war. (see Nusogutijut).
Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
NuKippuk Pulls. v.
Nulak Leather thong. Ref: Dorais
Nulattak Seal hole, narrow on top. n.
Nulaujak Cable, rope , line. Ref: Dorais
Nulettuk Bachelor. n. Nulettuit ullusiujut. The young men are having their Day. Nullittogunnaituk. He is no longer a bachelor.
NulettuKutik Boy-friend. n. Lover. n. NulettuKutiKaven? Do you have a boyfriend? NulettuKutigek. They are going together.
Nuliak Wife. n. Sexual intercourse. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nullennik Widower. n. Ref: Watts
Nulletok Bachelor. n. Ref: Watts
Nullu Mesh in a net. n. Nullungit mikiluadlatut. The mesh is too small.
Nulluapuk Hangs down. v.
Nullutautik See saw, teeter toter. Ref: Dorais
Nullutjiak Haul nets. v. Nullutjiagiattujut. They are gone to haul the net.
Nuluajak Cord or string. n. Fishing line. n. Kailaugu nuluajak. Pass me the string.
Nuluak Caught in a net. v. Fish or seal net. n. Nuluasimajuk nillik. A goose is caught in a net. Nuluamminik ilttuijuk. He is

mending his nets.

Nuluannguak Hair net for a woman. n. Nuluannguakajuk. She is wearing a hair net.
Nuluatsajak Ball of string. n. Ref: Dorais
Nulugak Wave. v. Nulugajuk ilinnut. She is waving at you.
Nuluk Buttock. n. Nulummigut kapijaujuk. He gets a needle in his buttock.
Nulutjik Set nets. v. Nulutjigiattuvugut. We are going out to set the nets.
Nunak Land. n. Shore. n. Earth. n. Ground. n. Place of residence. n. Country. n. Nunaliajut. They are going ashore. Nunak
aputiKagunnaituk. There is no more snow on the ground. Nani nunaKaven? Where is your place of residence?
PiguttuKautik nunajattlauguk. Put some earth in the flower pot. Nunavut namminivut. Our land is our own. Nunak asiani
pisimajuk. He came from another country.
Nunakkojogluk Tractor. n. Ref: Dorais
Nunakkojok Train. n. Nunakkojokkogiujuk. This is his first time on a train. Nunakkojop akKusininga. Railroad tracks.
Nunakkotik Train. n. Nunakkotikkojut. They are travelling by train.
Nunannetlapuk Has pain. v.
Nunannguak Map. n. Nunanngualiujut. They are making a map.
Nunatsuak World. n. Inland country. n. Nunatsuap ilonnanga. The whole world. Tuttusiugiagasuavise nunatsuamun? Are you
going inland to hunt caribou?
Nunatsuillo imak suillo Amphibians. n. Ref: Peacock
Nungotik Not leave something for someone. v. Eraser. n. NungotijaunniKutit. You're too late. Everything's been taken.
Nungotiniannanga. Leave some for me. Titigutiga nungotiKanngituk. My pencil has no eraser.
Nunguk Gone. Nunguvuk. It is all gone. Nungusimajuk. It is gone. Nunguttailijaga. I am saving it. Nungulittuk. It is going.
Nungusuittuk Everlasting. Tannivut nungusuittuk. Our soul is everlasting.
Nungutitigutik Eraser. n. Ref: Dorais
NuniK ? Bay harp (old female Harp seal). n. Female seal. Ref: Brice-Bennett Ref: Watts
Nunivak Pick berries. v. Collect shellfish. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Nunivapviga. They are gone to pick berries. My berries spilt
out. The place where I pick berries.
Nunivakkak Mouse (Deer Mouse, peromyscus mainculatus or Meadow Vole, Microtus pennsylvanicus or Gapper's Red-Backed
Vole, Clethrionomys gapperi or Heather Vole, Phenacomys intermedius). n. Nunivakkaniajut. They are after a mouse.
Nunuvuk Holds it to himself. v.
Nusilinnik Sudden death. n.
Nusok Pulling. v. Nusodlugu. By pulling. Nusottaujuk. It is being pulled. Nusogutijut. They are having a tug-of-war.
Nusuk Pull. v. Nusugok. Pull it. Nusonnak. Don't pull.
Nusutsiutik Winch. n. Ref: Dorais
Nutk New. Nutmik nasakkajuk. He is wearing a new cap.
Nutagak Baby. n. Nutagaga Kanimajuk. My baby is sick.
Nutaunngituk Old. Kamutekka nutaunngitunnaitok. My Kamutik is no longer new. Annugngit nutaunngitut. Her clothes are
Nuti Great! Marvellous! Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nutippuk Crackling flame. v.
Nuvak Cold symptoms. v. Sputum. n. Cold. n. Nuvavunga. I have a cold. Nuvammik ugiajuk. He spits out sputum. Nuvlugasak.
Damn the cold.
Nuvidlujak Coral (corallinacea). n.
Nuvidluk Bronchial tubes. n.
Nuvik Thread. v. Nuvigok. Thread it. Nuvigunnangitaga. I can't thread it.
Nuvisik Thread a needle. v. Nuvisijuk. She threads a needle.
Nuvugusik Spire. n. katimmaviu nuvugusinga nalunanngituk. The church steeple is clearly visible. It stands out. Napttuasuk
nuvugusittlauguk. Put a decoration on the top of the Christmas tree. Nuvugusik nalunaikkutak. The spire is a landmark.
Nuvugusilik Large building. n. Ref: Dorais
Nuvujak Cloud. n. Nuvujakkut tingijuk. It is flying through the clouds.
Nuvuk Point. n. Point of land. n. Nuvulik. It is pointed. Nuvummut pisujuk. He is walking to the point. Nuvullik Something
situated more than another towards the point. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nuvulligak Rifle bayonet. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Nuvutannak Point. n.
Nuvutsimajuk Overcast weather.

Nuvvusaivik Pencil sharpener. Nuvvusaijuk He tries to give something a point Ref: Dorais

O - o
Odlik Cut up meat in pieces for cooking. v. AKiggimik odlijuk. She is cutting up a partridge for cooking.
Ogtsuk Rock cod (Microgadus tom cod). n. Ogtsunik auljuk. He is fishing for rock cod.
Ogak Cod, trap fish (Gadus morhua). n. Ilangi ogluit angijutsuat. Some codfish are really big. Ogavak. Ground fish cod, blowers.
Oganniak Fish for cod. v. Cod fisherman. n. Oganniajut. They are fishing for cod. Attaga oganniak. My father is a cod
Oganniutik Fish hawk (osprey, Pandion haliaetus). n. Ref: Murphy
OgganiKinik Jelly fish. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Ogigekkutik Talc. n. Ref: Dorais
Ogittupuk Dish full of cooked food. v.
Ojuk Boiled seal meat. n. Ojuliujuk. She is cooking seal meat.
Ojuttotik Ketchup. n. Ref: Dorais
Ok Scald. v. Ojuk. He scalded himself. He burnt himself.
Okkigik Split fish. v. Okkigijuk. He is splitting the cod fish.
Okkivuk Cod fish have struck.
Olik Shiver. v. Olilittuk. He is so cold, he is shivering. Summa olilikKen? Why are you shaking?
Olittgutik Electric toaster. n. Ref: Dorais
Omt Listen! (exclamation).
Oma Refers to this one. Oma pinga. It belongs to this one. Oma tigujanga. This one took it.
Omaik Sexually aroused. v. Erection. v. Omaijuk. He is sexually aroused.
Omajualuk Monster. n. Omajualuttaungituaguvit. I hope a monster doesn't get you.
Omajuk Animal. n. OmajuKanngituk. There is no game on this land.
OmajuKutik Domestic animal, pet. OmajuKutilik. He has a pet. Ref: Watts
Omajutsiuk Hunt game. v. Omajutsiujut. They are hunting game.
Omak Alive. v. Omajuk. It is alive. Omagglittuk. It is barely alive. Omagganiattuk. It is working hard to stay alive.
Omigiji Enemy. n. Omigijiga. My enemy. The person I hate.
Omigusutti Person who hates. n. Omigusuttituinnauluta, inogiaKalungilagut. We must not live with only hate in our lives.
Omilk Screw up the face. v. Make a face. v. Omiltuinnajuk uKautigakku. When I told him, he only screwed up his face.
Omingak Mouth drooping, about to cry. v. AnennguaKunnginakku, omingalittuk. Because I didn't allow him to play outdoors,
he is about to cry.
Ominitsk Screw up the nose. v. Ominitstautuinnatluni, Kiasijuk. He only made a face at her but she began crying.
Omisuk Hate. v. Summa omisujong ilinning? Why does he hate you?
Omisunnik Hatred. n. Omisunninga takutsak. His hatred is evident.
Ommak Green tree. n. Come alive. v. Revive. v. Born. v. Ommasimajuk taimk ilutsiKatluni. He was born like that. Ommajuk. It
has revived. Ommatitsijik. The player in a ball game, who brings his team back to bat. Ommasimajuk Nainimi. He was born
at Nain.
Ommatik Heart. n. Hearts in a deck of cards. n. Ommatillutuk. He has a bad heart. Ommatimminut pijausimajuk. He had a heart
Onagekkutik Air filter. Ref: Dorais
Onak Heat. n. Hot. v. OnailaKuk. It is hot weather. Onattuk. It is hot. Onak siunniunattuk allt. Heat so great.it is almost
unbearable. Onanninga. The degree of heat. Onanninganejuk. He is in the hottest place.
Onannatuk Hot spice. n. Ref: Dorais
Onatsek Warm. v. Katsiugutimmik onatsejuk. She is boiling the kettle.
Onatsik Become warm. v. Onatsipat, peniakKat. Take it off when it gets warm. Onatsiguni, auniattuk. When it becomes warm, it
will melt.
Onatsiutik Hot water bottle. Ref: Watts
Onattuk Heat. n. Warmth. n. Hot. Onattuk kiatsautik. The stove is hot. Onattusuanguvuk ullumi. It is really warm today.
OnattuKagaluakKuk. There is some hot water in the kettle.

OnattuKautik Thermos. n. Ref: Watts

Onattuliugutik Kettle. n. Ref: Dorais
Onnik Burn, a burnt part of something or someone. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Otk Scorch. v. Burn oneself. v. Meat cooked on top of a hot stove. n. ManitsaKiugu, otsimajanga. She scorched it when she was
ironing it. Otven? Did you burn yourself? Otttujuk. He is eating caribou meat cooked directly on top of the stove.
Ottsunik Smells burnt.
Ottotik Scales. n. Measuring tape. n. Measuring tool. n. Sewing pattern. n. Ottotiga nailuadlatuk. My measuring tape is too short.
OttotiKatuaguma, sanagajakKunga. As long as I have a pattern, I can make one. Ottotinnut uKumaigijaujuk. He is too
heavy for the bathroom scales.
Ottugak Practice. v. Trying on clothes. v. Do by trial and error. v. Ottugainnatluni, Kilullagagiusimajuk. He learnt how to play the
guitar by practicing. Annugnik, ottugajuk. She is trying on some dresses. Annugliugiak, ottugadluni kisiani
ilivallitausongummat. Because dress-making can only be learnt by trial and error.
Ottuk Try. v. Taste. v. Weigh. v. Lying on the ice (ie a basking seal). n. Ottulauguk. Try it on. Ottugak siugaujaKaluadlamangt.
Taste it to see whether it is too salty. Paunningit ottugialingit. He has to weigh it. Ottumik talutsiujuk. He is creeping up on
a basking seal. Ottuluvinik! There are lots of basking seals Ref: Noggasak
Ottutauk Tempted. v. Stanimit ottutaujuk. He is being tempted by Satan. Ottututaulutti. Satan, the tempter. An evil spirit who
tempts you to believe in him.

P - p
P Muzzle of a gun. n.
Pgin Page; loan word from English. Pgin 7. On page 7.
Pjausimajuk Mauled (by dogs). v.
Pk Meet while going in opposite directions. v. Fight. v. Entrance. n. Hockey puck; a loan word from English. Pgutivok. They
meet. Pjok. They are fighting. Pmejok. They are by the doorway.
Pllak Fall down. v. Pllajuk. He fell down.
Pllik Barrel, cask; a loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais
Pllikik Garbage can. n. Ref: Dorais
Pmmak Lie on one's stomach. v. Pmmajuk. He gets down on his stomach. Pmmangajuk. He is lying on his stomach.
Pngak Westerly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget
Pni Up there (to the west)., West. n. Pnejuk. It is up there. Pnimiut. The people from the west.
Pnnguk Crawl. v. Pngujuk. He is crawling.
PnnguliaK Crawler seal. n.
Paggiak Go to meet. v. Paggiajut Kimutsinik. They are going to meet the dogteams.
Paik Remain at home. v. Shell bird (Red-breasted merganser, Mergus serrator). n. Annaga paijuk. My wife is at home. Paigiami
piutsangilanga. I don't like to be left behind.
Pailatti Pilot; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Painke Bank; a loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais
Painnguk Miss someone or something. v. PainngulikKunga. I am home-sick. Hopedale-imut painnguvunga. I miss being at
Paipvik Hospital. n. Paipvimejuk. He is at the hospital.
Paisikal Bicycle; a loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais
Paitsijik Nurse. n. Paitsijivut aullasimajuk. Our nurse is away.
Paitsik Take care of. v. Protect. v. Paitsiniattuk ilinnik. He will take care of you. PiKutikka paitsiniakKatit. Take care of my
belongings for me.
Pajuk Bring a gift of food. v. Puijivinimmik pajujuk. He has brought us some seal meat.
Pakallak Brooch. n. Pakallakajuk. She is wearing a brooch.
Pakik Perform sexual intercourse. v. Pakigumajuk. He wants to have sex.
PakKk Hot, give off heat (sun, stove).
PakKaK Frozen liquid comes out of something as it unfreezes, appears on it's outside. PakKasittuk. The ice comes out of as it
thaws. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

PakKujak Candle. n. PakKujak ikilauguk. Light the candle.

PakKujalittauvik Candlelight Service. PakKujalittaujut. The children participating in the Candlelight Service.
Paksk Fall, be falling (person, not an animal), stacked objects, (boards etc.). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pakvik Seal's hind flipper. n. Ref: Peacock
Palak Not quite close a container. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Palangaigutik Lock someone out. v. Key. n. Door lock, lock. Ref: Dorais PalangaigutikKauvn? I have a key. Did you lock him

Palangaik Lock. v. Make tighter. Ref: Dorais Palangaiven? Did you lock it? Did you just lock it?
Palik Suntan. v. Paliven? Are you tanned?
Pallak Rush (out of greed). v. Pallajuk. He is rushing to get the best.
Pallik One who has a suntan.
Paluk Collapse. v. Tupivut palujuk. Our tent collapsed.
Pamiuk Tail of land animals. n. Pamiunga naittusuak. Its tail is some short.
Pamiuligak Grumpus (minke whale, Balaenoptera acutorostrata). n. Pamiuligak sanittini puivuk. The grumpus came up near us.
Pamiuttok Otter (River otter, Lutra canadensis). n. Pamiuttomut pijausimajuk. It has been killed by an otter.
Pamiuttulagak Skate (raja senta). Ref: Jararuse
Panana Banana, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Pangalik Gallop. v. Kimmet pangalijut. The dogs are galloping.
Pangnik Old stag caribou. n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Panijuagutik Blotting paper. n. Ref: Dorais
Panik Become dry. v. Daughter. n. Paniv? Is it now dry? Panitsiavluga tnna. That's my beautiful daughter.
Paninguak Step-daughter. n. Ref: Watts
Panitsiak Bannock, stove cake or pancake. n. Ref: Dorais
Panitsik Hang up to dry. v. kamekkik panitselaukkik. Hang your boots up to dry. Panitsigutik. Electric clothes drier. Ref: Dorais
Panittuk Dry. It is now dry. Panittonik atigumavunga. I want to put on a dry pair.
Panna That one there, above. Patsuma Those ones there, above. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pannaik Ready. v. Angutet pannailittut. The men are getting ready.
Pannak Dry wood. n. Dry tree with it bark still on. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Tamatumani pannanik KijuttaniakKutit. This
time, make sure that you get drywood.
Pannanaik Imprison. v. Pannanaittausimajuk. He has been put in jail.
Pannanaitsimavik Jail. n. Pannanaitsimavimmelautsimaven? Have you ever been in jail?
Pannik Male caribou. n. Pannialung KukigianiakKat. Shoot at the male caribou instead.
Papiguk Tail of a fish. n.
Papigutsuk Scull a boat. v. Papigutsujuk. He is sculling the boat.
Papik Tail of a bird. n. Ref: Watts
PapikKiKik Move its tail (fish or sea mammals). v. Ref: Watts
Papvik Tail of a whale. n. Ref: Watts
Papvisk Annoy. v. Papvisjuk. He is annoying(me). Papvisgijuk. He is annoying them.
Pasi Bus, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Pasidlik Blamed. v. Pasidlijuk uvannik. He blames me.
Pasik Blame. v. Pasijaugumangilanga. I don't want to get the blame for it.
Pasiuk Accuse. v. Angutimma pasiuvnga. My husband accuses me of doing something.
Patak Butter. v. Butter. n. Patalauguk. Butter it. PataKav? Is there any butter?
Pataujak Mayonaise. n. Mustard. Ref: Dorais
Patik Smack. v. Bone marrow. n. Putty. n. PatikKauvnga. He slapped me. Patittomajuk. He is eating marrow.
Patjalotik Miss someone. v. Patjalotivuguk. We missed each other. I came at the wrong time to see him.
Patjalungak Muddle. v. Patjalungajuk. It is in a mess.
Pattak Play ball. v. Spank. v. Ball. n. Pattatausimajuk. He has been spanked. Pattanguajut. They are playing ball. Nautaim
pattaga? Where is my ball?
Pattangaititsik Protect. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pattautik Hockey stick. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pattijot Baptism. n.
Pattitauk Christened. v. Kanga pattitaulttong? When will he be christened?
Pauk Become dirty. v. Soot. n. Paujuk. It became dirty (or sooty). Pauginnak. It is sooty. Pauglunnut sujujuk. It is ruined by


Paulangik Clean the inside of a gun. v. Paulangijuk Kukiutimminik. He is cleaning the inside of his gun.
Paungijak Clean a stove of soot. v. Paungijagialiga. I have to clean the stove.
Pauni Pounds; a loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais
Paunisiutik Scales. n. Ref: Dorais
Paunnggulak Raisin. n. Ref: Noggasak
PaunngKuttik Blackberry bushes. n.
Paunngluk Prune. n. Paunngluttomajuk. He is eating prunes.
Paunnga Up there. Paunnga iliniakKat pijagegunni. Put it up there when you finish it. Paunngavasittuk. It is far to the north.
Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Paunngak Go up there. v. Berry. n. Blackberry (Crowberry, Empetrum nigrum). n. Paunngajuk. He is going up there.
Paunngatomajuk. He is eating berries.
Paunngaujak Grape. n. Ref: Dorais
Paunnik Weigh. v. Pound; loan word from English. Paunnilauguk. Weigh it. Katsinik paunnik? How much does it weigh?
Pautak Powder. v. Powder. n. Pautattijuk. She is putting on powder. Pautamik pisijuk. She is buying some powder.
Pautaujak Airplane propeller. n. Fan. n. Pautaujanga siKumisimajuk. Its propeller is broken.
Pauttotik Clothes pin. n. Pauttotikka nmmangitut. I don't have enough clothespins.
Pauttuvik Wooden frame for drying fox skins, etc. n. Pauttuviliulaunnga. Make me a frame for drying fox skins.
Pegutik Key. n. Ref: Dorais
Pejaik Remove. v. kikiaginnik pejaijuk. He is taking out the nails.
Pejaittik Removing tool, such as a screwdriver. n. PejaittiKangilanga. I have no removing tool. I have no one to remove them for
me. Pejaittik Kiputalik. A wrench.
Pek Take off. v. Jaika pegok. Take off your coat.
PekKappiajak Black moss. n. Ref: Peacock
PekKusirvigik Snow in whirlwinds. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pesi Bean. Ref: Dorais
Pet Yours. Una pet. This one is yours.
Pettuk Not slippery. It is not slippery. It came off. Manngitunisimagaluamut, all pettuk. It is so rusty,that it is even hard to pull
Piagak Young animal. n. Piagalik. The animal has young.
Piaggik Slip. v. Piaggigami nakkajuk. He fell in the water when he slipped (off the rock).
Piak Beer; loan word from English. Piatomajut. They are drinking beer.
PiaKautik Beer making container. n. PiaKautinga tatajuk. His beer pot is full.
Pialiuk Make beer. v. Pialiujuk. He is brewing some beer.
Piatsik Buy beer. v. Piatsijuk. He buys some beer.
Piatsuk Endearment, meaning 'precious possession'. Piatsuga. My dear.
Piattuk Slippery. v. Piattuluadlatuk. It is too slippery.
Pigk Stay up all night. v. Kanimammat, pigjuk. She is staying up because he is sick.
Pigttik Someone on night shift. n. nniasiupvimi pigttik. She is on night duty at the hospital.
Piga Mine. Tnna piga. That one is mine. Tigusivutit pinnik. You took mine.
Pigasuak Try to do something. v. Will do something. v. Try to hit someone. v. Pigasuajuk. He is trying. He is going to have some.
Pigasuajanga. He is going to hit her. He was trying to hit her. Pigasuagaluattunukua. They are trying to accomplish
something. They are trying to do something. Pigasuadlaniagit. Keep on trying.
Piggk Iron sled runners. n. Pigggik manngitunek. His sled runners are rusty.
Piggaik Plait. v. Braid. v. Piggailaunnga. Braid my hair. Piggaisimajut. They are braided.
Piggok Made happy. v. PiggosualaukKunga, tikitaugama. I was really happy when it came. Their arrival made me happy.
Pigiak Start. v. Attack. v. Put away. v. Pigiasijut. They have started. Pigiajanga. He made a motion to hit her. Pigialaukkit
pinnguatit. Put your toys away.
PigiakKaik Stores it away, puts things in order. v. Ref: Watts
PigiaKak Knot in wood. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pigialik That which is necessary., Must do it., Necessary action. PigiaKanngituk. It does not need to be done. It is not necessary.
Homework-iminik pigialik. He must do his homework. Taim pigialeng? Does he have to do that?
Pigiannik Beginning. n. Pigianninganit tamatumani pigiasillutit. This time, start from the beginning. Pigianime In the beginning
Ref: Watts Pigianingane At the beginning of ... Ref: Watts

Pigiasik Begin. v. Pigiasilittatok. I wish we would start. Pigiasilautsimanianngitut. It will be a long while before they begin.
Pigik Hem. v. Own. v. Pigigialiga. I have to hem it. I must have it. Pigiligunni, atuinnalttaga. When you own it, I will always be
using it. Pigilittang? Is it his now?
Pigiuk Do for the first time. v. Tnsigiamik pigiutsajuk. She is learning how to dance. Puijivinimmik pigiuvunga. I have just had
my first taste of seal meat.
Piguk Grow. v. Tent anchor. n. PigupppnniKutit. You have certainly grown a lot. Pigutsiugialaugit. Go and look for some rocks
to anchor the tent.
Pigumak Want. v. Pigumajaga. I want it. Pigumajtsuak. The thing that was chosen and possed by... Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pigumajsupp. He choses it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Pigumajatsutuk He choose that one he wants (amongst several.) Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin Pigumanattuk. Desirable, what provokes desire (lust?) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pigumatujuk Greedy. He is greedy.
Piguminattuk Attractive., Long for something attractive. v. Piguminanngitut niKingit. Their food looks unappetizing.
Pigutsevik Garden. n. PigutseviKavunga. I have a garden.
PigutsiaKapvik Green house. Ref: Dorais
Piguttuk Flower. n. It grew. Piguttuka Kuasimalauttut. My flowers died from the frost. Imminik piguttuk. It grew on its own.
Piguttojak. An artificial flower.
Pijgik Tease. v. Do on purpose. v. Pijgituinnalittualuk. That old thing is only teasing. Pijgidluni, siKumijanga. He broke it on
PijkKumik Intentionally. PijkKumik Kimasimajanga. He left it behind intentionally.
Pijagek Finish. v. Pijageven? Are you finished?
Pijagiakittuk Easy. Uvannuli, nenigagiak pijagiakittuk. For me playing the piano is easy.
PijagiakKutujuk Difficult., Find something difficult. v. Sulianga pijagiakKutujutsuak. His work is very difficult.
Pijanningituk Easy. v. Maggaligigiak pijanningituk. Washing dishes is easy.
Pijannituk Difficult. v. Sugusik una pijannituk. This child is very difficult. Ilinniagiak Kalluntut pijannituk. To learn English
is difficult.
Pijaugumajuk Wants it done to him. He wants to be hit. v. Pijaugumaven? Do you want to be hit?
Pijik Servant. n. Domestic help. n. One who runs an errand. n. Pijiga kiasuttusuak. My housekeeper is very lazy.
Pijituinnaulikken? Are you only an errand boy now?
Pijugik Glad. v. PijugitsualikKunga. I am very glad.
Pijunnak Able. v. Pijunnapat, pisilttuk. If it's possible, he will buy some. Pijunnangijuk He can't do it. Ref: Schneider:
Bourquin Pijutsauvuk. He must do it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pik Do. v. Hit. v. Eat. v. Perform sexual intercourse. v. Kanuk pigiamik KaujimagunnaiKunga. I no longer know what to do.
Pijanga. He hit him. Pijanga She ate it. Pilaulluk! Let's do it!
Pikallak Do suddenly or accidentally. v. Rowdy. v. Minguagitillugu, pikallatijanga. He made her smear when she was painting.
Pikallatitsijualuk smik, allagasuatillunga. She is shaking the table when I am trying to write. Pikalltlanak. Don't be
Pikalli Pickle; a loan word from English. n. Ref: Dorais
Pikaluk Clumsy., Bad accident. v. Trouble. v. Pikalualok! You old clumsy! Skidoodlutik, pikalusimajut. They had an accident
while skidooing. PikaluttailiKattagit. Try to stay out of trouble. Pikatuk He is incompetant. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pikalutagivuk. He succeeds with great difficulty. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pikani Up there. Pikanejuk. It is up there. It is in there.
Pikask Nearly do. v. Nearly get. v. Nearly hit. v. Uvattut pikasvuk. He nearly did what I did. Pikasvaga. I nearly got it. I
nearly hit it.
Pikik Fly from it's nest (bird). v. Perform the broken wing dance (bird). v. Ref: Watts
Pikiuk Find eggs. v. Pikiusimajut Kikittami. They found some eggs on the island.
Pikkiak Escape. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
PikKujak Resolution. n. That which we want done. PikKujaliulauttut illuit pitjotigidlugit. They made a resolution concerning
housing. PikKujavut tnna. We want that done.
PikKujik Dare. v. Command. v. Request. v. Want someone to do something. v. Taimk pikKujitsuavunga. I would really like to
see that done. PikKuvagit! I dare you! I command you. I request you to do it. I want you to do it.
PiKk Start to have bad blood circulation (feel pins and needles); also to feel weakness after and illness. PiKngajuk. He walks
with difficulty, stiffeneed (by the cold or through resting too long in one position: lower limbs only) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
PiKalujak Iceberg. n. PiKalujak umiuvuk. The iceberg tipped over.
PiKKuti Someone's good belonging., Hanging decoration (lead or beads)on the bottom of a women's parka. Ref: Schneider:


Possession. n. PiKutiluvinik. He owns a lot of things. PiKutituakulukka. My sole possessions. PiKutenngai? A

greeting of endearment, something like 'How are you, my dear?'
Pilak Skin a seal, the curing and cleaning process. v. Cut. v. Operate on. v. Pilajuk silami. He is skinning a seal outdoors.
Pilagalllugu, anigotisonguniammat. Make a little slit so that it can come out through. Pilattutausimajuk. She has been
operated on.
Pilautik Hunting knife, lancet. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Piliumik Worse. v. Piliumijuk. He is worse.
Pillk Do something a lot, earnestly. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pillik Bounce. v. Starve. v. Pillivuk. It bounced. PillikaslaukKugut. We nearly starved.
Pillikutk Skim over the water. v. Pillikitjuk. The rock is bouncing over the water.
Pillitak Grasshopper (tetrix brunnerii?). n. Pillitammik Kuinajuk. She is afraid of the grasshopper.
Pilluak Smart, clever, skillful. Pillualok! How clever! Smart! Ilinniavimmi pilluasuak. She is very good at schoolwork.
PilluKusik Make trouble for oneself. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Piluattumik Especially. SuliatsaKajutsauvuk Inunnik piluattumik. She should work at something which is of greater concern
to the Inuit people. Omani jrimi piluattuk. Especially this year.
Piluk Seed or dye from mountain avens. n. Ref: Aichen
Pilukak Accident. v. Trouble. v. maigadluni, pilukasimalauttuk. He had an accident while drunk. PilukattailiKattagit. Be
careful. Try to stay out of trouble.
Pilukaunngituk Beautiful. Pilukaunngituk annugt. Your dress is beautiful.
Pimmagik Person with power or money. n. Person respected. n. Pimmagiugasugijuk. He thinks he's a big shot.
Pingvuk One rather than another gets or does. v.
Pingajua Third. Ref: Watts
Pingajuk Third. Pingajua tikilaungituk. The third one did not arrive.
Pingaluk Fungus on a tree. n. Ref: Peacock
Pingasut Three (of them). Pingasut Inuit. Three Inuit. Pingasuni pisisimajuk. He has bought three.
Pingek Larch. n. Ref: Murphy
Pingigak Worry. v. Akunelimmata, pingigilittaka. I am worried about them because they have been gone so long. Pingigaven?
Are you worried about them?
Pingittuk See if they are alright. v. Pingittukalaukkik. Go and see if they are alright.
Pinguk Push away. v. Pinguttautuinnagivuk. Too bad, he only got pushed away.
Piniak Intend to do. v. PiniannigkKaujuk. He said that he would do it. Piniattuk. He will buy some.
Pinigak Pair of vamps. n. Pinigkkik pijagejkka. I have finished sewing your vamps.
Pinigaujak Sock. n. Pinigaujaliujuk. She is knitting a pair of socks.
Pinngak Enlargement to a house. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pinngijak Outspoken, extroverted. Pinngijattuk. He is not shy.
Pinngilak Does not. v.
Pinngisittuk Crafty. v. Do something on the sly. v. Pinngisittujuk. He pretends he is not doing it. Pinngisittutluni, tilligajuk. He
is taking things on the sly. Pinngisittuluagluk. He is very crafty.
Pinnguak Play. v. Toy. n. Pinnguajut sanittini. They are playing by the house. Pinnguasiavanga siKumigivuk. Too bad, her nice
toy broke.
Pinnguavik Play pen. n. Ref: Dorais
Pinnguk Tired of doing something. v. Taimk pinngujuk. He is tired of living that way.
Pinngutik Create. v. Pinngutitausimavugut Godimut. We have been created by God.
Pinngutitsinik Creation. n.
Pinnik Hit. v. Kill. v. Crack. n. Pinnivuk. He hits it. It's killed. Pinnikut takujanga. He saw it through the crack.
Pipvalk Make a noise. v. Sunakia pipvaljuk. Something is making a noise.
Pisagaik Do quickly. v. Pisagaippuk. He does it quickly.
Pisiak Merchandise bought. n. Tkkua ukua pisiakka. These are the things I bought.
Pisiatsak Merchandise for sale., Anything that's for sale. n. Illuga pisiatsak. My house is for sale. Tnna pisiatsng? Is that for
Pisik Buy. v. Imikulummik pisiutilaunga. Buy me a coke.
Pisinnak Finally do something. v. PisinnaKuk. He finally did it.
Pisittuk Proud of oneself. v. Pisittupuk! How proud he is of himself! PisittotiKagunnaituk motamminik. He is very proud of his
(new) boat.

Pisittungi How vain! Pisittungiuluadlatuk nilligiamik. He is too proud to even speak.

Pisok Able to do it. v.
Pisosik Way of walking. n. Pisosikulua! What a funny way of walking she has!
Pisuggak Barely able to walk. v. Pisuggatlutik, tikilauttut. They arrived, barely able to walk.
Pisuk Walk. v. PisugajakKauvunga. I went for a walk. Pisugiulittuk. He is just learning how to walk. Tikijuk pisudluni. He
arrived, walking.
Pisunnik Walking. Ktsuavunga, pisunnimut. My feet are blistered from walking.
Pitgiak Gain more. v. Pitgialauguk. Fill it up a little more.
Pitk Acquire. v. PitllikKutit taimaittumik. You should get one like it. Sunatsuatuinnanik pittuinatuk. He is always getting
all kinds of things. Pitgialat. Refilled it. Ref: Watts Pitttut. Filled it. Ref: Watts
Pitak Pick. v. Appinik pitajuk. She is picking bake-apples.
PitaKak Have. v. PitaKanngilanga. I have none. PitaKanngilak. There is none. PitaKangituk. It is empty. Ref: Watts
Pitatsik Put something in. v. Nilaujaga pitatsilauguk. Put some in my glass.
Pitik Surpass someone. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pititsik Bow. n. Make him do. v. Taimk pititsijuk. He is making him do that. Pititsiliujanga. He is making a bow for him.
Pitjutik Concern. v. reason. n. PitjutiKajuk Inunnik. It concerns the Inuit. PitjutiKanngituk ilinnik. It does not concern you.
Sunaneng pitjutiling? What is his reason?
Pitstailik Move cautiously. v. Pitstailillugu, tigulauguk. Take it without disturbing him. Pitstailijuk kappiasugami. She is
cautious because she is afraid.
Pitsak Something designated for someone. Pitsaga. It is for me. Pitsanganik sanalkKunga. I will make one for him.
Pitsakik Do it with little strength. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pitsakittuk Weak (refers to liquids). Tetuga pitsakiluadlatuk. My tea is too weak.
Pitsalik There is one set aside for him., Pregnant woman. Pitsaleng? Is she pregnant? Annaga pitsalik. My wife is pregnant.
Pitsasek Buy a gift for someone. v. Pitsaseginnatuk panimminik. She is always buying gifts for her daughter.
Pitsattotitsak Means of consolation. Pitsattotitsamnut. For my consolation . Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pitsatujuk Strong., Powerful. Nipinga pitsatujuk. His voice is strong. Ikumautik pitsatuluadlatuk. The light bulb is too
powerful (or bright). Pitsatajuk. Great strength, all powerful (attributed to God). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Pitsatunik Great
strength, all powerful Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pitsiak Treat humanely. v. Kind or friendly. v. Do carefully. v. Pitsiatautsuajuk. She is treated very well. Pitsialugu. Do it carefully.
Pitsialuk Dried salt fish. n. Pitsialunnik aullaigatsalik. He has some salted fish for sale.
Pitsik Dried fish. n. Pitsiliujuk. She is preparing some fish for drying.
Pitsilik Blizzard. n. Make dried fish. v. Pitsilippat, aullalnngilagut. If its stormy, we won't be going. Pitsilijuk. She is preparing
dried fish.
Pitsiulk Sea pigeon (Black guillemot, Cepphus grylle). n. Pitsiulsimajuk. He has shot a sea pigeon.
Pitsiulkpak Brass-winged diver (White-winged scoter, Melanitta fusca deglandi). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Pitsiulnniutik ? Hawk (Rough-legged hawk, Buteo lagopus). n. Ref: Murphy
Pittailik Keep from doing. v. Pittailidlanak. Don't hesitate. Pidlatuinnagit. Help yourself.
Pittuk Drifting snow. Pittuvuk. It is drifting.
Pittusigak Mountain cat. n. Lynx (Lynx canadensis). n. Pittusigammut tutjatausimalauttuk. A mountain cat had been trailing
Pituk Tie. v. Kamutik bridles. n. Kimmet pitulaukkit. Tie on the dogs. Pitunga nakajuk. The dog s bridle broke.
Piugik Like. v. Piuginngitn? Don't you like it? Piugiluajaga omanngat. I like it better than this one.
Piugisk Save. v. Ration. v. Piugisjuk niKinnik. He is rationing the food.
Piujuk Good. Piuvuk! Good! Piujualu nunavut. Our land is good. Piujutsuak. It is very good. Inungi piujutsuat. The people are
very good.
Piulik Save. v. Put away. v. Nakkamat, piulilauttanga. He saved him when he fell overboard. Piulijausimaven? Are you saved?
Pinnguatit natimmejut, piuligialaukkit. Put away your toys which are on the floor.
Piulitsik Save. v. Jesusi piulitsijuk uvattinik. Jesus saves us. Piulitsivunga pitsanik. I have saved some for you.
Piunik Good part. Piunippk. The best. Piuninga Kailauguk. Give me the good part. Piunitsak. It better (that this). Piuluak. It is
better. Piuluadlatuk. It is too good.
Piunngituk Bad. Piunngitualuk. Awful. Piunngiluak. It is worse. Piunngitonngimaillutit. Don't be bad. Piunnginitsak. It is the
worst. Piunnginippk. The worst part. Piunngiluadlatuk. It is too bad. Motanga pinngitualuk. The motor boat engine is in
bad repair.
Piusik Become better. v. Record (music). n. Custom. n. Way of living. n. Habit. n. Ullumi piusijuk. He is feeling better today.

Piusiga siKumitaugivuk, sugusialunnut. The children broke my record. Piusingit kamagijaugialet. His records have to be
looked into. Piunngitualummik piusilik. He has an unacceptable way of living. Siagutsuaninit taimik Inuit piusiKasimajut.
That has been an age-old custom of the Inuit people. Taim piusiKainnatuk. That is his habit.
Piusuk Think another is good, worthy. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pivalliak Increase. v. Progress. v. Suli mnna Inuit pivalliajut. Even today, the Inuit people are increasing in strength. Nunavut
pivalliajuk. Our country is progressing.
Pogutluk Tray. n. Ref: Dorais
Pogutak Plate. n. Pogutaga tatalauguk. Fill my plate.
Pogutaujak Basin. n. Pogutauja imaleng? Is there any water in the basin?
Pok Put in. v. Bag. n. Container. n. Placenta of a foetus. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin PoKaven? I put it in that thing. It is in the bag.
Do you have something to put it in?
Pokattak Pitch (in a boat). Mallinut pokattatitaulittuk. The waves are making it pitch. Pokattajuk. It is bobbing up and down.
Pollik Bowl; loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Poppuk Animal hit by a bullet falls healong into the ground. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Posik Cat; loan word from English. Timmiagulak posittausimajuk. A little bird has been mauled by a cat.
Posivak Tiger. n. OmajuKutilik posivamik. She has a pet tiger.
Poti-pote (from: Poti-pote) Chicken. n. Ref: Igloliorte
Pottajok Pocket knife. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pottak Game bag. n. Sakkuka pottamejut. My cartridges are in the game bag. Mimet pottamejuk. The caribou hind legs are in
the game bag.
Pottatuk Hammer, detonator of a gun, Ejector on a gun. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Dorais
Povinik Cartridge case. Ref: Dorais
Povvik Caught in anything that folds (pocket knife, hammer of a gun (but not a trap). v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Puaggitialuk Front-end loader. n. Ref: Dorais
Puaggitik Shovel. n. Puaggitimmik attasilaugit. Go and borrow a shovel.
Puak Pork; loan word from English. Puami jagalauguk. Fry it in pork.
Pualuk Mitt. n. PualukKangituk. He is not wearing mitts.
Pualulik White coat seal. n. Ref: Watts
Puggilak Come to the surface of water (an inanimate object, a dead person or an animal). v. Puggilajuk. It floated back up to the
Puiguk Forget. v. Puigulnnagu. Don't forget it. Puiguttivnga. He made me forget.
Puiguniannangk Forget-me-nots. n. Puiguniannangtsavait. What pretty forget-me-nots!
Puijik Seal, animal that lifts it head out of the water. n. Puijivinittusonguven? Can you eat seal-meat? Puijisimajuk He has shot a
seal. Puijisiugiajut. They are gone seal-hunting.
Puik Poke out of the water. v. Pimples. v. Pimple. n. Nanillikiak puijik puiniattung. I wonder where the seal will poke up its head.
Naki puiven? Where did you appear from? Puijuk. He has pimples. Puikulutuinnak. It is only a pimple.
Puikkalk Rash. v. Bubble. v. Puikkaljuk. He has a rash. Imak puikkaljuk. The water is bubbling.
Puilk Come just under the surface of the water (fish). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Puilajuk Water spring. n. Napttuni puilajuKavuk. There is a spring in the woods.
Puilak Gush. v. Jump out of the water once (fish). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Puilajuk nunanimit. The water is gushing from the
Puinik Fat on broth. n. Ref: Watts
Puisi Animal that pops it's head out of the water (ie seal). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Puisuk Wonder. v. Suspect. v. PuisulikKunga akilittauniammangtta. I am beginning to wonder if we are going to get paid.
Puisunnatuk. It causes you to suspect something. Puipkavalajuk Thoughts or words come to mind. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Puitjotik Swimsuit. n. PuitjotiKangilanga. I have no swimsuit.
Puitjuk Swim. v. Puitjusonguven? Can you swim? Puitjuluatsuak. He is a good swimmer.
Pujak Rancid, not edible. v. Rancid. n. Pujasimajuk. It became rancid. Upvavik pujluk. The tub is covered with blubber slime.
Pujok Steam. v. Steam. n. Gas. Ref: Dorais Otjuk pujonnganut. The kettle is steaming. He was scalded by the steam.
Pujugajaigutik Clothes brush. Ref: Dorais
Pujugak Fine dust. n. Ref: Watts
PujuKautik Gas cylinder. Ref: Dorais
Pujulik Steamer (ie Northern Ranger). n. Pujulik tikikaslikK? Is the boat soon to arrive?
Pukak Crystaline snow that breaks down and separates and looks like rough salt. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

PukiK White part (the underside of a caribou, seal and such animals that are white on the bottom., White animal all over(bear or
dog), White band on the outside of a women's trouser (made of white caribou fur), Yellow stripe on the outside of the britches
or trousers of an R.C.M.P. Pukejttuk Animal shows its belly and chest or can be seen from a distance because it is white. Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
Pukkinik Lowness. n. Pukkiningagut, majuligit. Climb over the lowest part of it.
Pukkituk Low. Pukkitummik kimmilimmik itigluttgumavunga. I want a shoe with a low heel. Motak pukkitutsuak
tikilittuk. A boat, very low in the water, is arriving.
Pukuk Pick up. v. Pukulaukkik. Pick them up. Pukuat. Wood chips used for firewood. Pukugiajuk. She has gone to pick some
PuKik Grasp. n. PuKettuk He is slow to grasp it. PuKittuk He learns quickly. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Pulk Visit. v. Pulgiajuk. He has gone to visit. He has come to visit.
Pulpvik Living-room. n. Pulpvimejut. They are in the living-room.
Pulttik Visitor. n. PulttiKajuk. He has a visitor.
Pulak Disappear into a hole. v. Go in. v. NKauk pulapvinga? Where is its hole? Pulavuk. It went in. Pulattigok. Poke it in.
Pulesi Police; loan word from English. n. Pulesinut Kinijaujuk. The police are searching for him.
Pullak Bubble. n. Christmas bauble. n. Stomach pains. n. Diarrhoea. n. Light bulb. n. Flash. n. Pullakitjuk. It is bubbling. Pullait
siKumittailikkit. Try not to break the Christmas decorations. Pullauven? Are you having stomach pains (from diarrhea)?
Pullalik Dinghy. n. Ref: Dorais
Pullaliutik Pump(for pressure lamp). Ref: Dorais
Pullaujak Bottle. n. Pullaujammejuk. It is in the bottle. Pullaujavinik. A broken bottle.
Pullaujavinik Glass material from a bottle. n. Ref: Dorais
Pullik Swollen. v. PullilikK? Is it swollen now? PuililiaKijuk. It is beginning to swell. Pullijuk. It is swollen.
Punngajuk Blueberry type. n. Punngajutsiujuk. He is looking for blueberries.
Punngak Face covered. v. Head down in something. v. Illimi punngatluni Kiajuk. She is crying, face down on the bed.
Punnik Suet. n. Punnitomajak. She is eating caribou suet.
Pusigak Fall on ones face. v. Pusigajuk. He fell on his face.
Pusik Overturn. v. Turn over. v. Motanga pusisimalauttuk. Their boat overturned. Pusittilauguk! Turn it over!
Putjotik Tweezers. n. Clamps. n. Snow crab (Lebbeus groenlandicus). n. Putjotekka nukiKangitok. My tweezers are weak.
Putjotikkalutit, tigulauguk. Take it, using clamps. Putjotik imaliajuk. The crab is going to the water.
Putjuak Pinch. v. Putjuatauvunga. Someone pinched me. Putjuaniajuk. She keeps pinching or trying to pinch.
Putjuk Rise. v. Become water-logged. v. Pinch once. v. Thumb and index fingers (finger used to grip). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Putjupp The dough is rising. The cardboard became water-logged. He pinched me. He squeezes it between his index finger
and his thumb. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin My fingers grip, squeeze. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
PutjusautiaKulak Baking powder. n. Ref: Watts
Putjusautik Yeast. n. PutjusautiKanngiluadlatuk. It doesn't have enough yeast in it.
Putoggutik Wood drill. n. Napuliujuk, putoggutimmik atudluni. He is using a drill to make Kamutik bars.
Putok Drill holes. v. Putottausimajuk. Holes have been drilled in it.
Puttagutik Life-saver. n. Net buoys. n. Plane floats. n. Puttagutik igilauguk. Throw the life-saver. Puttautiliujuk. He s making
some buoys for the net. Puttagutitttaugialik. Floats must be put on the plane.
Puttak Float. v. Puttajuk. It is floating.
Puttujuk Raised, place high, above anything. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Puttusautik Yeast. Ref: Watts
Puttusik Raise. v. Akilosianga puttusittausimajuk. His pay has been increased. Puttusigiagallauguk. Raise it a little higher.
Putuguk Toe. n. Putuguannik. Stink of toes. Putugukka. My toes. Putuguligijuk. His toes are bad (sore).
Putuk Make a hole. v. Hole. n. Putulik. It has a hole. Putojanga. He made a hole in it.
Putulapk Lace. n. Ref: Dorais
Putulik Pineapple. n. Ref: Dorais
Puvak Lung. n. Puvallutak. He has TB or a lung disease.
Puvallunattuk Tuberculosis. Ref: Dorais
Puviak Bird's crop. n. Puvianganik piulitsisimajuk. She has saved the bird's crop.
Puvik Inflate. v. Blow up (referring to meat). Puvilauguk. Blow it up. Puvisimajuk. The meat is gone bad.
Puvisok Air mattress. Allinik puvisok An air mattress. Ref: Dorais

R - r
Rapak Rubber boot; loan word from English. Ref: Noggasak

S - s
Sggak Gale bird (red necked phalarope, Phalaropus lobatus), Teal ?(Green-winged teal, Anas crecca carolinensis). Ref: Schneider:
Bourquin Ref: Ittulak Ref: Brice-Bennett
Sk Turn to face. v. Table. v. Front. n. By it. Maunga slaugit. Look this way. Smejuk. It is on the table. Snga. Its front.
Sngani. By it.
Sksit Six; loan word from German. Sksinik. Six of them. Tkkua sksit. There are six. Sksivuk. It is six o'clock.
SlaKak Overcome. v. Win. v. Vanquish. SlaKavuk. He won.
Slauk Fail. v. Lose. v. Beaten. v. Slauven? Were you beaten?
Sliuk Set the table. v. Sliuligit. Set the table now.
Snga Front side. Snganejuk. He is by it.
Snngak Face. v. Snngajuk uvannut. He is facing me.
Sppak Anchor close to the shore. Sppagiattuk He has anchored close to the land. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sppatk Flat. v. Something flat. n. Sppatngungituk. It is not flat. Sppatmik Kinilaugit. Look for a flat piece.
Stsajak Tablecloth. n.
Stsiliak Between 5 and 6 o'clock. StsilialikKuk. It is after 5 o'clock.
Sttauk Drift away. v. Motak sttaulittuk. The boat is floating away.
Sttujk Lumber (planed wood). n. Boards. v. Sttujliujut. They are making boards.
Sttujak Board, plank. Ref: Dorais
Sttuliugutik Rolling pin. n. Ref: Dorais
Sttuliugutik Rolling pin. Ref: Dorais
Svipp Takes it out further to sea. Svittipp. He makes it go out to sea. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sagalikitak Butterfly. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Saggak Make something appear by scraping it, removing what is above it, blocks it: snow, earth, sand (ie shellfish in sand). Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
SaggaK Short haired animals. Ref: Watts
Saggalak Seal in it's second year, changing fur. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Saiki Cheque, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Sailitak Apron. n. Sailitalaugit. Put on an apron.
Saimmak Become pleased. v. Nutagak saimmagunnagunnaimaittuk. The baby won't stop crying. Saimmav? Is he no longer
Saimmatik Make pleased. v. Placate. v. flag. n. Saimmatigasualauguk. Try to placate him. Saimmatikkajut. They are flying a
SaipKutik Means of satisfying. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Saiptsak Try to keep someone in a good mood. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Saiti Satin; a loan word from English. n. Felt. n.
Saitik Ribbon. n. Silk. n. Saitikkajuk. She is wearing a ribbon. Saitimik annuglik. She has a silk dress.
Sajuk Tremble. v. All sajulikKunga. I am even trembling.
Sajuppilk Quiver. v. Shake. v. Anugimmut illuvut sajuppilttitaulittuk. The wind is making our house shake.
Sajuppilak Make a sudden motion. v. Sajuppilavuk. It shook. Sajuppilattiniannanga. Don't make me jerk.
Sakiak Front ribs. n. Sakitjatuk He get a rib-cage as his share of a kill. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sakik In-law. n. Sakiga tikijuk tingijokkut. My father-in-law came on the plane.
Sakkik Appear. v. SiKini sakKivuk. The sun appeared.
Sakkuaguk Ammunition, .22 calibre. Ref: Dorais
Sakkuk Release. v. Bullet. n. Ammunition. n. Cartridge ball. n. Sakkuniannak. Don't let go. Sakkulik Kukiutik. The gun has

bullets in it. Sakkutven? Did you get some ammunition?

Sakkutalik Stock of a firearm. n. Ref: Dorais
SakK Visible side.
SakKak Mould. n. Mouldy. SakKajuk. It became mouldy. SakKnijuk. It smells mouldy.
SakKijk Visible. v. SakKijjuk. It is visible. SakKijtsiajuk. It is clear.
SaKitsik Knock down. v. Scatter. v. SaKitsijuk smejunik. He knocked over the things on the table.
SaKittak Knock away several times with a hand or foot. SaKittapait. He knocks them over. SaKiv He pushes it away several
times with his hand or foot because it's embarrassing. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Salik Clean by scraping (ie scrapign ice off a window). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Salliak Hold on lap. v. Animal with suckling young. Salliataujuk. She is on someone's lap. Salliajuk. He has her on his lap. Una
salliak. This dog has young puppies.
Salluk Tell a lie. v. Sallujuk. He is lying. Sallugutik What he said when he was lying; the occasion of lying. Ref: Schneider:
Bourquin SalluKipp He lies, tells one or several lies. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin SalluKutik The person who is lied to. Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin Salluvigiv She lies to him. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Saluki Skinny person.
Salulik Thinner. v. Lose weight. v. Salulivutit. You have lost weight. Salulitsajuk. She is on a diet.
Salumailik Make dirty. v. SalumailittailiniakKutit. Try not to get dirty.
Salumaittuk Dirty. Salumaittuligijuk. He is working at dirty things. kenait suli salumaittuk. Your face is still dirty.
Salumaittunik Kimiggutik. A tongue depressor.
Salumajuk Clean. Tnna salumajuk. That is clean. SalumajolikKen? Are you clean now?
Salumatsaije Janitor. n. Ref: ?
Salummasaitik Sprinkler (Holy water). Ref: Dorais
Salummasak Clean. v. Illuguset salummasalauKuk. Clean up your bedroom.
Salutitsik Greet. v. Ilinnik salutitsijuk. He sends you his regards.
Salutitsinik Greeting, salutation.
Saluttuk Skinny., Lean. Saluttopngituk. He is not too skinny.
Samani Down there toward the sea, there out at sea. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sank Something made by hand. n. Art. n. Sanngit Kimiggutaujut. His handiwork is on display. Santsiavangit. What beautiful
things he has created.
Sanvik Workshop. n. Ref: ?
Sanaji Carpenter, joiner. Ref: Dorais
Sanak Make. v. Sanagesimauk. It is ready-made. Taimaittumeng sanasunnguven? Can you make one like that? Sanajuk
unikkausinnik. He is writing stories.
Sanannguagak Pancake (bannock). n. Sculpture. n. Sanannguagaliujuk. She is making a pancake.
Sanannguak Draw. v. Create. v. Carve. v. Sanannguajuk. He is drawing or carving. Sanannguasimajunik aulajuliutte Animator
Ref: Watts Sananguasimajunik takujaKattaliunik Animation Ref: Watts
Sanasimanninga Design. n. Sanasimanninga piujutsuak. The design is very good.
Sanaugak Flour. n. Powder. n. Sanaugattgiallagialik. It needs more flour. Sanaugatuinnaulittak. It is now only a powder.
Sanejautik Clothes brush. n. Ref: ?
Sanek Remove dust. v. Una sanelauguk. Take the speck of dust off this.
Sanennak Dusty. It hasn't been swept.
Sanetsiutik Dustpan. n. Sanetsiutik tatajuk. The dustpan is full.
Sania Side. Sanianejuk. He is by it.
Saniani Beside. Saniani ukkuap. Beside the door.
Sanigak Look backwards at oneself. v. Side. n. Sanigadlanak! Stop looking at yourself! Saniganga minguasimanngituk. Its side is
not painted.
Sanigavinik Bark removed from a tree. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sanik Sweep. v. Garbage. n. Dust. n. Weeds or dirt mixed into a fishing net. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Sanet pelaukkit. Sweep the
floor. Put the garbage out. Take the dust out of the dustpan.
Sanikpaijuk Puts it aside, stores it. v. Ref: Watts
SaniKautik Garbage can. n. Ref: Dorais
Sanillia One most to the side ot it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sanimok Go crossways. v. Sanimovuk. It went to the side.
Saninga Near side. Saninganejuk. It is close by it.

Saningik Sweep the floor. v. Saningittausimangituk. It hasn't been swept.

SanirKiagattuk Cruise here and there, tacks in the wind. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
SanirKungajuk Looks at him from the side, across and through him, not respecting him. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Saniujak Spice. Ref: Dorais
Saniutik Broom. n. Saniutilugasanga. Her worn-out broom.
Sanngenik Weakness. n. Sanngeninga tataminnatuk. His weakness is amazing.
Sanngetuk Weak. Pianga sanngetuadlatuk. His beer is too weak.
Sanngijuk Strong. Angutet sanngijut. Men are strong. Sanngijoven? Are you strong?
Sannginik Strength. n. Sannginigangituk. It has no strength.
Sannigekkutik Sieve, strainer. n. Ref: Dorais
Sanniggivuk Wind comes from the side. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sanniguak Button. v. Button. n. SannigualauKuk. Button it. SanniguaKanngituk. It has no buttons.
Sannik Strain muscles. n. SannisiKaven? Are you stiff?
Sanniktigijuk Sad, downcast. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sanningajuk Crossways. It is not straight. v.
Sanningajulik Cross. n. Sanningajulimmik ungammiutalik. He has a cross hanging on the wall.
Sannini By me. Saninnejuk. He is by me.
Sapangak Bead. n. Sapanngijuk. She is doing bead work. Sapangalik Kanuittusuatuinnanik. She has all kinds of beads.
Sapangalalannguak ? Alpine bistort (Persicaria vivipara). n. Aiken
Sapilik Give up in discouragement. v. Sapiliven? Have you given up? Sapilittailigit. Don't get discouraged.
Sapinngik Able to do something. Sapinngituk. He can do anything. Sapinngitakka. I am well able to do them.
Sapinnik Ability. n.
SapKak Mould on food or clothing. SapKatak. Mouldy object. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sappikuk Sawdust. n. Wood shavings. n. Sappikuit saningilaukkit. Sweep up the sawdust. Sappikuliujuk. He is making wood
Sappitujuk Splay-footed. He walks with his feet out. v.
Saputsinik Protection. n. Saputsijaugutik sanajasimajunik Copywright Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sapvigutik Decoration of a garment in the chest area (beads ect.). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sapvik Chest. n. Sapviligijuk. He has a sore chest.
Sapvikuk Sawdust. n. Wood shavings. n. Sapvikuit saningilaukkit. Sweep up the sawdust. Sapvikuliujuk. He is making wood
Sapvimiutak Medal. n. Ref: Igloliorte
SarKatujuk Horizen of that which is huge , distant, immence. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sarpikutak Target missed by firing too far to the right. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Satsk Prowl, run hither and thither. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Satsk In sight. Satsjuk. It is in readiness. Satsjutuinnamik atilillanga. I'll just put on what's in sight.
Satsagiak Redpoll (common redpoll, carduelis flammea). n. Blackpole warbler (Dendroica striata), Pine siskin (carduelis pinus).
Ref: Murphy Ref: Schneider: Bourquin SatsagiangukKotuk. I think it's a redpoll bird.
Satsikuluk Dice. n. Ref: Dorais
Saugtsuk Lamb. n. Saugtsunik mianitsijuk. He is looking after the lambs.
Saugajak Lamb's wool. n. Sheepskin. n. Saugajammik jaikalik. He has a sheepskin coat.
Saugak Sheep, the word appears to be an altered form of the Greenlandic sava (sheep) and was probably introducedc to Labrador
by Moravian Missionaries in their translation fo the bible. the Greenland for might conceivable by borrowed from Norwegian
or the perhaps from Old-Norse. (Shutlz-Lorentzen). n. Saugagutilik. He has a sheep farm.
Saujauk Covered up. v. Idlivinga saujaulittuk. His coffin is being buried now. Saujausimajuk annugvininnut. It's covered over
with old clothes.
Sauk Bury. v. Kimmik sautsijuk saunivinimminik. The dog is burying his bone.
Saumik Left., Left-handed. Sauminnejuk. It's to your left. Saumiuvunga. I am left-handed.
Saunk Peanut. n. Egg shell. n. Ref: Watts
Saunik Bone. n. Sauninga sigumisimajuk. His bone is broken.
Saunikuk Skeleton. n. Saunikutuinnak. She is only skin and bones. Saunikuvinalummik napvsimajut. They have found an old
Sausauk Swing. v. Baby's hammock. n. Sausaujuk. She is swinging. Sausaummejuk. She is in the hammock.
Sausaupvik Swing. n. Sausaupviliulauguk. Make a swing for her.

Saute Baseball bat. n. Ref: Igloliorte

Sauvrak Red phalarope (phalaropus fulicaria ). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Savak Plop in the water. v. Savavuk. It made a plopping noise as it went in the water.
Saviatsojak Tinker (Razorbill auk, Alca torda). n.
Saviatsuk Pocket-knife. n. Pen-knife. n. Saviatsuagualuk. A tiny pocket knife.
Savik Plane. v. Knife. n. Sttujmik savijuk. He is planing a board. Savikkusik. A knife sheath.
Savitsuk Snowknife. n. Sword. n. Savitsuagaven? Do you have a snowknife?
Saviutik Plane (carpentry tool). n.
Sejok Zipper. v. Zipper. n. Sejogok. Zipper it. Sejolik. It has a zipper.
Sek Cut open. v. Water, tasting something sour. Settausimajuk. It has been cut open. Sejuk. He tastes something sour.
SekKuk Knee. n. SekKuajuk. He hurt his knee. SekKuligijuk. He has a bad knee. SekKunga. His knee. SekKuilijuk. There are
are holes in the knees of his pants.
SekKutuk Kneel. v. SekKutujuk. He is kneeling.
Semigak Metal washer. Ref: Dorais
Semik Jam finger, etc. v. Semijuk. He hurt his finger.
Semitsik Squash. v. Squat. v. Semitsijuk panimma agganganik. He squashed my daughter's hand. Semitsitauniannak
sipvutuivimmut. Don't get your hand caught in the wringer.
Senaliak Between nine and ten o'clock. SenalialikKuk. It is going to ten o'clock.
Senat Ten; loan word from German. Senat inuit. Ten people. Senavuk. It is ten o'clock.
Sennluk Rhubarb. n. Sennlunnik pigutsialik. He has rhubarbs in his garden. Sennluliujuk. She is cooking rhubarbs.
Sennasaut Ingredient to make something sour: spice. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sennatuk Sour. n. Vinegar. n. Sennato tnna? Is that sour?
Sepaliak Between six and seven o'clock. SepalialikKuk. It is going for seven.
Sepat Seven; loan word from German. Sepavuk. It is seven o'clock. Sepat. Seven of them.
Sesi Cheese; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Settik Sheet; loan word from English. SettiKagituk. He has no bed sheet.
Siaggijk Ski. v. Skate. v. Siaggijjuk. It is slipping around. He is skating. He is skiing.
Siaggijautik Skis. n. Skates. n. Siaggijautennitok. I wish I had a pair of skates (skis).
Siaggik Slip. v. Siaggivuk agganit. It slipped out of my hand.
Siagu Later. Siagugiak. A little later. Siagutsuak. In the olden days. A long time ago. Siagugiak A little later. Ref: Watts
Siallik Worried. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Siammak Spread. v. Siammatitsijuk Kuvianannimik silatsuamut. He is spreading happiness throughout the world.
Siammangajualuit pinnguatit. Your toys are all over the place.
Siapput Beside each other in line or rank. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Siggijak Spray, splash several times. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Siggilippuk It bursts open. v.
Siggittivait Disperses them. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Siggolutuk Puffin (c0mmon puffin, Fratercula arctica). Ref: Brice-Bennett
Sigguk Spout. n. Muzzle of animal. n. Beak. n.
Siggulik Kettle. n. Sigguli ailauguk. Go and get the kettle.
Siggutojok Long beaked or muzzled animal. n. Snipe (common snipe, Gallinago gallinago). (Kangisutjuak dialect). Ref: Watts Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
Sikk Cigar; loan word from English. Sikttujuk. He is smoking a cigar.
Sikarek Smoke a cigarette. v. Cigarette; loan word from English. n. Sikaresonguven? Can you smoke? SikareKanngituk. She has
no cigarettes.
Sikarekkuvik Ashtray. n. Sikarekkuvik tatajuk. The ashtray is full.
Sikarelukak Marijuana. n. Sikarelukattuk He's smoking pot. Ref: Watts
Sikippuk Drinks without a cup. v.
Sikitok Snowmobile, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Sikiupuk Cut straight. v.
Sikkiligijuk Post office employee (Sekki=cheque, literally the person whon looks after cheques). Ref: Dorais
Sikkitak Diamonds in a deck of cards. n. Ref: Dorais
Sikkuk Explode. v. SikkiKunnangituk. A dead shell. It cannot explode. Sikkivuk. It exploded.
SikKataivuk Throws it into water. v.

SikKigaivuk Sprinkles. v.
SikKuk Joint of seal's back flipper. n.
SikKupuk Cracks. v.
Sikonak Ship. n. Schooner; loan word from English. Sikona tikipuk. The ship arrived.
Siku Harbour ice. n. Sikumut mijuk. It landed on the ice. SikolikKuk. It is winter now.
Sikuak Containter made of ice for storing food. n. Ref: Watts
Sikuk Ice pan. n. Ice cube. n. Freeze over. v. Sikukulummit nakasuk. He fell off the ice pan. Sikuttlugo? Shall I put ice in it?
Sikulillitok. I wish the harbour were frozen over now.
Sikuliak First ice in the fall. n. Sikuliatsiujut. They are walking to the new ice to hunt seals.
Sikunngik Eyes closed. v. Sikunngijuk. He has his eyes closed.
Sikunngilak Blink. v. Sikugilappuk. He blinked his eyes.
Sikuppat When the ice is formed. Ref: Watts
Sikusiutik Ice breaker. n. Ref: Dorais
SiKalik Loose tobacco. n. Break or smash. v. SiKalaliKaven? Do you have any tobacco for rolling? SiKalijanga. He smashed it.
SiKallik Shatter. v. SiKallivuk. It shattered into a million pieces. SiKalliutik. A chopper. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin SiKallisimajuk
upvautik. Powdered soap. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
SiKiniggalk Sunny for a bit. v. SiKiniggalkKauvuk. The sun shone for a little while.
SiKinigk Sunny. v. SiKinigatsuak. It is very sunny.
SiKinik Sun. n. SiKini nuivuk. The sun appeared.
SiKininniagutik Sextant. Ref: Dorais
SiKinittini Towards our east. SiKinittinejut. They are to our east.
SiKinngujak Wrist-watch. n. SiKinngujakkajuk. He is wearing a watch.
SiKinngujak Clock. n. Ref: Dorais
SiKuk Rear flipper. n.
SiKullak Wink. v. SiKullajuk. He winks. SiKulljuk. He is winking at me.
SiKulluk Crush. v. Break up. v. SiKulluvuk. It broke apart. SiKullujanga. He broke it up.
SiKumigekkutik Trigger guard. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
SiKumik Break. v. SiKumittailiguk. Try not to break it. Tajaga siKumikKaujuk. My watch broke.
SiKumitsik Break. v. SiKumitsisimajuk. She has had a miscarriage. She has broken it.
SiKuppak Crack. n. SiKuppamejuk. It's in the crack in the ground.
Silaittuk Foolish. Silaittugask. How foolish!
Silak Outdoors. n. Weather. n. Silamejuk. It's outdoors. Silak piunngituk. The weather is bad.
SilakKi What fine weather.
SilakKijak Take it easy. v. Rest. v. Vacation. v. SilakKijatuinnalittuk. He is wasting time. SilakKuajap. It is nice and peaceful.
SilakKijajuk. He is resting. He is on vacation.
SilakKik Sunshine. v. SilakKivuk. The sun is shining.
Silalik Fade (clothes). Silalisimajuk. It is faded. Silalijuk. It faded.
Silalik Neighbour., Outer one. n. Outside pair of mitts. n. Silalliga. The one next to me. Silallegik pelaukkik. Take off the outside
pair of mitts.
Silaluilitak Raincoat, overalls. n. Ref: Dorais
Silaluk Rain. v. Rain. n. Silaluvuk. It is raining. Silaluiv? Did it stop raining? Sujuttaujuk silalummut. It is spoiled by the rain.
Silaluk simmilingattuk. Freezing rain.
Silaluttaugekkutik Umbrella. n. Ref: Dorais
Silami Outside., Out of doors. Iniakka silami. My clothes are outdoors (on the clothesline).
Silanniluk Dirty weather.
Silannilusiutik Raincoat. n. Ref: ?
Silanniutik Thermometer. n. Barometer. n.
Silapk Outer lining for a duffel coat. n. Silapliujuk. She is making a removable covering for her duffel coat.
Silaptsajak Grenfell cloth or any cloth used to make outer windproof covering for coats.
Silapiguk Outer seal skin part of a pair of mitts. n.
Silasiuppuk Sensible.
Silasiutik Barometer. Ref: Dorais
Silat Outside. Silat salumaittuk. Its outside is dirty. Silatannejuk. Its on the outside.
Silatsuak Earth. n. World. n. Universe. n. Silatsuamevugut. We live in a universe. Silatsuak inungi. The people of the earth.

Silatsuak isuKangituk. The world has no end.

Silatsuanguak Globe. n. worldly person. n.
Silatujuk Wise. Silatujutuak. The only wise person.
Silatunik Wisdom. n. Silatuningit. The wisest ones among them.
Silipa Coin, a loan word from German (silber). Ref: Dorais
Silittuk Wide. Tna siluadlatuk. That one is too wide. Silinnisamik. A wider one.
Sillak Almost. You or I almost got it.
Sillipuk Has enough. v.
Sillitik Whetstone. n. kenasaijuk sillitimmut. He is sharpening it with a whetstone.
Silliuvuk Hard. v.
Silluk Offended. v. Sillujuk Kuviasotigijaunimminik. He is offended at the ridicule directed against him.
Silu Carcass.
Siluppuk Threatens. v. About to go off (the hammer in a gun: puttunga), Clock is about to strike, person is ready to act, is about to
act (person is menacing.). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Silva Silver; loan word from English. n.
Simik Block up a hole. v. Simittausimajuk. It has been blocked up. Simivuk. It stopped up.
Simmejak Take off the ice. v. Simmejaijuk igalmmik. He is removing the ice from the window.
Simmik Clear ice. n. Icy surface. n. Siaggijjut simmimi. They are skating on the ice. Silaluk simmilingattuk. Freezing rain.
Ilaijautitsakkialuk simmiujttuk. The plastic is like ice.
Simniku Remainder, what is left over, surplus, what is left over when the needed has been used; according to T. Bourquin
'amiakku means what is still there when the rest has been removed; on the contrary simniku means the surplus, what cannot for
the moment be used'. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sin Edge of ice. n. Sinliajuk. He has gone seal-hunting to the edge of the ice.
Sinannak Grey. It is grey.
Sinaungavuk Vexing.
Singaluku One who is treated slightingly, neglected, is cut dead. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Singik Launch a boat. v. Singittaujuk motavut. Our boat has been hauled to the water.
Singinnik Part of boot above heel. n.
Singippuk Empties. v.
Sinik Sleep. v. Border. n. Siniven? Are you a sleep? Sinilik. It has a border.
Sinipvik Bedroom. n. Ref: Dorais
Sinitsak Binding material or other material used to make border on a coat or a silapk. SinitsaKaven? Do you have any material for
making a decorative border? Sinitsajak. Ribbon . Ref: Dorais
Sinittak Camp overnight. v. Sleep out overnight. Sinittagiajut Sttusuamut. They are going camping overnight to Sttusuak.
Sinittainatuk uvattini. He is always sleeping at our place. St. Johns-imi sinittalaukKugut unnuami. We spent one night at
St. Johns.
Sinittautik Sleeping bag, bed roll. n. Ref: Dorais
Sinnasaik Lull a baby to sleep. v. Sinnasaigasualauguk. Try to put the baby to sleep. Sinnasaijuk. She is lulling the haby.
Sinnatomak Dreaming. v. Dream. n. SinnatomagilaukKagit. I dreamt about you. Sinnatomaga puiguvaga. I can't remember my
Sinnatomannik Dreaming.
Sinnaungamek How unfortunate! Oh dear... Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sinnigik Defend. v. Sinnigijauginnatuk. People are always taking his side. Sinnigijgluk. A spoiled child. Sinnigililauttaga
naggugijaulimmat. In my mind, I took his side when he was being criticized.
Sinsik Cent; a loan word from English., Fail asleep. v. Katsinik sinsiKavit? How many cents do you have Sinsilikgutit. You are
falling asleep.
Sinumupil Snowmobile, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Sipppalak Spark plug; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Sipetti Jack in a deck of cards, a loan word from English (spades). Ref: Dorais
Sipilisak Venerial disease, a loan word from English (syphilis). Ref: Dorais
SippaKik Splash. v. SippaKivuk. It splashed.
Sippasaik Sprinkle. v. Sippasaivnga tipigitsautimmut. She splashed perfume on me. Sippasaijuk. He is sprinkling.
SippiKautik ? Moss used as an intoxicant (Northern fir moss, Huperzia selago). Ref: Aichen
Sipviak Hip-joint. n.

Sipvutuk Wring. v. Iggutuanik sipvutuijuk. She is wringing out the clothes. Sipvutujanga. She wrung it out. Sipvutuivik A
clothes wringer Sipvuigutik A wringer. Ref: Dorais
Sirti Girafe; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
SirKuk Make clack whip, bubble gum or the sound of a gun. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sirlak Does it only just, hardly, almost; still. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
SirliKivuk Feels great physical pain (after and illness for bad treatment). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
SirluaK Larger or smaller snowhouse opening into a porch or the snow house proper. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sisak Lead material. n. Steel. n. Magnet. n. kisiani sisammut tigusongunialittat. Now you will only be able to take it out with a
Sisatsajak Solder. n.
Sitamat Four of them., Four objects. Inuit sitamat. Four people.
Sitamaujuttut Eight. Sitamaujuttut sk. Eight tables.
Sitamipi Stamp, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Sitijuk Hard. Tnna sitiluadlatuk. That is too hard (substance). Jili sitijolikK? Is the jelly hard now?
Sitik Den or any animal's hole in the ground. n. Tigiganniap sitinga. A fox's lair.
Sitjagiak Beach bird (solitary sandpiper, Tringa solitaria ). n. Angutikuluit sitjagianniajut. The little boys are after the beach
Sitjak Beach. n. Shore. n. Umiagk sitjamut Kakisimajuk. The flat is pulled ashore.
Sitontik Clock. n. Hour. n. Time. n. Sitontik sukkailijuk. The clock is slow. Sitontini pingasuni. In three hours or within three
hours. Sitontet kamagilaunngitakka. I didn't keep track of the time. Sitontime Within an hour. Ref: Watts
Sitosimajuk Site of a landslide. Aputet sitosimajut. Snow that has slid down a hill.
Sitsik Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus or (Northern Flying Squirrel, Glaucomys sabrinus). n. Sitsijuk. He killed a squirrel.
Sittuk Straighten. Sittuvuk. It straightened itself. Sittutivauk. He straightened it.
Sittungaik Straight. Sittungajuk. It is straight.
Sittutak Monkey-dance. v. Sittutalluasuak. He is very good at monkey-dancing.
Situgannguak Go sliding. v. Situgannguajut mni. They are sliding over there.
Situk Slide. v. Situjuk. It slid down.
SitukKak Hill. n. Slope. n. SitukKamejuk. It is on the slope.
Situnati Hour, a loan word from German (stunde). n. Speedometer. Ref: Dorais Ref: Dorais
Situnnik Wind off land.
Siugak Sand. n. Siugamut pulajak. It disappeared into the sand. Siugaijajuk. He is taking the sand out of his shoes.
Siugaujak Salt. v. Salt. n. Siugaujatti. A fisherman whose job it is to salt the fish. Siugaujalaukkit. Put coarse salt on them.
Siugaujaluit. Coarse salt.
Siuk Sarcastic reply meaning, Its none of your business!
Siummiutak Ear ring. n. Ref: Dorais
Siunniuk Suffer. v. Siunniutitanjut. They are being tortured. Onammut, siunniunattuk. It's unbearably hot.
Siuppuk Singing bird. Siuppujuk. The bird is chirping.
Siusigik Ear-ache. v. Siusigiven? Do you have an ear-ache?
Siusiukuluk Rain bird (?olive back thrush?Gray-cheeked Thrush, Catharus minimus). n. Ref: ?
Siutiguk Wrinkle or cuckoo (sea snail or whelk, buccinum undatum). n. Siutiguttomajuk. He is eating wrinkles.
Siutik Ear. n. Siutekka kaviguavok. My ears are deafened by the noise. SiutikKutujuk. A person with large ears.
SiutikKutujok Donkey. n. Ass. n. SiutikKutujommut tukijaujuk. He is kicked by a donkey.
Siutiligik Ear trouble. v. Siutiligijuk. He has an ear infection. He's cleaning his ears.
Siutimmiutak Ear ring. n. Siutimmiutakkajuk. She is wearing ear rings.
Siutsuk Roar of wind.
Siva Cooked fish liver, as a sauce. n. Sivaliujuk. She is cooking cod liver.
Sivak Dry up. v. Sivaniattuk tamnetuinnaKuni. If it is just left there, it will dry up.
Sivalik Blackberry dish mixed with siva sauce. v. Ref: Watts
Sivanik Ring. v. Bell. n. Church service. n. Buzzer. Ref: Dorais Sivanimmi KiakKaujuk. It is ringing. He is ringing the bell. A
high-sounding bell. A low-sounding bell. She was crying during the church service.
Sivanniak Go to church. v. Sivanniajut. They are going to church. They are in church.
Sivatak Dried up. Kisik sivataulittuk. The skin is dried up now.
Sivinganik Slope. n.
Sivituvuk Lasts a long time. The distance is long.

Sivogak Anticipate. v. Worry. v. SivogalikKutiga. I am worried about what will happen. I dread the future.
Sivoganik Concern. n. Fear. n.
Sivuak Front teeth.
Sivuk Stem of boat. n. Bangs. n. Front. Sivummolaugit. Go to the front of the boat. Sivukulukka. My little old bangs. Sivunga. Its
Sivulik Lead. v. Sivulijuk Kimminik. He is leading the dogs to show them where to go. Tutsiajunnik sivulijuk. He begins the song
to show the singers the tune.
Sivullik First. Sivullimik kappiasutsualilauknunga. At first, I was terrified. Sivullipk. The very first time. Sivulliujuk. He is the
first. Sivullivut. Our predecessors. Sivulipmik First of all. Ref: Watts
Sivutunik Length of time. Ref: Watts
Sojjak Soldier, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Sok Why? Summa Kiaven? Why are you crying? Summali itilautsimagunnaiKen? Why is it that you never come in anymore?
Sokiak Certainly., I know. Sokiak, tamnelaukKunga. Certainly I know, I was there.
Sokkesi Suitcase, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Sollu Like., As. Sollu ingillik. Just like an angel. Sollu uvagut; tammaKattagatta. As we are; we make mistakes.
Sommi But why on earth? Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sonngujuk Strong. Nailinannik sunngujujuk. Love is strong.
Sontg Sunday; a loan word from German.
Sotagga Because. Sotagga Kiulilaugatta. Because we were freezing.
Sua What did you say? Suajagaugaluak, nillingituk. He asked him what he said but he didn't speak. Su What is he doing? Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
Suagutak Rain-shower. n. Suagutatuinnak. It is only a rain-shower.
Suagutsik Showers, flurries.
Suangak Scold. v. Suanglulauguk. Scold him.
Suanngk Scold. v. Suanngajuk sugusinnik. He is scolding the children.
Suapp Insults him. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sugaluppuk Bad. v.
Sugglk Act roughly. v. SuggltlanaKona. Don't treat him roughly. Suggljuk. She is throwing things around out of sulkiness.
Sugguk Boil without opening. v.
Sugiannipuk Punishes. v.
Suglutuk Bottle-nosed diver (Surf scoter, Melanitta perspicillata). n. Ref: Murphy
Sugusik Child. n. Katsinik sugusileng? How many children does he have? Sugusiujajuk. He acts like a child.
Suinngainik Surprise. n.
Sujuk Spoil. v. Wear out. v. What. Sujuijuk. He spoils. Sujuvuk. It is spoiled. Sujusimajuk. It is spoiled. Sujong? What is he
doing? Sujuk? What?
Sukak Tighten. v. sugar, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais Sukatsivuk. It tightened. Make sure you tighten it! He tightens.
Sukaltte Chocolate. n. Ref: Dorais
Sukarak Sugar. v. sugar; loan word from English. Sukaravn? Did you put sugar in it? SukaraKavise? Do you have any sugar?
Sukarakiluadlatuk. It doesn't have enough sugar.
Sukatigiutik Winding mechanism on a clock. Ref: Dorais
Sukkaingilak Did not go slow.
Sukkaituk Slow. kisiani sukkaitumik pisusok. He can only walk slowly.
Sukkajuk Fast. Sukkaluadlatuk. It is too fast.
Sukkajukuluk Jet aircraft. n. Ref: Noggasak
Sukkalik Go fast. v. Sukkalijuk. It is going fist.
Sukkik Get a splinter. v. Splinter. n. Sukkiven? Did you get a splinter? Sukkinga pelauguk. Take his splinter out.
SukKak Whale bone. n. Whale baleen, Cuttle fish bone. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sukutsik Somewhere. Sukutsinga? Which part? Sukutsiga. Some part of me.
SuKusik Change. v. SuKusilautsimanngituk. She never changes. SuKusinngituk. His condition is unchanged.
SuKutauk Exert an influence on someone, be effective. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Suli Yet, still, Again.
Suliak Work. n. Do something. v. Tnna sulianga. That's what he is working at. Suliaven? What have you come for?
SuliaKattik Sailor. n. Ref: Dorais
Suliatsak Work to be done. n. Job. n. Suliatsaka pijagelautsimaniangitut. My work will never be finished. SuliatsaKaven? Are

you employed? Are you busy? Do you have a job?

Sulljuk Beachy bird or peatwheat (Spotted sandpiper, Actitis macularia). n. Ref: Ittulak
Sullok Nostrils, nasal passages. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sullugusuk Consider too small. v. Akilosiamminik sullugusujuk. He thinks he did not get paid enough.
Sullukoppuk Goes through the throat. v.
Sullulik Plumbing pipe. n. Ref: Dorais
Sulugak Little cord added to the end of a dog whip to make it crack. n.
Suluggaivuk Cuts the head of wheat. v.
Suluk Wing feather. n.
SulukKingavuk Not square.
Sulutsak Sound of the flight of an insect (see imilluanik= buzzing). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sulutsutak Makes the sound of wind, it can be heard inside a house. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sumvuk Constant.
Summat Why? What for? Summakiak? I wonder why? I don't know why! Ref: Watts
Sunpint Saturday: a loan word from German (Sonnabend). Ref: Watts
Suna What. Sunaun? What is that? Sunameng pigumajuk? What does he want? Sunatsakiak. It is for something that I don't
know. Sunale una. Guess what this is. SunalialikKa? What time is it? Ref: Watts
SunaKangituk Zero, has nothing. Ref: Watts
Sunatuinnait Various things. Sunatuinnait katimautaujut. Various things are on the agenda for the meeting.
Mixture., Cross-fox. n. Sanajausimajuk sunatuinnamit. It is made from a mixture. Sunatuinnamik
tigiganniasimajuk. He has caught a cross-fox.
Sunatuinnaligivuk Wind comes from different sides, Person speaks differently by equivocation. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
Sunaupva Well, I never! (astonishment when somehting happen the opposite way expected). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Sungak Bile. n. Sunganga pevn? Did you take out the bile?
Sungittot Trust. n. Sungittotigijaujungnatuk. Dependable.
Sungituk Does nothing . Ref: Watts
Sungiuk Become accustomed. v. Sungiusimajn? Are you familiar with it? Do you know him well?
Sunnguvuk Becomes strong. v.
Supik Blow out or away. v. Supivauk. He blew it out.
Supogak Flute. n. Bagpipes. Ref: Dorais Ref: Dorais
Supogutik Smoking pipe. n. Ref: Dorais
Supogutimottik Pipe tobacco. n. Ref: Dorais
Supojok Primus stove. n. Supojommik natsajuk. He is carrying the primus stove.
Supok Blow. v. Supojuk. It is blowing out air. Supolauguk! Blow on it!
Supollagutik Harmonica. n. Ref: Dorais
Supottuk Jet aircraft. n. Ref: Dorais
Suputik Cotton wool. n. Flower of a willow gone to seed 'Arctic cotton". n. Siutinga suputittjaga. I put cotton wool in his ear.
Sutaik Gain a lot. v. Make great gains. v. Sutaivutit. You gained a lot. Sutaiven? Did you get a lot?
Suv What does he say? What's the matter with him? What did he do?
Suvk Continual light draught. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Suvai Two; loan word from German (zwei). Suvaivuk. It is two o'clock. SuvaililikKuk. It's going on two o'clock. Suvaimi. At two o
Suvailva Twelve; loan word from German (zwolf). Suvailvat titigutet. Twelve pencils. Suvailvavuk. It's 12 o'clock.
Suvailvaliak Between 11 and 12 o'clock. SuvailvalialikKuk. It is going to 12 o'clock.
Suvak Dried fish roe (eggs). n. Suvaliujuk. She is cooking fish roe. Suvaijattuk She's taking the eggs out of the fish
Suvalik Blackberry dish mixed with suvak sauce. v. Ref: Watts
Suvalluk Overdo. v. Suvallutailigit. Try not to overdo it. Try not to drink too much. Suvallualujuk. He has overdone it.
Suvet What's the matter? Ref: Watts
Suvetak Sweater; loan word from English. Suvetalaugit. Put on a sweater.
Suvik Go though, wind or draught going through clothes or a a wall. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Suvinnik Scent of a fox. n.

T - t
Tga There to the south (a person points).
Tgani Over there. Tganenngituk. It's not over there.
Tgona Through over there. Tgonjut. They are going through there.
Tgunga In that direction. Tgungalautsimanngilanga. I have never been over there.
Tkkua These. Tkkua pikka. These are mine.
TK Obscurity, shadow, dark of night. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tlak Dollar; loan word from English. Tlatojuk. It costs a dollar.
Tlsik Close the curtain. v. Tlsilaugit. Close the curtains.
Tlutak Curtain. n. Tlutnngituk. It has no curtain.
Tnittivegutik Magnifying glass. Ref: Dorais
Tnna That one. Tnnaungituk. Not that one. TnnaKai? That one, eh? Tannangk. Rather, that one.
Tnnik Shade. n. Tnnimegasuajak. He is trying to be in the shade. Tnnikippuk. He casts a small shadow. He looks small.
Tnsik Dance (European style); a loan word from English. v. Tnsilaulluk! Let's dance!
Tnsittut Dance. n. Tnsittuliajuk. He is going to the dance.
Ttsik Darken. v. TtsilikK? Is it getting dark?
Tttik Faint. v. Tttikasvunga. I nearly fainted.
Tttuk Dark. Tttumik uvinilik. He has dark skin. Tttukogiamik itsivunga. I am afraid to go through the dark.
Tvali Exclamation expressing hopelessness. Tvali! Pannanaittaunialikugut. There is no hope! We will be imprisoned.
Tvangat From over there. Tvangat pijut. They came from over there.
Tvani Over there., In the north. Tvanejuk. It is over there. Tvanimiut. People from the north.
Tvatuak Only thing is. Tvatuak mnna kenaujaKanngilanga. The only thing is that I don't have any money right now.
Tvunga North. Tvunga tugjut. They are headed for the north.
Tagek Salt. v. TagekKaujn? Did you put salt in it?
Taggnevuk On the shadow side.
Taggni North of. kikittak Nainiup taggnejuk. The island is north of Nain. Taggasik Something or someone who is further up
North. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Taggasivut. The people who live up North Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tagga Because., Then., For., Here. Tagga nnialikKutit. For that reason, you are in pain. Tagga. Here it is.
TaggainaK Suddenly, all of the sudden. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Taggajk Movies, films. n. Taggajk takuminattusuak. The movie is very interesting.
Taggak Shadow. n. Taggalijjuk. He casts a shadow.
Taggalijpvik Movie screen. n. Ref: Dorais
Taggalijaguttik Movie projecter. n. Ref: Dorais
Taggatotik Mirror. n. Taggatotik allatilauguk. Wipe the mirror.
Taggatuk Look in the mirror. v. Taggatulaugit. Look in the mirror.
Taggiapuk Gad fly. n. Ref: Peacock
Taggik Disappear. v. Taggisimalittut. They are now out of sight.
Taggisuk Fixes a lamp wick with a stick. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tagiuk Salty., Salt water. n. Caribou nose worm. n. Sea. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Tagiumi kinitsijangit. It is too fresh. He is
soaking them in salt water.
Tagiuppuk Sneezes. The dog sneezes from eating salty food.
Tagvainak Right away. Tagvainak KaigasuaniakKutit. Try and come right away.
Taik Mention. Tailauttanga. He mentioned it. Taijaugutinga. Title Ref: Watts Taijaujok Marriage bands announced Ref: Watts
Taijaumajuk It is named or called. Ref: Watts Taij Mentioned by name. Ref: Watts Taigupp He mentions it, tells something
from the past in a story. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Taika There it is., South. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Taikingna That there below. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Taikkua Those. Taikualittauk? How about those?
Taikkunanngat From them. Taikkunanngat pisigasuavunga. I am going to buy one of them.
Taikkunngiuk See something for the first time in a long time. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Taikkununga Them. Taikkununga pulgiagasuavunga. I am going to visit them.

Taikkutitunak Like them. Taikkutitunak allasok. He can write like them.

Taimk That way. Taimgunngituk. Not that way. Taimk pijausok. It can be done that way.
Taima Enough, fine, done , finished. TaimaKai? That's enough, eh? Taima. Goodbye (at end of telephone conversation). Taimanit
Since that time Ref: Watts
Taimaimmat Therefore, since that time. Because. Taimaimmat tikinngituk. That is why he hasn't come.
Taimaittuk That kind. Taimaittongituk. Not that kind. Taimaittumik. Yes, that kind.
Taimanti Diamond; loan word from English. n.
Taimask That's all for now; that's it. Ref: Watts
Taimattak Recite. v. Taimattajuk. He is reciting.
Tainik Naming; name of a thing. Ref: Watts
Tainnangk That one, instead. Tainnangk atulillavut. Let's use that one, instead. Tainnaungitulonnet. It's not even the right
Taipsumane Back then. Ref: Watts
Taisik Mention continuously. v. Taistinnatuk ilinnik. He is always mentioning you.
Taitsumani At that time. Taitsumani NainimelaukKunga. At that time I was at Nain.
Tajak Wrist-watch. n. Bracelet. n. Tajaga. My watch.
TajaK Protective cuff on a sleeve, Mantle on an oil lamp. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tajaliugak Sweater. Ref: Dorais
Tajaliugatsajak Wool. n. Ref: Dorais
Tajaliugutik Knitting needle. n. TajaliugutiKaven? Do you have any knitting needles?
Tajaliuk Knit. v. Tajaliusonguven? Can you knit?
Tajannik Shoulder blade. n. Bones of from a seal's flipper. n. Puijik tajanninga mamattusuak. The meat on a seal's shoulder
blade is very tasty.
Takijuk Long, Tall. Takiluadlatuk. It is too long. Takijong? Is he tall? Ilittut takitigijuk. He is as tall as you. Takilitipp He is
stretching out, lengthening himself OR works to lengthen it Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Takinik Height., Length. Ottulauguk takininga. Measure the length of it.
Takkumopuk Shams. v.
Takkuposuak Benign, to do good works. Takkullimavuk He has a bad concience Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Takkusik That part of him of which was mentioned. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
TakKik Moon. n. Month. n. Menstruation. v. TakKik nuilittuk. The moon is rising. TakKini pingasuni aullasimalauttuk. He was
away three months. TakKiKajuk. She's havinng her period.
TakKisiutit Calendar. Ref: Watts
TakKisuivik Snuffs. v.
TakKitini West of us. TakKitini tupilet. They have a tent towards our west.
Takotik Meet. v. Takotidlasinnagivugut. We finally meet again.
Takugit You see, look!
TakujaKattak Watch a movie. v. Movie. n. Visit homes at Christmas. v. TakujaKattajut. They are watching a movie.
TakujaKattalianiakKen? Are you going to the movie? They are doing some Christmas visiting from house to house.
Takujatsak Souvenir. n. TakujatsasilkKagit. I will buy you a souvenir.
Takuk See. v. TakukKauvamm? Did you see me? Takutsak. It is visible. It is in sight.
Takuminanngituk Ugly sight. Inuvinik takuminanngituk. The corpse is an ugly sight.
Takuminattuk Pleasant scene. Nunatsiavanga takuminattuk. His land is beautiful.
Takunnagutik Television. Ref: Dorais
Takutsuapuk Kind.
TaKak Vein. n. Artery. n. TaKammigut kilisimajuk He hac cut his vein.
TaKuak Grub; lunch. n. Lunch. n. Carry a lunch. v.
TaKuatsaK What is to be a provision for a journey. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Talak Drunk. v. Talajuk. He is drunk.
Talannik Drunkenness. n. Talannik Kuvianaittuliusok. Drunkenness can cause unhapiness.
TaliaK Watch. Ref: Dorais
Taliguk Front flipper. Ref: Watts
Taligusutuk Outside jar (starveling ring seal). n. Ref: Brice-Bennett
Talik Arm. n. Taliga nnialittuk allanimmut. My arm is sore from writing.
Talimiutak Bracelet. Ref: Dorais

Talippik Right., Right arm. n. Talippimejuk. He is on the right. Talippinga kilisimajuk. His right hand is cut.
Tallapuk Receives a foreleg and shoulder blade as his share. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tallevuk Pierces. v.
Talligutinik Visibility.
Tallimalik Five in cards. Ref: Dorais
Tallimat Five. Tallimat Kimmet. Five dogs.
Tallimaujutut Ten. Tallimaujuttunik iKalusimajuk. He has caught ten trout.
Talluk Jaw. n. Chin. n. Snowshoes. n. Ski landing gear on a plane. n. TalluKutujuk. He has a long chin. Talluliujuk. He is making a
pair of snowshoes.
Taluk White screen used for seal hunting as a camouflage. n. Talukagami, puijimmut takujaunianngituk. Because he is behind the
screen, he will not be seen by the seal.
Tamni Here. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tamt Always., Each time. Tamt takugakkit, ikKaigattajaga. Each time I see you, I think of him.
Tama All of it, all of them. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tamalup How annoying, too bad. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tamammik Both of them. Tamammik Kanimajok. Both of them are sick.
Tamannuk Both of us. Tamannuk ittolikKuguk. Both of us are now old men.
Tamatja These.
Tamatsiatik All of them. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tamatta All of us. Tamatta tikivugut. We all came.
Tamattik Both of you. Itiligittik tamattik. Both of you, come in.
Tamatumani Now, this time. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tamauna Through there. Tamauna ilagialiguk. Add a piece on to it there.
Tamiulup Regret, how annoying, too bad. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tammak Make a mistake. v. Tammaven? Did you make a mistake? Tammangimangat kamaje Editor Ref: Watts
Tammikk Riccochet. v. Skip on the surface of water. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tampik Dump; loan word from English. Tampiliajuk. He is going to the dump.
Tamuagak Sugar almond. Ref: Dorais
Tamuak Chew. v. Tamuatsialugu. Chew it well.
Tamuannik Chewing. n. Tamuaninga tusnngunattuk. His chewing noises are imtating.
Tangik Settlings from oil., Bottom. n. TangiKanngituk. It has no bottom.
Tangiujak sallulik Pineapple. n. Ref: Dorais
Tannik Soul. n. Tanniga piulijaulnngituk. My soul will not be saved.
Tapak Disobey. v. Bad-tempered. v. Tapajualuk. He is disobedient.
Tapatunik Disobedience. n.
Tapik Addition. n. Tax. n. Tapileng? Is there tax on it?
Tapitsik Two at once. v. Tapitsivuk. He got two at one time.
Tappni (Tappngat , Tappaunga, Tappauna) Up there. Tappnenngituk. It's not up there. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tappapuk Widens. v.
Tappetuk Poor eyesight. v.
Tappika There it is., Look near above. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Tappikani (tapikanngat, tappikunnga, tappikona) Near above.
Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tappina That near above. Tappisuma Mine near above Tappikua Those near above Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tappituk Has good eyesight, sees far. v.
Tapva Because., Then., For. Tapva nottaugasualittuk. For that reason, it is going to be moved.
Tapvangat From there. Tigusiligit tapvangat. You can take some from there.
Tapvani There. Tapvanilluasiak napvlauttaga. I found it right there.
Tapvona Through that way. Tapvongasuaven? Are you going through that way? Tapvonaunngituk. Not that way.
Tarai Three; loan word from German. Taraivuk. It is three o' clock. TarailialikKuk. It is between two and three o'clock.
Taraitijik Thirty odd thirty rifle; a loan word from German. Ref: Dorais
Tasijok Elastic. n. Tasijonga nukiKangituk. The elastic is weak.
Tasijuajok Accordion. n. Tasijuamik pinnguasok. He can play the accordion.
Tasik Stretch. v. Pond. n. Atigiappanga tasijuk. Her sweater stretched. Tasikulummi pinnguajuk. He is playing in the little pond.
TasikiKutik Skin stretching tool. n. Mitsugegami kamennik, kiluginnik tasikKutimmut kKisuijuk. After sewing the skin

boots, she flattens out the stitches with a stretching tool.

Tasipvak Large lake. n. Tasipvakut umiattinngaKauvugut. We rode along a large lake.
Tasititsik Make stretch. v. Kiakkaijuk, kenanganik tasititsigami. He made her cry by pulling her face.
Tasiujak Saltwater pond. n. Bay resembling a lake. n. Tasiujak nangiannatolittuk. The ice on the salt water pond is now
Tasiuk Lead. v. Tasiulauguk. Lead him by the hand.
Tatak Full., Fill. v. Tatajuk. It is full. Tatajn? Did you fill it?
Tatamik Amazed. v. Stare in amazement. v. Tatamiven? Are you amazed? Tatamidlanak. Stop staring.
Tataminnatuk What provokes astonishment admiration. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tatamnagani Normal, it is not astonishing. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tatannamek Amazing! How fascinating!
Tatik Belief. n. Faith. n. Love. n. Tatitualik. He
has only one belief. Tatituanga. That is his only love.
Tatitusnnik Impudence.
Tatjak Tie beams of a house. n.
Tatjapuk Opresses. v.
Tatsak Spot. n. Tatsatuak. It can be easily seen. It is the only spot. Tatsakululik. It has a little spot on it.
Tatsenik Handling., Making secure.
Tatsiak Belt. n. Tatsiakavunga. I am wearing a belt.
Tatsik Touch. v. Fog. n. Feel. v. Tatsiguk. Feel it. Tatsikajjuk. He is feeling around.
Tattatk Morse key telegraph. Ref: Dorais
Tattojak Pea. Ref: Dorais
Tattuk Foggy. v. Fog. n. Kidney. n. Tattusiujut. They are in the fog. Tattuvuk. It is foggy. Tattuligijuk. He has bad kidneys.
Tattok. Two kidneys.
TattuKik Stuck. v. TattuKivuk. He got stuck in the hole.
Taulik Towel, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
TaulluKut Seasoning. n. Something that is added to what is already there (used by older people). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tauna Down. Taunani. It's down there. Ref: Noggasak
Taupek Dove. n. Ref: Peacock
Tautsek Exchange. v. Repay. v. Switch. v. Tautselaulluk. Let's exchange. TautselkKat. Make sure you pay it back.
Tautsetausimajuk. It's been switched; it isn't what I wanted.
Tauttuk Color. n. Color of face. n. Colour film. n. Tauttusiagittuk. It has a pretty color. Tauttulik. It has color. TauttuKanngituk.
It has no color. Tauttulik iviujamik. It's color is green. Tauttunga piujonngituk. His coloring doesn't look good; he looks
sick. Tauttulik. Colour film. Ref: Dorais
Tauttutgutik Lipstick. n. Ref: Dorais
Tauttutk Color. v. Tauttutgasuajn? Are you going to color it?
Tautuk Able to see. v. Tautujuk. He can see. Tautunngituk. A blind person. He cannot see. TautuKaluakKen? Are you sure your
vision isn't impaired?
Tautuk Me too! Tautulli But me too! Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tava Enough of food. Ref: Watts
Tek Tea; loan word from English. Teliulaugii. Make some tea. Tetutsaliulaunnga. Make some tea for me. Pour me some tea.
Tenistg Tuesday; loan word from German (dienestag). Tenistgimi utilgivunga. I shall return again on Tuesday.
Tepttik Teapot. n. Tepttimejuk. It is in the teapot.
Tepek Tuberculosis. v. Tepejuk. He has T.B.
Tetuk Cup of tea. v. Tetugumaven? Would you like some tea? Would you like a lunch?
Tigagut Thick end of a whip. n.
Tiggak Rutting jar seal. n. Tiggaluk. It is an old male seal.
TiggalK Wind direction indicator on a house or ship. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tigganik Funny taste (seal meat). Tigganijuk. The seal meat has a bad taste.
Tiggiak Anything that protects the eyes: visor, brim or sunglasses. Ref: Dorais
Tiggialik Baseball cap. Ref: Dorais
Tigiak Weasel (Least weasel, Mustelidae nivalis). n. Ermine, (Mustelidae erminis). n. Tigiattausimajuk. A weasel killed it. It was
done by a weasel. Tigiagat. Weasel pups.
Tigiganniak Trap foxes. v. Fox. n. Tigiganniajut. They are after a fox. Tigiganniagiajut. They are going trapping foxes.

Tigiganniap sitinga. A fox's lair.

TigikKuk Corner. n. TigikKungani. At the corner of it.
TigikKuliugutik Set square. Ref: Dorais
TigikKutok Square., Rectangular. TigikKutoliusonguven? Can you make a square?
TigikKutujok Square. n.
Tigikpuk Does it quietly. v.
Tiguak Adopted child. n. Tiguangun? Is he an adopted child?
Tiguk Take. v. Tigugok. Take it. Tigusijuk. He took one.
Tigulittuk Shake hands. v. Tigulittuvok. They shook hands. Tigulittuijuk. He is shaking hands with people.
Tigumiagak Handbag, briefcase. n. anything on hold in one's hand. Ref: Dorais Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tigumiagutivok Hold each other. v.
Tigumiak Hold. v. Godmother. n. Tigumiagit. Hold on. Tigumiaga. My godmother.
Tigumiatsiamagik Real control. v. TigumiatsiamagikKnga. He has real control over me. Tigumiatsiagit. Hold on tightly.
Tigummitik Pot holder. n. Tigummitikkalaugit. Do use pot holders.
Tigutsivik Handle. n. Ref: Dorais
Tijak Split fish. v. Tijagiamik ilijuk. He has learn how to split fish. Tijavuk. He splits fish.
Tijatti Fish-splitter. n. Tijattiuginnalauttuk. He was always the fish-splitter.
Tijik Stiffen in death. v. Tijijuk. He is now in rigor mortis.
Tijinnik Rigor mortis. n.
Tik Body relative to it's members or limbs, What is situated higher but near, abstraction made as to whether it is situated futher
inland or not. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tikigk Invade. v. Arrive unexpectedly. v. Jmaninut tikigttausimajut. They were invaded by the Germans. Adlamut
tikigttaungituagutta. I hope we aren't approached by a bear.
Tikik Arrive. v. Index finger. n. Thimble. Tikikaslittuk. He is due to arrive. Tikilittut. They are approaching. Tikiga pullijuk. My
index finger is swollen. Tikikkjuk. She is using a thimble. TikinniKet! You're here! (greeting) Ref: Watts
TikikKKatautik Race. v. TikikKKatautijut. They are having a race. TikikKjuk. He was the first to arrive.
Tikisaigutik Catalogue. Ref: Dorais
Tikittik Ticket; loan word from English. Tikittitven? Did you get a ticket?
Tikkuak Point. v. Tikkuatujuk ilinnik. He is pointing at you. Tikkuav? Did he point?
Tikkuatotik Hand on a clock. n. Ref: Dorais
Tikkugut Sprit of a sail. n.
TikKiak Peak of cap. n. Visor. n. Any sun shade. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin TikKialeng? Does it have a visor?
TikKialik Cap with a peak. n. TikKialikkajuk. He is wearing a peaked cap.
Tilidlipuk Sends. v.
Tilijaugusik Command. n. Tilijaugusimminik malinngituk. He isn't following the order given him.
Tilijauk Ordered. v. Tilijausimavutit. You have been ordered.
Tilik Command. v. Tilivagit. I command you. Tiliv He sends OR orders him to fetch something. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tililliutiv He send someone with that, that it he sends it (an object ) away Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tilitlinik Giving instructions. n. Tilitlipuk. He gives instructions.
Tiliugik Persuade. v. Nag. v. Command. v. Tiliugennatuk. He is always nagging.
Tillaijaivuk Strokes. v.
Tillak Pick axe, Hatchet. Ref: Dorais Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tilli Food hanging around mouth. n. Tillenak. He has food hanging around his mouth. TilliK The second, the last keyborad of an
accordian, OR an organ with several keyboards Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
TilliaKattak Deceive. v. TilliaKattajn? Are you deceiving him?
Tilliatauk Deceived. v. Tilliataujuk. He is being deceived.
Tilligk Stolen article or goods. n. Tilligtsasiuven? Are you looking for something to steal? Tillignik pigumalunngilanga. I
don't want stolen goods.
Tilligak Take surreptitiously. v. Swipe. v. Tilligajuk. He is taking things on the sly.
Tilliguk Thief. n. Cleptomaniac. n. Tilligu, asu. So he is a thief.
Tillik Steal. v. Beat. v. Tillijn? Did you steal it? Tillijuk. It is beating. He is stealing. Tillituk Who is treated without his knowledge
(good or evil), who is cheated in cards or in deceit (a seal that is stocked on the ice to bag it, a person who one is preparing a
surprise for) 'who thinkgs he is safe (man or animal) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tillikumik On the sly. kisiani tillikumidluni, aniKattajuk. The only way she gets out is on the sly.

Tillinik Heartbeat. n. Act of thievery. v. Food around the mouth. n. Beating. n. Tillininga nukKajuk. His heartbeat stopped.
TilliningaKaujilauttaga. I discovered he was stealing. Tillinet allatilauguk. Wipe your mouth. Tillininga tustsak. The
ticking (beating) is audible.
Tillitk Pulse. n. TillitKajong? Does she have a pulse?
Tillojak Bruise caused by a blow, bump against something OR a pinch. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Tillojattuk He has bruises on his
body (traces of blows) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tilluk Strike someone. v. Tilluvnga. He hit me. He punched me.
Timni Higher than him. Sitjaup timni. A little higher than the bank, the shore. Kop timni A little upstream in the river.
Timiptingai A little bit higher than us Timillik One that is situated more inland OR more inland. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Timik Physical body. n. Timiga siunniulittuk. My body's suffering.
Timippasituk Situated inland. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Timmiak Duck, water fowl of any kind. n. Timmiavinik mamattusuak topaiKadluni. Ducks cooked with dough-bys are
Timmuak Land from water. v. Timmuajut. They have come ashore.
Tinappuk Shivers. v.
Tingaujak Black moss. n. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tingiggautak Sail. n. Tingiggautalik. It has a sail.
Tingiggautalik Sail boat with a jib sail. n. Ref: Dorais
Tingijogluk Jet plane. n. Tingijoglukkolautsimaven? Have you ever ridden a jet plane?
Tingijok Fly in an airplane. v. Airplane. n. Tingijolautsimaven? Have you ever ridden in an airplane? Tingijok tikivuk. The plane
Tingijokuluk Bush plane. n. Tingijokuluit nangiannatutsuat. Bush planes are very scarey.
TingijoKautik Airport. Ref: Dorais
Tingijotsajak Aluminium. Ref: Dorais
Tingijotti Airplane pilot. n. Tingijottiugiamik ilinniajuk. He is taking pilot's training.
Tingik Fly. v. Tingijuk. It is flying. Tingisikasavunga. I nearly took flight (in fright).
TingikKautatsajak Canvas. n. TingikKautatsajammit sanajausimajuk. It is made from canvas.
Tinginik Flying. n. Tinginik migianngunattuvgluk. Flying makes you real nauseated.
Tinguk Liver. n. Small sea worm. n. Tingunga piuliniakKat. Save it's liver. Tinguit Kuinagijakka. These small sea worms give
me the creeps.
Tinik Low tide. n. Ebb (tide). Tinivuk. The tide has reached its ebb. TinilikK? Is the tide falling?
Tiniti Ink, a loan word from English (tint). Ref: Dorais
Tinitsuak Ebb. v. Ebb tide. n. Tinitsuavuk. The sea is on low tide. The tide is falling.
Tinitunik Low tide (exceptionally low). n. IkKaumaven tinitunimman? Do you remember the year we had a really low tide?
Tinnak Freezing, shivering from the cold. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tinnisginik Warning. n.
Tipak Smell. n. Tipaganngituk. It has no bad smell. Tipalik. It has a bad smell.
Tipalak Smelly, odorous. v. Tipalajuk. It is smelly. Tipalajong suli? Is it still smelly?
Tipigitsak Put on perfume. v. Tipigitsajuk. She is putting on perfume.
Tipigitsautik Perfume. n. Tipigitsautitsiavait! What a nice perfume you have!
Tipik Smell. n. Tipinga niutsinattuk. The smell will make you gag.
Tipikulosi Tuberculosis; loan word from English. n.
Tippak Become smelly. v. Annugkka tippavut. The smell is hanging on to my clothes.
Tippapuk Ice has drained. v. Clear. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tipsaluk Boots (neither legging nor socks). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tipvak Bring ashore OR inland. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tipvigut Snowdrift. n.
Tipvuanikuk Shot (lead or steel pellet) in a shotgun shell. n. Ref: Dorais
Tipvuanikunniutik Shotgun. n. Ref: Dorais
Titiguttik Pencil. n. Titigutiga iviujak. My pencil is green.
Titik Mark. v. Mark out the outline. v. Titilauguk. Trace out the outline. Titijaga. I marked it.
Titjaluk Driftwood. n. Titjaluttagiajuk. He has gone to pick some driftwood. Titjalosimajuk. It has been cast ashore as driftwood. It has been washed ashore on the beach.
Titjalukovuk Washed ashore on the beach. v.

Titjivuk Flushes a bird. v.

Titjupuk Boil dry. v. Katsiugutik titjuvuk. The kettle boiled dry.
Titlak Pick-axe. n.
TitsaluKvuk Bubbling water. v.
Tittak Mark. n. Stroke. n. Degrees on a thermometer. n.
Tittatk Beat. v. Tap. v. Tick. v. Sunakia tittatjuk. Something is ticking.
Tittaugikkutik Clothes pin. n. Ref: Dorais
Tittauk Blown away by wind. v. Iniakka tittauvut. My clothes blew away from the line.
Tittauvalak Flap in the wind. v. Saimmatik tittauvaljuk. The flag is flapping in the breeze.
Tittik Boil. v. Tittivuk. It is boiled. It has boiled. Tittilittuk. It is boiling. Tittisimajuk. It is boiled. Boiled water.
Tittulautik Trumpet. n. Tuba (word of Greenlandic origin). Ref: Dorais Tittulautijut. They are playing the trumpets.
Tiuttuk Chirping bird. v. Ref: Watts
Togk Tusk. n. Omajualuk toglialuk. The beast has a tusk.
Tok Dart. n. Poke. v. Chisel used to cut a hole in the ice. n. Tolauguk. Poke it.
Tokak Poker. n. Tokammut anaujanga. He hit it with a poker.
Tokkak Harpoon head. n.
Tollik Loon (Gavia immer). n. Tollet niliagusialungit. The eerie sounds of the loons.
Tonistg Thursday; a loan word from German (donnerstag).
Tonngak Evil spirit, spirit used by shamen. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tonngaviak Butterfly. n. Moth. n. Unnumat tonngavianut tatavuk. Now its evening, it's full of moths.
Toppuk Pushes. v.
Tovuk Spears himself. v.
Tuapk Heap of stones. n.
Tuavi Hurry. v. Quickly., Fast. Tuavilaugit! Hurry up! Hurry. Tuavigialaugit. Go faster. Tuavigumanngilanga. I do not want to
hurry. Tuavijuk. It's rushing. He is hurrying. TuavikKulauguk. Tell him to hurry. Tuavi. Quickly. Tuavilukattuk He walkd in
a hurry, works in a hurry (pejorative). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tugk Aim. v. Tugjut uvattinut. They are heading for us. They are aiming the guns at us.
Tugak Say something straight out to someone. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tugautik Billiard ball. Ref: Dorais
Tuggaluk Three-toed woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus). n. Ref: Murphy
Tuggavik Country, native land OR place of birth (rare). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tuik Shoulder. n. Tuiga nniajuk. My shoulder is sore.
Tujosiak Parcel (from someone to me). Tnna tujosiagilauttaga annannit. That is what my mother sent me.
Tujotik Parcel (from me to someone). Tujotitsailagippa! I don't know what to send her because I don't have anything. Tujotiga
tikilaukK? Did my parcel arrive?
Tujuik Send a gift. v. Tujuijuk annamminut. She is sending her mother a gift. TujuttaulaukKen? Were you sent a gift?
Tujummiak Guest. n. TujummiaKaven? Do you have someone staying at your place? Tujummianguvunga. I am a guest.
Tujummik Feel bored or lonely. v. Tujummitlanak. Don't be lonely. TujummilikKen? Are you bored? Tujummivuk. He feels
like a stranger.
Tujummiuk Board. v. Tujummiuvunga ukunani. I am boarding with them.
Tujummiuvik Hotel., Motel., Inn. Tujummiuvik tatatsiasiajuk. The hotel is completely packed. Tujummiuvimmejuk. He is in
the hotel.
Tujuttauk Receive a present. v. Tujuttauvunga. I have been sent a present.
Tuk Land. v. Touch bottom. v. Tuvuk. It touched the bottom. Tuv? Did it reach the bottom?
Tukaluk Clumsy. Tukalualok! You old clumsy!
Tukatsiak Strong twine. n.
Tukik Kick. v. Meaning. n. TukittauniakKutit hotsimut. The horse will kick you. Sun tukinga? What is the meaning?
TukiKangilatit. You are not making any sense.You are senseless. TukiKaven? Are you sane? Tukilik. It has meaning.
TukiKangituk. It has no meaning. It is a nonsense word.
Tukimovuk Lengthways. v.
Tukinga Direction.
Tukingak Lengthways. v. Tukingajuk. It is lengthways.
Tukinngatik Axe handle. n. Tukinngatinga Kupivuk. The axe handle split.
Tukisiak Understand. v. Tukisiajuk Inuttut. He understands Inuttut.


Understand. v. Tukisiven? Do you understand? Tukisinanngituk. It is incomprehensible. Tukisinattuk. It can be

understood. Tukisittilauguk. Make him understand. Tukisitsiatilauguk. Explain it to him.
Tukkak Football. n. Football game. n. Play football. v. Kick repeatedly. v. Tukkagaven? Do you have a football? Tukkajut. They
are playing football. Tukkataujuk. He is being kicked at. Tukkajuk. He is kicking.
Tukkalituk Last kick of a dying animal. v. Ref: ?
Tukkanguak Play ice rugby. v. TukkanguagiattuniakKen? Will you be going down to play rugby?
TukKavik Home. n.
TukKipuk Fits well.
TukKuittuk Miserly, avarice. v. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tukunnaut Eyeball. n.
Tukutok Motor boat (baby talk). Tukutoga. My toy boat.
TuKipuk What suits well (ie a warm garmet that fits well over another). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
TuKuk Die. v. Death. n. TuKulikKuk! He is dying! TuKuk kappianammn? And why, because death is fearful? Kimmiga
tuKutauvuk. My dog is killed. TuKukaskKolittuk. It seems that he is nearing death. TuKutaunngituaguvit. I hope you
don't get killed. TuKumut OR TuKu tikillugu Until death comes . Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Inop tuKua tikillugu When a
persons death comes. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
TuKungajuk Dead person., It is dead. TuKungajualummik atjajut. They are carrying a corpse.
TuKunnatuk Poison. n. TuKunnatuttusimajopalaijuk. It was discovered that she had taken a poison. TuKunnasijualuk It is
turned poisonous. It has gone bad.
TuKutauk Killed. v. Piguttuka kumannut tuKutaujut. My flowers have been killed by louse worms.
TuKutsik Kill. v. TuKutsivuk. He kills.
Tulak Touch. v. Fit (clothes)., Go from a boat OR from ice to land. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Tulagunnangitaga. The anchor
touched the bottom of the sea. It has reached the bottom. Can you get it on? Does it fit? Can you reach it? I can't get it on.Its too
Tulapiuk Comes ashore. v.
Tuligek Row. v. Tulligevut. They are in a row.
Tulik Back. n. Tuliga. My back.
Tulimk Rib of a land animal. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tulimaik Rib on body. n. Tulimaikka. My ribs. Tulimaijattausimajuk. He has had some ribs removed (for TB).
Tulimaujaik Boat rib. n. Tulimaujait sanagiangit pijanningitut. Boat ribs are difficult to make.
Tullak Touch for a second. v.
Tulligk Floor mat. n. Step on a ladder. n. Stepping on something. v. Tulligk itsutulauguk. Shake out the mat. Tullignga
siKumisimajuk. The step on the ladder is broken. Tulligjanga. He is on it. Tulligdlanagona. Don't be stepping on it.
Tulligappuk Makes tracks. v.
Tulligunnak Plant that grows along the shore, eaten by Inuit. Beach greens (Beach sandwort, Honckenya peploides). Ref: Aichen n.
Tulligunnatomagiatsiavak. I like eating tulligunnait.
Tullik Second one., Neighbour., Purple sandpiper (Calidris maritima). n. One alongside. Tullia piunitsak. The one next to it is
better. Tullik tingisikKaujuk mnngat. The sandpiper flew up from here. Tulliga tustsiangituk. The one alongside of me is
hard of hearing.
Tullisik Trample. v. Tullisivuk. He tramples on it.
Tulugak Crow (Common raven, Corvus corax). n. Tulugluit pitsinik nigilittut. The darn crows are eating the dried fish.
Tulugannak Blackbird (rusty blackbird, Euphagus carolinus). n. Ref: Murphy
Tulugiak Eye-tooth. n. Tulugiaglogik! His eye-teeth are some ugly looking!
Tumtu Tomato, a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Tumik Foot or paw tracks. n. Tumikka mikijutsuat. My foot tracks are really, small. Tumini takuven? Did you see any tracks?
Tummak Wear the heel of the boot on the sole. v. Limb that has been stiffened by the breaking of a bone. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
kamegi tummajok. The heels of his skin boots are on the sole.
Tummi Tattoo. n.
Tummigk Steps on stairs. n.
Tunik Give. v. Tunilauguk! Give this to that person!
TuniK Dirty man (in memory of the greasy dirt of those people who inhabited the Labrador coast. They were chased out by Inuit
and fled to Greenland where they then went inland according to lengends.). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tunitjuk Breast bone. n.
Tunngak Ruling spirit. n. Touching the bottom., Joker in cards (formerly the spirits that assisted the shaman). Ref: Dorais

Tunngajuk. The spirits of the mountains. It is touching the bottom. It is touching the ground.
Tunngavik Foundation. n. Tunngaviliujuk. He is building the foundation for his house. Inuit tungavinga. The foundation of the
Inuit people.
Tunngujuttak Blue. n. Tunngujuttnik ijilik. He has blue eyes.
Tunnuk Edible deer fat, sometimes dried. n. Tunnutugumapp! I'd like to have some caribou fat. Tunnugatsiangituk. It doesn't
have much fat.
Tunuk Back. n. Turn your back on someone. v. Tununejuk. It is behind him. Tunuganejuk. It is behind me. Tunuvuk. He turns his
back. Tunua. Its back. Tununga. His back. Tunullipk. The posterior, the one who comes after, the last Ref: Schneider:
Tunusuk Back of neck. n. Tunusummini puijuk. He has a pimple on the back of his neck.
Tupki Tobacco; loan word from English. Tupkigaven? Do you have any tobacco?
Tupkialojak Date, fruit. n. Ref: Dorais
Tupak Awaken. v. Tupaligit. Time to wake up now. Tuptsalauguk. Wake him up. Tupaven? Are you awake?
Tupik Tent. n. Choke. v. Tupipvivinik. A place where a tent had once been pitched. Tupipvisak. The place where the tent will be
pitched. Tupitsajak. Canvas. Tupilittuk. He is choking. Tupikasven? Did you nearly choke?
Tupitsajak Tent canvass. n. Ref: Dorais
Tuppitik Put up a tent. v. Tuppitiut. They are setting up the tent.
Turautik Foresight on a rifle. Ref: Dorais
Tusgutik Hearing aid. n. Stethoscope. n. TusgutittajutsaugaluakKutit. You should really get a hearing aid for yourself.
Tusgutik nillinattuk. The stethoscope feels cold.
Tusji Interpreter. Ref: Dorais
Tusk Listen. v. TusgaluakKen? Are you sure you are listening? Tusnngituk. He is not listening. He is deaf. Tusgasualaugit.
Try to hear what they are saving. Try to listen. Tusvunga. I am listening. I am not deaf.
Tusnngituk Deaf person. n. Deaf. v.
Tusnnguk Tired of listening or hearing. v. Tnna piusik tusnngujaga. I am tired of that record. KuKugajut tusnngujakka. I
am tired of hearing those people shout at each other.
Tuspvik Receiver of telephone, etc. n. Tuspvingagut tigumiallugu. Hold on to it by the receiver.
Tustsiangituk Person who is hard of hearing. He is partially deaf.
Tusak Hear. v. Tusaven? Did you hear? Tusajaga. I heard it.
Tusannituk Good news., Pleasant to listen to. Tutsiagusik tusannitutsuak. The song has a nice tune. Asemalu, tusannitunik
tusanialittunga. I thought I would hear some good news.
Tusiak Limp. v. Tusiajuk. He is limping. A person who limps.
Tusuk Desire. v. Crave. v. Covet. v. UKummiagattujunik tusujuk. He sees the children having candy and wishes that he had some.
Angaligavit, tusulikKunga. I wish I were going home, like you.
Tutik Step on. v. Sleep with. v. Tutijanga. He stepped on it. Tutittailiguk. Try not to step on it. TutipvisaKanngituk. He has no
foothold or place to step on. Tutijanga He is sleeping with her. Tutijok. They are sleeping with each other.
Tutjak Track. v. Tuttumik tutjajuk. He is tracking a caribou.
Tutluk Windpipe. n.
Tutsiak Pray. v. Sing. v. TutsiaKattaven? Do you say your prayers? Tutsianingit iginaKanngitut. Their singing is tuneless.
Tutsialaugit. Sing for me. Tutsiakik To grant what someone asks for. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Tutsiaqqituk. He prays, asks
for a long time Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Tutsiagalausik A smal song, not sung by a choir Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tutsimak Feel sad. v. Feel discouraged and without hope. v. Tutsimanngimagillutit. Don't feel sad. TutsimalikKen? Have you
given up hope? Tutsimaven? Are you feeling depressed?
Tutsiutik Remember in song or prayer. v. Dedicate a hymn to. v. Tutsiutilaullavut ilavut aullasimajut. Let us remember with a
hymn our relatives who are away.
Tutsok Porch. n. Tutsomejuk. It is in the porch. Tutsukattk Vestibule OR a corridor (dual) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Tutsuk Bend. v. Tutsusimajuk. It is bent. Tutsujanga. He bent it.
Tuttuagak Caribou fawn. n. Ref: Noggasak
Tuttujak Caribou skin. n. TuttujammikKlik. He has a caribou skin mattress.
Tuttuk Caribou (Rangifer tarandus). n. Small red bugs. n. Tuttujuk. He shot a caribou Tuttukululuvinik. What a lot of little red
Tuttusiugiak Hunt caribou. v. Tuttusiugiajut. They are gone caribou hunting.
Tuttuvajak Corned beef. Ref: Dorais
Tuttuvak Cow. n. Moose (Alces americana). n. Tuttuvait immuliulluat. The cows sure can make milk.

Tuttuvinik Caribou meat. n. TuttuviniKavise? Do you have any caribou meat?

Tutuk Tangly hair. n. Nujangit tutuit. Her hair is tangly.
Tuvaik Ice breaks in spring. TuvailikKuk. The ice is breaking up. Tuvaippat. At spring break-up. Ref: Watts
Tuvak Firm winter ice. n. Tuvaguttuk The ice is thick Ref: Schneider: Bourquin

U - u
Uaja Electric wire, a loan word from English., Antenna. Ref: Dorais
Uanniluak South westerly wind. Ref: OKalaKatiget
Ugguak Lament. v. Ugguagitsualilauttaga Kimmikuluvut, Kukittaunimat. I was really sorry about losing our little dog when he
was shot.
Ugguanik Lamentation. n. Ugguanik KanimaliaKinnatuk. Grieving over the dead can make you sick.
Uggujak Stagger. v. mainngagami keta, uggujakKaujuk. He must have been drunk because he staggered.
Ugguk Topple over. v. Fall over. v. Ugguvuk. It fell over. Uggupat KttaunialikKugut. If it falls over, we will be squat.
Uggungak Fallen on its side., Lean on its side. Uggungajuk. It is fallen on its side.
Ugiak Spit. v. Spit. n. Kill through intense emotion, provocation, or insanity. v. Natimmut ugiattutlanak. Don't spit on the floor.
Ugiat manetuinnajuk. Your spit is just lying around. Kimmialuk ugianngulittuk Kimmiagulannik. The dog wants to kill
the little puppies. Ajaiggualuk, ugianngunattuk. How cute she is! She drives me insane! katimajuni, uKlaligami,
ugianngugijaulilauttuk. When he spoke at the meeting, he made the people feel like tearing him apart.
Ugiannik Smother (kill) something or someone. n.
Ugunik Partridge entrails. n. Ugunet piuligiaKanngitut. There is no need to save the entrails.
Uigganik Widow. n. Uigganiuvunga. I am a widow.
Uiggasuk Unmamed woman or teenaged girl. n. Spinster. n. Suli uiggasuk. She is still unmaried.
UiggasuKutik Girlfriend. n. Taikinna uiggasuKuting? Is that his girlfriend? UiggasuKutigek. They are going steady.
Uigik Want to do more. v. Enticed. v. Uigivunga sinigiamik. I want more sleep now. Uigimavuk. He is enticed. Uigisaivuk
imigiamik ilinnik. He is enticing you to drink. Kaujijaulautsimannginami, uigijuk tilligiamik. Because he is never found
out, he is getting used to stealing.
Uiguk Add on. v. Join on. v. Part that has been joined on. n. Uigugiagialeng? Must it be lengthened? Nuluajak naituadlamat,
uiguvavut waijamik. Because the string was too short, we added some wire on to it. UigutsaKanngituk. There is no piece to
add on to it. Uiguv. He adds a piece on to it.
Uik Open eye. v. Husband. n. Uitajuk. He has his eyes open. Uigunnagunnaituk. He can no longer open his eye. Uilik. She has a
Uilik Married woman.
Uimajk Restless. v. Moving around. v. Uimajdlanak. Stop fidgeting. Uimajjuk. He is moving around.
Uimavuk Dazed. v.
Uimmlappuk Embarassed. v.
Uinngak Sleepy. v. Uinngaven? Are you sleepy? UinngalikKunga. I am ready to go to bed.
Uinnik Stem of a Kamutik. n. Uinnisamittok. I wish I had something for Kamutik stems.
Uipvak Cape of land. n. UipvakoniakKugut. We are going to go through the cape.
Uitak With eyes open. Uitajogaluanguna. He does have his eyes open. Uitatsiajukulok. How observant!(Sarcasm).
Uitjk Go around in circles. v. Uitjlittok. They are swinging (in a dance). Uitjtlanak. Stop going around.
Uitjanguk Dizzy. v. Uitjtlanak, uitjanguniakKutit. Stop going around, you will become dizzy.
Uitsnik Distance covered by a boat with the power cut off.
Uitsvuk Coasting. v.
Uitsapuk Boat is run ashore. v.
Uittatok Small cod fish : only used in summer time. (see ogak). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Uivettuk Saucy. Uivettukulualuk. Bad saucy one. Uivettudlanak. Don't be saucy.
Uivigginattuk Who causes one to make a mistake. Uiviggillituk He cheat, wrongs him Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Uivigginiak Cheat. v. Prey on the helpless or uninformed. v. Uivigginiajuk, Kaujimanngitunik ilisimanngitunik. He is cheating
and taking advantage of the uninformed and uneducated.
Uivisk Rape. v. Mistreat. v. Vandalize. v. Fool with someone else's property. v. Uivisttausimajuk. She has been raped.

Uivisdlanagona, siKumisok. Leave it alone; it is fragile. Aullasimatillugit, illunga uivisttausimalauttuk. While they were
away, their house had been vandalized. Uivisjualutuinnanguna. He is only fooling.
Ujagluk Boulder. n. Ujaglo tunuani ijisimajuk. He is hiding behind the boulder.
Ujagak Rock. n. Granite. n. Ujagammik kisalik. He has a rock for an anchor. Ujagammik illuluk. He has a granite house. Una
ujagatsiasuak. This is a pretty rock.
Ujagalak Gravel. n. UjagaltsiugianiakKise? Are you going to get some gravel? Tgani ujagalKavuk. There is some gravel
Ujaganniak Mine. v. Miner. n. Prospector. n. Ujaganniajut. They are mining. Ujaganniagiavunga. I am going prospecting.
Ujanniat tikennaKattajut. Prospectors are always coming here.
Ujaganniatik Prospector. n. Ref: Dorais
Ujagatsiak Hammer. n. Ujagatsiamut kaulauguk. Hit it with a hammer.
Ujamik Necklace. n. Ujamikkajuk. She is wearing a necklace.
Ujuguk Niece of a man (paternal). n. Ujuguttvunga. I now have a niece.
Ujugumiak Vapour. n.
Ujukkuajak Twine. n. Fishing line. n. Ujukkuajammut Kilatsusimajuk. It is tied up with twine.
Ukaliatsiak Snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus). n. Inuit dance. n. Ukaliatsiap anakulungit. Rabbit droppings. Ukaliatsianguajut.
They are dancing 'The Rabbit.'
Ukalik Arctic hare (Lepus timidus). n. UkalilkKauvunga. I shot a hare.
Ukiak Fall (autumn). n. Ukiami utilgivugut. We shall return again in the fall.
Ukiatsk Early fall (autumn). n. Ukiatsglummi, motakkut tikilauttut. They arrived in the early fall by boat.
Ukijijuk Looks at a point fixedly for a long time, Absent minded. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ukijivuk Stares. v.
Ukik Wants more. v. Chip. v. Ukivunga. I want more (drink). Ukinnatuk. It makes you want more and more. Ukiniannagu. Don't
chip it. Ukisimajuk. It has been chipped.
Ukiligiak Spotted dog. n. Ukiligiammik Kimmilik. He owns a spotted dog.
Ukinnik Wounded area with no skin. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ukiuk Winter. n. Ukiungulippat, KannitlaKattalgivuk. When its winter, well get lots of snow again.
Ukkinik Wound. n.
Ukku Corridor. Ref: Dorais
Ukkuak Close the door. v. Door. n. Ukkualaugit. Close the door. Ukkuamejuk. He is by the door.
Ukkuigutik Doorknob. n. Ref: Dorais
Ukkuik Open. v. Ukkuilaugit. Open the door. Ukkuiv niuvipving? Is the store open now? UkkuilikKuk. It is opening.
Ukkuitattuk Cupoboard, closet. Ref: Dorais
Ukkuk Room divider. n. Extension to home. n. Ukkuliujuk. He is adding on a piece to his home.
Ukkusik Boiler. n. Cooking pot. n. Ukkusimmi ojaKavuk. There is some cooked seal meat in the pot. Ukkusille? Where is the
UkKualink Sheltered side. n. Lunn place. n. UkKualinliajut. They are going to a sheltered place.
UkKuk Insect found on mouldy things. n. Shelter. n. UkKumejuk. He is away from the wind. He is sheltered.
Ukpatik Buttock of a animal. n. Ref: ?
Ukua These. Ukua nillinatsijut. These are cooled.
Ukuagek Mother-in-law. n. Daughter-in-law. n. Una ukuagiatsuga. This is my mother-in-law. Ukuagettven? You now have a
Ukuak Sister-in-law. n.
Ukuk Bend over. v. kisiani ukudluni, itittausok. It can only be entered by bending over. Ukungajuk He is bent forward. Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
UkuKsi Hey! Listen! (2nd person plural of the exclaimation aigoK). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ukutsik This part of oneself. n. Ukutsiga nniajuk. This part of me is sore.
UKlak Talk. v. Give a speech. v. UKlapptlanak. Don't talk so much. UKlagiaKavutit. You must give a speech.
UKlagunangituk Is mute or unable to speak for a given reason. Ref: Watts UKlajok Record player. Ref: Watts
UKlaKatiKavik Telephone. Ref: Watts UKlaKatinga. She talks with her Ref: Watts
UKlautiKak Talk about something or someone. v. Gossip. v. UKlautiKakKaujuk maligatsanik. He spoke about regulations.
UKlautiKainnatuk inunnik. He is always gossipping about people.
UKlavik Microphone. n. Ref: Watts
UKpiluak Swear against God, etc. v. UKpiluajukulualuk Gotimik. That little old thing is swearing against God.

UKagiallak Explain. v. Say more. v. UKagiallalaugit, tukisittauniagavit. Say something else so that they will understand you.
Explain more fully so that you will be understood. UKagiallagumanngilanga. I don't want to say anything further.
UKaituk Shag (Double crested cormorant, phalacrocorax auritus). n. Ref: Peacock
UKajok Record player. n. Ref: Watts
UKak Speak. v. Say. n. Tell. v. Tongue. v. Record player arm and needle. n. Ref: Dorais UKanga puijuk. He cannot pronounce some
of the words properly. He said that. Don't tell. Tell on him. He did say something about it. His tongue has a pimple.
UKaKatigek Discuss. v. Agree upon amongst themselves. v. Taimk uKaKatigesimajok aullaggatik. That is what they agreed
upon before they left.
UKalagalk Talk of several things, discuss several things. Ukalagalautiv He talks of several things. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
UKalaKittuk Murmurs OR says evil things. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
UKalatiutiv Speaks ill of someone. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
UKannilotjik Swear at someone. v. UKannilotivuk. He swears at him.
UKatsiasok Speaks well. UKatsianitsak She speaks better. UKatsiagunangituk She does not speak well, explaining or telling.
Ref: Watts
UKatti Interpretor. n. Spokesperson. n. Ref: Watts
UKaujak Edible buds and leaves on an arctic willow, rich in vitamin C (Salix arctica). n. Ham. n. UKaujattomajuk. He is eating
willow leaves.
UKausik Language. n. Word. n. Way of speaking. n. Tnna Kalluntut uKausilik. This one speaks English. Tkkua uKauset
sulijut. Those words are the truth. UKausitsiagittuk. He is articulate. He speaks we it. UKausigij Talked about it, she told on
him, spoke of her Ref: Watts
UKautjijuk Told her or spoke to her. Ref: Watts
UKautjusiatt Explained well to... Ref: Watts
UKavigogusik Foreign language. n. Way of speaking English. n. UKavigogusinga tukisinatsiangituk. His way, of speaking
English is barely comprehensible.He speaks English with an accent.
UKavigok Speak a foreign language. v. Speak English. v. UKavigogutijok. They are speaking a foreign language. UKavigosok. He
can speak English.
UKilak Agile., Light-footed. UKilajuk. He can move any way. He is a fast runner.
UKittuk Light. It is not heavy. Tnna uKitong? Is that light?
UKuK Little white creatures in mouldy spots. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
UKumailutak Dead weight. n. Excess weight. n. UKumailutatuinnauniammat, Kimanialittat. Because it will only be a bother
and unnecessary weight, we will leave it behind.
UKumainnik Weight. n. Heaviness. n. UKumainningit pujulikkogiaKalttut. The heavier pieces will have to go by boat.
UKumaittuk Heavy. UKumailuadlatuk. It is too heavy. UKumaigijaten? Do you find them heavy?
UKumangik Nightmare. v. Hagues. v. UKumangidluni KiasikKaujuk. He started crying while having a nightmare.
UKumangidluni tupagunnangigiagluk. Its bad not being able to wakeup from the hagues.
UKumik Go with the wind. v. Angugimut uKumippuk. He is going with the wind.
UKummiagak Candy, marshmellow. n.
UKummiak First stomach of a caribou, rumen, cud. n. Ref: Watts
UKummigak Filter tip for a cigarette, cigar. Ref: Dorais
UKummisik Put something in the mouth. v. UKummisivuk sanniguanimik. He put a button in his mouth. UKummisittilaunga.
Give me a taste of it.
Ulalujak Whirl wind. n. Ulajutjituk There is a whirlwind OR tornado Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ulapitsik Interrupt. v. Bother. v. UlapitsilikKutit katimagasuajunik. You are bothering the people who are trying to hold a
meeting. Ulapitsituinnalittuk. He is only interrupting us and keeping us from working.
Ulialuk Overcoat. Ref: Dorais
Ulik Turn inside out. v. Rising tide. v. Jacket. n. High tide. n. kamekkik ulilaukkik. Turn your boots inside out. UlilikKuk. The tide
is rising. UlikKangituk. He has no coat on.
Ulikiupuk Full to the brim. v. Ulikkip He has over filled it, filled it to overflowing Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ulikupk Shawl. n. Baby's blanket. n. Cover with a blanket. v. Ulikupkkajuk. She is wearing a shawl. Ulikupnga iKijuk. Her
baby's blanket shrank. Ulikuplauguk. Cover him with a blanket.
Ulimak Chop oneself with an axe. v. UlimattailiKattagit. Be careful around axes. Ulimasimajuk, Kijuttagiasimadluni. He
chopped his foot when he was gone wooding.
Ulimautik Axe. n. Ulimautimmot Kupijanga. He split it with an axe.
Ulimmk Chop wood. v. Ulimmjuk. He is chopping wood.

Ulimmakuk Chips of wood. n. Ulimmakunginnik, pukulaugit. Pick up the chips of wood he is leaving behind.
Ulinnaik Recognize from a distance. v. Ulinnaiso-on? Can you see what it is? Kaninngiluailamat, ulinnaigunnangitaga.
Because it is too far away, I cannot pick out what it is.
Ulinnaituik Take a good look. v. Ulinnaituijuk. He is taking a good look.
Ulipakk Shawl. n. Ref: Dorais
Ulitsuak Rising tide. v. UlitsualikKuk. The tide is rising.
Ulitunnik High tide (extreme). n. flood. n. Ulitunnivuk. There is a flood. kisiani ulitunnimat, saujauKattatuk. Only, when there
is a very high tide is it covered.
Uliut Sinew in reindeer's rack. n.
Ullguk Up early in the morning. v. Ullguvuk. He got up early in the morning.
Ullk Morning. n. Ullgtsuk. In the early morning. Ullkut Kinigialttavut. In the morning, we shall go and look for them.
Ullsiutik Breakfast cereal. n. Dressing gown. n. Ref: Dorais
Ullak Chase. v. Kimminut ullataulittuk. He is being chased by the dogs. Ullataudlaligutta, sullikKit? What shall we do if we
are pursued?
Ullituk Aim a gun. v. Nuti sgama ullitujuk. And when I turned around, I saw he was aiming the gun. Akunialualuk,
ullituKattajuk. He takes a long time to take aim.
Ullok Daylight. v. Ullovuk. It is daylight.
Ullugiak Star. n. Ullugiatsiavak. A beautiful star. Ullugiat takutsaungitut. The stars are not visible.
Ullugialijak Starry night. v. Ullugialijav? Are there any stars out? Ullugialijv? Are the stars out?
Ulluk Day (24 hours). n. Calendar. n. Part of the day or day time. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin NauKo ulluin? He finds the day short.
He slept all day long. Where is the calendar?
Ullumi Today. n. ImmaK ullumi tikiniattuk. Maybe he will arrive today. He may arrive today. Ullumi suniakKen? What will
you do today?
Ullusiuk Celebrate. v. Ullumi, uigganet ullusiujut. Today the widows are celebrating their "Day". Ullusiupvik. A holiday or day of
Ulotik Washboard. n. Ulotiga siKumittauniagani. Be careful with my washboard.
Uluak Cheek. n. Uluatannalik. He has big cheeks. Uluangagut patittaujuk. He is slapped on the cheek.
Ulugiak Cringe. v. Duck. v. UlugiakKaungikuma, miluttaugajakKauvunga. I would have been hit if I hadn't ducked.
Ulugiatsgijuk savimmut. He is threatening us with a knife.
Ulugiasuppuk Dodges. v.
Uluk Rub with the hands or on a washboard. v. woman's knife. n. UlutsianiakKcatit, ipejaniammata. Rub them well so that all the
dirt will come out. Ulukkajuk. She is using an women's knife. Uluttup She rubs it against itself in a fold to wash it or render
is supple. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ulutsitik Chisel. n. Ulutsitet ikketuk. Your chisel is blunt.
Umiagk Punt, flat-bottomed row boat. n. Umiagkkut timmuajut. They came ashore from the boat in a flat.
Umiak Boat. n. Umiak tatakklajuk. The boat is loaded to the gunwales. Umialiusimajanga inngainatuk. The boat he made is
always leaky. Umiat The boat and the people in it. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Umialittak Ship's master. Ref: Dorais
Umiannguak Toy boat. n. Model boat. n. Umiannguajut tasikulummi. They are playing boats in a little pond. Umianngualiusok.
He can make a boat model.
Umiatsuak Battle ship. n. Large ship. n. Ark. n. Umiatsuamut tikigttaujut. They are attacked by a battle ship. Umiatsuak
tikisimajuk. A dredger has arrived. Noah umiatsuavininga napvtausimalittuk. The ruins of Noah's ark have been found.
Umiattuk Ride in a boat. v. Umiattulauvitta. Let's take a boat ride. Umiattugiamik piutsangituk. He doesn't like to travel by
Umik Whiskers. n. Beard. n. Umilik. He is bewhiskered.
Umimmak Musk-ox (Ovibos moschatus). n. Umimmamik sinnatomatsainatuk. He's always dreaming about musk-ox.
Umiuk Overturn. v. Umiuvut. Their boat overturned. Uimajguvit umiutitsiniakKutit. If you move around, you will tip the boat
Ummak Seam. n. Stitch in sealskin boot. n.
Unk Harpoon. v. Harpoon with a fixed foreshaft and detachable head for hunting on the sea ice. n. According to Bourquin there are
two unk: igimak, an articulated harpoon with separable barbed point joined to a line and nippanniut, a harpoon with a fixed
point. Unjanga. He harpooned it. Unliujuk. He is making a harpoon.
Una This one. n. Una kin? Who is this one? Un? Is this the one? Una kisimi. Only this one.
Unajualik Shedding animal.

Unammisuk Threaten another person. v. Unammisujuk. He is thinking of fighting him.

Unani Down below. Unanejuk. It is down below.
Unanngk East blowing. v. East wind. n. Unanngv? Is the wind blowing from the east?
Unannga From down there. Unannga tigukKanjanga. He took it from down there.
Unatak Warring. v. War. n. Unatatsainatut. They are constantly battling. Unatattugavuk. There is a war going on.
Unatapvimesimajuk. He was in a war. He was at the battle site.
Unatannik War. n. Unatannik pivallititsilautsimanngituk. War has never resolved anything.
Unatannipuk Fights. v.
Unatattik Soldier. n. Unatattituinnait. They are only a nation of soldiers. Unatattimut takujauguma, nukegutigajakKunga. If I
were seen by a soldier, I would faint.
Unavuk Dog is friendly. It wags its tail. v.
Ungak Sad because a person is leaving. v. Long to accompany someone. v. Ungatuinnaniattuk, takunguni anitiuta. He will only
cry to come along if he sees us leaving. Ungajuk annamminik. He is dying after his mother who is leaving. Ungav He is
devoted to him: to love very much; a kindly love Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ungallik Last one., Second one. Ungallipk. The last one over. Ungallinga kKigialauguk. Set straight the one next to it.
Ungammiutak Picture on the wall. n. Wall hanging. n. UngammiutaKanngituk illunga. This house has no pictures or hangings
on the wall.
Ungammutautik Chisel, etcher's tool. Ref: Dorais
Unganik Devotion. n.
Ungasinik Distance. n.
Ungat Beyond side. Ungatnejuk. It is beyond it. It is behind it.
Ungatik Partition wall. n.
Ungigutik Draw string. n. Boot string. n. Ungigutet ungilauguk. Tighten the drawstring around your boots. Ungigutittsimajanga
pokuluk. She has made a drawstring for the little bag.
Ungik Sew puckers in. v. Pull on drawstring. v. Gather. v. Pualuit ungitttaugattajut. Mitts are made with puckers in the front.
Ungilauguk pigutingit katanianngimata. Pull the drawstring so that the contents won't fall out. Ungigialik. It must be
Ungilak Itch. v. UngilappjlikKunga. I am very, very itchy. Ungilannatuk. It can make you itch.
Unguk Drive. v. Make dogs turn on command. v. Overtake. v. Ungujangit. He overtakes them and makes them go the right way.
Ungujauttailigit. Try not to be over taken.
Ungutsivuk Overtakes by going around in front. v.
Uniak Haul. v. Drag. v. Uniajuk Kijummik. He is dragging a stick of wood. Uniattaujuk. He is being dragged.
Unik Underarm. n. Lust. v. Over-sexed. v. Crazy about something. v. Stop, give up OR to decide not to do what he originally wanted
to do, Object that was moving and stopped (ie a thread being pulled through but stops because of a knot. Ref: Schneider:
Bourquin Ref: Schneider: Bourquin UniKattapuk His underarms are smelly. He is a sex maniac. He tries to get after
everybody and anybody. He's crazy about candy. It stops several times in a sequence. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Unitsimajuk.
He stops, changes his mind OR stays there having abandoned a plan. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Unitsimatip He makes him
stay and not leave on a journey, OR hold him back OR prevents him from escaping. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Unitsisimajuk
One who is stopped, prevented from leaving by another.
Unikkk Narrate. v. Taimk unikklauttuk uvattinut. That is what he told us. UnikksiakKaungituk. He didn't say very much
about it.
Unikksatsiutik Anthropologist. Ref: Dorais
Tell a story. v. Unikktuatillugu tuslautsimajn? Have you ever listened to him telling stories?
Unikktualluasuak. He is a good storyteller.
Unikktuat Newspaper. n. Ref: Watts
Unikkattak Stop several times in succession (person or object). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Unikkausik Sayings. n. Tales. n. Book. n. Tkkua unikkauset sulijut. These sayings are true. Unikkausiliujuk. He is writing a
Unikkausiliuttik Author. n. Writer. n. Reporter. n. Editor. n. Unikkausiliuttiuvunga newspapani. I am a reporter for the
newspaper. Unikkausiliuttisiatsuak. He is a good writer.
UnikKautte Story teller. n. Ref: Watts
Uniutsik Miss. v. Go on one side. v. Uniutsivuk. He missed the target.
Unnek Do carelessly. v. Unnejuk. He is doing it carelessly. Unnesimajuk atigik. The coat is of poor workmanship.
Unnet So-so (figure of speech). It is unsatisfactory because ...., Matters little...., Although, despite nonetheless, Used after a warning.
Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Kujanna unnet It doesn't seem satisfactory

because it is so small. I wish I could have given you a bigger piece. Nevermind, it's nothing Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Unnet
piungituk nagguginngitaga It matter not that he is a bad person OR I will not reject him even though he is bad. Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin Piunngitovunga unnet nagguginngilammali I am bad but what does it matter you do not reject me Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin Imaligitsana unnet Don't paddle around in that water. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Unngijttip Rips off stitches off clothes. v.
Unngijak Shave. v. Unngijalaugit. Shave yourself. Unngijasimangituk. He is unshaven. Unngijagattatuk niumminik. She
shaves her legs.
Unngijautik Shaver. n. Razor. n. Ungijautinga ipettuk. His razor is blunt.
Unngik Shave. v. Unngivuk. He shaves.
Unnguk Wart. n. Ungulik. He has a wart.
Unngusiutik Cream or medication for removing warts. n. Unngusiutitttaugaluattuk. He was given some wart cream.
Unnisiuppuk Seeks refuge. v. Tells of his gratitude thankfullness for being helped or well fed, Tells it to someone OR looks for
shelter, a defender. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Unnitotjik Direct. v. Show. v. Unnitotjilauguk niuvipvimut. Show him where the store is. Anigijaugami unnitotjigiaKaligivuk.
Because he was asked for directions, he must go and show them where it is.
Unnuak Night. n. Last night. Unnuami tikilauttut. They arrived at night. Unnuak sinitsiagaungimaikKunga. Last night I didn't
sleep well at all.
Unnuasiutik Moth. n. Pajamas. Ref: Noggasak Ref: Dorais
Unnuk Evening. n. Night-fall. v. Unnumat, Kupanuat tutsialittut. Because night falls, the birds sing. Unnupat
pulgianiakKunga. I will come to visit this evening. Unnuvuk. The evening falls. Unnutsiut. Evening time dinner. Ref:
Noggasak Unnupat Tonight or this evening Ref: Watts
Unnusak Evening. n. This evening. Unnusak aullaniakKugut. We shall leave this evening. Unnusami pisugajainnatuk. He
always takes a walk in the evening.
Unulligiak Increase. v. Unulligialaukkit. Add more to them.
Ununga Down there. Ununga ilijanga. He put it down there. Ununngap He has dragged it down there (toward the sea) Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin Ununngautiv He carries it down toward the sea Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Ununnik Amount. n. Sum. n. Ununningit. The sum or amount of it. Ununningit Kaujimanngitaka. I don't know how many
there are of them. Ununninginnik tigusiligit. Take those which have the most in them. Ununnisat. More. Ref: Watts
Unuttut Many. There are many. Unuttovut. The are many. Unuttusuanik pisisimalauttuk. He had brought quite a few of them.
Upak Go after someone. v. Attack. v. UpattaulikKuk Kimminut. He is being attacked by the dogs. Uppata KukianiakKatit. If
or when they attack, fire at them.
Upaluk Too late. v. Upaluvutit. You are too late. Upaluttailigattagit. Try not to be too late.
Upaluttupuk Hasty. v.
Go and tell someone off. v. Verbally attack. v. Upattulaullavut. Let's go and talk to him about it.
UpattutaukKauvunga,innivut pinnialinnimimat ilinniavimmi. Someone came and told me off because our son had been
fighting at school. Upattuinatuk. She is constantly complaining.
Upigunnik Reverence. n.
Upinnagani No wonder that he .... Upinnagani Kuittitlatuk, suliKalautsimannginami. It is no wonder that he is so fat; he never
Upinnak Oh! How decent! How worthy of honour. Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Upinngainik Surprise. n.
Upinngak Spring. n. This spring. Upinngk aulllkKugut. We shall go camping in the spring.
Upinngask Early spring. n. Upinngask tuKulauttuk. He died early this spring.
Uppigak Dwarf willow bushes. n. Inuit nuts, starchy rhizome eaten on sapangalalannguak (bistort). n. Ref: Aichen Uppigannejuk.
He went through the willows. It is amongst the willows.
Uppik Believe. v. White owl (Snowy owl, Nyctea scanduaca). n. Uppiven? Do you believe? Uppigijn? Do you believe him?
Uppitaittuk sallutujuk. One who never believes must be a liar himself. Uppik tingisivuk. The owl took flight.
Uppikk Fall head over heels. v. Uppikvuk. He fell head over heels.
Uppisk Trick. v. Fool. v. Uppisgiven? Are you telling the truth? Uppisgijualuk. He is playing a trick.
Uppituk Christian. Uppitoven? Are you a Christian? Uppitupppk. He is very religious.
Upvak Wash. v. Upvagevunga. I have finished washing.
Upvalu Or. SuliaKaniakKen upvalu, Kauppan? Are you going to work today or tomorrow?
Upvautialuk Scouring powder. n. Ref: Dorais
Soap. n. Upvautiga nungulittuk. My soap is wearing thin. Upvautiatsuk. Sweet soap. Facial soap.
UpvautiKatsiangituk. It doesn't have much suds.

Upvautitik Soap. v. UpvautititisianiakKutit. Make sure you soap yourself well. UpvautitikKauvn? Did you put soap on it?
Upvavik Bath tub. n. Wash basin. n. Upvavimmejuk. She is in the bath tub. Upvavitsaliulauga. Prepare me a basin of water.
Upvavik salummasalauguk. Clean out the sink.
Usemmalu I thought that., It was assumed that .... Usemmalu ijuguk. I thought it was a ghost. Usemmalu ullumi
aullanialittugut. I was sure that we would leave today.
Usi Now I remember, that's true ah yes! (rare). PilangakKaujaga usi! Ah yes! I should have had him as a guest today. Ref:
Schneider: Bourquin
Usik Carry a load. v. Usijut sttujnik. It is carrying lumber. Usilittujut. They are loading up the boat.
Usikattautik Barge. n. Ref: Dorais
UsikKapuk Splashes. v.
Usinngak Naked. v. Nude. Usinngajuk. He is in the nude. He has no clothes on.
Usinngasik Pajamas. n. Dressing gown. n. Duster. n. Usinngasikkaget. Put on your dressing gown.
Usittik Undress. v. Usittigumanngilanga takunntaullunga. I don't want to undress while there are people watching.
Usojak Sausage. n. Ref: Dorais
Usuk Penis. n. Usuittausimajuk. He has been castrated.
Usunnap Saves him. v.
UtakKik Wait. v. Tingijommik utakKivugut. We are waiting for the plane. UtakKiv He is waiting for it to do something (not
with hunger or desire see : nigiuppuk) Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
UtakKiuk Wait in ambush. v. UtakKiutausimalauttuk, pjausimaniadluni. They waited for him and beat him up.
Utik Return. v. Tainted or rancid. v. Turn back. v. Shed. v. Utigumagunnaituk. He doesn't want to return. UtitigiagakKauvugut,
kingomatailigama. We had to turn back because I had left something behind. Utijuk. The fur is falling off. Utivet! You come
back now! Ref: Watts
Utjak Fermented seal flipper. n. Ref: Watts
Utjitunnik Guarding. n.
Utjuasuk Lassie (immature square-flipper seal). n.
Utjuk Square flipper (bearded seal, Erignathus barbatus). n. Spagnum moss. n. Utjusimajuk. He has shot a bearded seal.
Utjunak Shoal crops or shrew (Pigmy shrew, Sorex minutus). n. Utjunakulualuit Kuinagijakka. I don't like those tiny little
shrews; they give me the creeps.
Utjunnak Hairy lousewort (Pedicularis hirsuta). n. Ref: Aichen
Utsek Gas up. v. Utsejuk skidoo-mik. He is gassing up the skidoo. Utsejuk Kullimik. He is filling up the oil lamp.
Utsigut Pitch for caulking. n.
Utsik Toggle of bone. n.
Utsualuk Gas. n. Kerosine. n. Utsualuannijuk. It stinks of gas. Utsualutsigiattutuk. He has gone to buy some gas.
UtsualuKautik Gas can. n. Oil drum. n. UtsualuKautik tatajuk. The gas tank is full. UtsualuKautik sttaulittuk. The oil drum
is floating away.
Utsualutotik Gas line in an engine. n. Ref: Dorais
Utsugutik Motor oil. Ref: Dorais
Utsuinak Oily. Tnna utsuinluk. That old thing is oily. Utsuink aggka. My hands are oily.
Utsuk Blubber. n. Seal fat. n. Utsutugasuanaven? Are you going to have some seal fat?
UtsuKammak Root of phodiola rosea. n. Grasset (sedium telephium). UtsuKammait mamattusuat. Those roots are very tasty.
UtsuKautik Gas tank, Gas line. Ref: Dorais Ref: Dorais
Utsuliugak Doughnut. n.
Utsutumautik Carbueretor. n.
Ututojok Tooting owl (Boreal owl, aegolius funereus). n.
Utuvik Skin of the head. n. Dandruff. n. Utuvilik. He has dandruff.
Uvk Rock from side to side. v. Umiagmmik uvtitsijuk. He is making the flat rock from side to side. Uvjiuni pisuKattatuk.
He has a rolling gait.
Uvaguk We two. ImmaK uvaguk. Maybe we two.
Uvagut Us, we three or more. Uvagut inukuinujugut ikajutta. We, being mere mortals, help us.
Uvak Me. I. Uvng? Me? Uvallu. Me, too.
Uvanga Myself. Uvangatuak. Only myself.
Uvani Here. Uvanejuk. It is here.
Uvanngat From here. Uvangat tigusiligit. Take some from here.
Uvanni On me. Uvannengitut. They are not on me.

Uvatsiago Short while ago. Ref: Watts

Uvatsiaguk Presently. Tikiniattuk, uvatsiagu. He will arrive presently.
Uvigainik Hitting. n.
Uvik Tip over. v. Uvivuk. I tipped over. UvilikKuk. It is tipping over.
UvikKk Fall overboard. v. UvikKtailiKattagit. Try to keep from falling overboard.
Uviluk Mussel (mytilus edulis). n. Uviluttagiajut. They are gone to pick some mussels.
Uvineguttuk Thin (man or animal). Ref: Schneider: Bourquin
Uvingagekkutik Level (instrument). n.
Uvingak Crooked., Slanted., TIpped., Sloped to one side. v. Uvingajuk. It is crooked. Tulimaijattausimagami, uvingajuk. She has
had some ribs removed so her shoulder droops to one side.
Uvingiajok ? Black cook bird (oidemia americans). n.
Uviniguk Become skin. v. Put on a shirt. v. Shirt. n. T-shirt or vest. n. Uvinigujuk. He puts on a shirt or vest. Uviniguga ipik. My
T-shirt is dirty.
Uvinik Flesh. n. Skin. n. Uvininga manittusuak. Her skin is some soft. Her complexion is clear. Uvinegijuk. She is showing her
flesh. Uvininga maunainnak. Her skin is full of scurf (hard skin).
Uvona Through here. Uvona tikivugut. We came on this. Uvona itipviusok. One can go in through here.
Uvunga Here. Uvunga iliguk. Put it in here. Uvunga nunivavunga. I am picking berries into this (pot).

V - v
Veti Venerial disease; a loan word from English. Ref: Dorais
Viaga Four; loan word from German (vier). Viagavuk. It is four o'clock. ViagalilikKuk. It's going on four o'clock. Viagaimi. At
four o o'clock.
Vias Verse; loan word from English. Viasingit iluannatik tutsialaullavut. Let us sing all the verses. Viasingit unuluadlatut. It has
too many verses.
Vinivi Five; loan word from German (vier). Vinivivuk. It is two o'clock. VinivililikKuk. It's going on two o'clock. Vinivemi. At two
o o'clock.
Vogik Week; a loan word from German (woche).
Vonnik Telephone, a loan word from English. n.

W - w
Waijak Wire; a loan word from English.
Wainnik Wine; a loan word from English.

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