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Feeling lost, stuck, or confused?

Is there something is missing in your life?

Are you tired of ending up in a dead-end job that bores you to tears?
Do you ever feel frozen with indecision and not sure what to do?
Do you worry that time continues to pass by and you still havent figured
out your purpose or career path while your friends and peers continue to
get ahead with their life?
If you want to find your passion, build a career you love, create a
successful and happy life, and finally put an end to your life and career

Then The Passion Formula: How To Discover Your Life & Career Path,
will be the most important first step you take in this process.
Hi. My name is Sergio Diazgranados, and I am the founder of
The Perfect Job.
As a life and career strategist, I am on a mission to help
people like you create a life and career you love.
For over twenty years I have been able to take my
passion of music and personal development and turn
them into a 6-figure career without a high school
diploma, college degree, any special training, and zero
But most importantly, I have been able to create an authentic lifestyle that
naturally fits my personality type (this is VERY important).


During the last 20 years, I have discovered the most important lesson I
have ever learned about how life and success works.
Do you want to know what that is?
Because this is the most important lesson you need to learn about how
money, success, and happiness works.
Are you ready?
Pay attention because if you truly get this lesson, it will change your life.
Money, success, and happiness are ONLY attracted to people who have
clarity and know who they are and what they want.
Let me repeat this because it is VERY important you absorb this concept.

Money, success, and happiness are ONLY attracted to people who have
clarity and know who they are and what they want.
If you dont know who you are and what you want, then there is NO WAY
for money, success, and happiness to find you.


What you need to understand is that your life is like a boat out in the middle
of the ocean

Either you are in control steering your life in a specific direction, or the
current of the ocean is in control of you and will steer you wherever it
The fact that you are reading this right now indicates that you have not
taken control of your life.

Every day when you wake up, you will be overwhelmed with many tough
decisions you need to make about your life and career. And if you dont
know who you are or what you want, then how will you ever know what
decisions to make?


Finding your passion and creating a successful career is going to be one of
the most important discoveries and decisions you will ever make.
Let me repeat this because I want to make sure you get this
Finding your passion and purpose is a two-step process:
Step 1 - You discover who you are
Step 2 - You decide what you want
Once you discover who you are and decide what you want from life, only
then will you see your life move forward in a way that feels meaningful and
filled with joy.


When it comes to your life and career, you only have three choices to
Choice 1
You can create meaning and purpose through your life via your career.
Choice 2
You can choose a simple job that gives you the time and energy to focus
on hobbies or projects that you are passionate about.

Choice 3
You can have it all and create a meaningful career and have hobbies or
projects that fill you with passion.

Choice 1
I have a friend who runs a major media company and he LOVES the thrill
of running his business and closing major deals. The idea of going to the
beach and relaxing bores him to tears and most of his time is spent at
He chose a career that fills him with meaning and purpose.
Choice 2
I have another friend who loves to surf. He loves nothing more then getting
up early, and chasing waves every day. The thought of being at some office
all day would bore him to tears.
So he moved to Costa Rica where the waves are always amazing and the
cost of living is low, found a job as a waiter, and lives a simple and humble
He chose a job that supports his passion of surfing.
Choice 3
I have another friend who loves being a high level director at an education
company. He loves education and running a business. But he also loves
rock climbing and being with his family. So he does both: has a meaningful
career, a beautiful family, and climbs rocks at least twice a week.

He chose to have it all.

Your mission is to create a lifestyle that is natural and authentic to your
This is why the first step in this process is for you to find clarity and know
who you are and what you want which we will do via our patented Life &
Career Assessment Program.


Before you begin the Life & Career Assessment Program, I want to share
with you
1. The power of passion
2. How this assessment program came about


As a child, I grew up around a poverty stricken environment. Both from a
financial and emotional perspective.
My dad was an abusive alcoholic who spent time in prison for dealing
drugs and abandoned us when I was eight years old.

My mother and family were always stressed about money. Because of this
I developed some deep-rooted negative beliefs about finances and
success, which took me many years to overcome.

I was your typical troubled teen who was overweight, shy, depressed,
surrounded by gang violence, had very low self-esteem, and almost
committed suicide.

I did horribly in school, had no idea what I was going to do with my life,
and was very afraid of the real world.

But one day something happened that will have changed the rest of my

I found my passion in music.

One thing led to another and one day I was producing events and
eventually publishing a music magazine.

I went from being a shy, insecure, unhealthy teenager, to a confident and

successful young adult who had many opportunities in front of him.

Because I want you to understand two things

1. When you find your passion, you will become activated and literally
become a new person. Some of you reading this might think you are lazy
or unmotivated.

Youre not.

You just have not found your thing that gives you meaning and purpose
because once you do, you will see life in a completely dierent way and
you will be energized.

2. No matter what your circumstances are or how dicult your life has
been, you can create a life and career you love just like I did.

I came from nothing.

I had no schooling.

No connections.

No special training.

And had a very tough time growing up.

But once I found my passion, it gave me the energy to take action to

become a completely dierent person.

I have broken through so many fears and self-limiting beliefs and it all
starts with finding something you are passionate about.

That is the power of passion.

It will literally change who you are because you will become activated
and a new person.


You might be wondering How did this patented formula come about?

Heres how

Ill never forget the day when I was working in NYC making great money
doing what I love. I was 27 years old and was having the time of my life.

I was at a rooftop bar in Soho with some friends who all went to
prestigious Ivy league schools like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Wharton,
etc. and they were all complaining about how unhappy they were at their
jobs and in life.

One of them turned to me and asked, You seem like a happy guy. What
do you do for a living?

I then began to explain to him how much I loved my job not only because
of the work I was doing (which was very rewarding), and not only because

of how much money I was making (over $200K), but because I was also
living a lifestyle that was natural and authentic to me.

He then asks me, What school did you go to?

I didnt I replied.

I left high school at the age of 16 and never turned back

Then I remember him looking at me disgusted saying, Well you are an

anomaly and what you do cant be taught.

As those words left his mouth I immediately remember thinking to myself,

Yes, I can teach this.

Since 2008 I have been on a mission to teach people how to find their
passion and create a career and lifestyle they love.

The first step in this process was that I teamed up with a group of highly
trained psychologists and we spent hundreds of hours coming up with a
proven and tested formula.

After 14 months of trial and error and putting this formula through rigorous
tests, we have helped over a thousand people find clarity in their life.


Success, happiness, and money only comes to those people who have
clarity and know who they are and what they want.

The questions in our patented Life & Career Assessment Program are
going to force you to answer some of the toughest questions you will ever
be asked.

But once you answer these, a pattern will present itself which will help

Discover who you are so that you can decide what you want.

Are you ready?

Lets begin


Please cut and paste the 28 questions on the next page in a document
and then answer them. After you answer all of the questions, email a PDF
version of your answers with the questions to:


After we review your answers we will respond to you (usually within 3

business days) and give you some suggestions.

NOTE: Many of the questions will ask you to list three items. If you do not
have 3 then just list one or two. But do not list more than three.

1. What are you currently doing for work right now?
2. What are three things you enjoy most about your job? (be specific)
3. What are three things you least enjoy about your job? (be specific)
4. What are three reasons why you think you are struggling to figure out
your life and career path?
5. What are three things you have accomplished in your life that you are
the most proud of?
6. What are three things that excite you most about life? (be specific)
7. How do you define success? What does it look and feel like to you?
8. Is money and financial success important to you?
9. How much money do you want to make a year?
10. What are three companies you would you like to work for?
11. What would you do for those companies? (Be specific)
12. What are three topics you love to learn about?
13. What does a successful career look like to you?

14. What are three topics you can talk about non-stop and never get bored
15. Who are three people you admire and what do you admire about them?
16. What are three companies or organizations you love and what do you
love about them?
17. What are three products or services you love and what do you love
about them?
18. Besides social media, what are three websites you visit all the time?
19. What are three topics you are good at explaining or teaching to other
20. What are three qualities people love about you?
21. What are three things you would do if you had $100 million dollars in
the bank? Please assume for a moment that you have done all of the
traveling you want and purchased all of the items you want. What are three
things you would do with your time after you have traveled, purchased a
house, and purchased all the frivolous items you wanted?
22. What are three things you want to accomplish before you die?
23. What are your three biggest fears about life?
24. What are your three biggest frustrations or challenges right now?
25. What are your three favorite hobbies?
26. What are three things that make you happy?
27. What are three things you are curious about?
28. What are three goals you want to accomplish in the next five years?

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