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Current issues at

hand by company
and its employees:
Sentrx Animal Care as a whole is
well aware of the current issues at
hand. The first issue is the
company has been unable to pass
TSB tests in the recent months in
order to earn new medicine
certifications. The second issue
that has been ongoing is the
occasional quarantined lot of
animal medicine; these
quarantined lots have resulted in
lost money. The possibility for
both these issues is the cleanliness
of the equipment the aseptic
fillers use, as well as the
cleanliness of the aseptic fillers.

Goals after the new


Actions being taken

to eliminate these
The actions being taken to
eliminate these current issues are
as followed:
1. Sentrx Animal Care will
begin to autoclave all
equipment used in the clean
room environment in their
own facility.

The first goal after the new

implications is to increase
quality control. The second
goal is to save money by
reducing the amount of
quarantined lots of animal
medicine. The third goal is
to pass TSB tests and earn a
new medicine certification.
Lastly, to continue to use the
new sterilizing methods,
SOP, and training to produce
quality medicine to the

2. A new SOP will be

established for the aseptic
fillers dealing with
procedure before entering
the clean room.
3. The aseptic fillers will be
retrained with the new

Sentrx Animal Care

391 Chipeta Way, Salt Lake City, UT, 84108

Increased Quality

Ensuring Sterility:

There is a number of facts the aseptic fillers of Sentrx Animal Care should be aware of that have to
do with ensuring sterility. The process of steam sterilization in autoclaves can involve sterility
failures. For example, receiving a wet load or wet item from the autoclave can indicate evidence of
non-sterile material. The occurrence of a wet load from the autoclave means a major malfunction
with the sterilizer, loss of money, non-sterile material, and post-contamination risk. Another
contributing factor to sterility failures is the act of over packing the autoclave chamber. Over packing
the autoclave chamber can cause excessive condensation, steam injections, and effect steam
circulation. These are two factors to consider when ensuring sterility for the equipment used in the
clean room. Resource: http://www.ivtnetwork.com/article/ensuring-sterility-autoclaves-wet-loads-and-sterility-failures

The photo above: This is the

autoclave used in the
Sentrx facility. This is the
autoclave that will be used
to sterilize the equipment
to be used in the clean

The photo above: This is the required

equipment for aseptic fillers before they
enter the clean room. New and sterilized
shoe booties, lab coat, head cap, facemask,
arm sleeves, and latex gloves. Pants and/or
leg cover not shown.


The photo above: This is the equipment

used by the aseptic fillers during the filling
process. Sterilized 4 Liter bottle, 1 Liter
bottle, Scilogex pump, and pump

The significance of these implications is very important to the company of

Sentrx. Introducing new sterilizing methods, a new SOP, and new training
will help increase quality control at Sentrx. Increasing quality control will
come at minimal cost and save the company thousands of dollars in the
future. These changes will allow Sentrx to move forward in the world of
medicine and continue to positively contribute to animal care.