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Lokesh Mangla


Q.1 Write down the various aspects of Consumer

behavior you analyze in an advertisement?
Ans. Consumer buying Behavior on buying REFRIGERATOR
Consumer Buying Behavior:

Consumer buying behaviour

is stated as the behavior that
consumer display in searching for, purchasing,using, evaluating, and
disposing of products, servicesand ideas that they expect will satisfy their
Companys ability to maintain satisfying customer relationships
requires an understanding of consumer buying behaviour. This refers to
the buying behaviour of consumers who purchase products or services
for their personal or household use.
Consumer behaviour is an attempt to understand & predict human
actions in the buying role.
Consumer behaviour includes communication, purchasing &
consumption behavior.
Consumer behaviour includes both consumer & business buyer

Consumers get influenced by several major factors while

they make their decisions. These factors can be grouped

Lokesh Mangla

a.Culture Factor:
Cultural factors comprise of set of values and ideologies of a particular
community or group of individuals.
1. Culture (Indian culture)
For ex.: In INDIA bright colors preferred but no one wants Black
People prefer to buy on auspicious occasions and festival like Diwali
& Navratri.

2. Sub-culture(Occupational subculture)

Working Professional : Needs medium capacity range refrigerator.

Lokesh Mangla

Monthly income doesnt play significant role in deciding the capacity

of refrigerator.

3. Social class

In Villages : prefer low cost for same utility.

In metro cities : Prefer more features.

a.Social Factor:
The facts and experiences that influence individuals' personality, attitude
s and lifestyle

Reference Group
Roles and Status

Lokesh Mangla

Spouse is the major influencer (Advice of other family members like
mother and family friends also plays an important role).
If a mother purchases a refrigerator she would prefer more cubic
space in refrigerator and also be economic , while a teenager will
prefer more on looks and features.

2.Reference Groups:

Influenced by sites and brand ambassadors.

Neighbours also play a role of reference group

For Example: Mrs. Sakshi (Mother) wanted to purchase a refrigerator

so she went to the nearby store and purchased a LG Refrigerator
because her neighbours were using same refrigerator and they were
satisfied by it.

Lokesh Mangla

3.Roles and Status:

Each individual plays a dual role in the society depending on the
group he belongs to.

c.Personal Factors:

1.Age and Lifestyle:

Using of Refrigerator is also affected by the stages of family life cycle like
& old people have different views while buying different
Refrigerators according to their uses.

2.Life Style:
A persons lifestyle is reflected by in his activities hobbies, opinions &
thinking as , a man believing in simple living and high thinking will purchase
a Refrigerator with low budget with same features while a man living
luxurious life will purchase a Refrigerator with additional features like deep
freeze ,and with energy backup.


Lokesh Mangla

Consumption is also influenced by the occupation of the consumer. A labor

employee in villages will purchase a medium capacity range refrigerator (LG
220L ltrs) while the person living in metro cities will purchase a high
capacity range refrigerator with additional features (LG 350L ltrs) .

Personality means some total of appearance, knowledge and different types
of skills. Thats why a teenager believing in innovation will go for latest
updated refrigerator whether it is costly or not, while a person loving
indigenous product may purchase simple refrigerator.

d.Psychological Factor:


Lokesh Mangla

Mostly people are attracted towards advertisement of VIDEOCON

Refrigerator and are motivated to purchase the same.

2. Beliefs and Attitude:

Some people purchase LG Refrigerator to show their trust on brands

and attitude towards their companions.
Example:- buy a LG Refrigerator rather than VIDEOCON Refrigerator.

For instance two mothers want to purchase a VIDEOCON (Deep Freeze) and
LG Refrigerator. But one, instead of being motivated by same purpose still
they purchased different types of refrigerators. Because one pursued that
VIDEOCON (Deep Freeze) best for her because of deep freeze option and
latter one pursued that LG is best for her because of good services.

If a person is using a LG Refrigerator he/she is mostly aware about feature of
the LG Refirigerator he/she will force other consumer to buy a same brand of

Lokesh Mangla

Q.2 Buying process of any good you purchased?

Ans. Buying process of REFRIGERATOR.
It was a high involvement purchase for the respondent but his decision
making was limited. He underwent through following steps of decision



Lokesh Mangla

1.Problem or Need Recognition: The first step

is to recognize the need.

Respondent found that he was facing problems with his old refrigerator

cooling system.
Respondent desired for a Refrigerator which could do away this
problem and also provide him with a sense of superiority. Thus problem
recognition was generic for the respondent and sensing the need for
the refrigerator, he straightway decided to purchase it.

2.Information Search: Check what kind of

products can be used to satisfy the need.

Lokesh Mangla

Internal Search: Because he owned a refrigerator he had some basic idea

about the brands and the attributes brands have to offer.
External Search: Ongoing search was made as respondent was thinking to
replace his old refrigerator for last 8-9 months.

Sources of information
i) Personal sources: Respondent had a friend whom he believed too much.
He only advised them to opt for Samsung as he was already using the same
ii) External sources: Respondent had visited Samsung and LG website which
were in his evoked set i.e. Samsung& LG before finalizing Samsung.
Thus the information source was external and was actively acquired.

3.Evaluation of different purchase options:

The consumer now evaluates all products and
brands which satisfy his need.
Awareness Set

Respondent kept on visiting store/outlets, comparing features and price so


he was aware of many brand from which he considered to purchase

from Samsung or LG. Haier & Godrej was in his inept set as he

didnt consider
Voltas Godrej was having latest features and he had also not seen
anyone known
to him using Haier. So he was not confirmed whether Haier
would be able to provide good after sales service in India or not.


Evoked Set

Whirlpool 250

Lokesh Mangla

Inert Set



Inept set



Evaluation criteria:
1. Attribute based
Respondent considered the following attributes before finalizing his choice
for LG Refrigerator :

Size of the refrigerator

Price of the product

Exterior looks

No of shelves inside the refrigerators and its interiors on the whole

2. Decision rules
The attributes of the refrigerator were ranked according to its importance.
Below given are the attributes arranged in a descending order as perceived
by the respondent:

Quality of the product

Lokesh Mangla

Brand image



4. Purchase Decision: Make the appropriate


The respondent preferred the cash purchase and paid the full amount
of money at the time of purchase.

Bargained for the price while paying for the product.

Evaluated alternative brands available before choosing the brand he


Brand image played a important role in choosing the brand

Evaluated different attributes of the product once again even though

he had made up his mind to go for a particular product

Went for a silver color as according to him it gets less dirty.

Looks also played a important role while purchasing decision was


5.Post Purchase Behavior: After the purchase

is made,the consumer analyzes if he/she has
made the right decision or wrong decision.
Post purchase dissonance
There is no dissonance as such from the part of the respondent and he is
fully satisfied with the performance of the refrigerator.

Customer satisfaction

Lokesh Mangla

The respondent is a fully satisfied customer of LG. Due to his good

experience with the products of LG He is brand-loyal to the company

and is emotionally attached to the firm.

He is satisfied with the after sales service of LG.