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A Modern Mathematics Legend
By Alicia Hale

Who Is He?
Jonathan Farley is Associate Professor of Mathematics at Morgan
State University. At the time of his MIT appointment, he was a
Fulbright Distinguished Scholar at Oxford University. Main research
interests: lattice theory, the theory of ordered sets, and discrete
Throughout his career he as earned many honors and distinctions
that have set him apart and caused him to be named a genius.

*Unfortunately Ive had a really difficult time finding any information on the man. Despite my research, there isnt much available
about Jonathan Farley. The man doesnt even have a Wikipedia page!


Date: 1970
Place: Rochester, New York

Early Life/Childhood

Farley comes from an accomplished family. His father, a

native of Guyana, holds a Ph.D. from the London School of
Economics; his mother, who is Jamaican, has a Ph.D. in
American history and is a Regent for the State of New York.
Farley's three brothers are all Harvard


(1991) Summa Cum Ladue A.B from Harvard University

Awarded Marshall Scholarship to study at Oxford
(1994) Awarded Oxfords highest mathematics award Senior
Mathematical Prize and the Johnson Prize
(1995) PhD in Mathematics from Oxford University



Begins career at Vanderbilt University as

Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics
(2001) Named Leader of the Future by Ebony
(2003) Earns tenure
(2003) Solved problem posed by Richard Stanley
(2003) Publishes Hypothesis about math and
covert missions
After writing an article about Confederate
remembrance, Farleys life is threatened by Ku
Klux Klan and he is forced to flee Tennessee.
Farley started a company that uses applied
mathematics to hunt terrorists
Farley started a company to consult with
math/science based t.v. shows


Taught at University of West Indies

Visiting Professor of Mathematics at Caltech
Science Fellow at Stanford Universitys Center for
International Security and Cooperation
Visiting Scholar in the Department of Mathematics at
Harvard University
Visiting Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
at MIT


The Source
The Guardian
Time Magazine
My Fellow Americans: Looking
Back on Red Tuesday

Honors and Awards

Profiled in Upscale Magazine, Jet Magazine, Black

Enterprise Magazine, and Crisis Magazine
(2001) Ebony names him Leader of the Future
(2004) Distinguished Scientist of the Year Award from
Harvard University. March 19 officially declared Dr.
Jonathan David Farley Day in the city of Cambridge
(2005) Named one of the 15 people who have
shaped the global conversation about science by
Seed Magazine
(2010) T.V. Star Danica Mckeller writes about the
Incomprable, brilliant Jonathan Farley in her Hot X:
Algebra Exposed
Tony Benn of the British Parliament and of the Prime
Ministers cabinet mentions Dr. Farley in his memoirs.
Mathematical Work Profiled in The Chronicle of Higher
Education, Science News Online, The Economist
Magazine, USA Today, Fox News, and Air American
Gest on BBC World News, BBC Radio, U.S. National
Public Radio, and guest speaker in 2001 Stop the
War demonstration in London.

Contributions to Mathematics
Resolution of a conjecture posed by
Richard Stanley in 1975
The solution to a transversal theory
problem posed by Richard Rado that had
remained unsolved since 1971
The solution to several problems from the
1981 Banff Conference on Ordered Sets
The solution to several problems from the
1984 Banff Conference on Graphs and
The solution to some problems of lattice
theory from 1964
The solution to some problems of lattice
theory by E.T. Schmidt from 1974
The solution to a problem published in 1982
*I have been unable to find any of the actual
mathematical proofs or work done by Dr. Farley. There is
not much about Dr. Farley to be found.

Dr. Farleys Thesis on Counterterrorism and the Lattice Theory

The man who keeps the hit TV show "Numb3rs" mathematically honest is also
using a rarified math theory to correct a flaw in standard counterterrorism
thinking. A recent visiting professor of mathematics at MIT and a Hollywood math
consultant, Dr. Jonathan D. Farley realized that experts could make potentially
grave errors by overestimating their effectiveness at breaking up terrorist cells.
"They're asking the wrong question and getting the wrong answer," Farley

Graphs taken directly from Dr. Farleys thesis

In Conclusion.
he has taken strides to apply math to real modern-day issues in order to help bring about peace and
continues to teach the next generation of mathematical geniuses
Its a shame that there is not much information available about this great man
Dr. Farley truly is a modern mathematical genius.