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SIOP Lesson Plan

Name: Tricia Sorensen

School: Willis Jr. High Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Grade/Subject/Class: 7 Grade/Physical Education

English Proficiency Levels: Basic Level

Topic: Volleyball Lesson #2 (Passing and Setting)

Time needed for this lesson: 45 minutes
NASPE Standards
Standard 1 - The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and
movement patterns.
Standard 2 - The physically literate individual applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics
related to movement and performance.
Language Standards
Listening and Speaking - B-6: following multi-step instructions/ directions, procedures and processes which
contain specific academic content vocabulary.
Writing - B-10: using sentences in the positive (e.g., I am tall.) and negative (e.g., I am not tall.) sentence
construction forms, in a variety of writing applications.
Reading - B-12: reading high frequency words.
Content Objectives: By the end of the volleyball lesson, students will be able to demonstrate a set and a
forearm pass as well as when it is appropriate to use each.
Language Objectives: Students will lead their group in fitness activities by choosing a fitness activity from a
given sign, each student will have an opportunity to lead. While working in groups, each student will write the
safety rules involved in the lesson at the beginning of the class.
Key Vocabulary: Pass, Set, Dig, Carry, Lift, 2 hits; Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular
Endurance, and Flexibility
Supplementary Materials: Volleyballs, nets, cones, fitness and volleyball signs, bell work sheets, and pencils
Adaptations for Proficiency Level: Incorporate more pictures into the signs. I will also do more
demonstrating of the skills required.
Learning Strategies: Thumb Up, Thumb Down; Stations; Group work; Manipulative Practice; Reading;
Writing; Listening and Speaking
Higher Order Questions/Tasks: How would you play the ball when it comes at you below your chest? Now
what would you do when the ball is above your head?

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SIOP Lesson Plan p.2

SIOP Components
and Features:

Opening/Warm-Up (Building Background, Vocabulary) (3-5 minutes): Take

attendance while students complete Bell Work.
During Bell work students will write the rules from our volleyball unit in I will and I
will not form. They are allowed to work in their squads. (Assessment #1)
Today we are going to be reviewing the volleyball pass that we learned last week and then we
are going to learn the set. Give me a Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, or Thumbs Sideways if you
remember the volleyball skills we learned last week! If of the class is Thumbs up, then
continue on with the lesson and check in on the thumbs sideways and thumbs down students
right away. If many students are thumbs sideways or thumbs down, then review the teaching
cues listed below. (3-5 minutes)

Presentation of Content (Language & content objectives, comprehensible input,

strategies, interaction, feedback) (14 minutes): We will be doing a Squad Leader
fitness activity where the students are taking turns leading their peers in the fitness
activities listed on the squad leader sign. The students are split up into their squads (4-5
students; they know their squads already) each squad is given a sign that has the 4
categories of fitness (Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular
Endurance, and Flexibility) and under each category is a list of exercises that help work
that area of fitness. 1 student will start with the sign and will choose an activity from
the first column (Muscular Strength) and he/she will lead his/her group in that exercise.
After time is called that student hands the sign to the next student in their squad, that
student will choose an activity from the muscular endurance section and lead their
squad in that activity. This continues until all students get an opportunity to lead, if a
squad has 5, the 5th student can pick an activity in any of the sections, if a squad has 4,
one student will lead twice. Each round is 1 minute. (7 minutes).
Then we will Review ( I will Demonstrate) the proper mechanics used when passing that we
learned last week, then students will practice passing with a partner. (3 minutes)

Passing Teaching Cues: keep hands unclasped (make a fist, and wrap the other
hands around the fist), *thumbs parallel, *do not swing arms, *bend legs and raise body
while passing, *Ball should hit on forearm and not on fist or elbows.
I will then teach them proper setting mechanics and students will be given time to practice
setting with their partner (4 minutes).

Setting Teaching Cues: Place your hands on your hips, slide them forward,
pretend you are holding a jug of water, and then dump it on your head, that is where your hands
should be when you set. *You need to have a window (circle or triangle) between your
thumbs and pointer fingers. *Ball should only hit finger tips and thumb not palm of hands.
Practice/Application (Meaningful activities, interaction, strategies, practice and
application, feedback) (16 minutes): Volleyball Skills & Lead up activities #2: Students
are split amongst stations working on passing, setting, and partner volleying. (5 minute
There will be signs at every station that show the activity being done at that station and also
have some of the teaching cues written for that activity.
During this time I will walk around and give students feedback and teaching cues (Informal
Assessment #2)

SIOP Lesson Plan p.2

Review/Assessment (Review objectives and vocabulary, assess learning) ( 11
minutes): At the end of the 3rd station have the students stay on their courts and form a
big circle. Each group is given 1 beach ball and they need to try to keep the ball in the
air for as many contacts as possible. Each time a student passes or sets the ball the
group will call out a letter (A, B, C, etc.). If the ball is caught or hits the ground the
students will start back at A. The students are trying to get as far into the alphabet as
possible. (play 4, 2minute rounds = 8 minutes).
When students are lined up after class before the bell rings have - Everyone face me,
show me what a pass looks like. (allow time for them to demonstrate and then correct if
needed) Now show me what a set looks like. What are two important characteristics of setting?
What about for Passing? If the ball comes at you below the waist what do you do? If the ball
comes to you above the head what do you do? (Informal Assessment #3) (3 minutes)