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This blog on Repair Process is written to help SAP CS Consultant on giving a complete

understanding on how Repair Management is captured in SAP. The experience of 2

implementation in Customer Service is utilized to compile this blog on SAP CS. These posts
are created with inspiration & guidance from Priya Pathak (at IBM) who work as a colleague
on SAP Implementation Projects. The author works with IBM presently.
As the length of this post is quite log, this is divided into Part I & Part II. You can refer Part
II for Settlement, Delivery & Billing Process.

1. Scope of the Post / Document

This document aims to serve the purpose of explaining how repair process can be handled at
manufacturing plants for the components or parts as well as 3 rd party parts (from external vendors).
We also cover how replacement can be executed as a part of standard SAP Process from notification if
business decides to have replacement instead of repairing the item (repairing may be carried out but
customer is supplied with replacement part immediately & repaired part is then used as an
independent component)

2. Master Data Requirement

Below Master Data is mandatory to execute the below depicted SAP Standard Repair Process-

1. Material Master Data

2. Equipment Master (linked to Material Master)

3. Process Steps Repair Process

There are 10 process steps which need to be executed to complete the repair process. As indicated
before, it is imperative to have 2 master data in SAP (Material Master & Equipment Master) created in
advance before below steps are executed.

3.1 Receiving Customer Complaint

On receiving customer complaint or return component for repair process, notification needs to be
created by business wherein information below can be entered like-

Cause Codes

Defect Codes

Different activities can be entered which needs to be preformed to repair the products


Incoming / Outgoing Calls etc.

Warranty validation is carried out within notification if equipment master has got warranty dates &
system correspondingly gives a message if the repair product is in warranty or not.
Transaction Code IW51
Notification- 300000104
Notification type needs to be entered (Z4) as indicated below-

3.2 Creation of Repair Sales Order

Within notification, mandatory fields as indicated below can be entered and then repair order needs to
be clicked within the action box on the right side-

This will give the pop up wherein repair sales order type, service material needs to be entered, and
save this as indicated below-

This generates the repair sales order & can be seen in the document flow of notification-

We check this repair sales order in VA03 Transaction code, note the repair button at the bottom-

We can see in the repair tab there is one repair item we need to receive-

3.3 Return Delivery

To receive the repair material, we create returns delivery using Transaction code VRRE, below details
needs to be put-

Check the details in the returns delivery-

Return Delivery 7008500050

3.4 Goods Receipt against Return Delivery for Repaired Item

Now, Goods receipt for the repair material needs to be done using VL02n transaction code as

Pl check the document flow for material document-

Check the movement type used for return material-

Pl see above that this is non valuated material and there is no financial postings.

3.5 Service Order Creation from Repair Order

Now we create the service order for this return material from sales order VA03 transaction, hit the
proposal button below as indicated-

This calls for the task list (list of work centers maintained for the service material)-

Confirm the availability control, save the Sales Order, which will create the service order in the
To check the service order, hit on button below as indicated in VA03 Transaction code-

System would take you to IW33 transaction code where you get to see the service order created.
Service Order 4000084 is created. Service Order can be seen below in transaction IW33-

3.6 Service Order Updation with Operations, Components & Settlement Rule of Cost Centre
Now, based on the requirement to repair the returned product, put in the operations required-

Add on components can also be put in which would be required for the repairing of returned product-

We update the settlement rule-

Cost Centre needs to be put for service / repair process; this is where cost of operations &
components would be settlement-

3.7 Service Order Confirmation

We come to IW42 transaction to confirm the operations and issue the components to service order as

Save this. You can check in service order (IW33) to check the goods movement of components

You get the material document. Pl check the movement type and accounting document-

Goods issue accounting entries are as below-

In the cost tab of service order, we can check the costs-

Planned & actual costs are displayed-

You may refer a separate post for Part II for Settlement, Delivery & Billing Process.

Please respond back with your comments / or e mail to me at rahulasai@gmail.com in case we can improve
this further to help larger audience of SAP Community.

Taking forward from Part I of this Repair Process, we would see in the Part II following 3 areas of
repair process-

Settlement Process (to Cost Centre)

Delivery if the Repaired Component back to Customer &

Billing to customer if the component is not in warranty

3.8 Settlement Process to Cost Centre

Now, we settlement of the service order is done in transaction KO88 as below-

Click on below-

Check the settlement accounting document-

We see the controlling document as below which indicates costs are settled to cost centre-

3.9 Delivery of Repaired Product to Customer

Before, we deliver the repaired product to customer, we need to mark the service order for
completion as indicated-

You get an option to mark the notification as complete.

We check the status in the sales order for delivery creation-

Prices for repair services are needed to be put in the pricing condition tab-

We create the delivery / Transfer Order as below using transaction code VL02n-

Delivery is created as below-

Outbound Delivery 8112000169

Transfer Orders are created as below-

We select the processing mode as below-

We put the returns delivery number for the bin selection & storage type as 904-

We save the transfer order-

This can be validated in the document flow as below-

We issue the goods from the delivery (Return material is repaired & delivered back to customer)-

This can be validated in the document flow-

We check the movement type and note that this is non-valuated

3.10 Billing (if out of Warranty)

We create the billing document with reference to repair sales order-

Pricing gets pulled in from the sales order-

We save the billing document and note the billing number-

This is how we complete the repair process.

Please respond back with your comments / or e mail to me at rahulasai@gmail.com in case we can
improve this further to help larger audience of SAP Co