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1 Match the expressions to the definitions.


Sport utility vehicle/
10. Standoff
11. Sun roof
12. Surrender
13. Weave

a) A car that is closed and that has front and rear

seats and two or four doors
b) A crossroads
c) A high-performance four-wheel drive car built
on a truck chassis
d) A one-way road serving as an exit from a main
e) A successful defensive stand
f) A window on the roof of the car
g) Crash
h) Following in order to overtake or capture
i) Give up to the power of another
j) Move or cause to move in a curving course
k) Protected by a strong covering made of metal
l) Put handcuffs on somebody
m) Stay inside

2 Read the article.

Man in stolen car standoff with police while owner watches on TV
Thursday, March 16, 2006

(03-16) 19:15 PST Los Angeles (AP) -A man in a sport utility vehicle led police on a chase through the streets of Los Angeles on
Thursday, crashing into one vehicle and causing an accident involving a pursuing police car
before coming to a stop and surrendering. Among those watching the drama on TV was the
car's owner.
The driver remained in the SUV for nearly an hour after police cars blocked his vehicle on a
South Los Angeles street. At one point he opened the sun roof and poked his head out to talk
to officers. Later, he rolled down the driver's side window and leaned out to speak to them
As the standoff continued, a man who identified himself as the car's owner called KABC-TV.
"It's kind of terrible watching your car on TV," said Scott Bachmann, who said the vehicle
was parked in Beverly Hills when it was stolen.
As Bachmann was speaking, the man stepped out of the SUV with his hands up and was
quickly cuffed by police and taken away.
"Oh! OK. Very cool. I'm very relieved," Bachmann said. "Hopefully I'll get the car back and
fix it."
The man, identified as Jerry Huff, 34, of Los Angeles, gave up after a police SWAT team
pulled two armoured vehicles up alongside the black GMC Yukon.

He was arrested and booked for investigation, said Officer Jason Lee, a police spokesman.
At one point during the standoff officers fired bean bags at the vehicle's tinted rear windows,
breaking holes in them to provide a better view of the man inside and "provoke him to get out
of the car and give up," said police Lt. Paul Vernon.
Lee said police began pursuing the vehicle after its anti-theft tracking system was activated.
The driver weaved through traffic and at times drove on the wrong side of the street. He
collided with a white sedan when he ran a red light, and while the sedan was badly damaged
the much larger SUV appeared to suffer little harm and kept on going.
One of the police cars pursuing the SUV collided with another car and both vehicles were
badly damaged.
"He was going really fast. We tried to stay with him as safe as we could but unfortunately this
woman went down this off-ramp the same time our officer was going through the
intersection," said Lt. John Pasquariello.
The victims involved in the two crashes were treated for minor injuries, Pasquariello said.
3 Answer the questions.
1) When and where did the car theft take place?
2) Whats the owners name?
3) Whats the thiefs name?
4) What make is the car?
5) Why did the police start chasing it?
6) Why couldnt the police see the man in the car properly?
7) How many cars did the stolen vehicle collide with?
8) Did the police have a crash? If yes, with whom?
9) Did anyone suffer serious injuries?
10) When did the thief surrender?
4 Put the events in the correct order.
Los Angeles police arrested 34-year-old Jerry Huff.
Scott Bachmann saw his car on TV.
The anti-theft system activated.
The SUV collided with a sedan.
Huff talked to the police through the window.
Jerry Huff stole Bachmanns black GMC.
Two armoured vehicles blocked Huffs way.
Bachmann parked his car in a street in Beverly Hills.
The police fired bean bags on the SUV.
Bachmann was relieved.
The police started pursuing Huff.
Huff got out of the car and surrendered.
The police collided with a car driven by a woman.
The police handcuffed Jerry Huff.