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Excellent Reasons
to Choose the
Pauselli 900 Solar Pile Driver

Our clients are saving thousands of

dollars by using the attachments.

Piles up to 5 .1m (16.73)

Adaptability Install
even in the most rugged terrain.


Adding a laser GPS ensures

pinpoint accuracy.

Our Soda Lake client didnt have the

technology to drive the 170,000 piles
needed on a project to the right height or
the correct position. But when they put a
Pauselli 900 fitted with laser GPS on the job
it saved them thousands of dollars.
Pauselli 900 is extremely stable on the
roughest of terrain even with a 5.0 m (6.73)
mast and with the option drilling equipment
the machine is the only versatile machine on
the market. The Pauselli 900 is suitable for
Solar and Barrier piling.

Why You Can

Trust Pauselli
Italian heavy machinery manufacturer,
Pauselli, is the worlds leader in pile driving
machines. The company also specialises
in solving unusual or specific problems by
designing and manufacturing equipment to
order. Pauselli is renowned for using only
the finest quality materials and adhering to
the highest manufacturing standards, giving
its machines an unrivalled reputation for
reliability. Premium after-sales service and
expert on-site training make Pauselli the
go-to brand for civil engineering contractors
the world over.

Your Pauselli 900

Will save you money the bigger the project,
the more you will save
Uses proven, industry-leading technology
Is supported by experienced users, who can
provide innovative solutions for all civil
engineering problems
Breaks down for easy cartage
Has an extended mast for handling lengthy
piles, faster
Is highly stable in even the most difficult
Has wear-adjustment locks that can tighten up
to keep the machine in spec

Dont keep losing

money one day longer
talk to us about the Pauselli
900 and GPS laser today!

Pauselli 900 Pile Driver



When you add the optional Synergy GPS Positioning
System you also have pinpoint accuracy. Your piles will be
placed to within 3mm (.11) of their correct position!
Say goodbye to survey teams running round with pegs and
The Synergy GPS Positioning System could save you
$2,000 a day on set-out costs it will pay for itself within
just a few months!
There are additional attachments for more demanding

Synergy GPS Positioning System

Pauselli Post Extractor

Pauselli post extractor is simple to operate and

removes broken posts double-quick
Pauselli DTH rock drill size 90mm (3.5) to 152mm (6)
Earth auger drill size 600mm (23.6)

The Pauselli 900 is manufactured to the

highest possible standards and comes with
a 12-month warranty, making it the best
choice for civil engineering contractors the
world over.

Pauselli DTH Rock Drill

Earth Auger

Your Groundwork Experts

Technical Specifications of the Pauselli 900 Pile Driver

(The Pauselli 900 conforms to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC)



Bridgestone S4/17 rubber tracks

Double extendable mast up to 5.0 m


DEUTZ diesel engine, air cooled, 3 cylinders, 36.3 kW (HP48)

@ 2.600rpm
Hydraulic hammer, INDECO Mod. HP 900

Rotational head 100mm (3.9)

(120rpm, torque: 160kgm)

(weight 550-570kg, (1212-1256lb) to 1180 beats / min 1060 joules)

Down the hole hammers 90mm to

150mm (3.5 to 5.9)

Machine positioning, Danfoss proportional modular distributor

through 9 levels

Automatic leveling of the column

Hydrostatic system with cast iron pump and flow rate of

120L (31.7 gal)/min @190 bar

KUBOTA liquid cooled diesel engine,

4 cylinders, 36.5 kW (HP 48.9)

Hydraulic oil heat exchanger

GPS and laser control systems for pile

location and height management

Hydraulic oil tank capacity 200L (52 gal) and level indicator
Diesel oil tank capacity 100L (26 gal)

Training by highly experienced civil

engineers worldwide

Column inclination both transverse and longitudinal +/- 15

Maximal horizontal slide movement column 800mm (31.5)
Lateral column movement +/- 280mm (11)
Extractable supporting foot on column base to allow safe pile
Reversible post guide on column, driving the post in both
Maximum post dimension 160 x 120mm (6.3 x 4.7)
Maximum post height 4.1m (13.5)
Auxiliary coupling for attachments
Homologated chain for machine loading and unloading
Homologated chain for pile extraction
Hammerhead and template mounted on machine
Transport dimensions 2.5 x 2.28 x 2.28m (height) (8.2 x 7.5 x 7.5)
Weight 4.3 ton

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