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Intimate Lover

Produced by

Jeff Prince Astrology

Angelina Jolie
Born Wednesday 4 June 1975 Local Time 09:09 Universal Time 16:09
Los Angeles, California Long:118W15 Lat:34N03

Program Copyright 2009 Stardm Ltd

Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

2 1

c s
3 n =
/ g
a h


j 12

_ f




. l

6 n 9
; n
7 8

Angelina Jolie

Born Wednesday 4 June 1975 Local Time 09:09 Universal Time 16:09

Los Angeles, California Long:118W15 Lat:34N03

Geocentric Tropical Placidus True Node

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

Planetary Positions

Planet/Point Glyph Sign Glyph Position House

Sun a Gemini 3 1325'19'' 11th

Moon s Aries 1 1305'03'' 9th
Mercury d Gemini 3 2219'40'' n 11th
Venus f Cancer 4 2809'20'' 12th
Mars g Aries 1 1042'26'' 9th
Jupiter h Aries 1 1725'28'' 9th
Saturn j Cancer 4 1723'13'' 12th
Uranus K Libra 7 2847'59'' n 4th
Neptune l Sagittarius 9 1020'24'' n 5th
Pluto ; Libra 7 631'25'' n 3rd
Ascendant _ Cancer 4 2853'38'' ~
MidHeaven + Aries 1 1752'39'' ~
North Node . Sagittarius 9 053'20'' 5th
Chiron c Aries 1 2646'09'' 10th

House Cusp Positions

House Sign Position House Sign Position

1 4 2853' 7 0 2853'

2 5 2049' 8 - 2049'

3 6 1636' 9 = 1636'

4 7 1752' 10 1 1752'

5 8 2315' 11 2 2315'

6 9 2800' 12 3 2800'

Element Emphasis - Total Points Modality Emphasis - Total Points

Air Fire Earth Water Cardinal Fixed Mutable

9 12 0 9 22 0 8

Planetary Weight Point System

Sun and Moon 4 points each Uranus, Neptune & Pluto 1 point each

Mercury, Venus & Mars 3 points each Ascendant (Rising Sign) 4 points

Jupiter & Saturn 2 points each Midheaven 2 points

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

Planetary Aspects

s y s

d y r d
f i r q f

g y q q w g
243' 223'

h y q q w q h
420' 643'

j y r q w r r j
418' 641' 002'

K o r e r e y r K
023' 628' 039'

l w e q w e e r q l
305' 245' 022' 705'

; e w q w w y r q y ;
654' 634' 411' 349'

c i r q r e y r w o e c
139' 123' 202' 126'

. y r q e e o o q w e y .
244' 132' 130'

_ i r q q e y r r w e r y _
028' 044' 006' 207' 900'

+ y q q w q q r q e e y i +
448' 710' 027' 029' 732' 159'

Harmonious Aspects Challenging Aspects

Conjunction q 0 Semisquare i 45

Semisextile t 30 Square r 90

Sextile y 60 Quincunx u 150

Trine e 120 Sesquiquadrate o 135

Opposition w 180

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

Hello Angelina,

Welcome to your Intimate Lover interpretation, please check that the birth details are correct.

This explicit and honest look at an individual's sensuality and their capacity to indulge their
sexual fantasies is based on interpretations of the planets and the relationships they form within
your horoscope.

The interpretation of the Sun's position signifies what making loves means to you. The Moon's
position indicates the way you 'perform' each time you make love. Mercury tells us your thoughts
and self-expression when making love. Venus determines what you value and need most in your
lovemaking. Mars helps you understand the driving force of your sexuality. Jupiter indicates your
capacity and desire for lovemaking. Saturn lets you know where you feel most awkward or
inhibited. The other planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto signify generational aspirations.

The interactions between the planets within your birth chart are called 'Aspects'. These are given
a Star Rating from one to five to show their relative importance in your Intimate Lover Profile. To
the right of each pair of 'aspect' symbols is a group of five stars assss;the more dark
stars there are the stronger the connection. The keys to the planets, the other symbols and
terms used are given at the back of the report.

Intimate Lover Interpretation

Your birth chart shows the exact positions of the planets at your time of birth. It also tells you the
sign of the Zodiac that was rising at your time of birth, known as your 'ascendant', which
indicates your style of lovemaking. How the planetary positions of your birth chart relate to each
other are interpreted on the following pages outlining your potential sexual development. The
interpretation begins with your overall sexual nature and temperament.

Angelina's sexual nature

Angelina's energy level

You approach your sex life in an active and dynamic way, able to take the initiative. You react
outwardly (and often spontaneously) and believe in solving dilemmas through action. You may be
inclined to have a hot temperament and it's not difficult for you to be either passionate or get
upset - but you calm down just as easily.

Angelina's dependability
You may easily lose stability and balance in your sex life. You have difficulty in getting things to
function in a practical sense, not finding it easy to get solid results for your efforts. You also
display a tendency to neglect your physical needs and should put your nourishment, relaxation
and warmth in order.

Angelina's sexual temperament

Angelina's capabilities
You have an enterprising, direct approach and are quick to exploit any openings, but sometimes
are lacking in subtlety. Both mentally and physically full of vitality, you constantly strive towards
the object of your desire.

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

Angelina's consistency
Your lack of aptitude for attentiveness and restraint may be somewhat exasperating. Having any
sense of assurance and stability does not come easily for you.

Rising Sign
Angelina's love-making style
How others see you - the first impression you give.

_ in 4
Strong and determined
You have a hard time choosing a lover and like to be sure of your partner's commitment
beforehand. Once you are involved, you are strong, determined and take great care of your
partner, holding them in high regard, which is sometimes difficult for them to live up to.
However, you can be overly sensitive, taking everything to heart and are therefore likely to be
easily hurt.

Alternative Rising Sign?

Your Ascendant falls near the cusp of the following Sign. So if your Birth Time is possibly up to an
hour or so later than what you have given it as, you could have a Leo Ascendant.

_ in 5
Playful and affectionate, open and honest with a strong physical sex drive that needs satisfying.
Your sunny temperament may disguise the true nature of your feelings, as emotional
commitment for you is determined by the overall impression you have of your lover - not just
their lovemaking skills.

_ i a aaaas
Look before you leap
Your timing is often slightly awry; it's difficult for you to get it right. You should pay more careful
attention to your partner's needs and look for the cues that are often given - before asserting
yourself sexually.

_ q f aaaaa
Physically eye-catching, you're able to use your looks to best advantage; you love your own body
- and let every one know it! You have an effective, sensuous touch that not only draws a lover to
you, but which simultaneously enflames passion.

_ r K aaaaa
You can be attracted to unusual sex and partners - sometimes unwisely. Impatience can lead to
bad decisions that are far too way out. Try exercising a bit of self-control.

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

The Sun
What making love means to Angelina
How you express yourself as an individual.

a in 3
You can easily become bored so you therefore need (and like) lots of variety, including actively
trying out new techniques - both oral and manual. Sex is not to be taken seriously; it's a fun way
to communicate and should be just as mentally stimulating as physically pleasurable. Delicate
flights of fancy are preferable to hot and heavy passionate scenes. Real love comes through
friendship not just sex. You are not happy with the heavy demands of partners and should avoid
jealous lovers. You yearn to be free and are very easy going.

11th house
Your hopes, wishes and friends; the kind of people you are attracted to.

a in 11th House
You're eminently attractive to those you encounter and search out partners of social standing.
Your lover should also share your sociable nature. Please don't neglect those who have stood by
you - they should be treasured not ignored or forgotten.

a y s aaaaa
Inner assurance, confident and secure; you are someone who can be relied upon to resolve any
difficult situation. It's more than likely that you'll attract satisfactory partners too. When it comes
to sex you flourish and are well balanced.

a i f aaaaa
Your unrestrained enthusiasm can lead to over eagerness when trying to impress those you
desire. You need to evaluate the overall situation more cautiously.

a y g aasss
Full of energy that doesn't wane, you're physically robust and able to keep it up. You're likely to
give just enough and keep on going for as long as required.

a o K aaaaa
Too hot to handle
You're an impetuous, erratic love-maker who seeks new and original themes for sex that
sometimes verge on the extreme. It's essential that there's a steadying hand within the
partnership to take a firm grip of the situation so that positive experiments may ensue.

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

a w l aaaas
Open to suggestion
It's difficult for you to convey your exact wishes as you often have unrealistic requirements and
needs, so you sometimes fall quite helplessly into bad scenes without being aware of it until it's
too late.

a e ; assss
You are not easily shaken; confidence exudes from a deep well of self-sufficiency that can take
charge when necessary. Even if situations get out of control you're able to come up with the
required solution often as not.

The Moon
The way you 'perform' when you make love
Your immediate reactions; your emotional and compassionate nature.

s in 1
At the double
When it comes to sex you are quick to react, being able to orgasm and shortly afterwards be
ready for more. Once aroused, you are difficult to slow down. Such intensity burns out quickly
and you may come too fast for your partner. You need constant new stimulation to keep sex
exciting and alive. Without being aware of it you can get over emotionally involved with a partner
who is not as eager as you are.

9th house
Your depth of understanding; your more intuitive faculties.

s in 9th House
Eternally searching for new horizons to explore, you respond best to a lover who is as
adventurous as you are. Every new experience you have together will enrich your level of sexual
satisfaction and fuel your fantasies even more.

s q g aaaas
Full of life
You are energetic; full of life and vitality. When it comes to sex you can be a real go-getter.
Easily aroused, you make love at a pace that has little thought for the consequences.

s q h aaass
You're a big-hearted and generous lover capable of unstinting love that opens up new realms of
emotional expression and boundless sensations.

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

s r j aaass
Self-conscious, anxious, and sometimes apprehensive, you can miss out on opportunities
unnecessarily. A helpful, patient lover who can reveal and help satisfy your repressed longings
will improve things greatly.

s e l aaaas
You're an approachable, spontaneous partner. Unquestioning as a lover, you're able to achieve
your needs because there's no doubt as to what they are; and you're even likely to follow when

s w ; assss
Control freak
You're liable to use sex to exert power over your partner. You are perfectly capable of controlling
your own desires in order to have others do your bidding and for you to be in total command.

s q + aaass
High profile public image that's well liked by everyone. Capable of great empathy with lovers who
are sure to be at your beck and call. Loves the limelight.

Angelina's thoughts and self expression when making love
Communication skills; how you think and receive information from others.

d in 3
You are a lover who likes to talk about their sexual needs and desires. You are not likely to dwell
on any one aspect of lovemaking too long. Talk during sex helps to guide and clarify what is
going on and avoids wasted time on sex that you do not find exciting. Your mouth and mind are
extra instruments of your sexual pleasure.

d in 11th House
You aspire to have, and enjoy, the finest - not for just a night, but forever. You are keen to learn
and acquire skills that enhance your technique as a lover and your ultimate pleasure is in
cherished and friendly relationships that endure.

d e K assss
You're imaginative when it comes to lovemaking, likely to try anything to make it happen and
content to let it all hang out. You know and say the right thing even in the throws of passion.

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

What you value and need most
How you express your emotions within personal relationships.

f in 4
Your passions are not easily or quickly fulfilled; you must have just the right setting for you to
dissolve into the arms of your lover. You crave devotion and enveloping love that is all
consuming, otherwise, those aching desires and your desperate need for love will not be

12th house
Forces that are beyond your control; a higher power or ideal.

f in 12th House
Your true desires are a mystery; time and care is needed before committing to a love affair. You
enjoy privacy in order to explore the boundless depths of passion, love, pain, anguish and
torment that for you, somehow, are exquisitely merged. You're drawn to secret affairs but you
shouldn't take them too seriously.

f r K aaaaa
Your far-out needs are hard to satisfy and even when they're fulfilled they don't live up to your
expectations. You're a prisoner of sex - with bars and locks of own making.

The driving force of Angelina's sexuality
Your sex drive, stamina and the way you assert yourself and express your desires.

g in 1
You are a lover who is good at making speedy and decisive moves. You have a highly intense
energy level, which can spurt rather hot and quickly, but you can fade as fast as you came.
However, you are very easily aroused and can be just as easily satisfied. You need to practice
slowing down so you can give your partner the full measure of lingering satisfaction that is yours
to give them. If you cannot do it the first time, save some in reserve for next time you make love
to them - and make it soon!

g in 9th House
An impressive performer, of that there's no doubt, but you can at times be a little lacking in the
refinement department. Try to cultivate a mutual understanding, creativity and flair with your
lover so that your sex life continues to flourish and freedom of expression is maintained.

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

g q h assss
Well equipped
More than equipped for the task you're capable of a long lasting commitment. Lofty aspirations
make you a generous and enthusiastic lover who enjoys sex to the full.

g r j assss
You need to have belief and confidence in your ability to succeed and persevere with your
tendency to give up too soon. You must make up your mind about what it is that you desire and
then go for it.

g e l aaaaa
You possess an inexplicable quality that both beguiles and attracts, enveloping your partner with
an unidentifiable burning passion that is difficult to be dissuaded from.

g w ; aaass
Uncontrollable urges
You're unable to your control desires; to the point where care should be exercised and both
partners made aware of your leanings towards the enjoyment of rough sex.

Angelina's capacity and desire for love-making
Your sense of fun, optimism and generosity and what you believe in most.

h in 1
You are full of original ideas about lovemaking that swell up to the surface from within you
quickly and spontaneously. These bursting urges require your lover's immediate attention and
furtive execution. You are not likely to wait for your lover's approval, or want to discuss details,
but are more likely to dive in directly, plunging into the thick of things to get fluids flowing before
moving on to your next plan.

h in 9th House
Ideally sex should be an adventure that opens the mind as well as the body to new and brighter
horizons. Good quality sex signifies development, a different approach, (if not partner), bringing
new pleasures within reach.

h r j aaaaa
Enough's enough
Pushing things beyond their boundaries can lead to unplanned predicaments. The result? One
night stands, awkwardness and confusion could become the norm.

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

h e l assss
Flights of fancy
Your imagination is never ending and your lofty romantic aspiration encompasses all. Mutual
understanding of each other's feelings will be required to achieve your dreams.

Awkwardness or inhibitions
Your sense of responsibility and lessons you have to learn.

j in 4
Self expression
You may find it difficult to express your feelings openly. Your lover may find you to be somewhat
reserved and lacking real emotion, but this is rarely the case. Your feelings run deeper than
most, but you do not reveal them until you are sure that they will not be rejected or ridiculed.

j in 12th House
Hidden pleasures
On the surface at least, relationships are all too easy for you and you abandon all the risks. But
you really should be less tentative about revealing the depths of your innermost desires because
they must, ultimately, be exposed and taken in hand for your ultimate pleasure and satisfaction.

Inventiveness and spontaneity
Your imagination, initiative and ingenuity.

K in 7
Point of view
Understanding others is important for you because your relationships have resulted in you
experiencing some turbulent times. Knowing how others perceive you would also be beneficial.

4th house
Deep inner feelings and habits.

K in 4th House
X rated
You feel at ease in unusual or bizarre surroundings and will go all the way in the most
unexpected of settings. When involved in a long-term relationship, experimentation could become
a big turn on and you could find traditional sex too restricting, but you should resist the
temptation to move on as a little breathing space is all that's required.

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

Dreams, fantasies and imagination
Reveals your inner ideals, expectations and creativity.

l in 9
Reality check
Your opinions about what is an ideal relationship may be clouded. You imagine it should be
straightforward and uncomplicated. Rather than expect others to automatically fit your norm,
seek those who actually do.

5th house
Where you express yourself freely and without inhibition.

l in 5th House
Your high expectations of free love, a fun time being had by all with not a care in the world are
often unfulfilled because you tend to become too seriously wrapped up with the lovemaking
outcome. A little more fun is all that's required. Enjoy the whole play and not just the final act!

l y ; assss
An unrelenting inner energy stimulates fantasy from one phase to the next. Satisfaction is not in
the act itself, but in powerful belief.

Unconscious depths and intensity
What motivates you.

; in 7
You are part of a generation unable to accept things as they are. Intent on improving the equality
between the sexes, you will not be content until changes are brought about - regardless of the
upheaval that this entails.

3rd house
Your relationship with those close to you.

; in 3rd House
Tongue tied
What you have to say about sex is said in a powerful and direct way. This has the necessary
effect of inspiring passion in your chosen one, who can in turn satisfy the undoubted expression
of your desires.

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

The Midheaven
Preconceived ideas about Angelina's sexuality
What you can achieve.

+ in 1
Ranked as a hot one, you have a reputation for hasty seduction and can sweep your lovers off
their feet with a passionate, hurried embrace. It may be that your reputation is not really
deserved but all the same, you have a lot to live up to!

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Intimate Lover for Angelina Jolie

Sign Keyword Ruling Planet Modality Element

Aries 1 I Am Mars g Cardinal Fire

Taurus 2 I Have Venus f Fixed Earth
Gemini 3 I Think Mercury d Mutable Air
Cancer 4 I Feel Moon s Cardinal Water
Leo 5 I Will Sun a Fixed Fire
Virgo 6 I Examine Mercury d Mutable Earth
Libra 7 I complement Venus f Cardinal Air
Scorpio 8 I Desire Pluto ; Fixed Water
Sagittarius 9 I Seek Jupiter h Mutable Fire
Capricorn 0 I Use Saturn j Cardinal Earth
Aquarius - I Know Uranus K Fixed Air
Pisces = I Believe Neptune l Mutable Water

Harmonious Aspect Challenging Aspect Point

Conjunction q 0 Opposition w 180 Ascendant _ Persona

Trine e 120 Quincunx u 150 Midheaven + Image
Sextile y 60 Sesquiquadrate o 135 North Node . Growth
Semisextile t 30 Square r 90 South Node / Experience
Semisquare i 45 Chiron c Healing

Planet Rulership Element

Sun a Self Expression Air Thought

Moon s Emotion Fire Life Energy
Mercury d Perception Water Emotions
Venus f Attraction Earth Physical
Mars g Assertion
Jupiter h Expansion Modality
Saturn j Limitation
Uranus K Individualism Cardinal Creative
Neptune l Compassion Mutable Adaptable
Pluto ; Compulsion Fixed Persistent

House Rules House Rules

1st Personality mask 7th Relationships

2nd Material security 8th Ability to deal with life
3rd Intellectual ability 9th Philosophical beliefs
4th Emotional security 10th Personal status
5th Enjoyment of life 11th Social life
6th Responsibilities 12th Secret dreams

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