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Krishna K E

E-Mail: ke.krishna007@gmail.com.
: +91- 9148756736.

CARRER OBJECTIVE:I am looking forward to the opportunities to make valuable contribution to an organization, which will
build on the skills and knowledge that I have developed and learnt over the past years.


M/S Wipro (CARE IT Solutions pvt ltd,)

Technical Help Desk

22nd Feb 2016 to Present.

Creating and managing Virtual Machines, Installing VM Tools into VMs and allocating for end
Installing, configuring and managing ESX servers and virtual center.
Consolidation of Datacenters using VMware Infrastructure 5.5.
Installation, Configuration, Administration and troubleshooting for VMware ESX servers.
HA, DRS, VMotion and Troubleshooting of Virtual Center.
Creating and managing VMware cluster. Enabling HA and DRS features cluster.
Configuring and managing HA Settings and Customizing HA for Virtual Machines.
Creating monthly and weekly reports regarding storage, memory, CPU usage and summary of the
vims sent to site in charge
Remote management of Windows.
Restarting the VMware management services and VMware virtual center services from the
service console.
Creating Cluster, resources pool, Template & Clone in ESX 5.5.
Configurations of Virtual switches and network connections.
Monitoring VMS & ESX Servers using virtual center.
Creating Virtual Switches & Port groups in Virtual Environment.
Security hardening and Monitoring of VMs & ESX servers (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network
Utilization) for Security Compliance.
Migration of the Physical Server to Virtual Server using VMware Converter.
Creating templates from VMs and deploy VMs from templates and allocate resources.
Performance monitoring and tuning for ESX Servers, Virtual Center Servers and Virtual
Excellent knowledge in log analysis on ESX & VC servers for troubleshooting.
Accessing the ESX sever using putty.
Checking the performance of the VM as per the user request.
Troubleshooting virtual machine issues.
Creating Virtual Switch and adding port group and VLAN ID to the port group
Finding VMs in the Virtual Center.
Changing the Time zones if not configured properly during the host installation.

M/S. Dr.K.V.Subbareddy Institute of Technology

System Administrator.

1st June2015 to 31st Oct 2015.

Manage VMs using VMware virtual center and Through Web Access.
Installation and configuration of virtual machines in an Enterprise SAN and NAS environment.
Creating and managing VM Ware cluster. Enabling HA and DRS features in a cluster.
Configurations of Virtual switches and network connections.

Performing Snapshots, Cloning, cold migrations and hot migrations.

Creating templates from VMs and deploy VMs from templates and allocate resources.
Managing & Configuring Virtual Machines.
Create / Install Virtual Machines (Guest OS).
Manage tasks, events and alarms.
Regular System Administration tasks like User Accounts, access, Permissions and Security.
Creating and managing VMware cluster. Enabling HA and DRS features cluster.

M/S. P.V.S. Technologies

Customer Support Engineer.

4th September 2014 to 30th May - 2015.

Installation, Configuration, Administration Troubleshooting and managed Virtualization.

Environment uses VMWare Esxi 5.1 and 5.5.
Creating and managing Virtual machines and installing VM Tools into VMs.
Creating and managing Virtual machines and templates.
Creating templates and deploying through templates.
Creating Clusters for High Availability (HA) and Distributive Resource Scheduling (DRS).
Configured Resource pools, VMotion, Alerts, Alarms and NTP.
Migrate Physical Servers to Virtual Servers using VMWare Converter (P2V Converter).
Experience in configuring data store to Esxi Server using SAN, iSCSI and LUN.
Managing VMWare Licenses.
Monitoring and managing Performance of ESXi servers and Virtual Machines.
Handling issue related to VM performances.
Installing, Configuring Windows 2008.
Configuration and troubleshooting on storage issue and network issue.
Configured VMotion, Alerts, SNMP, NTP.
Moving VMs from LUN to LUN using Storage VMotion.
Configuring and managing HA Settings and Customizing HA for Virtual Machines.
Configuring DRS in a Cluster. And the DRS Automation Level Using DRS Affinity Rules.
Configuring Virtual Switches and Port Groups, Editing Security Policy and Traffic Shaping
Policy for a Virtual Switch.
Patch Management in ESX Server.
Experience in 24x7 production support, troubleshooting security.

M/S. Group Four Secure solutions (India) Pvt Ltd.

Sr.Rostering Executive.

08th August 2008 to 05th April 2014.





2005 2008

Gov. Degree College For men, Kurnool (A.P).

B.S.C (C.s)


2003 2005

Gov. Junior College, Kurnool (A.P).



2002 2003

M.H.Appa High School, Kurnool (A.P).



Courses Trained:2014 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) from IIHT.

2016 VMWare from Infowink Technologies.


Date of Birth
Marital Status
Languages known
Permanent Address

: K E Prasad (LATE).
: 02nd March, 1987.
: Married.
: English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil.
: Browsing Internet.
: # 49/50A-169,1st Floor, Plot No: 166
Sreeramanagar, Kurnool 518002.
Andhra Pradesh.

DECLARATION:I hereby declare that the above said information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

: Bangalore.


: 24/09/2016.