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Version 2.0.

1 changes:
- Corrected powergrid requirements of Heavy Capacitor Booster II
- Added Capacitor Flux Coil II
- Fitting panel is locked by default
- Raven State Issue and Tempest Tribal Issue added
- Tracking Links now affected by Long Distance Jamming
- Remote Sensor Boosters now affected by Sensor Linking
- Warhead Rigor Catalyst rigs are affecting only Standard, Heavy and Cruise mis
- Flycatcher bonus to rockets is working propertly now
- Reflected all changes of 34381 patch except new hardwiring-related
Version 2.1 changes:
Interface improvements:
- Modules and drones can be fitted to the last active setup or removed by doubl
e-clicking on them
- "Change Affecting Skill" menu item now include skills which affect module thr
ough ship bonus and skills which affect ship itself when menu is opened with no
slots selected
- Added menu command to open module market group
- Added options to duplicate setup and copy it to clipboard
- You can now open multiple Setup Windows for the same ship
- Default state of newly added drones can be active or inactive depending on ch
aracter skills and already active drones
- Added "Window" menu listing all opened windows
- It is now possible to right-click select items in Character Editor
- Implant management interface improved
- Character with all skills at level 5 included in program files
- API skill import now should work with proxy
- Setups Window size saved between sessions
- Added "Optimal" column showing module optimal and falloff
- Added ability to create custom damage type ratio profiles via right-clicking
tanking icon in Setups window
- "Affected By" section of Information window now lists implants affecting modu
le or charge
- Modules now can be dragged between the slots. When dragging with right mouse
button you can move, copy or swap modules
Bug fixes:
- Issue with Setups window not fully visible in 120 dpi mode has been resolved
- Main window position is saved correctly now (this is also should fix the issu
e with main window placed off screen on multimonitor systems)
- Fixed errors with saving\loading of drones
- Fixed bug which might be the cause of 'Cannot open /icons/other/ship.ico' err
or on startup (but I can't be sure because I was unable to reproduce this error)
- Icons should now display correctly on high color desktop modes (Those who got
corrupted icons using true color modes should try to enable "Force high-color i
cons" option in Preferences)
Fixed errors in database and additions:
- Added all missing hardwiring implants
- Added faction f.o.f. missiles
- Fixed misprint in Caldari Navy Terror Assault Missile. It does 115 damage now
instead of 15
- Interdiction Sphere Launcher does not take missile slot anymore
- Damnation optimal bonus is 10% per level now
- Vexor Navy Issue got third rig slot
- Weapon Upgrades skill now affects Smartbombs
- Tech 2 Medium and Heavy Capacitor Boosters now have correct 12 seconds activa
tion time
- Fixed bug with some Tracking Computers not affecting hybrid turrets

- Corrected Covert Ops bonus on scan duration

- Fixed Gravity Capacitor Upgrade rigs
- Corrected powergrid requirements of Medium Capacitor Booster II
- Armageddon Imperial Issue now has correct powergrid
- Particle Dispersion Augmentor rigs now receive proper stacking penalty
- Fixed errors in damage of Arch Angel EMP M, Arch Angel Phased Plasma M and Re
public Fleet EMP M
- Megathron Navy Issue now has 350 calibration points
Version 2.2 changes:
- Exception on skill change through "Change Affecting Skill" menu when Characte
r Editor isn't open should no longer occur
- Corrected CPU and capacitor usage of Large Shield Transporter II
- Error with the names of Ancillary Ballistic Screen Stabilizer I and F-S8 Rela
tivistic Deflection Shield Induction I fixed
- Fixed error with Targeting System Subcontroller rigs
- Missing mining modules added
- Nightmare and Rattlesnake now have working bonuses to Siege Launchers
- Crusader bonus on capacitor use by lasers fixed
- Added ability to change default sorting order for modules on fitting panel by
clicking column headers
- Ship agility and mass represented by the new "Align Time" parameter which sho
ws approximate time required to gain 75% of top speed from zero speed
Version 2.3 changes:
- Missing skill indicator now checks drone skills too
- Remote Sensor Booster II cpu requirements corrected
- Low Friction Nozzle Joints rigs agility bonus and Shield Rigs signature penal
ty are now stacking penalized
- Removed stacking penalty from Discharge Elutriation and Algid Administration
- Fixed situation when some skills appear in "Change Affecting Skill" menu whil
e they shouldn't
- Fixed Cerberus bonus on missile flight time
- Fixed Siege Module damage bonus
- Errors in Velocity and Explosion Velocity attributes of light missiles have b
een fixed
- Added mothership bonus to Projected ECM CPU usage
- Fixed bug with gang skills affecting ammunition penalties
- Shield Upgrades skills affects Shield Resistance Amplifiers now
- Error with Interdictors having same ROF penalty as destroyers fixed
- Exequror bonuses are now working correctly
- Faction XL ammo have been added
- Database updated to Revelations 2.2
Version 2.4 (released 9.12.2007) changes:
- Chimera now uses Caldari Carrier skill for her bonuses instead of Amarr Carri
er and has 400 calibration points
- Maelstrom calibration points corrected
- Wasp EC-900 has a proper name now
- Hardwiring - Poteque Pharmaceuticals 'Prospector' PPH-1 was inpropertly named
- Stacking penalty from Mining Upgrades has been removed
- Fixed Eris bonus to Thermal rocket damage
- Hybrid Turret optimal bonus on raptor was incorrectly set as 10% instead of 5
0% (equivalent of 2% per frigate skill level instead of 10% per level). This has
been fixed.
- Corrected activation cost for Tech II Energy Transfer Arrays
- Skiff and Mackinaw shield resistances corrected
- All mining barges had a wrong reduction bonus of ice harvester cycle duration
which was removed

- All skills and implants affecting non-capital remote armor repair systems and
shield transporters now affect capital variants as well
- Khanid Navy modules and faction Heavy Assault Missile Launchers have been add
- Guardian and Basilisk power reduction bonuses now affect Nosferatus and Neutr
alizers as well
- Exequeror bonus on Remote Armor Repairers range fixed
- Bonus from Energy Grid Upgrades to T1 micro capacitor batteries has been remo
- Drones are now can be used as Projected Effects
- Change Affecting Skill menu items now have icons showing skill level of curre
nt character
- Modules on fitting panel can have colored backgrounds to distinguish between
slot types
- New option in preferences allows slots in Setups Window to be divided in grou
ps (requires Win XP or higher)
- Different options for autosizing of columns in Setups Window have been added
- Setup export now includes ship and setup names, charges and drones
- Import of setups posted in EFT export format is now possible: to do it you ne
ed to copy setup text (with ship\setup name header) from forum for example and s
witch back to EFT - it will scan clipboard and if setup is recognized you'll be
given an option to add it.
- Added 2 new special categories to Fitting Panel: Favorites and Recently Used.
To add the module to Favorites or any of its subgroups drag it from module list
in Fitting Panel to the corresponding item in category tree (Fitting Panel must
be locked to do this).
- Database updated to Trinity
Version 2.4.1 (released 11.12.2007) changes:
- Heavy Interdictors optimal bonus on Warp Disruption Field Generator now worki
- Error in optimal of Monopulse Tracking Mechanism I fixed
- Capital Shield Booster shield bonus increased to 7200 shield per cycle
- Rocket Fuel Cache Partition rig bonus is affected by stacking penalty now
- Capacitor and Shield recharge rate peak changed to 2.5*Capacity/RechargeTime
- MWD capacitor penalty reduction bonus on Hyena fixed
- Modules with scripts and civilian turrets no longer cause errors with "Includ
e reload time in DPS" option enabled
- Deleting setup which has projected effects on itself no longer causes error
Version 2.5 (released 7.03.2008) changes:
- Error in Armor EM Hardener I CPU requirements has been fixed
- Triage module now gives correct bonus to Capital Remote Armor and Hull Repair
- Warp Disruption Field Generator receives bonus from Propulsion Jamming skill
- Cerberus Missile Flight Time bonus changed to affect Heavy Assault Missiles a
s well
- Error with Gallente Transport ships which were getting Repair Amount bonus in
stead of Repairer capacitor need reduction bonus has been fixed
- Centurion implants have been fixed so they are correctly affecting all electr
onic warfare modules, and not just ECM
- Tech II ECCMs are now available
- Stacking penalty from Optimal and Falloff rigs has been removed
- New versions of ships with pending changes from Trinity 1.1 available in the
last folder of Ship browser
- New option "Save as image" added to setup menu. It saves setups window image

as JPEG file in EFT directory and copies path to it into clipboard.

- New function acessible through right-click menu of Scan Resolution icon displ
ays lock time of current ship setup on different ships
- Price information now can be automaticly downloaded from Eve-Central.com. By
default this feature is off and can be enabled in the Preferences. Prices can be
set manually by doubleclicking "Price" line in the item information window.
- Proxy authentication available in the test mode. To try to use it EFT must be
launched from shortcut with /ProxyAuth Login:Password switch where Login and Pa
ssword are your credentials for Proxy access separated by the colon.
- New type of program window for DPS graphs available. Opened setups can be add
ed as targets or attackers in the DPS graph window via right click menu. Graphs
will be build for each possible attacker-target pair from the list. Transversal
contribution sliders allow to set relative movement of attacker and target - the
y control which percent of max velocity is a transversal.
- Ship bonuses made available for review from Setups window as a tooltip of que
stion mark icon in upper-left corner of the window
- Duplicated setup can be shown in a new window if such option used during nami
ng of new setup
Version 2.5.1 (released 28.03.2008) changes:
- ECCM Projector II CPU requirements corrected
- Cap boosters get their ability to be overloaded
- Misprint in name of Berserker SW-900 fixed
- Drone Durability Enhancer rigs now working
- Optimal and Tracking weapon rigs now receive stacking penalty between themsel
ves and do not get stacking penalty when used with Tracking Enhancers and Tracki
ng Computers
- Optimal and Falloff parameters added to Remote Sensor Boosters
- Added new lock speed presets for drones
- Fixed some errors which can appear when using DPS graphs and ship setups with
- Sentry drones supported by DPS graphs now
- Added text indicators below CPU and powergrid usage bars which appear if ever
ything can be fitted with CPU or powergrid implant and state required implant ty
- Image quality for "Save as image" option has been increased
- Database updated to Trinity 1.1
Version 2.5.2 (released 30.03.2008) changes:
- Ships with resistance bonuses didn't get their bonus values adjusted accordin
g to the changed resistances. This has been fixed
- New format of API import is supported
Version 2.6 (released 15.06.2008) changes:
- Medium Pulse Laser Specialization requires Small Pulse Laser Specialization i
nstead of Small Beam Laser Specialization now
- Error in shield resistance bonuses of Damage Control II fixed
- Information Warfare Link - Electronic Superiority has its bonuses corrected a
nd given a bonus to Tracking Disruptors falloff
- Lock speed formula changed to more preciese one
- Speed penalty from armor rigs now affected by stacking penalty
- Scan Resolution Sensor Booster script has a proper name now
- Missing Rorqual bonus to Capital Shield Transporters range has been added
- Target painting drones got their bonuses fixed
- Capital Energy Transfer Arrays now receive bonus from Energy Emission Systems
- Naiyon's Modified Magnetic Field Stabilizer CPU and damage bonus values have
been fixed
- Terachi officer items were renamed to Makur's items to reflect undocumented c
hange from some of the earlier patches

- Passive Targeter II have been added

- Freighters have been added
- Maximum warp distance parameter is now shown in the tooltip of Warp speed ind
- It is no longer possible to get an error by clicking Show Info of "No implant
" item in Character Editor
- Item price in info window now includes commas as thousands separator
- Database updated to Empyrean Age
Version 2.7 (released 21.07.2008) changes:
- Added missing max target bonuses to signal amplifiers
- Omen Navy Issue CPU output fixed
- Megathron Federate Issue parameters corrected
- Scythe bonus to the tracking links fixed
- Wyvern bonuses have been corrected so they are not bound to Amarr Carrier ski
ll anymore
- Hybrid and Energy Discharge Elutriation rig bonus values fixed
- Large Tech 2 smartbomb activation cost, powergrid requirements, range and dam
age values updated
- Nighthawk missile bonuses adjusted so they affect all types on missiles
- Tracking Disruptor effectiveness bonuses on some amarr ships and on Tracking
Diagnostic Subroutines rigs now affect falloff too
- Wrong skill requirements of ECCM - Magnetometric II fixed
- Stasis Drone Augmentor rigs have been added
- Overload bonuses to armor repair amount, shield boost amount and ECM effectiv
eness are stacked with other modules now
- New column showing heat simulation results appears if any module set to overl
oad state. For overloaded module it shows average time until it offlines. For ot
her modules is either shows time until module offlines or damage amount module w
ill get if all overloaded modules offline before module in question.
Version 2.7.1 (released 31.07.2008) changes:
- Heat simulation error fixed: heat sinks work for whole ship and not just over
loaded rack
- Capacitor info now shows amount of charge your capacitor will be stable at if
there is not enough consumption to drain in completely
- Changes from SiSi server made available for testing. To test them EFT must be
launched with "/DataDir Data_SpeedPatch" switch
Version 2.7.2 (released 11.08.2008) changes:
- Error caused by capacitor calculations with capacitor adding modules (energy
transfer arrays, nosferatus and capacitor boosters) should no longer appear
- Warp Scramblers in Speed Patch database working correctly now
- Fitting Panel can now be unattached from the left side of window
Version 2.8 (released 23.08.2008) changes:
- Error preventing freighters to work correctly has been fixed
- Amounts of effective hp's greater than ten millions will be shown correctly n
- DPS graphs are now subject to "Include reload time in DPS" option
- New option in defence menu allows to choose between shield, armor and structu
re defence efficiency
- Boosters and their affecting skills and implant have been added
- New "Boosters and Implants" button opens list of setup specific boosters and
implants. Boosters from fitting panel and implants from character editor implant
tree can be dragged there. Please note that setup specific implants override ef
fects from character implants from the same slot.

Version 2.8.1 (released 4.10.2008) changes:

- Typo in "Boosters and Implants" button caption fixed
- Electronic Assault Ships resistances corrected
- Shield explosive resistances on T2 mining barges adjusted according to ingame
- Duplicate setup function now copies implants and boosters to the new setup
- Bug of "shaking" of module list upon column resizing has been fixed
- Fixed bug with projected effects not being removed on setup switch if said se
tup projects effects on himself
- Error caused by adding Boosters or Implants to the setup should no longer app
Version 2.9 (released 21.11.2008) changes:
- Error which prevented correct skill API import in some cases has been fixed
- Show Info window now shows descriptions for skills and implants
- Fitting Panel should have a correct color now and module filter buttons shoul
d have text written with proper font when using XP style Windows theme
- Implants are available on Fitting Panel now
- Berserker SW-900 drone skill requirements were fixed
- Some of not available in game ammo types were removed
- Battleship ECM bonuses now affecting ECM bursts
- Database updated to Quantum Rise
Version 2.9.1 (released 22.11.2008) changes:
- Ship base speed changes were missing. This has been resolved.
Version 2.10 (released 9.04.2009) changes:
- Tracking Enhancers are no longer an activatable modules
- Error in Tracking Enhancer I parameters was corrected
- MWDs without capacitor penalty will now give additional capacitor capacity on
ships with a bonus reducing this penalty
- Freighters and Jump Freighters had agility bonus from Capital Ships skill app
lied to them. This was incorrect and has been fixed
- Particle Dispersion Projector rigs now affecting ECM Burst optimal range
- Nanobot Accelerator rigs no longer affect Capital Armor Repairers
- Overheat bonuses on Warp Disruptors, Scramblers and Stasis Webs are stacking
penalized with the bonus from Skirmish Warfare Link - Interdiction Maneuvers
- Tech 2 Hull Repairers were added
- Crane powergrid updated
- Warp scramblers range values are more precise now
- Shield Flux Coil II module now receives bonus from Energy Grid Upgrades skill
like other shield flux coils
- Dread Guristas and Caldari Navy Explosion Dampening Amplifiers got their resi
stance bonuses corrected
- Rookie ships had their speeds masses and agility values corrected
- Tracking Links now receive correct penalty when stacked with other range enha
ncing modules
- Skill requirements for Capacitor Flux Coil II, 650mm Artillery Cannon II and
720mm Howitzer Artillery II were changed to match ingame ones
- Implants for X-Large turrets were removed from database because they are not
available ingame
- Information Warfare Links fitted on Eos now give bonus to falloff reduction e
ffectiveness of Tracking Disruptors
- Falcon and Buzzard shield explosive resistances were reduced to 50%
- Drone Repair Augmentor rigs are working now
- Speed penalizing modules and rigs have their stacking penalties calculated se
parately from each other. This should fix wrong speed reports for setups with Sa
lvage Tackle rigs and Expanded Cargoholds for example

- Mining Foreman Mindlink mining yield

this implant was put into some ship and
rovider to another setup. This has been
- Few groups of modules now show their

bonus was not applied if character with

this ship was assigned as a gang bonus p

- Search string for searching items by name must be at least 3 characters long
now. You can adjust "FittingPanel_MinSearchStringLen" value in config.ini file i
f you want to change this
- New "Fitting Shortcuts" option available in preferences. It assigns <Ctrl+Num
ber> shortcuts for fast fitting to first 10 search results on fitting panel
- "Always apply leadership skills" option has been removed from the preferences
- Stasis Webs are working with DPS graphs again
- Links in "About" window should now open with default browser
- It is no longer possible to create a damage profile with comma in name what u
sed to cause problems with next startup. If such profile will be added manually
in "config.ini" file comma characters will be replaced with underscores
- "Open Market Group" command now works even if market groups are not shown on
the Fitting Panel tree
- Implants and Boosters can be added to setup from Fitting Panel by double-clic
- Bug with Warp Scramblers not disabling overloaded MWDs has been fixed
- Bug with Fitting Panel closing incorrectly in docked mode has been fixed
- Added ability to change path where setup screenshots will be saved by adding
"Setups_SaveImagePath" variable to config.ini file. For example: Setups_SaveImag
- Changes were made according to Quantum Rise 1.0.2, Apocrypha and Apocrypha 1.
0.2 patch notes
Version 2.10.1 (released 11.04.2009) changes:
- Proteus Engineering - Augmented Capacitor Reservoir was missing is dronebay c
apacity bonus. This have been fixed
- Proteus Propulsion - Gravitational Capacitor now gives med slot instead of lo
- Loki Propulsion - Intercalated Nanofibers and Tengu Propulsion - Intercalated
Nanofibers bonuses to agility are working correctly now
- Proteus Defensive subsystems now have correct armor explosion resistances
- Loki Defensive - Adaptive Shielding got its missing 50 cpu bonus
- Wasp EC-900 and Praetor EV-900 got their incorrect skill requirements fixed
- Freighters, Jump Freighters and Rorqual should display correct align times no
- Fixed error appearing when fitting any booster to setup by doubleclicking
- Setup import through clipboard now works with T3 ships
Version 2.10.2 (released 22.04.2009) changes:
- Proteus now has correct sensor type so bonuses from his electronics subsystem
s to sensor strength apply correctly
- Bug with "Change Affected Skill" menu listing same skills multiple times was
- Import from XML window display correctly in 120 dpi mode now
- Fixed error which used to prevent correct export of drones to XML
- Removing or replacing subsystem granting dronebay\drone bandwidth bonuses now
disables all drones
- Changes were made according to Apocrypha 1.1 patch notes
Version 2.10.3 (released 3.05.2009) changes:
- ECM optimal and falloff distances updated with more preciese values
- Stealth Bombers bonus to velocity in cloak has been removed and recalibration

delay increased from 5 to 15 seconds

- Blackbird bonuses were updated
- Signal Distortion Amplifier bonus to ECM optimal range now penalized if stack
ed with such bonus from Particle Dispersion Projector rigs
- Armored Warfare Link - Damage Control and Armored Warfare Link - Rapid Repair
bonuses don't apply to capital armor repairers anymore
- Bug with "Boosters and Implants" or "Projected Effects" panels being closed u
pon activating\deactivating or adding new item to them have been fixed
Version 2.10.4 (released 18.05.2009) changes:
- Corrected misprint in "Armored Warfare Link - Passive Defense" module name
- Interdictor bonus to "Interdiction Sphere Launcher" rate of fire has been cha
nged to reactivation delay reduction bonus
- All Reinforced Bulkheads modules got their missing 1MW powergrid requirement
- Carriers and motherships bonus to drone control range has been added
- Changes were made according to Apocrypha 1.2 patch notes
Version 2.11 (released 31.08.2009) changes:
- Loki Defensive - Warfare Processor gives a med slot instead of low slot now
- Loki Offensive - Covert Reconfiguration rate of fire bonus has been reduced f
rom 7.5% to 5% per level
- Particle Dispersion Projector rigs are working with Target Painters now
- Ionic Field Projector and Targeting System Subcontroller rigs now work correc
tly with Sensor Boosters and Signal Amplifiers
- Tech I rare Tracking Disruptors were renamed according to new ingame names
- Motherships and Titans sensor strength values were corrected
- Omnidirectional Tracking Links do not affect tracking disrupting drones anymo
- ECCMs are now receiving overheat-related bonuses from skills and T3 subsystem
- Siege Modules, Doomsday Devices, Clone Vat Bays, Jump Portal Generators and R
emote ECM Bursts are practically invincible to overheat damage as they are in ga
- Capital Shield Transporters are receiving bonuses from Siege Warfare gang ass
ist modules now
- Items from new "Environmental Effects" category can be added to setup project
ed effects to simulate wormhole space environments
- Changes were made according to Apocrypha 1.3 and Apocrypha 1.5 patch notes
- "Export to XML" command now creates "fittings" directory if it does not exist
s what allows correct placement of XML fitting files
- XML files and fits in them can be renamed by clicking and editing item labels
in the XML file tree
- "All level V" character is now automaticly created at startup and any changes
to it don't persist between the sessions
- Ability to create a copy of character by checking "Duplicate character" check
box in the "Rename character" dialog has been added
- Favorite module folders show all modules regardless of their meta-groups
- Doomsday Devices and Bomb Launchers no longer accounted in DPS calculations
- Tracking formula used for DPS graphs was adjusted to reflect reduced damage i
n falloff what was a result of changes in EVE done to prevent turrets from hitti
ng further than Optimal +Falloff*2 range.
Version 2.11.1 (released 14.09.2009) changes:
- Troubles Civilian Afterburner had were solved
- Loki Defensive - Adaptive Augmenter got his missing powergrid bonus
- Mining Foreman skill bonus works again

- Pulsar Wormhole effect on Armor Resistance bonus has been changed to penalty
- Civilian Damage Control and Civilian Stasis Webifier were added to database
- Minimal width constrains for the module and drone lists of Setups Window were
- Info page has been restyled and new special info panel now available to show
properties of selected items dynamically
- Bug on Windows Vista with side panels don't repainting screen space behind th
em when closing now handled by workaround code
Version 2.12 (released 01.12.2009) changes:
- Bug with XML export of T3 ships was fixed
- Bug which could cause setup to overwrite another similary named one during th
e export of both setups into same XML file was fixed
- "Division by the zero" error popping up in some cases when using DPS graphs h
as been eliminated
- Caldari Navy Large Shield Extender signature penalty has been corrected
- Covert Cynosural Field Generator activation duration and reacivation delay pa
rameters were fixed
- Consumption attribute has been removed from the Covert Jump Portal Generator
I as it does not require fuel to activatate the module
- Some items which are not available in game were removed
- Survey skill description updated and bonus from this skill has been removed f
rom Codebreakers and Analyzers
- Database updated to Dominion 1.0
- Turret tracking calculations were improved to account for effect known as "hi
t quality degradation"
- XML Files window got few additional options and checkboxes in the file tree w
ere changed to standard style
- Options to hide system characters and automatic saving of changes were added
to Preferences
- Limited issue ships were moved to separate group in the ship browser
- New panel has been added to the Setups window for T3 subsystems
Version 2.12.1 (released 03.12.2009) changes:
- Autosave feature saves changed fits correctly now

Ambit Extension rig falloff bonus receives correct stacking penalty

Signal Focusing Kit rigs are not penalized by stacking penalty anymore
Afterburner bonus has been revoked from Assault Ships
Typhoon and Tempest shield and armor values were swapped
Epic arc reward implants got their descriptions updated

Version 2.12.2 (released 08.12.2009) changes:

- Bug which used to cause some setups to not save was fixed
- Couple of errors in "Change Affecting Skill" menu were fixed

Projected ECCMs optimal and falloff values were updated

Amarr Navy laser crystals were renamed to Imperial Navy
Slight error in agility bonuses of tech I Polycarbon rigs was corrected
Infiltrator II parameters were updated to correct values

Version 2.12.3 (released 02.02.2010) changes:

- Crane has correct capacitor recharge time now
- 'Full Duplex' Ballistic Targetting System ROF bonus was corrected
- Some civilian modules were added

- Database updated to Dominion 1.1

- Reactivation Delay parameter is now accounted for in the capacitor usage colu
- Coefficient in Align Time formula has been adjusted slightly
- Deleting module with [Delete] shortcut used to cause error in some cases. Thi
s should no longer happen
- DPS Graphs window got new option to include target resistances and transversa
l trackbars were replaced with new vector velocity indicators which should be mo
re intuitive and allow for greater range of situations to be simulated
Version 2.12.4 (released 04.06.2010) changes:
- Error in Cormorant capacitor capacity has been fixed
- Small Particle Dispersion Projector I rig had incorrect TypeID what used to r
esult in wrong price aquired. Correct value has been assigned
- Capacities of Heavy Assault Missile Launchers were updated with new values
- Basic Signal Amplifiers and Basic Sensor Backup Arrays no longer receive bonu
s from Electronic Upgrades skill
- Database updated to Tyrannis 1.0.1
- Modules which affect capacitor recharge rate show difference they make as abs
olute value in capacitor column
- Modules with reactivation delay now correctly handled in capacitor balance ca
Version 2.13 (released 05.12.2010) changes:
- Toggling Drones and Stats panels no longer causes Setups window to flicker on
Vista\Win 7 systems
- New Rating value now displayed for buffer tanked ships to evaluate their effe
ctiveness (more on this in FAQ.txt)

Black Hole Class 2 agility modifier has been corrected

Large Remote Repair Augmentor rigs now affect Capital Remote Repair Systems
Scorpion and Widow bonuses to ECM Bursts were adjusted to match their actual
game state

- Database updated to Incursion 1.0.0

Version 2.13.1 (released 07.12.2010) changes:
- Bug with wrong defence calculation has been fixed
- Hawk powergrid corrected
Version 2.13.2 (released 23.01.2011) changes:
- Ships can be accessed with Fitting Panel now
- Additional line called "CharEditor_APITimeout" was added to config.ini file.
It specifies amount of seconds EFT waits for responce from API server when updat
ing your character skills. Default value is 3 seconds but in case of API server
lag it may be worthwhile to specify longer wait time.
- T3 subsystems no longer appear in recently used module list
- If module can overheat for longer than an hour number in Heat column will cor
rectly state so
- "Light drone" targeting speed preset has been renamed to "Light drone, Capsul
e" as they both have the same signature radius
- Minmatar Defensive Systems skill requirements were corrected
- Some hardwiring implants which seem to be unobtainable in the game were remov
- Database updated to Incursion 1.1.1

Version 2.13.3 (released 01.02.2011) changes:

- Missing Meta Level 1 Citadel Launchers and Shadow Fighter Bomber were added
- Minor changes to ship bonus descriptions were applied
Version 2.13.4 (released 25.05.2011) changes:
- Attributes of Marauders skill updated
- Drone Link Augmentor I skill requirements were updated
- MWD signature penalty now receives a stacking penalty with similar effects fr
om other modules
- Inherent Implants 'Noble' ZET4*** implants no longer affect capital armor rep
- AT9 prize ships were added
- Database updated to Incursion 1.4.1
- Capacitor batteries show correct capacitor recharge balance bonus in setup mo
dule list now
- Option to reset all column widths in setup module list has been added to the
context menu of list header
- HTML setups library as a new way to import fittings to EVE through ingame bro
wser has been added. It contains all setups from EFT database and updated every
time EFT closed as well as at autosave intervals specified in preferences or by
manual command in main menu. Copy path to HTML setups library with main menu com
mand and paste it to ingame browser address box to access it
- It is now possible to show EFT version number in application name. To enable
this set "Main_ShowVersion" variable in config.ini file to "1"
- Having more turrets or launchers fitted than amount of hardpoints ship has no
longer prevents other modules from being accepted
- Few errors related to context menu of multiple selected modules in setup modu
le list were fixed, including ability to load charges into modules which aren't
supposed to be fitted with them
- Mining Crystals should be sorted to correct charge groups now
- Slash "/" key is now used as a shortcut to get input focus to search box of f
itting panel
- Control+Backspace key combination can be used in the fitting panel search box
to erase a word right to the cursor
- Default delay EFT waits for API server response has been increased from 3 to
20 seconds
- Missing skill indicator now works correctly with /OldHints switch
- Shield and armor amounts now show average resistances in their tooltips - thi
s is usefull for remote and local active tanks so those values shown not as a pe
rcents but as a multiplier to repair module efficiency
- Speed value now shows speed to signature ratio in the tooltip as a measure of
ability to speed tank for current setup
Version 2.13.5 (released 22.10.2011) changes:
- Skill requirements of meta variants of T1 capacitor flux coil were updated
- ZET20, ZET200 and ZET2000 slot 6 hardwiring implants were renamed to their co
rrect names
- Malice, Utu, Adrestia and Mimir have their overheat-specific attributes updat
- Skirmish Warfare Link - Interdiction Maneuvers no longer affects Warp Disrupt
ion Field Generators
- Long Distance Jamming and Frequency Modulation skills now affect Remote Senso
r Boosters
- Database updated to Incarna 1.0
- API skill import now uses customizable API keys and import procedure itself h

as been slightly changed

Version 2.14 (released 30.11.2011) changes:
- Database updated to Crucible 1.0
Version 2.14.1 (released 14.12.2011) changes:
- Large Core Defense Operational Solidifier rigs now affect Capital Shield Boos
- Wrong effect of Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration skill was fixed
- Range of Tech I meta modules were renamed. This will cause them to disappear
from setups when migrating from previous version
- Database updated to Crucible 1.0.2
Version 2.14.2 (released 17.01.2012) changes:
- API skill import was rewritten
- Assault ship changes and new Null ammo were added
Version 2.14.3 (released 24.01.2012) changes:
- Version release date added to "About" window
- Database updated to Crucible 1.1
Version 2.14.4 (released 09.02.2012) changes:
- Wrong names of some recently renamed modules were fixed
- Rate of fire bonus from Leviathan was removed

Recently renamed modules and charges are now recognized correctly in the setu
or through import by their old names too
Comma is no longer a valid symbol to have in setup or character names
Opened setups windows are saved and restored between sessions now

Version 2.14.5 (released 17.03.2012) changes:

- Foxfire Rage Rocket was renamed to Inferno Rage Rocket
- Mechanic skill was renamed to Mechanics
- Database updated to Crucible 1.5
- Error in the way how wormhole resistance penalties were applied has been fixe
- It is now possible to specify custom proxy server settings by adding "Proxy_S
erver=ProxyServerName" and "Proxy_Port=ProxyPortNumber" lines to the "config.ini
" file in EFT folder
Version 2.14.6 (released 17.03.2012) changes:
- Error with ship bonuses applying only first level of skill regardless of actu
ally trained level should be fixed
Version 2.14.7 (released 18.03.2012) changes:
- Second attempt to fix the error with ship bonuses applying only first level o
f skill regardless of actually trained level
Version 2.14.8 (released 29.03.2012) changes:
- Database updated to Crucible 1.6
Version 2.15 (released 25.05.2012) changes:
- Stacking penalties from Metastasis Adjuster rigs are calculated separately fr
om Tracking Computers and Tracking Enhancers now
- Align time calculation formula was updated and new "Minimum warpout time" val
ue is now shown in the tooltip

- Database updated to Inferno 1.0.2

Version 2.15.1 (released 13.07.2012) changes:
- Overload of ECM modules no longer affect ECM drones
- Iteron Mark IV Quafe Ultra Edition name should no longer appear truncated
- Missing Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Warp Drive Operation implant series was added
- Missile Launcher market group names were updated
- Database updated to Inferno 1.1
- Price updates were switched to use newer version of EVE-Central API. Updates
should work faster and be more accurate because of lowest sell prices in Jita us
- Few errors were fixed in the custom proxy settings recognition from "config.i
ni" file
- On systems with Windows User Account Control enabled EFT will display a warni
ng about possible issues with file saving when launched from Program Files direc
- Error message upon connection fail now lists basic possible causes of the fai
Version 2.16 (released 13.08.2012) changes:
- Database updated to Inferno 1.2
- It is now possible to drag modules between different Setups Windows
- Defence section tooltip was reworked to show EHPs and defence values for all
available damage profiles
- The way ship bonus tooltip is shown was changed to avoid a bug with tooltip b
eing stuck
- You can now pick which color assigned to which DPS graph by selecting a graph
and right-clicking colored box below graph area
- Missile range on DPS graphs now account for missile acceleration and distance
target travels during missile flight time (missile effective range is increased
when target flies towards attacker and descreased in target flies away from it)
- Some modules show their range on DPS graphs with the markers. Target painter
markers can be dragged within falloff range to simulate the effect of successful
l activation at different ranges
Version 2.17 (released 06.12.2012) changes:
- Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator I bonus is no longer a subject to stacking p
- Inherent Implants 'Yeti' Ice Harvesting IH-1001 implant name was fixed
- Database updated to Retribution 1.0.1
- Importing more than 15 setups at once with XML import will show message with
amount of setups imported instead of opening every single of them in separate wi
- Drones of the same type from multiple drone groups are now merged together wh
en importing to XML file because otherwise EVE client imports only one group
Version 2.17.1 (released 12.12.2012) changes:
- Corax missile damage bonus was changed to apply to kinetic missiles only
- Missing Noctis dronebay was added
- Exequror bonuses were incorrectly linked to Amarr Cruiser skill. This has bee
n resolved
- Names of meta 1-4 variants of Heavy Assault Missile Launchers were updated
- Skill requirements for T2 medium autocannons were updated

Version 2.18 (released 19.02.2013) changes:

- Survey Scanner II range updated
- Tairei's Modified EM Plating and Corpum A-Type Energized EM Membrane names we
re corrected
- Database updated to Retribution 1.1
Version 2.18.1 (released 05.03.2013) changes:
- Adrestia speed bonus was added
- Sister Scanner Probe names were corrected
- Tooltip for DPS display now shows both DPS with and without reloads
- Tooltip for Volley damage display now shows volley damage breakdown by weapon
- Recent issue with price updates was resolved
Version 2.18.2 (released 16.05.2013) changes:
- Database updated to Retribution 1.2.1
- Links in the API import window were changed to point on updated EVE community
Version 2.19 (released 08.06.2013) changes:
- Drone Navigation Computers now affect salvage drone speed
- Gravity Capacitor Upgrade rigs have stacking penalty now
- Database updated to Odyssey 1.0.3
Version 2.19.1 (released 13.06.2013) changes:
- Maller and Augoror Navy Issue stats were updated
- Covert Ops and Strategic Cruiser bonuses were changed to be flat +10 to Virus
Strength instead of +10 per level
- Pirate ships got their calibration reverted back to 350
- Vexor Navy Issue and Proteus bonuses to drone speed were fixed
- Capital shield and armor rigs are enabled to work with capital shield booster
s and armor repairers
- Taipan got correct dronebay and drone bandwidth
- Revenant skill requirements updated according to Odyssey 1.0.6 patchnotes
Version 2.20 (released 03.09.2013) changes:
- Issue with Stasis Webbing drones introduced in prior version was fixed
- Navy Cap Booster 25 was placed to correct group so it is no longer possible t
o use it in Medium Ancillary Shield Boosters
- Database updated to Odyssey 1.1
- Boosters added to setup will now be saved correctly
- Hitting remove module shortcut (Delete key) while having no module selected n
o longer throws an error
- Forward\Back mouse buttons (for those mice which have them) can be used to cy
cle through opened windows (except Fitting Panel, Character Editor and Selected
Item Info as they have their own hotkeys)
- New "Cascade" command in "Window" menu allows to cascade setups and DPS graph
s windows.
- It is now possible to show info of individual item parameters by doubleclicki
ng them in Info window. Information window on specific parameter shows its descr
iption and lists all the items which can affect it (including all modules, ships
, etc)
- Ability to add items to ship cargohold has been added

Version 2.20.1 (released 04.09.2013) changes:

- Claymore turret and launcher slots were corrected
- Miasmos has now correct cargohold capacity
- Nighthawk missile damage bonus fixed to apply to kinetic damage only
- Creating damage profile with zero damage no longer leads to errors on setup u
Version 2.20.2 (released 08.10.2013) changes:
- Proper values were set for Celestis capacitor recharge time, Corax shield and
Mackinaw orehold
- A lot of minor discrepancies between EFT database and EVE were resolved
- Gnosis has been moved from Limited Issue Ships to Battlecruisers group
- Ship Signature Radius is calculated correctly now when affected by both Skirm
ish Warfare Link - Evasive Maneuvers and Ragnarok bonuses
- Drone Optimal Range is calculated correctly now when affected by multiple Omn
idirectional Tracking Links and Drone Scope Chip rigs
- Defence tooltip for armor tanked ships now shows correct tanking values
- Structure resists in Structure icon tooltip were displayed incorrectly and th
is has been fixed
- Rubicon expansion preview changes were added
Version 2.20.3 (released 17.10.2013) changes:
- Error in character duplication function was fixed
- Missing skills indicator now checks skills for boosters and implants also
- Two new commands to apply minimum skill requirements were added to right-clic
k menu of missing skills indicator
- Cargo image above setup cargohold items list now has a tooltip showing specia
lized bays capacities and total cargohold capacity with containers
- Rubicon expansion preview changes were updated
Version 2.21 (released 18.11.2013) changes:
- Frequency Modulation skill and Particle Dispersion Augmentor rigs now affect
ECM Bursts
- Database updated to Rubicon 1.0
- Ship Browser should no longer cause errors when showing and hiding ships acco
rding to race filter
- Size of Ship Browser window was increased
- Overheat calculation now account for module reload time (important for new ra
pid launchers). To simulate continuous operation for Ancillary Shield Boosters a
nd Ancillary Armor Repairers after running out of loaded charges overheat them w
ithout charges
Version 2.21.1 (released 20.11.2013) changes:
- Gravitational Capacitor T3 subsytems bonus to warp speed was set to correct v
- Raptor Shield Resistance bonus was fixed
- Kronos bonus to Large Hybrid Turret falloff was updated
- Overheat calculation for laser turrets should now work correctly and overheat
results should no longer stuck for empty slots
Version 2.22 (released 28.01.2014) changes:
- Warp Core Optimizer rigs were switched to have CPU penalty. Hyperspatial Velo

city Optimizer rigs descriptions were also updated to reflect new penalty
- Meta Capital Turrets were assigned correct TypeIDs so they should fetch corre
ct prices now
- Supercarriers are no longer reside in Carriers group and it is no longer poss
ible to fit Triage Module to them
- Missile velocity bonus to Light Missiles was added to Osprey Navy Issue
- Database updated to Rubicon 1.1
- Deployable structures and Containers are now accessable in Fitting Panel inst
ead of cargohold right-click menu where they used to be
- Text setup import to EFT should no longer experience issues if copied text ha
s non-Windows way of defining newlines
- It is now possible to add any item from Fitting Panel to cargohold. Note that
import to EVE supports charges only and other types of items will be ignored. I
mport/Export as text at the moment ignores modules in cargohold due to technical
- Deleting setup should not longer cause an error when info about deleted setup
is shown in Selected Item Info window
- Slash shortcut no longer triggers when typing in setup description field
- Fixed error which used to prevent correct saving of item price when this pric
e was too high
- Parameter list in the Show Info window now shows parameter descriptions in to
Version 2.22.1 (released 18.02.2014) changes:
- Shield Boost bonus from Siege Modules is a subject to stacking penalty now
- Weapon Upgrades skill now affect Bastion Module
- Mindlink implant descriptions were updated
- ECM Bursts can be overloaded now
- XML import was changed to be more tolerant to file syntax
- Additional attribute columns can be added to Fitting Panel now to make it eas
ier to compare items. To do so, right click any attribute in Show Info window an
d check "Show on Fitting Panel". Any amount of attributes can be set to be shown
but amount of additional columns is limited to seven, thus it could be possible
that not every attribute will be displayed.
Version 2.22.2 (released 12.03.2014) changes:
- Harpy has correct EM Shield Resistance now
- It is no longer possible to fit Covert Cynosural Field Generator to Astero
- Database updated to Rubicon 1.3
- Preview versions of planned changes to Pirate Faction Frigates were added
- Recent issue when fitting module to setup used to refresh Fitting Panel item
list and reset scroll position was fixed
Version 2.22.3 (released 22.05.2014) changes:
- Capacitor tooltip now displays time required to recharge capacitor for Jump D
rive on jump capable ships both for second jump and jumps after that
- DPS readout now has right-click menu assigned which enables to open DPS graph
s quickly against chosen target
- All ship attribute readouts on Setups Window were given right-click option to
display attribute Information Window
- Reskinned ship variants are recognized correctly when imported through XML no
- Strategic Cruisers should now import through XML correctly again
- Some changes in XML import code were made in attempt to avoid possible issues
- Malformed XML file no longer prevents XML Manager from functioning and correc

tly ignored now as it should

- Text import no longer ignores last item if text was copied without newline ch
aracter at the end
- Database updated to Rubicon 1.4.6
- Kronos release preview changes were added
Version 2.23 (released 03.06.2014) changes:
- Barghest name was corrected
- Worm was given missing launcher slot
- Database updated to Kronos 1.0
Version 2.23.1 (released 07.06.2014) changes:
- Prospect has 2 rig slots now
- Error in Cynabal bonus description was corrected
- Core X-Type 100MN Afterburner could no longer be active along with other Afte
rburners or Microwarpdrives
- Bonuses from T3 subsystems to drones are working once again
- Revenant bonuses were updated
- WarpCapacitorNeed attribute on Garmur, Astero, Raptor, Crow, Stiletto, Claw,
Covetor, Retriever, Mackinaw and Hulk was updated to Kronos 1.0 values
- 'Sentient' drone upgrade modules were moved to faction category
Version 2.23.2 (released 15.08.2014) changes:
- Carrier and Supercarrier bonuses to Fighter control range no longer affect Dr
one control range
- Description of Transverse Bulkhead rigs was updated
- Augmented and Integrated Acolyte drones have correct rate of fire now
- Reinforced Bulkheads cargo penalty is a subject to stacking penalty now
- Probe sensor strength bonus from Sisters Probe Launchers is a subject to stac
king penalty now
- WarpCapacitorNeed attribute on Mining Barges and Exhumers was updated
- Alliance Tournament XII prize ships were added
- Database updated to Crius
- Hyperion release preview changes were added
- Jump Drive range and fuel requirement ship attributes were added to jump-capa
ble ships
- Hovering mouse over skills in Affected Skills submenu or charges in charges s
ubmenus will display their information in Selected Item Info window
Version 2.23.3 (released 26.08.2014) changes:
- Database updated to Hyperion
Version 2.24 (released 27.09.2014) changes:
- Missile Damage bonus on Barghest now depends on Gallente Battleship skill lev
- Anathema bonus to Capacitor Recharge Rate was not working correctly and has b
een fixed
- Fixed a double increase to Signature bonus of Skirmish Warfare Links from Pro
teus Defense - Warfare Processor subsystem
- Database updated to Oceanus 1.0
- Error caused by use of Boosters was fixed
- Bonuses description in ship Information Window display new lines correctly no
- All ship bonuses are dynamic now even for ships which can not be flown withou

t level 5 skills
- Items in Requirements tab of Information Window now have context menu with st
andard set of options
Version 2.24.1 (released 02.10.2014) changes:
- Basic leadership skills no longer apply a fixed 10% bonus regardless of their
- Afterburner skill was fixed
- Loki Shield Thermal Resistance changed to correct value
- Worm bonus to shield resistances was fixed
- Stealth Bombers bonuses from Covert Ops skill work correctly now
- Broadsword bonuses from Minmatar Cruiser skill work correctly now
- Restrained Capacitor Flux Coil, Dark Blood, True Sansha and Ammatar Navy Reac
tor Control Units and some of Light Missile Launchers were updated with most rec
ent changes
Version 2.25 (released 04.11.2014) changes:
- Supplemental Coolant Injector subsystems no longer list Thermodynamics as aff
ecting skill
- Bastion Module and Siege Modules now affect ship Maximum Target Count
- Adrestia and Vangel cargohold capacities were updated
- Corax, Eris, Ark and some of the drone Armor values were updated
- Database updated to Phoebe 1.0
- Fixed an error with wrong calculation of jump travel distance from available
- Pilot leadership skills and implants no longer apply when setup receives flee
t bonuses but not set to fleet boosting position
Version 2.25.1 (released 05.11.2014) changes:
- Armor Compensations skills are working with Energized Membranes once again
- Speed and Scan Resolution penalties on Cloaking Devices were fixed
- Overloading modules should no longer affect drones
- Missing Onyx bonus to missile launcher rate of fire was added
Version 2.25.2 (released 26.11.2014) changes:
- Amount of simultaneously active Gas Cloud Harvesters is correct now
- Nereus was assigned a correct bonus to ship cargohold capacity
- Database updated to Phoebe 1.5
- Preview of Rhea ships were added
- Reactive Armor Hardener resistances are changed through right-click menu now
- Amount of setups for ship is now shown on Fitting Panel
Version 2.25.3 (released 09.12.2014) changes:
- Missing Hybrid Turret Tracking bonus was added to Eos
- Omnidirectional Tracking Link modules can be deactivated now
- Database updated to Rhea 1.0
- Duplicated setup appears at correct position in the list now
Version 2.26 (released 14.01.2015) changes:
- Titans without Warfare Link modules can be picked as fleet boosters again
- Overload time readout should not longer display times like "1m 60s"
- Database updated to Proteus 1.1

Version 2.27 (released 17.02.2015) changes:

- Removing Cap Booster charge from Capacitor Booster no longer causes an error
- Database updated to Tiamat 1.0
Version 2.28 (released 25.03.2015) changes:
- Fixed an error in Kronos bonus description
- Zainou 'Gypsy' Electronic Warfare implants affect ECM Bursts now
- Emergent Locus Analyzer subsystems no longer give reduction in CPU requiremen
ts for Survey Probe Launchers
- Database updated to Scylla 1.0
Version 2.29 (released 29.04.2015) changes:
- Expanded Cargohold II stats were updated
- Victorieux Luxury Yacht has correct warp speed now
- Capital Core Defense Capacitor Safeguard rigs work correctly now
- Zainou 'Gypsy' Sensor Linking implants now affect all modules they supposed t
- Festival Launcher was added to database
- Database updated to Mosaic 1.0
Version 2.30 (released 02.06.2015) changes:
- Venture no longer has any bonuses to Mining Drones
- Database updated to Carnyx 1.0
Version 2.30.1 (released 26.06.2015) changes:
- Capital Core Defense Capacitor Safeguard rigs were changed back to affect all
Shield Boosters
- Command to reopen last closed setup was added to Window menu
- Setups with more modules than ship has slots for will be imported with excess
ive modules added to ship cargohold
- Added preview of some Aegis changes
Version 2.31 (released 8.07.2015) changes:
- Database updated to Aegis 1.0
Version 2.31.1 (released 2.09.2015) changes:
- Armored Warfare Link - Damage Control and Armored Warfare Link - Rapid Repair
now affect Capital Remote Armor Repairers
- Importing setup with offline module no longer causes an error
- Database updated to Galatea 1.5
Version 2.32 (released 29.09.2015) changes:
- Database updated to Vanguard 1.0
Version 2.33 (released 8.12.2015) changes:
- Skirmish Warfare - Rapid Deployment bonus to Afterburner and Microwarpdrive s
peed now receives stacking penalty when combined with overheating
- All rigs were stripped off their skill requirements as they were no longer re
- Database updated to December release 1.0

Version 2.34 (released 11.03.2016) changes:

- Exequror bonuses to Remote Armor Repairer optimal and falloff were fixed
- Command Destroyers now able to fit Command Processors
- Information about Capacitor warfare resistance was added to capacitor readout
- It should be no longer possible to fit deployable structures in booster slots
- Database updated to March release 1.0
Version 2.35 (released 15.05.2016) changes:
- Damage Controls were changed so only one can be online at the same time
- Wrong Ore Hold capacity bonus was removed from Hulk
- Fiend dronebay was removed
- Capacitor Warfare Resistance no longer incorrectly affects capacitor consumpt
ion of repair modules
- Charges which could be used with the module but do not fit it due to volume c
onstraints no longer cause an error when added to ship cargohold
- Database updated to Citadel 1.11