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Every musical number, from “Overture” to “Exit Music,” including scene changes, dance music, and underscoring, is recorded in its entirety. 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Fiddler On The Roof Piano Vocal Score 2. Act 1 Opening...... 3. Matchmaker... 3a. Change of Scene 4. If | Were A Rich Man ... 4a. End of Scene 2 5. Sabbath Prayer 5a. Change of Scene 6. To Life. 6a. To Life—Dance ... 6b. Opening Scene 5 (To Life) 7. Street Scene .... 8. Perchik And Hodel Dance... 9. Tevye’s Monologue. 10. Miracle Of Miracles .... * 11. The Dream 12. Crossover — Act 1 13. Wedding Introduction .... 14. Sunrise, Sunset 15. Wedding Dance #1 .. 16. Wedding Scene #1 17. Wedding Dance #2. 18. Wedding Scene #2 . 19. Finale—Act 1. Fiddler On The Roof Piano Vocal Score Act Two 20. Entr’acte. 21. Opening — Act 2 .. 7-22-Now T Have Everything 23. Tevye’s Rebuttal ... 24. Do You Love Me?.. 25. The Rumor... 26. Far From The Home I Love .. 27. Crossover— Act 2 .. 28. Incidental (Miracle of Miracles) .... 29. Change of Scene .... 30. Chava Sequence .... 31. Anatevka .. 32. Final Scene— Underscoring... 33, Curtain— Act 2 34. Music For Bows .... 35. Exit . Fiddler on the Roof 1 Piano-Vocal Moderato (in 2) (On the dark) Vin. sola (Curcin wy) maf (Light on Fidler) (Teoye comes forward) (Light on Toye) 2 TEVYE: A fiddler onthe roof. Sounds crazy, n0? .. 15 crayon) Piano-Vocal TEVYE: ... keep our balance? ‘That Ian tell you in ‘one word — Tradition! % ad lib, repeat Gtr, Mand, ad Ub. repeat PB Po Ga pee | #1—Tradition (oeal 2nd time) au - ee ne ewww wmmnaaa ds Piano-Vocal 0 #1—Tradition tra - di-tion. Piano-Vocal conta cue: TEVYE: ... and what God expects him to do. Who, day and night, Must Ste pice who has the right, Pa pas WoW, Hine.) of >— ‘Str, Rhythm, Ace. scram - ble for #1—Tradition 4 liv-ing, Feed a wife and children, Say his dai-ly prayers? And. oD FI, 0b, mas ter of the house, To have the fi-nal word aaa Piano-Vocal ae #1—Tradition @2_(GOLDE, MAMAS) ‘Who must know the way to make a pro- per home, A Sp Ste, Rhyl, Ace J Who must raise a fam-i-ly and run the home So Timp, Piano-Vocal #1-Tradition ta di-tion, + Timp. start - ed He - brew school, Piano-Vocal Tpts, W.W.f08 > rim tos BL tra = di- tion. #1—Tradition (any « Piano-Vocal 3 #1—Tradition’ 1 ‘ (DAUGHTERS) ‘Ace, Str, Rhythm, (+Tamb,) Piano-Vocal #1—Tradition [ea] daugh-tem—— ref secs Si,Rrgtomn tra di-tion The daugh-ters,———_______ the daugh-ters— WoW oa x tra-di-tion. is erg? Ct aan + Piano-Vocal —10— #1—Tradition =] (TEVVE, PAPAS) Who, day and night Must scram-ble fora Feed a wife and chil - dren, (GOLDE, MAMAS) Who must know the way > a Via, Cello, Bo 195 136 1 Say his dai - ly prayers? UL lw mmm wow eee eC OOOOH Who must raise a fam -i- ly and Piano-Vocal — #1—Tradition Piano-Vocal 2 #1—Tradition Tra di-tion, Tra - dition the daughters r. tacet) A lo» Bar 153) « « a . a “ « ‘ « ‘ « ‘ ‘ « « ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ « ‘ ‘ ‘ « « . « « . « e e « Piano-Vocal xis #1—Tradition ‘TEVYE: And in the circle of our lite village. (ey wnt eue) (All dee) WW, Str ls. 10 a ib, repeat + Tp ‘TEVVE: And Reb Nahum, Vin. alo (Play wt exe) BEGGAR; Why atoll ate? arden) "ES yo5_ Ace Bo 166 _ +m. a Se Hine. DOVE O DESDE ST EVVDDDRUUENDU OD oe Piano-Vocal 14 Bere ats iste « ‘ ‘TEVVE: And most important. 17 « Vin. soto a 168 « « « ‘ 4 ‘ cet (Play until ewe) ‘ RABBI: May God bless and keep the + Br 4 gy Tat Faraway from us are WM Sty Hs : ‘ ‘ad lib. repeat © wr : +b, > ————__ ‘ ‘ + Timp. ‘ ‘ [a3] (cHoRus) Dai dai dai dai, Dai dai dai dai, Dai dai dai dai, ' fate Dai dai dai dai, Dai dai dai dai, Dai dai dai dai, Dai dai dai dai dai! + WW. Boa Sa Piano-Vocal = #1—Tradition TEVYE: Then, there are the others. TE] gvmae 5 5 d doa anf ingerCym. cont) Piano-v focal 16 #1—Tradition’ Esler. + Timp (ery softly) (Continue at cue) ‘et MANE Ie was a horse [el we, Vin (Argument ensues) ee Fins, Ts. (GRouP 1) (GROUP 2) 219 are (GR 1) (GR.2) ais _(GR.1) (GR.2) axe (GR. 1) (GR. 2) a7, tra di-tion— Str tn, Tb, Acs A UC; tra dition. prs. tacet Piano-Vocal =i #1—Tradition ss = 4 San ‘TEVVE: Tradition, — tradition, Without our aa 22 nf I a fiddleron the wot i +08 047 ‘eres. poco a poco 7 iF 7 F Applawses Piano-Vocal —i9— Fiddler on the Roof 2 Bright 4 Fade utes Shprintze speaks 2 + qumiov | Piano-Vocal —20— Fiddler on the Roof | | Matchmaker (Cue continue: (Cue: T2EITEL: Oh, Yente— Yente— HODEL: Somcone interesting (CHAVA: And welloft.. Allegro —In1 HODEL: And important! Vamp ad Wb under dialogue ‘Str P Cello, B.ct. z areyov — —i-— #3—Matchmaker Look through’ your oN ad. ro - (cHava) 20 a z match - mak - Str, + Gtr, Mand, 7 r 7 You bring the Piano-Vocal =] Str Gt Mand. Si #3—Matchmaker (chavay aaa nnn Piano-Vocal 3 #3—Matchmaker (CHAVA, HODEL) Piano-Vocal 14 #3—Matchmaker 4 Match - mak - er, Piano-Vocal 25 #3—Matchmaker poco ritard [Fi] Slower (im 1) (under dialogue) Piano-Vocal —26— #3—Matchmaker“ &] ral. anne oeeeec oon ‘TZEITEL: ... whatever Yente brings, you'l take! Right? Of course, right! au a Vigorously - (ry times) Hs. Sf Aves Pct Ga 3.01 a (TZerTEL) 1 made a match for yout oF ; mort = Va, Calo, B.C r iy Piano-Vocal aT #3—Matchmaker Piano-Vocal eas #3—Matchmaker @ Pay 3 times) at t meer ees Mia, cate, ci. r i te r Se EEN NOM HOM OOOH OHOHHHOHOOOEEEE 2 say FL flutter) 124 heard he has a tem = per (ins trem. and pont) cs. : tr an aia Nae Wie, cet Bch. Tse te ¥ fon = ly when he's 50 - ber So you're all A tr Pct “4 Bs, BD. . poco rall. a a think you'd get C2) Detiberately— In 3 198 136 17 Piano-Vocal —30— #3—Matchmaker 2 C @ « « « « ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ( P tr 7 (cHavA) is 6 sa Piano-Vocal —31- #3—Matchmaker 5 Gal (HODEL) > 150 14 155 , Up > Str , nee rf - r r (CHAVA, HODEL) #3—Matchmaker Piano-Vocal 2 ic (ALL THREE) 1 PR RR RAKSHA HATO OT OOS THOMA AAOANOMNONHHHONHNH HHH HEHE Piano-Vocal 3 #3—Matchmaker marcato Match - mak - ex mp ~~ a ~~ fa] Gass pizz) Tempo I° [=] Piano-Vocal = #3—Matchmaker Attacca Piano-Voeal Bright Waltz —In1 mf tui poco rall. A aniop) Fiddler on the Roof 3a Piano-Vocal —36— Fiddler on the Roof ‘ue: TEVYE: We've go the sickness lead. proceed a cu ‘TEVYE: What would have been so terrible f Thad a small fortune? Moderately—In1 : PP ‘St Ac, Pec.” With a lilt—In4 (EVE) RAKE EPAEPT ADAP POPP DDAAATAITADAAAAAEAAACEEECEECE If T were a rich man Dai-dle dee-dle dai-dle Dig-guhdig-guh dee-dle dai-dle dum, \S All day long Td bid-dy bid-dy bum, T were a wealth - y St Would-n't have to work hard, _Dai-dle dee-dle dai-dle Dig-guh dig-guh dee-dle dat-dle dum, avon, Piano-Vocal 37 #4—Rich Man all, AAA Dig-guh dig-guh dee-dle dai-dle man. Td. build a A Deliberately big tall house with rooms by the doz-en Right in the mid-dle of the town, Sm TN, WHA ee z z Ace, Pet, Cello fine tin roof with real wood - en floors be - low. Ste cone long stair - case just going up, And one ¢-ven long-er coming eee le = ee EL Piano-Vocal —38— #4—Rich Man fone more lead ~ ing no where just yard with chicks and turkeys and geese And ducks for the town to see and hear, Ac. | Of ts EHC. —<— r : te a ols = i= ly as they => And each loud quack and luck and gob - ble and honk Will land like a trum-pet on the eu, Ace Piano-Vocal If T were a rich man, Dai-dle dee-dle dai-dle Dig-guh dig-guh dee-dle dai-dle dum, WW. pts muted if day long Td bid-dy bid-dy bum, ythave to work hard, Dai-dle dee-dle dai-dle Dig-guh dig-guh dee-dle dai-dle dum, Would-n't have to workhard, aad Ace are GC »f —— Piano-Vocal —40— #4—Rich Man bid-dy bid-dy rich Dig-guh dig-guh dee-dle dai-dle man. +ww Deliberately wife, my Gol - de, look-ing like a rich man’s wife, With a pro-per dou-ble chin, ew. =m vl Su per-vis-ing meals to her hears de ~ light. wt tt em ee ee nn ne OE OE NOE EMO E OOOO _ Plano-Vocal —41— #4—Rich Man &) strutting like a pea - cock, i What a happy mood she's arco. Ste Tie, Bon, Celli, Bs. Piano-Vocal &) The most im - por - tant They will ask me to ad-vise them please, Reb Tev-ye. Par-don me, Reb Tev-ye,” #4—Rich Man’ 3 like a Sol - 0-mon the wise, Piano-Vocal 3 ‘And it won't make one bit of dif-f'rence (as befor. Pensively rich Td have the time that I lack To sit Ww, | Deliberately Ef #4—Rich Man Paene~reeal iH #4—Rich Man ‘Tempo 1° If were a rich man, Daai-dle dee-dle dai-dleDig-guh dig-guh dee-dle dale dum, All day long Td bid-dy bid-dy bum, It 1 were a wealth - Donn nn anno nnn oe ees RRMA DODD ODDO DODOOH Plano-Vocal —415— #4—Rich Man Would-n't have to workhard, Dai-dle dee-dle dai-dle Dig-guhdig-guh dee-dle daidle dum, Ste Rubato Lord, who made the fon and the lamb, ritard vaste - ter nal plan— Mei —= Piano-Vocal —16— Fiddler on the Roof‘ 4a End Of Scene 2 TTEVYE: But someplace, ithas something ‘about a chicken — Good Sabbath! Bright 4 fe)6U =" |> anpziion Piano-Vocal TEVYE: Lento 1 Solo —7— + Good Sabbath, Reb Tevye ‘Good Sabbath Bg. Hn a2 as 4 py = — Andantino (7) crevve, aoupe May he al - ways shield you from May youcome to be enraon Fiddler on the Roof 5 Plano-Vocal —1s— #5—Sabbath Prayer May you be like Ruth and like May you be de-serv - ing of (CHORUS) Strength-en them, oh Lord, ‘And keep them from the stran - ger's Piano-Vocal 19 #5—Sabbath Prayer ‘More marked (GOLDE) May the Lord ful - fill our Piano-Vocal —50— #5—Sabbath Prayer ‘ ‘ ‘ Piano- jano-Vocal i— #5—Sabbath Prayer & a tempo (WOMEN, GOLDE) May the Lord pro-tect and de - fend you, May the Lord pre-serve you from ‘Acc, Plety (+ Chimes) (aan. cL) — (reve) 36 Fa-vor them, oh Lord, hhap-pi-ness and_ peace, (WOMEN, GOLDE) May the Lord pre-serve you from Fa-vor them, oh With hap-pi-ness— Oh hap-pi-ness and_ peace Piano-Vocal _— #5—Sabbath Prayer¢ « ‘ &) poco ritard (nt ca tee ‘ cea a ‘ ( Via, Cell, Peet. ral. Celeste, WW. — Piano-Vocal 53 Fiddler on the Roof 5a Slowly —In4 Ace agi" Rare Str WW Ba a A —, mf ——_ crese, ed accel B Celle.Bon «nao Piano-Vocal a #5a—Change Of Scene Piano-Vocal 5s Fiddler oi: the Roof 6 To Life ‘ue: LAZAR: What do you think? TEVYE: What do think? pee proceed a cue: TEVYE: Helkes her He will Proceed atu TEVYE: Toow ta gur__ealthand And most try to make her happy. agrees prosperity! happiness! important, (TEVYE) 2 > a cf a a io Allegretto — In 2 (TEVYE, LAZAR) anyzion Piano-Vocal Be] 36 (Tevye, LAZAR) #6—To Life nanan oon nee eo ew ES Piano-vocal =e #6—To Life &) F) ag (AZAR) weuuwunneaue Piano-Vocal &] 58 #6—To Life® (azar) fort pit eeeeneeeeneennennene wf + Has, Toms) Br muted POSSSSSESEACACLCACCAADDHDADDADADAAADAAHAHAtHAdE Plano-Vocal 59 #6—To Life > > > > & , > , , r tacet) tw LAZAR: Reb Mordcha. os 6—To Li Piano-Vocal 60 #6—To Life f= _ ns. tee) ag is ‘ ow lamp til ready " ee, ay (WILLAGERS) your daughter a Piano-Vocal —61— #6—To Life Vins, Hs, Cello | Piano-Vocal ai #6—To Life @ “Let's live if jon _(GROUP1 VILLAGERS) Drink Lo = dais im te ie, We'll raise a WoW: (4800) WW. (4800) Lnaenenneeceenoe hereon inerrant ennnetenaddadeé Piano-Vvocal 63 #6—To Life 10) a ay (GROUP2 VILLAGERS) luck That favor - Piano-Vocal 64 #6—To Life® e 122 (VILLAGERS) 129 (GROUP? VILLAGERS) Sirs, Plect. (GROUP 1 VILLAGERS) ce C LAGERS) (GROUP viLAcens) tss_ (VILLAGERS) Long life! « « « € € € & € t t t & « € 6 6 4 4 a 4 5 4 * ‘ ‘ TY a 4 ‘ a ‘ « a ouowwe eee Plano! pomcoel 5 #6—To Life Ea Lon Dai - dai - dai - dai W.W, Ace. 488 & 15m) SN, tne ~ dal - dai dai Hin, Vins. tem, Gt i A Sas #6—To Life Piano-Vocal cae Mareato dai - dai - dai - dai, Piano-Vocal 7 #6—To Life RUSS 470 cul f mE solo 172 Cc) Mandota Repeat adi.) a Slowly & Deliberately & (+ claps on after beats) sha, 2da- ro - via, Heaven bless you both, naz - dro - via, sim. om FEL P strc Ace Mandola Piano-Vocal 68 #6—To Life health, and may we live to - geth-er in peace, Pitt mosso - eee (RUSSIAN) (solo) a Za va (OTHER RUSSIANS) time § F LR Fe F health, And may we live To - geth - Piano-Vocal Alllegro—In2 (RUSSIANS) (Vins) 9 Heav = en bless you #6—To Life Both, naz - dro - via, health, And may we Tat fi A Segue as one to Dance Piano-Vocal sas Fiddler on the Roof 6a SF % ins, Via, Plect. after beats) z Pete Tuba, low St, Boe AA 28 Ti, WN Aes let ; ; a SOCORRO PEPE EPP PERE VOee cxipz1t00) DHVEFVIIIG Plano-Vocal Ee oe #6a—To Life — Dance oe , ; me Tpts, WW, Ace, Plect ¥ oa — oN _ {oa Pochissimo pit mosso ww wet tt de aS F Piano-Vocal 3B #6a—To Life — Dance wn Sn Be lanai mp. 24 f wh —ge gt ut S om Setter + Tb, Cello « 1 #6a—To Life — Dance Piano-Vocal fe 2 wifdy I, ym, Str Acc, Plect A A Tpts flatter [zr] Ast time — legato ro s 2nd time ~ staccato a pts. Nee ee ee Oe Oe Piano-Vocal 5 #6a—To Life — Dance SLIP | Ts. Tbs. Steet. continue Galop) Tib.2, Hin, Bs Vivo “yy A) afi gue 2 (Gtr. ete. as before) (Oto Piano-Vocal a a #6a—To Life — Dance JTa Pace aie LA TEVYE: Tlie! yay (Dictatedl AA A please ‘Attacca Opening — Scene 5 (To Life) See 8 5 (Fade on dialogue but continue playing softly until Lazar exits.) B 0 = ae aan) Piano-Voeal Le] asm —N #6b—Opening—Scene 5 Piano-Vocal 79 #6b—Opening—Scene 5 & mr #6b—Opening—Scene 5 Piano-Vocal Piano-Vocal eral) Fiddler on the Roof TEVYE: Thank you, your honor. Good-bye. (Constable exits) Moderately —In 4 Maden (By Freely = ttre ore TEVVE: Anyway, thank you for sending a husband for my daughter, Tzeitel — Lichaim. (tert pnts) In2 [Stew b la nf ayoyon Piano-Vocal age #7—Street Scene [iw] Allegretto —In 4 ae te Se a Se Fy ee oe } ‘Ace Plect (neak i) (8 bassa) [25] o, Allegretto a Acc, lect, low St : Now, children, I will tell you another story... ‘molto rall. - °o Perchik And Hodel Dance ‘ue: PERCHIK: They even dance together — new dances — like tis. Allegretto — In 2 Vins, ww, me fe vase A Cello, Bon ++ Plect, Hin. A & a PERCHIK: I learned this in Kiev. A et 10s ‘ fe PERCHIK: Do you like it? HODEL: Its very nice. 16 a cripzyjov) Piano-Vocal 23 #8—Perchik Aud Hodel Dance f [BE] hey dance mor vigorusy) A Fotm Perc stop and loks at Hodel A ritard a PERCHIK: There — we have just changed an old custom. molto rit, a “uA Fiddler on the Roof 9 Piano-Vocal —85— cue: MOTEL: We gave each other our pledge that we would marry TEWYE: You gave each TZEITEL: Yes, Papa, we other pledge? gave cach other a pledge 1 Freely 2 (TEWE) 9 BBB so poco accel. . an/zijon) Piano-Vocal =e #9—Tevye'’s Monologue [i] Pia mosso Where do you think you 3] (To audience) 16 (Set tempo) A Pit mosso what do you think you're do - ing? iit Bel Plt P Via, Cotto, Ace, Cis. - >t ttt ew www Piano-Vocal #9—Tevye’s Monologue Piano-Vocal Marcato Mar-viag-es must be ar-ranged—_ by the Pa- pa Se bey #9—Tevye’s Monologue This should nev -er be changed. Le nen a aon ee ae eee Plano-Vvocal —39— #9—Tevye’s Monologue rit poco a poco 3 you pull out a prop, And chsolo Stop on eu: TEVYE: Or doesn't anyone cue: MOTEL: Your daughter will not starve. (spoken) (Dialogue) Rave 0 ask a father anymore i x ‘Stop on cue: Where does it TTEVYE: He has absolutely nothing. eae SSS SS SSS ‘TEVYE: Things cannot get worse {for him. They can only get better. Slowly — thoughtfully “s ceo solo Piano-Vocal my daugh —90— #9—Tevye’s Monologues ter’s eyes, Sh ee ae lami! SS SSS pet od ih ant (esis) ‘TEVYE: Tradition! ae RRRRRR RRR eee EHH eeeeese teens erasananngene CI EE Piano-Vocal 1 Fiddler on the Roof 10 ee MOTEL: It was a miracle | Allegro, quasi agitato Itwasa miracle. hand claps) WP owe = eT Str, Pleet (Moret) Won = der of wonders, mir-a~cle of mir-a-cles, Vins. Piano-Vocal —92— #10—Miracle Of Miracles ‘Stood by his side, and mir-a-cle of mi-ra-cles, Walked him through the Vins. Won - der of won-ders, —mir-a-cle of mir-a-cles, 1 was afraid that long a-go in Jer-i-cho, God just made a wall fall down, aif eal Piano-Vocal #10—Miracle Of Miracles Mo - ses soft - ened Pha roah’s heart, ‘That was a mir-a-cle. When WW, Ace. sol cae mp = Plect, Str. pizz. God made the wa-ters of the Red Sea part, ‘That was a mir-a-cle, Ace. all God's. mir-a-cles Vins, Via. = Ronee Cle, Cello ‘ Piano-Vocal 94 #10—Miracle Of Miracles Rubato Tempo 25 Won - der of won - ders, mir-a-cle of mir-a-cles, God took a tai - lor bythe hand, Plano-Vocal 5 #10—Miracle Of Miracles ‘Tumed him a-round, and, mir-a-cle of mir-a-cles, Led him ~ Ws ath yest ‘That was a mi ‘Ace, Str, W.W.+ 80a Bsn, Cello ‘That was a God gave us man-na in the wil - der - ness, (WW, Sir. sus.) Rubato cresc. a fine mI | aft Bese fine” PF Attacca, Piano-Vocal —7— #10—Miracle Of Miracles Allegro — In 4 ie : az rall.e dim. shy 553 Hs, Tbs. —— Fiddler on the Roof 11 Piano-Vocal 98 cue: TEVYE: Allright — this was my dream. TEVYE: Inthe beginning... inthe middle ofthe dream. Proceed at cue: TEVYE: and musi TaVYE: tat he: TEVYE! Your grandmother Tzetel, may she rest in peace Moderately —In 2 Repeat ad lib, Repeat ad lib, Vin, Cello pice (ist time only) proceed at cue: TEVYE: Naturally | greeted her — ‘WW, St, Celesta SF ttn on) C1 Moderately —1n4 meio (GRANDMA) on) ‘A bless-ing on your head, Ma-zel-toy,ma-zel-tov. anion Piano-Vocal 9 #11—The Dream 5 (GRANDMA) , (PABBD : ranean To see a daught-er wed. (GOLDE) The tai-lor Mo-tel Kam - [I cenanouay rasen ig (ORANDNA) A wor-thy boy is he, Ma-zel-tov, ma zel- tov. Of pi- ous fam =i - ly. cel (RABBI) (ananoua) Ma-2el-tov, _ma~zel- tov. They named him af - ter my. Piano-Vocal —100— #11—The Dream GOLDE: A tailor? She must have heard wrong. She meant a butcher! 10 ®_ (TEVYE) Pid mosso (GRANDMA) nese) Plano-Vocal —101— #11—The Dream &] Mo - tel's bride was 102— #11—The Dream In hea-ven it was made For such @ match I prayed, (chorus) Ma - zal - tov, 7, mp "vm. pies. St, Cle, EH. A. fine up-stand-ing boy, ‘A com-fortand joy, Piano-Vocal —1032 #11—The Dream GOLDE: But we announced it already, ‘We made a bargain with the butcher. ry (TEVYE) Pitt mosso AB (GRANDMA) Piano-Vocal —104— #11—The Dream ‘Tev - ye, that's your head - ache, too. Piano- " Plano-Voeal —105— #11—The Dream &) (chorus) ' aie, a ba ; , = str, Plect, Hus, W.W. P ——- ‘And such a son in - law, —~ * é 66__TEVYE: Itwasa butcher. ‘The tai- lor Mo-tel Kam Ace, WW EVYE) ‘TEVYE: It was Lazar Wolf. gg a a ‘The tailor Mo- tel kam. ‘The tailor Motel Kam — Piano-Vocal —106— #11—The Dream In3 (cHoRus) Look! Who is this? Who is Piano-Vocal —107— #11-The Dream (s0L05) (soLo1) (S0L02) ,, (SOLO) (s0L04) Could it be? Sure! weer wewe , the butch-er's wife Ws the butch-er's deat, ling, de part -ed wife, Fast — In 6 oo ° Ser-ah, Fru-ma Sar-ah, Fru-ma Sar- ah, Fru-ma Sar~ ah, Fru-ma Sar-ah, Fru-ma Sar-ah, Fra-ma oe ~~ so os Vin, Va. tem. a low Str, Plety Acc, Hs, Tis. Piano-Vocal —108— #11—The Dream Tevye (ad lib screnms) SARAH: Tevye! ibs Repeat ad lib. (CHORUS tacet after first time) Sar-ah, Fru-ma Sar-ah, Fru-ma Sar-ah, Fra-ma Sar- ah, Fru-ma Sarah, Fru-ma Sar- ah, Fru-ma eens a Str only TE ———— | = -—— P (SARAH) a ‘ What is this about your daugh-ter_mar- ry - ing my - band? (CHORUS) +09 804 —<$ ‘ ‘ ( Yes, her hus - band. ( ( ‘ ‘ Would you do this to your friend and neigh-bor, Fru-ma - Sar ” Piano-Vocal —109— #11—The Dream Have you no con-sid-er - ation for a wom-an's feel . . . Hand-ing 0 - ver my be-long-ings t0 a to - tal How can you allow it, how? How can you let your daugh-ter take my place? Live in my Vins. t-—titr Pret reer ot ct Bo Piano-Vocal —n10— #11—The Dream car = ry my Keys, 104 105 (SARAH) > Pearls! Pearls! (chorus) How can you al-low your daugh - ter To take her place? House! WW, Str ak =" Pearls! PERPAAKHKKATHK HC HHT HHHAADAHAHNHHHHHHHAHAHatodaaad Piano-Vocal —11— SARAH: Tevye! (Business — Teoye trying to move legs) 108) (CHORUS: Tevye! A 10 A. (ad lib screams) ay 19 (ast ime ony) Vamp ad Hib. 114 #11—The Dream Plano-Vocal 12 #11—The Dream (SARAH) 16. a leam-ed man as Tev-ye would-nt let it hap = pen (chorus) Let it hap = pen + WW. bo — ee ‘Tell me that it i and then 1 would-n't Say you did-n't give your blessing to your daugh-ter’s Piano-Vocal 3+ #11—The Dream you what would fol-low such a fa - tal CHORUS: shhh... [The Curse] 128] Colla Voce — In 4 (SARAH) 194 She'll live with him Piano-Vocal a #11—The Dream cresc. poco a poco 12, a a. three weeks are up, wo] Allegro furioso—In3 | This IM give your Tzei- tel That Ill give your Tzel - tel ' add 2 4 (a Piano-Vocal (Wild laughing) A “Et, if she mar-ries La-zar Wolfe! 115 Tp. tacet #11—The Dream (ad Wb, Pere) —lle— #11—The Dream play unt cue GOLDE: I's an evil spit. GOLDE: And tothinkit Goune: : Ani {twas brought bly be any better OLDE: Ando wht ue: And it couldn't possibly be any better. Amen, ‘TEVYE: Amen. ry Lento— In4 io Moderately — Tempo 1° : eC, vr Str trem 3 Vins WAIT AN (GOLDE) ‘A. blessing on my head, ma-zel-tov, ma-zel- tov, Like Grand-ma Tzei - tel said, ma-zel-toy, ma -zel- tow We'll have a son - in - law, Like no one ev - er saw, EMM MADAM H MMH MO MOMOMNHOAE The tailor Mo-tel Kam - zoil We have-n't got the man, | a Piano-Vocal —n7— #11—The Dream sy (GOLDE) 159 (TEVYE) We had when we be - gan. 160 (TEVYE) “__1e2_(GOLDE) But since your grand~ma came She'll mar-ry what's his name? The tai -lor Mo-tel Kam ~ oi ‘The tai-lor Mo-tel Kam - The tal-lor Mo-tel Kam - zoil, TEVYE: To God) Thank OW. rye ls up bene) Repeat ad lib anti cue 17 we ‘The tail-or Mo-tel Kam - zl. ‘Almost segue = Ri Piano-Vocal —118s— Fiddler a oof (Cue: Vilinis lands on stage ‘Moderately — In 2 WOMAN: Did you heat. 1 ef as ee ay Fe ci S- si Ace, WW.lnitate Vig |] 7 MSH Via, Cell, Bsn, Gn BaD oa o o s e @ e e e « © € € ‘ iy iy 4 ‘ [aa] isle continue WW, Str Fis, . Via, Cello (21100, —119— #12—Crossover — Act I Proceed at cue: INNKEEPER: Mazeltov! ‘ad lib. repeat ad lib, repeat Fade out on cue: MOTEL: Yussel, do you have a wedding hat for me? 30 a 31 Via, Cello Piano-Vocal —120— Fiddler on the Roof. 13 Wedding Introduction cue: Motel stars to put on wedding hat. {Scene changes to Teoye's backyard (ove) (Motel faces font wn Allegretto — In 3 1 2 ee 3 Solo Vin Ace. Mand, Piano-Vocal 11 #13 — Wedding Introduction March —In 4 Wik Ac, Mand ou [2] Allegretto Ap i 1 Spi? ww. His solo (Cell, Bs. pizz & Attacea Piano-Vocal —179* Fiddler on the Roof 14 Sunrise, Sunset ' ‘ ‘ Moderately — In 3 1 Plect 2 EP Be. pins, «pov Piano-Vocal 123— #14—Sunrise, Sunset Piano-Vocal —124— #14—Sunrise, Sunset ral. Flano-Vvocal —125— #14—Sunrise, Sunset Fl, Elly Vins, Ac. sun - set, BP dhs vies, crimes mp Via, Cell, | ———— as why Str. (Vins. 800) Piano-Vocal —126— #14—Sunrise, Sunset Str, Ace. Boa Piano-Vocal —127— #14—Sunrise, Sunset (GOLDE) a (PERCHIK) 8 20 0 They look nat =u - ral Piano-Vocal —128— #14—Sunrise, Sunset (PERCHIK, HODEL) Piano-Vocal —129— #14—Sunrise, Sunset Oe] Piano-Vocal —130— #14—Sunrise, Sunset' (Cis, His, Via, Cello sust.) 17 ne (Motel breaks glass) te * Attacca Wedding Dance — No. 1 ‘cue: ALL: Mazeltov! Vivo —In2 Vins, Ob, Cls, Hs, Mand. 1A _A_A Lf priser Bree np) Piano-Vocal —132— #15—Wedding Dance — No.1 (ont) ++ Pees (Cl ad Hb) (Vins sempre trem.) RR OHO MOHOOHOHHOHOKOHLHE a (Cheatin) a in Piano-v. 133— o-Vocal fl #15—Wedding Dance — No. 1 Ol pen, ieoarneee Tpis.23 Hn, Tbs, low Str, Ban, , = = = > ms se 5 = So Ces + Tpt.1 aii = 5 ci ee bd aE Hina, 8 bassa (161.800) Plano-Vocal —134— #15—Wedding Dance — No.1‘ (661.800) ico} sempre marcato ++ Plee,Tyt.2 + tpt Hs, Cis + Ob, Tye 3 n A A pe eae AK ROA ct solo tow a AA AN YA YA Natit cadenza (Rapidly) Piano-Vocal —138— #15—Wedding Dance — No.1 Moderately slow — In 4 pind Str, Pec. fF Piano-Vocal —136— #15—Wedding Dance — No.1 ! Poco pid mosso [1 (cnorus) poco rall. &) Cl. solo Bon, Cello, Bass a Acc, Cl Bon. Piano-Voe. —137— #15—Wedding Dance — No.1 CL solo (quasi cadenza) r ritard St, Plect, Susp. Cym. N tbs. Cetlo,Bon. Piano-Vocal —138— #15— Wedding Dance — No.1 73 WoW, Hi Acc. Tp 2 S = mrt) 7 oF A Tihs, Cello A | | + Pie, Aety Cl 1 i . | 28) pen, wm, soe Uf mune A Ts, Cello Piano-Vocal —139— #15—Wedding Dance — No.1 E flat Ct, ad lib solo Tas] Tots. (octaves) * “7 ‘iba, Celli, Bs, Ben Piano-Vocal —140— #15—Wedding Dance — No.1 (66 CL sempre ad i ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ PP) tes, Tow Piano-Vocal —141— Fiddler on the Roof 16 Wedding Scene — No. 1 ‘ue: INNKEEPER: Let's all dance —its a wedding! Brightly —In2 Repeat ad lib. untitPerhik crosses stage] 4 Clay Vins 3 mp re. ite Te eee ee ge 17 LAZAR: Look at Tevye's daughter. a+ ee Vins, Ace. ™P sins, Cello. Via, Plect arin Plano-Vocal —143— #17—Wedding Dance — No. 2 Te) ght se (Dialogue ends) = eres Piano-Vocal —144— #17—Wedding Dance — No. 2 Str Ace. (WW. 8) &) — Cello, Bsn. Str, Ace. (W.W. Boa) Fa ++ Has, Tbs. pts. tacet) ++ Hn Ban, Accs Piano-Vocal —15— #17—Wedding Dance — No. 2 Poco pitt mosso Oe nf cel, Tp. ++ Timp. Plano-Voeal 6s #17—Wedding Dance — No. 2 [H] CL Vins, Vas. + 0 _— S sec, Pret Dh, Acc Bene Cello ib, Ace, Ben, Cello ~ ) tps Tots. #17—Wedding Dance — No.2 + WW. Se sess euueeeuuueeuwe WW, + Ving. hen ust) » P Plec, Cello, Finger Com. Piano-Vocal —148— #17—Wedding Dance — No. 2 “ec. sust.) |P Plect, Ctl, Finger Cm. WW. foe WW, Bells, Ts. o Vins, Ob, Cl srg a a eo eee een ase wil eee ‘Th. 1, Bon, Bs. pizz Piano-Vocal —M49— #17—Wedding Dance — No. 2 all. eer eat nara eae — Piano-Vocal —150— #17—Wedding Dance — No. i fe] a Piano-Vocal —151— #17—Wedding Dance — No. 2 = a oo Fa (Constable and assistants enter) (Grass cuts on cue) — — ‘Music fades at cue: CONSTABLE: I see we came at abad time, Tevye A Eflat cl. wh te be oe z ae fe N Piano-Vocal —152— Fiddler on the Roof 18 Wedding Scene — No. 2 ue: CONSTABLE: Go on, play — said play! Poco meno Repeat ad lib. Allright, men. 1 2, a a a a a an ama a r o rs - (Sip maeie os dstructon begin) . ‘iddler on the Roo; Finale — Act 1 ““"99""" ‘TEVVE: What are you al standing around for? Clean up! Clean up! Moderately — In 4 10 p hese (Offstage crash) 2 17 St, Hs, Mand. —- Tie, Ban, Cello, Bs. aij) Piano-Vocal —153— Fiddler on the Roof 20 Moderately —In2 ATs ally WE, Sr tom A 1 Ff Tis. Poco pitt mosso rw em) f = ee. Ben, Tbs, Cello, Bs. iftay, fey Sea S a2 Piano-Vocal —154— #20—Entr’acte w eS cl oe 2] soderate2 Sr oz Ste, Ace, Pec. Pa f % Piano-Vocal WoW, Str ne 8 basta) api ( Ps. Sty wn Plc &) Broadly 2 —155— —— = z (Str aust) #20—Entr‘acte rh iw. Piano-Vocal —156— #20—Entr’acte —. ice, Cls, Vins 4800 LN ie _—_—_——. az 2 Via, Cell. Fins, Bony Acc Ob. [am] AlleBro— In 2, Marcato (Hora) bar walindes pe Bal ny ia phe ag 74 4 7 ‘ibs, Celt, Bs. TI 7B aun iN 2d 2 oye’ = 2 Piano-Vocal By mn —157— #20—Entr’acte af eae, WW. 808 a ee ON _ He Tbe, Cell, Va 7 70 a Tp i = Piano-Vocal —158— #20—Entr’acte ‘ aH e; oon nnanes Timp roll wy Prologue — Act 2 Slower (ee a en) ae Br tacet Se nnn tl ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 4 4 ‘ 4 a ' Weeno. Vocal 159 Fiddler on the Roof cue: TEVYE: Why should I tell you what the good book says? Bright 4 WW, Str (loco 1st time — 8 bassa 2nd time) aft eet dime ee es. Gr Bassa) ey _ Fade out 2nd tine 7 —_— _ + — se sj > — = + ZH oe - o os 7 ‘ Piano-Vocal —160— Fiddler on the Roof 22 Now I Have Everything cue: PERCHIK: I'm very happy, Hodel, very . happy. HODEL: So.am I, Perchik. Moderate 4 (On repeat) What's the matter? 1) Alto Fi, Cl 2 Gently (PERCHIK) T used to tell my- self That 1 had ev - ‘ry-thing, But that was on - ly half Poa SP Cee tet Thad an aim in life rT oT 4 ‘ 4 i) 4 ‘ ‘ 4 ‘ ‘ ‘ iu i iu iu iu ' ( iu U iO ' ( ( f ' ' ' ‘ ' ‘ ' ‘ ' ' 1 1 1 1 en ee —161— #22—Now I Have Everthing & now I have ev-'ry-thing— Not on-ly ev~"ry-thing I have a Iit-tle bit more— EH, Fl 800 oT 7 P hav-ing ev-"ty-thing, 1 know what ev-‘ry-thing’s, for —— ins. octaves) Piano-Vocal —162— #22—Now I Have Everthing share such a dif- fi-cult (PERCHIK) wand-'ring kind of life. (HODEL) Twas on-ly out of sight, Wait - ing right F 129 (HODEL) [31] (PERCH) Who knows to-mor - row Where our home will be? Piano jano-Vocal —163— #22—Now I Have Everthing (PERCHIK) (Hovey TH be with you and that’s Home e - nough for me. r G t (PERCHIK, HODEL) 26 Sim - ple and dear. Pid mosso I | rencin it “ 1 have something tt T would die foc. Someone ut Tom lire foe eas _——————~ poets pn “ ane _ cate Aces Plet = Th, Via, Cello— Piano-Vocal 22164 #22—Now I Have Everthing poco rita Quasi march eM, Ace, = a QD | Pics cettows [2] Rubato 0 (Embrace) sides hav-ing ev-'ry-thing, 1 know what ev-‘ry-thing’s for Str tem. a ww Piano-Vocal —165— Fiddler on the Roof 3 Tevye’s Rebuttal (Teoye covers his ers) Freely 1 A eWe), a 1 can't be-lieve my own ears. My a ——— 7 ; poco accel. Pid mosso fi o least, cs Vins, Bells, Pct. ls Peet ____———_., Via, Cello, Ace, Cla. 7, : a2 Piano-Vocal —166— #23—Tevye's Rebuttal : (cpoken) 16 now, if I like it or She'll mar-ry him + Fis, Ob, what do you want from me? Goon. be wed. (aay a = = = = Piano-Vocal —167— #23—Tevye's Rebuttal pwewuaeuaoewe ‘Str, WW, Bele A Hos, lec. (2) pesante—in4 hhead.__________ Tra - di tion! They're not e-ven ask-ing per-mis-sion— From the Vins, WW. LH be eles ‘Tp, Ace. os T oes PPRVEREPVVFFVVKVFTPEB BIE aE Ea BEE Piano-Vocal —168— #23—Tevye's Rebuttal ritard poco a poco 3 3 3 3 Hold util cue: cue: ‘TEVYE: But first he abandons you. PERCHIK: I love her. 2 3 a 33 Hold until cue: TEVYE: Did Adam and Eve have a ‘matchmaker? Yes, they did, Es TEVYE: Wel, itscems these Ea twohavethesame Slowly — Thoughtfully matchmaker, (TEVYE) 95 36 ee They're go - ing o- ver my head— Un heard of, ab-surd. For 2 Betis Plano-Vocal 1 Took at my daugh - ter’s eyes. a TEVYEE .. Tradition (He shrugs) #23—Tevye's Rebuttal Piano-v« focal —170— Fiddler on the Roof 24 : Do You Love Me? ‘very rich uncle. He is a good man Golde. —In2 TEVYE: (cont) ike him, 2 if OF TEVYE: ... anew world Moderately slow — Rubato ove! Golde, 8 (EWE) (0108 (TEVYE) 45 (GOLDE) Alto F, Late pa, P| cw love you? With our daugh-ters get-ting mar-ried And this trouble in the town, You're up- aren go lie down, | May-be it's in- di - a Tm as-king you a ques-tion— Ace, TEVYE: I know fous) (owe), love me? Alto Fl, Lute TEVYE: Well? 172 Cooked your meals, cleaned your house, twenty-five years, why talk a- you Was on our wed-ding day. (Dp +Plect. BL (GOLDE) (TEWvE) #24—Do I Love You? Giv-en you chil - dren, milked the cow. After a Piano-Vocal —173— #24—Do I Love You? Molto Rubato (GOLDE) 26 (reve) (GoLve) TEVYE: Well? For twen-ty-five years I've lived with him, Fought with him, starved with him. |S se ree a 3 r = Twen-ty- five years my bed Ace. Piano-Vocal —14— #24—Do I Love You? | &] “ (Goupe) qrewe), does n't change a thing But ——— wae Attacca Plano-' mthoee! =75— Fiddler on the Roof 25 The Rumor Repeat ad lib, — cut on cue: WENTE: I got it Moderately — In 3 y 2 ‘apy Pl. St, Acc, Pest ©] Ob, Pice, Swe! VENTE: Ithappened tobe open. | # gies eee | YENTE: Rita — Rifts, Thave such news for you! 0 ms (VENTE) +H = > > TF FF VE Ch RaCk ata ne fatal, Per - chik, azn Plano-Vocal ee Pipe LILLE TL Ina Tositel mar-red Mo-iel And Per-cik sart-ed dancing With Tev-ye's daughter Ho- del? as (GR.1 VILLAGERS) _(YENTE) T just leamed That Perc-hik’s been ar - FIRST WOMAN: Shaindel! Shaindel! Wait til tell you! 25 25 2 (FIRST WOMAN) | aa aan mmm Piano-Vocal —7— #25—The Rumor ue danced with Tev-ye's Ho-del? Well, just heard That Ho-dels been ar - rest-ed, su __ (GR. 2VILAGERS) Ter-ri-ble——_ter-ri-blel_— Tpt, Xyly W.W. Soa ———— |e == |r gy SECOND WOMAN: Mirala— (SECOND WOMAN) Do you re - Plano=voosi #25—The Rumor —178— P (Cl, Bon, Via, Cello Toei - tel mar-ried Mo - tel? just heard Mo-tel’s been ar - rest - ed (GR.3 VILLAGERS) _ (SECOND WOMAN) MENDEL: Rabbi — Rabbit 2 (MENDEL) Piano-Vocal are #25—The Rumor Via, Cello, Ace, Pet, OUCCECLELLEELLE, ye danced with Gol - de? just heard That_—=—Tev-ye’s been ar-rest-ed And Gol-de's gone to Ki- ev : we? vi 1 GGR.SVILLAGERS)—yenpeLy (GR.aviLAGERS) ,, (MENDEL) —The Rumor Piano-Vocal a Wee Stns, Pct, Se AVRAM: Listen everybody! Terrible news — terrible! Re - mem - ber Per - chik, Who (Group) (Group) Piano-Vocal —181— #25—The Rumor eouwuer & Ho - dels gone a (VENTE) Piano-Vocal Bae #25—The Rumor ‘ALL: Uh! (Blackout) that’s what comes from men and wom - en Applause segue eee eee eee ene A conan, ! = Repeat ad lib until Teoye walks tostage right. SS (Fade out) Piano-Vocal —183— Fiddler on the Roof 26 Far From The Home I Love ‘ue: HODEL: He did not ask me to go—I want to go... HODEL: I don't want him to be alone. ‘TEVYE: But Hodel, baby. Antandino—In4 ‘Ace solo PP St, + Pct [nz How can I hope to make you un - der - stand & Why I must trav-el to a dis - tant land Far from the home I love? (ee ace) Ace. (aaeny nwo Piano-Vocal —184— #26—Far From The Home I Love By) Once 1 was hap-pi-ly cont - ent ~ eee ween n eae Close to the peo-ple who are close tome = ‘mosso etiata Who could see that a man. would come Who would change the shape of my dreams? Fins, Feugel Fin + Aee, Laer =— Menno mosso — In 4 poco ritard 25 26 Help-less, now, 1 stand with him Watch-ing old - er dreams grow dim, Ter ee ac a 4 Plano-Vocal what a mel-an-cho - ly re Clos = ing my heart to ev ‘ty hope WW, Str There where my heart has set-tled long. —i85— #26—Far From The Home I Love Piano-Vocal —186— #26—Far From The Home I Love Ina Who could im- ag -ine Td be ~; Ste, Pct there with my love, I'm a TEVYE: And who, my child Lento ‘Ace. solo Piano-Vocal —187— ¥26—Far From The Home I Love 2 i ar eee aE 1 LY ———__ ‘TEVYE: Tell him I rely on his honor to ‘cue: HODEL: Papa, God only knows when we shal see each other treat my daughter well. Tell him that ‘TEVYE: Then we shall leave it in his hands. se a 5 a BP a r TEVYE: Take care of her. See that she dresses warm. oS 6 os eg ' ++ Via, Cello en loo ee 27 Crossover — Act 2 (Cue: Violinist lands on stage Allegro moderato — In 4 AVRAM: Reb Mordcha, did you hear the news?, Str. . 3 Proceed at cue: RABBI: Mazeltov! ‘Muted Vins. = ane ad lib. repeat 13, (Ben, last tim Piano-Vocal —189— ir} (Dialogue continues) WW, Stn Fi Ft ' ™ ——— p Proceed at cue PEOPLE: Mazeltov! {Scene opens on tailor shop] tg, Mdlib. repeat jg Hins, CEH. f ‘Tb, Str (oa) ++ muted Tp. #27—Crossover — Act 2 On Cue: Group opens up te disclose the sewing machin ‘ad lib, repeat x Attacca Piano-Vocal —190— Fiddler on the Roof Incidental 28 (Miracle of Miracles) Ty Moderate § nr dale wp rubato a tempo @ ay (Poe enters st) = apie | | | | Piano-Vocal 191 Change Of Scene ‘ue: TEVYE: Now, let's go home. Allegretto — In 2 Str WM A (2nd time dim.) Fiddler on the Roof 29 Fiddler on the Roof 192— 30 Chava Sequence ‘ue: Teoye starts walking with ago (old util wagon reaches stage left. Pause, then continue.) + Piano-Vocal Slowly —In3 2 Sie 574 — a S—_ ls, Peet. ‘ee, Late, Gtr, Ha =——— Str a «Tevve) 1 don’t un-der-stand what's hap-pen-ing. to-day. oun Piano-Vocal ala #30—Chava Sequence Ev-‘ry-thing is al a 1 can see isa hap-py child — lit + We bird you were, SN ee eS Oe tty lit = te thing a= ways such a pret = ty You were Cha - va - leh Piano-Vocal 194 #30—Chava Sequence Ev-‘ty-bod-y's fav - ‘rite —— What a sweet lit-tle bird you were, Chasva-leh, Str, EH. Cl —= Piano-Vocal ar ad #30—Chava Sequence - (Octave continue)” = a ea. Su Ed, Vins. (Ace acet), Via, Cl. _— Hold until cue: (Hold until Chava enters.) Proceed at cue CHAVA: I beg you to accept us. ‘TEVYE: If try to bend that far, I will break. Vins. trem, i” a so Gt 2 2 a Brush om Chimes CHAVA: Papa — please— — (= — there is no other hand. No, Chava — no, no no. aan es TEVYE: On the other hand Moderately —In3 aaa cresc, poco a poco PERRET BSS ese eer rere re eee e eee weeeseeeeeeeae Piano-Vocal —196— #30—Chava Sequence ay eres. poco a poco dition, Aces + WN. JTL eee ann S- Str, Pct, tins. Ties v v v PPP P Peewee ane = a Sequenc Piano-Vocal —197— #30—Chava Seq Moderately — In 2 np pe Via. Cello, piss, ‘Ad li, repeat — fade out F 3 m4 7m no-Vocal —198— Fiddler on the Roof & sr} . Anatevka ' ‘ ‘ { cue: YENTE: Well GOLDE: After al, repeat ad lib. (under dialogue) Slowly oe (ast time) me) 5 lit - We bit of this, lit - le bit of that, Cha Pp lect. piss, Cello, Bs. (LazAR) (MENDEL) | (avRAM) é TEVYE: Someone should have set a mateh to this place years ago. (MENDEL) (AvRAM) _(GOLDE) Bs. Saree ano) 1 Piano-Vvocal ca #31—Anatevka MENDEL: People who pass through Anatevka don't even know they've been here. (Gove) (Lazany what's a stove? Or a house? Solo Vins a (VENTE) 19 What do we leave? Noth - ing much, On-ly An=a-tev - ka. Ace, Cl oN P &) Allargando Bs, Cello Piano-Vocal Where else could aa, In - ti-mate, — 0b - sti-nate Sy #31—Anatevka --s.2ce Piano-Vocal —201— #31—Anatevka te - vka, —Tum-~ble-down, work - a - day ~ S, E (lect) Piano-Vocal —202— #31—Anatevka &] Allargando GOLDE: Eh, re Justa place. MENDEL: Our forefathers. st + = ‘TEVYE: Maybe that's why we ~ always wear our hats. se a - = Change Of Scene ST ee |i 2 pete, cul — a 56 Si Sir Pct. _—_ r r r Ace. = oS ae ‘SHPRINTZE: Where will —— we live in America... ritard 203 Fiddler on the Roof 32 Final Scene — Underscoring ‘cue: TEVYE: I don't need your advice, Golde. ‘Teeite, don’t forget the baby. Andante — In4 TEVYE: We have to catch a train and a boat, Bielke, Shprintze, put the bundles on the wagon. Fis, 7 iy __2 Ns es ft Ben. MOTEL: Goodbye, Papa. TEVYE: Goodbye, Motel MOTEL: Goodbye, Mama. 16 ante BRRBKUVEYH ese ese eee ee as Piano-Vocal #32—Final Scene ‘TEVYE: Work hard, Motel. Come to us soon, MOTEL: I will Reb Tevye. ll work hard. 18 19 2 poco ritard ZB] a tempo Ben. Cello [Motel and Tzetel exit.) 2 ~ am a 2 Piano-Voeal 205 Curtain — Act 2 Fiddler on the Roof ‘cue: GOLDE: We're not in America yet! TEVYE: Come, children, let's go (Tey starts puling wagon) Moderately — In 4 4 Hs Str ,, Play3 times ary0n, BPRUVUUEEeEs Piano-Vocal #33—Curtain — Act 2 @ zs Sota Vn ‘ue: Teaye motions to idler [Curtang Wictated) age | Attacca Piano-Vocal —207— Fiddler on the Roof Moderate 4 — Pesante ‘es rime A fr [2 BOCTTeTaaaaaa ve Ive hive Vv g td myn Piano-Vocal oe #34—Bows af? GT. TS ----necaaeet Piano-Vocal —209— #34—Bows MTeoye’s Entrance) 5 i a Sj sempre marcalo Has, Tbs, Plect. pts. tacet) BEFITS TTTTGS molto rall. (Final Curtain) ma a 2 a a a a a . a a a a o a a a a a 2 2 a o e e s “ cd » os oo Piano-Vocal —210~ Fiddler on the Root Exit Moderately — In 4 eS Vv Uo ewe eaaadt Cello, tins, Tet. queso) #35—Exit Piano-Vocal 2 PeUeeeeeeeeuul —_ Piano-Vocal _212. Gl gh #35—Exit #35—Exit —213— — Oittonnnne ® Piano-vocal