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Ten Points Each. Total 150 Points.

1. A load of apples numbering less than 2000 must be packed into boxes for
shipment. Two box sizes are available; the smaller boxes hold 36 apples each
and the larger boxes hold 40 apples each. If only the smaller boxes are used,
there would be 12 apples left over after the rest of the shipment is packed into
full small boxes. If only the larger boxes are used, there would be 32 apples left
over after the rest of the shipment is packed into full large boxes. How many
different shipment sizes are the possible?
2. If y = ax2 + bx + c is a mirror reflection of parabola y = x2 4x +7 over the
straight line y = 3, what is the value for a + b + c?
45a 2
1 7
3. If a + = , find the value for 4
a 2
a + a2 +1
4. Given a 6810 right triangle ABC. The altitude from the right angle to the
hypotenuse divides this triangle into two smaller triangles. Suppose that the
radii of the inscribed circles to these two smaller triangles are in the proportion
p : q (in simplest terms). What is the value for p + q?
5. Suppose 11 lines are parallel to one side of a triangle and divide that triangle
into 12 different regions. If the largest of those 12 regions is 69 and the 11
lines divide either remaining side of that triangle into 12 equal parts, what is the
area of the original triangle?
6. Consider a cardboard form in the shape of a regular hexagon (sixsided figure)
with side length of

6 3 + 9 . If a small triangle is removed from each vertex

so that the resulting figure is a regular 12sided figure, what is the side length of
this new 12sided figure?
7. For each positive integer n, the parabola y = (n2 + 2n)x2 2(n + 1)x + 1
intersects the xaxis at An and Bn. Let AnBn be the positive distance
between An and Bn . If the value of A1B1 + A3B3 +A7B7 + + A2015B2015 is
written as
where p and q are relatively prime positive integers, find p + 2q.
2015 Final

8. Consider the figure at the right, where the dots are the vertices of
four identical squares. How many isosceles triangles can be
formed by using any 3 vertices among these 10 dots?
9. It is known that 236 1 is divisible by 3 natural numbers between
210 and 260. What is the sum of these 3 natural numbers?
10. We define a pair of 4-digit numbers to be a sixer if the two values differ by 3
and the sum of all 8 digits is divisible by 6. Let the size of a sixer be the sum
of two values in a sixer pair. Suppose (p, p+3) is the largest sixer, and (q, q + 3)
is the smallest sixer; find the value for p q.
11. Place 2015 dots on a circle so that the circumference is divided into 2015
elementary arcs (two dots with no others between them) without overlaps.
1012 of these 2015 dots are black and the rest of the dots are white and every
interval of 10 consecutive dots must include some black and some white dots.
Suppose each elementary arc that has black dots on both ends is labeled by a
number 2, each elementary arc that has white dots on both ends is labeled by a
number , and each elementary arc that has mixed color dots on both ends is
labeled by a number 1. What is the product of all the numbers used as labels
for these 2015 arcs?
12. A baseball league is using the best 3 out of 5 system in their playoff games,
meaning that of teams A and B, the first team to win three games gets to advance
to the next round. Suppose each game must have a winner (no ties) and any
game's win/lose probability will not be affected by previous results. Assume
. Let the probability of a team
Team A's probability of winning any game is
advancing to next round in only 3 games be P and the probability of needing 5
games to have a team advancing to next round be Q. Find the value for P +
13. In triangle ABC, side lengths AB and AC are both equal 6. On side BC ,
there are 50 distinct points P1, P2, P3, , P50

between B and C.

Define mi =

APi 2( BPi )( Pi C ) (i1, 2, 3, , 50). Find m1m2m3 m50.

14. Define an operation on positive numbers a and b as follows:


a b = b 2 + a b
a 2 + b a

when a b
when b < a < 2b .
when a 2b

If 4x = 15, what is the value for [x3 10x]?

larger than x)

2015 Final

( [x] = the largest integer not

15. As shown in the figure on the right, three points A, O, and B

are on the same straight line. From point O, extend two lines


and OD so that AOCCODBOD = 60.

Locate points P, Q, and R from OD , OB , and OC ,

respectively so that QPR = 60. If OP = 6, then the area of triangle PQR
takes on the largest value of

m , find the value for m.

2015 Final