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SAhUS Aipmt / cGpmt BotAny clASSES

Q.1- Tobacco is chewed in the form of---------------1-Khaini; 2- Betel leaf; 3Paan Masala
Q.2. Smoking mars personally due to ----------------------- 1-Unpleasant smell; 2Staining of teeth and fingers
Q.3. Which one causes immolisation of respiratory tract cilia ----------------Tar
Q.4. Nicotine present in a cigar can kill a human being if injected intravenously.It does not harm the smoker so much due to------ANS:---Small amount of mainstream smoke
Q.5. Smoking leads to ---------------------ANS:-- Male infertility
Q.6. Supreme court has banned smoking in ------------------- Public places
Q.7. Tobacco related annual deaths in India are-------------- 0.6 million
Q.8. Swelling of respiratory tract due to smoking causes----------------- Bronchitis
Q.9. Which component of tobacco is both stimulant and depressant------------------ Nicotine
Q.10. Major component of tobacco smoke is -----------Nitrogen
Q.11. Smoking hubble-bubble may spread -----------------------Pulmonary tuberculosis
Q.12. Carcinogen contained in tobacco is--------------------Benzopyrene
Q.13. Smokers cough is connected with----------1-Thickening of larynx; 2- Swelling of vocal card; 3- Tar
Q.14. Nicotine function as stimulant because it facilitats release of ------------Acetycholine
Q.15. Addiction of tobacco is due to--------Nicotine
Q.16. Smoking is harmful as it produces polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that cause-------------- Cancer
Q.17. Blocking of arteries due to deposition of fat and calcium is --------------------Atherosclerosis
Q.18. Harmful effect of smoking( Cigaratte) is --------------Lung cancer
Q.19. No tobacco day is ---------------31st May
Q.20. Percentage of lung cancer due to smoking is ----------95%
Q.21. Smoking women have---- 1- High risk of abortions; 2- Reduced foetal growth ; 3Functional teratogenicity in their children
Q.22. Bidi contains tobacco wrapped in leaf of --------------Diospyros ( Tendu)
Q.23. A carcinogen present in tobacco smoke is ----1Nitrogen oxide ; 2Acetyldehyde
Q.24. Smokers have shorter breath due to--------Emphysema
Q.25--Exessive smoking causes--- Spasm in retinal vessels
Q.26. Lip cancer is common in smokers of--------------Cigar and pipe

Q.1. In alcoholic liver gets damaged as it---------------------------Accumulates excess of fats
Q.2. Organ most affected by alcohol is ------------------------------------Liver
Q.3. A factor responsible for cirrhosis of liver is --------------Alcoholism
Q.4. In drunk person, the part of brain to be ----------------- cerebellum
Q.5. Fernetation for industrial production of ethanol is carried out by--------------Saccharomyces (Yeast)
Q.6. Fatty liver syndrome is due to excessive intake of ------------------- Alcohol
Q.7. Beer is fermented from--------------Barley
Q.8. Microorganism used in fermentation for alcohol is -----------------Saccharomyces
Q.9. Which part of the brain is involved in loss of control when a person drinks alcohol-----------Cerebellum
Q.10. The liver damage due to alcohol is due to ------------------Fat deposition in liver
Q.11. Alcohol is the most socially accepted narcotic drug. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to-----------Cirrhosis of liver
Q.12. Arrack is fermented--------------------Toddy
Q.13. Alcohol addiction leads to------ 1Neuritis ; 2--- Myitis
Q.14. Laenecs cirrhosis is due to---------------Metabolic disorder
Q.15. Fatty alcohol syndrome occurs in-------------- Children of alcoholic moters
Q.16. Brandy is distilled product of fermented ----- Fruit juice
Q.17. Alcoholic suffer from deficiency of vitamin-------Thiamine
Q.18. Alcoholic suffer from double vision and reduced muscular coordination.The defect is called ---Wernickes syndrome
Q.19. Which one is affected after drinking ---1-Coordination of body parts; 2- Reaction time ; 3- Power of accommodation
Q.20. Arteries of an alcoholic become--------------------1-Dilated; 2- Rigid; 3- Brittle
Q.21. An effect of drinking is -------Slower breathing
Q.22- Enzyme present in limited quantity in Asians for metabolism of alcohol is ---------- Acetyldehyde dehydrogenase
Q.23. Alcoholics have reduced number of ---1-Erythrocytes; 2- Leucocytes; 3- Blood platelets

Q.24. An alcoholic woman has ---1- Reduced fertility ; 2- Little menstruation ; 3- Spontaneous abortion
Q.25. Vitamin which is most likely to became deficient in alcoholics is------Thiamine
Q.26. Alcohol is -----------------Gastric irritants
Q.27. Sexual potency of an alcoholic ------Decreases
Q.28. Syndrome found in alcohol addicts which is characterized by loss of recent and past memory without affecting normal
intelligence is -------Korsakoffs syndrome
Q.29. Vodka is prepared by fermenting------------Potato
Q.30. A drunken person should not drive vehicle because alcohl 1- Increases reaction time ; 2- Affects coordination od body parts,
alertness and judgement; 3Causes rashness and carelessness
Q.31.Sake is alcoholic beverages of -------Japan
Q.32- A useful drug that damages gastric mucosa if taken alongwith alcohol is---Aspirin

Q. 1.Addiction of LSD leads to-----------------Mental and emotional disturbance
Q.2 Thalidomide , a nonbarbiturate sedative drug given to pregnant women was withdrawn in 1961 because it resulted in phocomalia
or ------------ Malformation of limbs in foetus.
Q.3. Analgestic drugs -------------------- Relieve pain
Q.4. Study of abnormal embryo growth comes under-----------------------------teratology
Q.5.Cofee and tea are ------------------------------nonalcoholic beverages .
Q.6.Opiate narcotic is ----------------------------- Heroin
Q.7.Ingestion of marijuana leads to illusions altering thoughts , feelings and perceptios . marijuana is -------------------hallucinogen .
Q.8.Heroin is form of ---------------------------------poppy .
Q.9. LSD is formed of -----------------------------------------Claviceps .
Q.10. Opium is got from --------------------------------------fruits
Q.11.Brown sugar is -------------------------------------------Heroin
Q.12. Morphine is got from-------------------------------Papaver somniferum
Q.13.An opiate narcotic is --------------------------------Morphine
Q.14 .marijuana , ganja and LSD are -------------------------------------------Hallucinogens
Q.15.Use of cannabis products results in ----------------------------------------altretion in perception,thoughts and feelings .
Q.16 Caffeine ,amphetamine and cocaine are----------------------------------stimulants .
Q.17. Which one is a hallucinogen? ---------------------------------------- LSD
Q.18.Heroin is got from plant of family ----------------------------------------Papaveraceae
Q.19. LSD god from ------- an Ascomytes fungus ----Claviceps pIurpurea ; cause disease--- Ergot of rye
Q.20. The drug that functions as depressant of CNS is --------------------------Opium
Q.21. LSD is -------------------antidepressant
Q.22. Slow respiration, slow pulse and constriction of pupil occurs due to drug addiction of ----- Morphine and Opium
Q.23. Stimulant cocaine is obtained from -----dry leaf of Erythroxylon
Q.24. Study of action of drug is called ------------------Pharmacology
Q.25. Drugs which induce dreamy state of unconsciousness are --------------------Hallucinogens
Q.26. Narcotic drugs, charas, Hashis ,Bhang and Ganja are obtained from ------------- Hemp plant ( Cannabis sativa)
Q.27. Drugs that cause malformations in embryo during pregnancy are called-----------------Teratogens
Q.28. Caffeine is a stimulant present is ------- Coffee ; Tea ; cold drinks
Q.29. Amphetamine drug is --------------stimulant
Q.30. A young drug addict used to show symptoms of depressed brain activity; feeling calmness; relaxation; drowsiness. Possibly he
was taking---------------------------Valium
Q.31. Hypotensive drug ( transquillizer ) is obtained from ----- Reserpine from roots of Rouwolfia serpentina
Q.32. Coffee originated in -------Africa
Q.33. Brown sugar isDiacetyl morphine hydrochloride
Q.34.Morphine got from opium is --------------Alkaloid
Q.35. Chemical derived from urea-melonic acid and used in inducing sleep is --------Barbiturate
Q.36. A synthetic opoid is------------- Methadone
Q.37. Pep pills contain -------- Amphetamine
Q.38. Which drug would be useful in controlling a rogue elephant------------Phencyclidine
Q.39. Component of Hemp that causes psychedelic effect is --- 9-tetrahydrocannibol
Q.40. Angel dust is----- Psychedelic
Q.41. Extract of fruiting body of Claviceps that yields LSD is called-------------------- Ergot
Q.42. Stimulant that raises body temperature and blood pressure is --------------Cocaine
Q.43. Stimulant present in Betel nut is ---------- Arecoline

Q.44. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics produces ---1- Multidrug resistant microbes; 2- Nephrotoxicity; 3- Aplastic anaemia
Q.45. Self medication leads to------1- Hepatorenal damage ; 2- Disturbed digestion
Q.46. Alcoholic steroids are meant for-------- Treating senile tissues
Q.47. Athlete often develop purple stariae over different body parts indicating -------------- Use of steroids
Q.48. Sports women using anabolic steroids develop ------------------ Virilism
Q.49. Eruptions on soils and palms, as well as pus contained nasal discharge in indicate effect of ---------- Syphilis
Q.50.- Mol formula ofMorphineC17H19NO3; Codeine---C18H21NO3H2O ; Heroin (Diacetylmorphine ) C17H17(OC2H3O)2ON
; Caffeine ---------- C8H10N4O2; Cocaine---C17H12NO4; Arecoline---C8H13NO2; Mescaline---C11H17NO3 ;
PsilocybineC13H18O3N2P2 ; LSD (D-Lysergic acid diethylamide-15) C15 H15 N2 CON(C2H5)2 ;
Q.51. Minor tranquillisers------Benzodiazepines; Antipsychotic drugPhenothenazines; Antimanic drugsfor treating mania--eg- Lithium carbonate; DMT (Dimethyl tryptamine) a hallucinogen got from Prestonia amazonica ( FamilyApocynaceae)

AGRicUltURAl chEmicAlS : pESticidES

1.Agricultre loss due to pests .30% agricultural produce is lost to pests .
2.Organophosphates . most toxic ,synthetic but degradable .
3. Herbicides: Kills plants either through bloching PS II or solute transport.
4. Insecticides: Either as respiratory poisons or prevent nerve transmission.Depending mode of entry, insecticides are
of three typescontact poisons, stomach poisons and fumigants.
5. Carbamates. 1- Herbicides- Phenyl and thiocarbamates ; 2- Fungicides Dithiocarbamates; 3- Insecticides- Carbaryl;
propuxor, aldicarb, carbofuran.
6. Dioxin. Highly toxic and carcinogen present as impurity in 2,4,5-T
7. BHC. Benzene hexachloride= Hexachlorocyclo-hexane(HCN)= Gammexane = Lindane.
8. Methyl Isocyanate. Raw material of synthesing carbaryl(an insecticide of carbamate group ).
9. DDT. Dichloro-diphenyl trichloro-ethane. Insecticidal properties were discovered by paul Muller in 1939.
10. First generation Pesticides. Early pesticides- inorganic, oil or plant extracts
11. Second generation Pesticides:- Synthetic organic compound.
12. The most common pesticide used in India is------BHC
13. Pesticides comprise- ----Fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, nematicides, and rotendicides
14. Herbicide carbamates are-----------------both Thiocarbamates and phenylcarbamates
15. Household pesticides consist of -------------Finit, Baygon, Mosquito repellant cakes and coil.
16. DDT is ------------ organochlorides
17. First commercial pesticide was--------- Bordeaux mixture
18. Mode of pesticide action is similar in-----------------Organophosphates and carbamates
19. Herbicide prevents------------------ photolysis of water
20. Pesticide generally attack------------------ Nervous system
21. Pest resistant to insecticides have1. Enzymes for metabolizing toxins,2- Ability to store toxin in fat,
3- Less permeable cuticle
22. Most effective pesticides are---------- Organophosphates
23. DDT content in Indian population has touched--------- 11---30 ppm.
24. Pesticides with very low biodegradation but strong affinity for fatty tissues are------------ Organochlorides.
25. Bordeaux mixture was formulated by----------- Millardet ( CompositionCuSO4 + Hydrated lime + water)
26. Baygon contains----propoxur.
27. Which ingredient killed hundreds of people in Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984------------------ Methyl isocyanate
28. DDT is ---- non biodegradable.
29. Bordeaux mixture is alxo a fungicide
30. Zinc phosphide is a pesticide used for ---killing weevils.
31. Rotenone is ------------------- a natural insecticides.
32. 2,4-D is an effective -----------weedicides and herbicides
33. Endosulphan is ---------- pesticide
34. Organophosphates inhibit------------ Cholinesterases

35. Cholinestearase inhibitor is ----------------Malathion.

36. Major component of Bordeauxe is ----- Copper sulphate.
37. Malathion, parathion and femitrothion belong to group of pesticides-------------- Organophosphates
38. Ethylene dibromide is------------------ Fumigants.
39. A widely but periodically occurring plant disease is ---------------- Epiphytotic.
40. Insecticide generally attack-------------------respiratory system
41. Carbamates used as fungicides are ---------- Dithiocarbamates
42. Aldrin causes ---- soil pollution.
43. Examples of organochlorine pesticides are-------Aldrin and Endosulphon.
44. Methyl isocyanate of Bhopal gas tragedy was------------ Carbamate.
45. Biological magnification occurs incase of ------------Organochlorine insecticide
46. Drinking mineral water/aerated drinks with low level ( ~0.02 ppm) of pesticide for long period would-------pesticide
accumulation in the body.
47. Allethrin is commonly used ----------------- Insecticide.
48. DDT is a non-degradable pollutant
49. The concentration of DDT in food chain from lower to higher trophic level------------Increases.
50. Insecticides usually act upon ----------nervous system.
51. What is the main problem caused by the use of pesticides------Their residues persist in water and other components
of the environment.
52. From which one of the following plants, the insecticide pyrethrum is prepared ----------- Chrysanthemum.
53. Which chemical is not used for disinfection of drinking water -------------------Phenyl,.
54. IPM is --------------- Integrated Pest Management
55. Triazines commercially used as------- Herbicide
56. Sporeine is a ----------Bioinsecticide.
57. By Organic farming we can got unpolluted vegetables
58. Warfarine is used as --------------Rotendicide

Genetic conservation and New Crops


A gift from New world to old World is -------------------------Maize

Which plant was introduced from Old World--------------------Rice
Liquid wax is got from-------------------- Jojoba
Dwarf wheat varieties brought into India from Mexico were-----------Sonora64; and Lerma rojo--64-.
Vavilovs centres of origin of crop plants are located in----------Mountains of tropical areas.
An under-utilised oil crop is ------------ Azadirachta indica .
Wheat varieties collcted by Vavilov were--------------- 26000.
Hevea Rubber belongs to------------------- Brazil.
Germplasm is contained in-Reproductive cells.
Which one will be best for germplasm collection------------------ Peru.
Dwarf wheats are evolved by--------------- Borlaug.
In a gene bank, genetic material is stored as ------------both Seeds and Vegetative material / tissue culture.
Genetic erosion ios due to ----------Deforestation; Shifting cultivation and Adoption of genetically uniform
Exchange of germplasm is carried mostly through shoot tips because it is -----Virus free.
Triticale is man-made cereal obtained through hybridization between --------Wheat and Rye.
Offsite collections are part of -------- Ex situ conservation
Virus free clones are obtained from ----------------- shoot tip culture
Ginkgo biloba is not now an endangered species because of its-----------Ex situ conservation
An orthodox seed is one which can---- tolerate dehydration and low temperature
Potato and Tomato belong to -------------- South America
A plant introduced from New World to old world is-----------Potato

22. Preserving germplasm in frozen state is ------------------------------- Cryopreservation

23. Producing new plants by cells instead of seeds is---------------------- Tissue culture
24. National Botanical Research Centre is located at----------------------- Lucknow
25. In India, the largest herbarium is located at--------------- Kolkata.
26. Which of the following countries is the centre if origin of Rice--------------India
27. Central Sugarcane Breeding Research Institute is situated at-------------------- Coimbtore ( TamilNadu)
28. RR-21 is high yielding variety of ------------- Wheat
29. A new World spice that has become an essential part of Indian cuisine is -----------Red pepper
30. A social forest tree is --------------- Subabul ( Leucaena leucocephala )
31. A plant species threatened with extinction can be preserved in--------------- Botanical Garden
32. A living fossil is ------- Ginkgo biloba ; Cycas ; and Metasequoia
33. Jojoba is --------------- Simmondisia
34. Reproductive plants by cells instead of seeds is ------------- Tissue culture
35. A place where endangered genetic materials of plants are kept is -----------------Gene bank
36. Wild varieties of plants must be conserved to ---Incorporate useful tarits in future crop varieties.
37. The concept of Centre of Origin of cultivated Plants was given by ------------------- Vavilov
38. What for Kew, London, famous----------------- Largest herbarium and Largest Botanical Garden
39. Before European invaders, which vegetable was absent in India-------------- Potato and Tomato
40. Which is correct about centre of Origin of a crop plants------ More diversities in improved variety.
41. The top four crops of the world in terms of Annual production belong to the families---- Poaceae & Solanaceae
42. One of the ex situ conservation methods for indangered species is --------- Cryopreservation
43. For cryopreservation , plant materials are frozen at -------------- --196 0C
44. Jojoba contains--------- Wax
45. Columbus landed in America on the shores of ---------------Bahmas
46. Centre of origin of Black pepper is ----------- South East Asia
47. Date palm originated in -----------------Mediterranean
48. Onion originally belongs to ------------ China
49. Centre of production/ secondary home of Hevea Rubber ------------------------Indo-Malayasia
50. Oil palm can be conserved through -------------orchards
51. The gene for resistance to late blight in Potato has been obtained from--------------- Solanum demissum.
52. Buffalo gourd is a potential ---------------- Oil crop.
53. Oil for curing gout and acute rheumatism is obtained from--------------- Moringa oleifera
54. Catha edulis is -------------------------- Arabian tea