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SPN 1120- Fall 2016

Beginning Spanish I
Final Lesson Plan
Class: level 1, Beginning Spanish, 21 students. Class meets for 1:40 minutes. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

University of South Florida (USF).

Date of lesson: Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016.
Other: Wrapping-up Lesson 6: De compras! Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns. Learn how the
characteristics of the demonstrative adjectives and the demonstrative pronouns. The students (Ss) will
how to identify these demonstratives, as they are identical. They will learn that both agree in number and
gender, except that the demonstrative pronouns traditionally carry an accent mark on the stressed vowel.
It is assumed the Ss are already familiar with demonstrative adjectives
and pronouns, since it was assigned as part of reading assignment for
about what Ss already have
this class. Also, it is assumed that they already are familiar with indirect
object pronouns, singular and plural (i.e., me, te, nos) as it was reviewed
in previous class, as well as, 8 name of basic colors.
By the end of the of the class, students will have become more aware of
the use demonstrative adjectives and pronouns. Will gain awareness in
the use of them in a sentence and will learn how to identify them. (See
course syllabus, p. 2)
Textbook: Blanco, J. A., & Donley, P. R. (2014). Aventuras Primer curso de
lengua espaola (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Vista Higher Learning. Computer
for Vtext (e-book) p. 157-158. Internet, Power Point Slide on
Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns, and Projector. 22 handouts (1
for instructor). Exercise 6.4,1-3 (p. 61). Board markers and eraser. Doc
cam and pen.
Activity overview &
alignment with
What T does
What Ss Do
objective (e.g. Obj 1)
arrangeme Warm-up
1. Overview of colors.
1. Q/A. Will ask
1. Will answer the
nts: the
De qu color
volunteers to say the
colors of the shoes
(Obj. lesson 6 course
colors items in the
of X student. Will
are seated
objectives, vocabulary,
classroom. (i.e., De
answer the color of
in the same 10 min.
words, and, expressions.) qu color son los
the Y jacket of the
manner as
zapatos de X
student. And like
estudiante? De qu
this until the
before, free
color es la chaqueta de different colors
Y estudiante? And like
have been uttered.

Main task
10 min.
6:40 6:50

20 min
6:50 7:10

2. Present the form.

Demonstrative adjectives
and pronouns Power
Point Presentation (PPS

3. Practice the form. Do 2

exercises: a) Manos a
la obra! And Prctica.
Dialogue: b) En un

this, until the different

colors (11) have been
asked (Aventura, p.
2. Will proceed to
present and explain the
adjectives and
pronouns using the
power point. The power
point is written in
English, but the teacher
will use Spanish
language to explain.
At the end, T will allow
time for answering
3. Will roll-up the screen
of the projector and will
proceed to do exercise
a.) Manos a la obra!
on the board.
-Whole class. She will
explain the model
exercise and proceed to
do the next one by
pointing out the
demonstrative to match
in number and gender
with the noun provided
by the exercise. She will
use the student close
by to model the
exercise. She will point
out at a group of
students closer to the
teacher (i.e., estos

2. The Ss will listen

and make notes if
necessary. Note:
Can ask questions
at any time. The
student can do this
by raising the

3. Ss will listen and

make notes.

-As group/volunteer
proceed to say the
answer. They could
stop the T at any
time for

20 min
7:10 7:30

-Then, for the other part
of the exercise,
pronouns, stressed, the
syllable in which the
tilde is written (i.e.,
stos), hence to
differentiate it from the
adjective, unaccented.
- This is done
throughout the 14
-Will ask if students
have any questions.
4. Will proceed to do
exercise b) En un
almacn once
clarifications are done
from previous exercise.
She will proceed in the
same manner. Note: T
could also select
different students to
read every line of the
-T will read the dialogue
with intonation and will
keep using the students
to point out the items
mention (i.e.,
pantalones, zapatos).
-Will ask whether the
4. Produce the form. Indemonstrative carries
an accent or not. T will
Handout activity. Exercise point out the
environment in which
the demonstrative is
found, whether it has a

-Will share an

4. Ss will work with

the student next to
him/her. Ss will ask
questions to T if
they need to.

20 min
7:30 7:50

5. Check answers.

noun, then it is a
adjective; or a verb
next to it, then it is a
demonstrative pronoun.
4. Once clarifications
are done. T will pass
the handouts to Ss, so
they can work in pairs
the handout exercise
6.4, 1 through 3.
While the Ss work in
pairs, T will walk around
to answer any
5. T will ask for
volunteer answers, but
also will cold-call on a
group for
comprehension check.
For this, T will use the
doc cam and write the
answers share by the
student using a pen,
preferably color pen.
If mistakes are made, T
will give a time for the
student to fix it. T can
remind the student to
see the environment in
which the
demonstrative is found
(i.e., next to the subject
or next to the verb, at
the end or at the
beginning of the

5. Ss will raise their

hand to participate.
The students may
ask while doing the

10 min
7:50 8:00

Anticipated problems

6. Demonstrative
adjective and pronouns
and homework

6. Will remind the

6. Will listen and
students that RAE
make note of
recommended omitting homework.
the accent mark on
pronouns. Only use it in
case of ambiguity.
- T tell the class she will
assign homework
through Supersite
(online textbook) with
What are some problems you
How will you overcome them?
What are your back-up plans if
they occur?
Since is the last class, I am
I just need to deliver my plan
anticipating low participation.
accordingly, regardless of
attendance. And I am considering
finishing early.