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Standard 2.

Element 2.3- Understand and can develop and supervise the
instructional and leadership capacity of school staf
Activity: Teacher Observations
Work collaboratively with school staf to improve teaching and
learning (MILF 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 4.3)
Time: 6 hours
Artifact: Teacher evaluation forms, Critique/Recommendations

Description: I conducted two classroom observations and completed the

district teacher evaluation form for each one. I observed an 8th grade math
class and an 8th grade US History class. I spent 2 hours searching for,
reviewing and discussing the teacher observation/evaluation form with my
vice principal. I spent an hour in each observation and completed the
evaluation form with a critique and recommendations in an hour per
Reflection: Developing and supervising the instructional and leadership
capacity of school staff is discussed in Element 2.3. Observing and
evaluating school staff is an essential part of an administrators duties.
Although Ive had several observations/evaluations, I realized that its a very
complex process. With the new evaluation forms and SLOs, its a much
longer procedure to complete and much more time consuming; however, the
new evaluation forms are now online, which allows for quick results during
the observations. Working with staff to improve instruction, teaching, and
learning is not only beneficial for the teacher, but allows for the
administrators to see whats going on in the classroom as well.

Math 8: 20 students

Warm-up questions on the SmartBoard

Reviewed functions and the definitions

Reviewed the quiz homework they would be taking

Reviewed more functions for practice

Stations activity- 6 stations around the room, must work as a team to

get the answers, allotted 4 minutes, cant move to next station until
everyone has the correct answers

Individual homework time for the remaining class time

The teacher is very organized and knows the math curriculum very well. His
classroom management is exceptional by maintaining the attention of the
students the entire class time. He uses a variety of techniques and ideas to
demonstrate the topic he is teaching. He uses previous knowledge and
concepts to review the new content with the students. The teacher
exemplifies professionalism in the school community through the many
activities and groups that he is a part of.
More UDL could be utilized during classroom instruction and checking with
each student to see if they understand the concepts would be something the
teacher could work on.

US History 8: 23 students

Warm-up- difference between legislative, executive and judicial


Began class with a petition on extra time between classes- some

signed, some did not

Video on the Constitution

Assignment- 1787, The Constitution as written in the Constitutional

Convention of 1787 should be signed- or not? Debate format after
reviewing both sides. Jay v. Elbridge
o First proposition
o First opposition
o Second proposition
o Second opposition
o Opposition Rebuttal
o Proposition Rebuttal

Students are to look up words in the dictionary if they do not know

what they mean

The teacher utilized current events to trigger conversation during the US

History class. The recent election was discussed and the outcomes were
previewed on the SmartBoard. The teacher also used a debate format to get
the students involved in voicing their opinion on getting extra time between
classes. UDL was demonstrated during the classroom observation.
Instruction was very interesting and students were exposed to a variety of
ideas regarding US History.
Classroom management could be better in regards to the students talking a
lot during instruction and being loud during group work time. Keeping
students on task during individual and group work would be a
recommendation for the teacher to incorporate during class time.