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Political Analysis

To start a business or firm, the business-maker should know the law or rules
and regulation that are applicable in their choice of business. The political
area has a huge influence or impact upon the regulation of a business since
they are the one who make law or rules in setting up a business and the
consideration of the business in business policy. For vinegar industry to put
their product in the market, there are some rules that should be considered.
First, the name and address of manufacturer, packer and distributor of the
food shall be declared on the label. In mandatory label information, the name
of the food shall indicate the true nature of the food, presented in bold type
letters on the principal display panel and shall be in a size reasonably related
to the most noticeable printed matter on such panel like trade mark or brand
The list of ingredient must be complete and shall be declared in descending
order or proportion on either the principal display panel or information panel
except that when a food product is covered by a Food Standard, only the
optional ingredients shall be declared unless otherwise required by such
regulation. Added water shall be declared in the list of ingredients if such a
declaration would result in a better understanding of the products
composition by the consumer except when the water forms part of an
ingredient such as brine, syrup or broth and declared as such in the list of
The storage for vinegar product need special storage condition other than
normal room temperature, the storage condition shall be printed clearly and
permanently on all product label or labeling. The expiry or expiration date,
use-by-date, consume before date shall be printed clearly and legibly on all
product labels in the following order: day, month and then the year it was
The following laws should be taken into consideration such as the
Administrative Order (A.O. 134) that the Department of Health providing the
prescribe identity, quality, and optional ingredients of vinegar. Another one is
the Consumer Act of the Philippines (Republic Act No. 7394) which protects
the consumer against the people who abuses the product, for example, the
overpricing of a certain product. Then, the Republic Act No. 10611, also
known as Food Safety Act of 2013 which protects and promotes the right to
health of consumers. It protect the consumers from unsanitary foods and
also enhances the system in food regulation.

Environment Analysis
The Congress of the Philippines create an Republic act no. 9003 that provide for an
ecological solid waste management program declaring certain acts that must follow
by the business-maker. The business-maker shall and must first ensure the
protection of public health and environment. Second, they must set guidelines and
targets for solid waste avoidance and volume reduction waste minimization
measures, including composing, recycling, re-use, recovery, treatment and disposal
in appropriate and environmentally solid waste management facilities in accordance
with ecologically sustainable development principles. Lastly, they must ensure the
proper segregation, collection, transport, storage, treatment and disposal of solid
waste through the formulation and adoption of the best environmental practices in
ecological waste management excluding incineration.
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