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Project name and short

Annual Communication Plan

Date of assignment:
November 16, 2016

Core audience:
Primary Target The Royalty: The primary target would be men who look for sophistication and
elegance. Mostly working professionals as we offer more of business clothing.
Secondary Target The self-confident: The secondary target market would include men, mostly
students who think that luxury brands can enrich their style, image and position in the society.
Brand promise:
Brand character:
Raymond, the name is synonymous with the values
Trust: Faith, Confidence
of trust, heritage & excellence. A name that has over
Excellence: Modern, Contemporary
eight decades epitomized consumer's trust into its
Quality: Premium, Refined
offerings into the company's unflinching faith in the
quality of its product.
What is the business issue we are trying to solve, the audience, the opportunity?

The world of luxury is now evolving and moving towards the youth, so it is very important to
follow the market trend. It is important to keep up-to-date with the evolving trends. Till now
Raymonds has only been catering to more of royal, business people, but they should also
focus on the youth.
We see a clear opportunity to generate new content for the youth by creating a less
traditional look and adding more of bright colors to their collection.

What is the assignment?

Annual Communication/Marketing Plan

What is the desired outcome, with measurable KPIs?

Raymond needs to create a more modern look and reach out to the young men, but without
losing the sense of royalty and heritage.
Establishing a good relationship with high income young males and creating loyal
Addressing male customers through various campaigns.

What is the intended source of volume (i.e. brands)?

Raymond and Color Plus
What is the core audience's attitude to the brand, and how
do we want to change it?

The company is looking at exports as an engine for growth in the

future. It is targeting an export target of 32% of its production by
2017. The reasons are:
(1) Stagnant domestic market:
(2) Lowering of import quotas and phasing out of MFA

Middle East: The companys current

exports mix is highly concentrated in the Middle East.

Asia and North America: The Asian

and North American regions are the largest importers of

textile fabrics and the company needs to penetrate these
markets. Proximity of the manufacturing location to these
markets would enable not only lower lead times but also
enable faster penetration due to familiarity if the production
quality or at least the perception of quality for these markets.
Similarly, to other key markets. It is felt that the Asian

markets in particular consider fabric manufactured in Asia

better than fabric manufactured in India.
Desired: Creating a relationship with the youth male without
losing the identity of the brand.
What is the core selling message, the single main idea?
The Complete Man only by Raymond
What are the mandatories (dos and donts)
Offering an exclusive collection to the loyal customers who still want to be distinguished
within the luxury market.
Adding a sense of personalization in campaigns to attracting and reaching out to many.
The final product should have the ability to be used across different market environments.
To offer a broader campaign to attract the attention of both business people and the youth.
Focus entirely on one territory highlife or business life- as we wouldnt want to narrow the
content to a sole idea.
Due dates (including reviews of work-in-progress)

Briefing: November 16,2016

Step 1:
o Idea definition (3 core approaches), visualization, proposal of touch points, and how the
idea(s) can be brought to life across them

Step 2:
o Longevity of the selected idea(s). Program execution details (organizing, approx budget,
supporting materials development (communication, staging, etc..)

Step 3:
o Toolbox finalization