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ISDN 1933303166 In peparig th tan he delete totes cance ‘renes of po repre or tana sel as ‘tee tag fe stented ma emt ©2006 he sti Cer of Amer ‘A nihte reserved Psd soe Caer Te pbinion din “The Astaloy Cente of ia 207 Vsny Lae Bete ne eat strokmerin com Table of Contents ‘Te paragraphs are referred othe text by rues alone ‘THE signs. 1347-356. Thelr Nature and Charactetstics. Relation to potnts of ‘the Compass ad to the Winds, pgs. 7-10 359-971. Tables giving Indications as to thelr infuence on a7. Character, Figure and Face, Profession, Disease. Crops. Animals, pgs. 11-19 ‘Years ofthe Signs, page 20 378.976. Signs and Planets in Aspect and Inconjunet, pos. 20-22 377. 378. Relations other than Aspect. pgs. 2-23 ‘Ascending and Descending aves of the Zodiac, page 24 '379'360, Tiplelies and Quadrants ofthe Zodiacs, pgs. 24:25, THE PLANETS. ‘361-999. Their Nature and Characteristics, Relation to points of ‘the Compass. As Lords of Hours and Days of the Week, Relation to Climates and Cites, pos. 26-31 304.805. Thelr YEARS. Periods FIRDARIA) of control of Human Lite, pgs. 91-92 296-495, TABLES ging indications as Sols. Bulldings. Coun ‘ries Jewels. Foods. Drags. Animals. Crops. Parts ‘tthe Body. Disposton and Manners. Disease, Professions fc. pgs. 92-42 436-499, ORBS and YEARS. Details of Fiala, pps. 42-44 440-444, Domes and Detriments, Exatatlon and Fal, os. 44-47, aus. 4s Lords ofthe Taplctes, page 47 ‘446-447, Planets in Aspect. Friendship and Ent of Planets pos. 47-48 ‘BIMIBLONS oF THE SIGNS, 448-452, Halves. Faces. Paranatellonta, Decanates. Ptolemy's ‘hinds, pgs. 4951 459-454. TERMS and thetr Lords, pos 62:69 485-486. Ninths and Twelfths, pgs. 9-54 497-460. Characteristics of DEGREES of the Signs, pgs. 54-59) ‘THE NOUSES. 4461-474, TABLES of indications at Nativites, at Horary Questions, 1s to Organs, Powers, Joys and Powers of the Planets, Sex. Characteristies of Groups of Houses in Threes and Sbees. pgs: 60-63 ‘THE-PART OF FORTUNE, 4475-480. Tables of other LOTS cast in a similar way, pos. 69-79 4481-488, Relatne Position of Planets and Sun. Caz COrientality. Influence changed under certain conditions. TABLES, pus. 73:70 4489-490, APPLICATION and SEPARATION, page 80 491. | DEAD DEGREES, page #1 492. Conjunction in longtide and in latitude, page 81 498-505. DIGNITIES. Order of precedence, Favourable and ‘unfavorable situations ofthe Planets tn the Signs and Houses, pgs. 82-85 906-508. Interference with thelr conjunctions, Receptlon &e. pgs "35.87 510, Substitutes for conjunction and aspect, page 87 511. Opening the doors, page 88 512-513. Strength and Weakness of Planets, pgs. 88:89 514. | The Combust Way, page 89 AUDICIAL ASTROLOGY, 515-519. The Five Divisions and the astrological principles on ‘which inquires are to be based in each, ps, 90.80 520, The Lord ofthe Year, Salkhuda, page 99 ‘521-529. The determining conditions at a natty. Hyleg ‘Kadkhuda, Ascendant. Horoscope, Figure of the Heavens. Direction or Aphasia {Tasyr Janbakhtar. Gifts of length off. Postion of the maleic which terminate pgs. 99.96, 524-526. Procedure at birth. Use of Numuder, A similar substitute for Ascendant (Rectieation). pgs. 97:09 527. lections. Selecting stable time for acton, pg, 100 528-590. General Questions. Thought reading. Danger of hasty ‘conclusions, pgs. 100-10) ASTROLOGY ‘347, NATURE OF THE SIGNS. And first we shall dal withthe Teltion ofthe signs to the characterises ofthe four cements. sepa ‘ately and in combination. sto the nature and temperament ofthe signs if they are witten down in two rows, upper and lower. the st sign above and {he second below it and soon tothe last, all those of the upper row fare hot and those ofthe lower cold, while the pals so arranged are alternately dry and moist. Dares] Barat at [ior [aves | Gemant—| veo —[ bra —| Sgiarios — [Aquarion Tauro {Cancer| Ving Scarpa [capreoenas | sos ‘When therefore you know the active virtues ofa sign whether heat or co, and the passive virtues, whether dryness or molsture t ‘wil not be concealed from you what particular element ofthe world ‘and'what particular humour ofthe body each sign resembles. Each ‘Sin that is hot and dry te related fo ire snd Yellow bie, each that is ‘old and dry. to earth and Black bile cach that is hot and moist ait ‘and blood and each that scold and molt to water and phen. ‘The Hindus regard as moist signs Pisces, the hinder hal of Capricorn and the antertor hal of Aquarius for reasons given above Inspeaking of their representations, vz. that the hinder end of Cap ‘om fs flake, and that of Aquarius water. They do not however ‘eckon Scorpius as belonging to the moist signs, but count with the aerial ones, while Cancer holds an intermediate position, some- limes being regarded as watery, sometimes as aerial according to ‘droumetances: ‘348. MALE AND FEMALE, All the hot signs are male and the cold female. ‘The planets are powerful In those signs which resemble 7 ‘hem in nature and ex, but they partake ofthe nature ofthe signs in ‘which they are situated 90 that a planet obviously male shows ten ‘dency to femaleness by elng n'a female sign. The Hinds say that all the odd. Le. male signs are uniuelgy and the female sign hichy. ‘949, DIURNAL AND NOCTURNAL, ‘There Is general agreement that all the male sign are diurnal and the female nocturnal. The ‘urnal planets are powerful in the day slg and the nocturnal i the alight ones. Inthe Greek bicidha} itis stated that according to some Ares, Cancer, Leo and Sagltarus are day signs and their ‘adits Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius ad Gem are night ones, while the remainder partake both of day and night. The Hindus believe that Aries, Taurus, Geminl, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn are Powerful at might, the ste others by day. 350, MAIMED. Aries, Taurus, Leo and Pisces are descrbed ‘malmed, the frst three Because ther feet are cut off atthe hoofs fn cla, and Tatras in ation because Its only half an ox cut ino aera whe Pisce ded on act the ab sence of ibs 361. ERECT AND OTHERWISE. Ais, Libra and Saghtarus are descrbed au erctconstlatons in te books: the oters are tot ‘ered tot this regan, but the Hind vay ay that Aen ‘Tarun, Cancer, Saptari and Capiormua are sleep and repre: ent them ecomenwhieem Vig Lr, Soros ah Ars Sere and Gemini and cc ecline on onesie: Tet inten {inn his ttre unimown tome or the patton of te figures {nthe consteatons ison mportance, an hey oer na elsence ite conrad. 352. HUMAN AND OTHERWISE, The following signs are represented ‘a human: Gem, Virgo Libra and half or Sagitarias and Aqsaris. ‘Such isthe ease the figures shown above withthe exception of ‘bra, but when Libra represented in che act of welghing. human or bird figure suspends the balance or simply a human hand. The {our-footed gures are Ares, Taurus, and Leo, while tehinder halfot ‘Sagitarus, sometimes the front half (of Caprieom on the analogy of ‘aurus) are aso so reckoned. Then ofthese Aries and Taurus have loven fet, Leo claws and Sagas hoot. Again the people dene ally from youth up entertain certain Ideas as tothe sign, such a that Lo, Scorpius, Sagittarius and Capricorn (Pisces) suggest beasts ‘of prey: Gent, Ving, Pisces ard the hinder (wo-thirds of Capricorn, ‘ards Cancer, Sagitarius, Seorlus and Capricorn, reps; and Can ‘cet, Scorplus and Pisces, aqualle animals. The Hindus have a redundancy of interpretations of this ind: they say that the uma ss are Gemini, Virgo, Libra (the fore pat ofSagtariae) and the hinder halfofAquartus. allo which ‘hey describe as biped, while the quadrupeds are Ares, Leo, the binder haf of Salar and the fore part of Capricorn, Reference thas already been mae to thelr ideas as to watery and aerial signs. £353, VOICED AND VOICELESS. Gemini, Vingo and Libra are foud- ‘voled, ofthese Geman! is capabe of speech; Aries, Taurus and Leo [re hal-voleed, Capricorn and Aquarius are weakcvlced, while Can- ‘er, Scorpius and Pisces are vlceess, Knowledge as to volce and Speech i essential as to whether in 8 diicllyindiations in these Sons are harmful or the reverse 364, FERTILE AND BARREN. Indications ofthe signs as to fam. lea. The watery signs Cancer. Scorpius, Pisces apd the hinder half fof Capricorn favour large failes: ses, Taurus, ibra, Sagittarius land Aquarius small ones, while the rs part of Taurus, Le. Virgo fad the fist part of Capricorn indicate sterity. The production of {ssn Is specially in charge of Gemin. but als s favoured by Virgo, ‘Sauttarige and Pisces, and sometimes by Aries and Libra and the last part of Capricorn. (The fore part of Capricom and Scorpius Indicate Nermapbioditism) In consequence of what we have sald [Ares and Libra are described as being of two natures, a8 are aso Capricom and Saghtarus. Virgo is called mistress of three forms. find Gemint a many-faced, beeause they denote net only twins but three or more chien, 385. RELATION TO MARRIAGE. With regard to marriage, Aries ‘Taumis, Leo, Capricorn indicate eagerness therefor. fr Libra and ‘Sagittarius much the samecan be said. With regard tothe conduct ft women, Taurus, Leo, Scorpius and Aquartus denote reserve and Abstinence: Artes, Cancer, Libra anid Capricorn earruption and bad Conduct, while Gemin, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces denote a mean tn the ngard of the four Vigo isthe most virtuous. 886, DARK AND ANXIOUS SIGNS. Leo, Scorplus and Capricom fare dart and anios, and there is suspicion of trouble in Virgo ana Libra 957. RELATION TO POINTS OF COMPASS. Aries denotes the mile fof the East, Leo a point tothe let ofthat towards the North, and ‘Sagitarus one tothe right towards the South: similarly with each ‘of the other triples. Thus Taurus indicates the centre of the South, Virgo a pont to its left wwards the East and Capricorn one {o the right and West. Gemini occupies the centre of the West ‘bra. point tots left and South and Aquarius, one tots ight and North, Cancers nthe centre of the North, Scorpits «point tothe left and West and Pisces tothe right and East. All are represented tm tne accompanying figure. 358. RELATION TO WINDS. A wind coming from a quarter assoc! ated with a particular sign is also associated with that sgn this the a “4 ae _ East wind with Aries, the West with Gemini, the South with Taurus land the North with Cancer. Simllariy withthe intermediate quar- ters, a S.E, wind i related to Virgo orto Sagittarius according ait 's nearer S.or E 859, RELATION TO PARTS OF BODY, The following are the vari- fous parts of the body which are related to the several signs. The head and face to Ares the neck and winpipe to Taurus, the arms fnd hands to Gemini, the chest, breast, sides, stomach and Kings torcancer, the heart to Lo, the wom wh its contents to Virgo. he Dek and buttocks to Libra, the genital to Scorpius, the thighs to Sagitarins, the knees to Capricorn, the shanks fo Aquarius and the feet and heels to Pisces. In this matter there is much confusion in the books, for according to some, nat only the head and face but also the bowels dare governed by Aries. The analogy inthis case does not seem to be ‘dear. But itis learn the saying ofa Brahman that ifwe imagine the zodiac tobe a man, with Aries the head and the soles ofthe fet ‘irected towards then the allocation ofthe parts ofthe body ae ‘ordling to the Hindus conforms with what we have said above x ept thatthe facets given to Taurus “The signs are also indicative ofthe various diseases of man, otis compleston. figure, face, and the ike. they also govern loeal- tes and countries, and denote various matters regarding animals, fre, water, tc. To facltate study these are set down In the accom panying tables. But God is AlLnowing. [aG0 INDICATIONS OF THE SIGNS AS TO MORALS & MANNERS| ‘961 AS TO FIGURE AND FACE Laughing and talkative. kingly and haughty fond of po- city, sharp-tongued, lustful brave. ‘etiom height thin shorsighied, ance upaasl. eyes dark Orga Sack one a es are, ay Mal ‘OF good judgment, negligent ar. a cheat, lustful and ‘foo Tal bros forehead, qebrows aor. eyes back, the whites ‘ll domes nose bred, he pot yeu large mouth. {he ipo, alr lack, neck strong Generous, chaste, excelling in games, fond of philoso- ‘phy and astronomy. munifient, olen, and ahafz (has the Quran by hear ‘Medium helt. god appearance, eet ne Beard ana face, "harp sighted, broad shouldered shanks longa compartson ‘hore Indolent, dumb, flckle and changeable, ‘Moderate hight lo thick ater long, bine brow, none frooked, teeth uneven, downcast lok. corpulet. shanks tenger than forearms ingly, formidable, sharp-tongued, hard-hearted, iti- ‘Bous, navi, many troubles sinner, forget, pow ‘rfl by nature, bold eral, good manners truthful well-informed, pious, a judge. thought lively, playful, fond of dance and rite, a haf ‘Thoughtful, polite, generous, indolent, cowardly, just Judge, plebelan. excited in speech, @ musician and singe & haf. ul sight, brod face, tick ngs, lender thigh. hip Big fe, god ong, gay aje, acetone fo wine are nse ‘Scomouth, (eth ecparaed fom each ater chest hal roment bay ‘Medium stout pclnng to al, lang har moles on shes and abdomen, broad shoulder and chest, fs nosed oderae sae. good looking. colour inlined to brown and Srl gray eyes, good ne, tetera on neck Sd ras eos et (cnerousby nature anxious, deceiful bold, rough mo- rose, sharp-tongued, a slayer. a haflz, afl indolent. pleased with himself, bold ‘ingly, recent, bea icky, prejudiced, a capable mah ematian. surveyor, thought about the next wood. ond frees, particular as to ed. dink and doting, wide. ead ret, good leone eal whites yellow, round, forehead patron atresvelrer Ouse broad ‘Sent and shoulders, Bread nose pauneh anda maka the ‘ght, al, god ooking eapeclly om back ont ew, good ‘er. long beard coarse nose, complain fed ball Ise. ‘Shams longer than Wighs, mask on ato alee, “Arrogant. false, cholerte,impetuows. changeable. esl thinking, anxious, quarrelsome, opilonative fond of sgumes and fe, crafty, forget, shang, bold ‘ody slender, ret, ine igure: face gat te, wide ray oes ‘ars cred ong bear tle ha, neg, eave gait han ‘Well disposed chaste. cager to accumulate riches, eager formagieence and manliness, a gourmet. bad hearted. Inert sadolent, rest, oo arson about wordy affairs. TEER NSE eat ooo se as. ‘ln the lack pt wer hte te ers pn ommeae Take body wel fied cut ngs una godt rad chest ‘Good disposition, generous, elegant, stil. unstable | his opintons, of good faith. medioere In business. tricky and decelfl able to er, forget foolish, bold x [Bla [s [= [bh [Ss [= [as [x [3 x|Bla x) Sl PP) S/S |O Bia /3 ‘eed figure, delete pints, oath skin, ie fe, mations Statues fry broad chest, marow shoulder, stall heed. ‘arrow forehand lok down, back eyes, handcome. 8 ‘362-364 COLORS (Hindu opinion). CLASSES AND ARTISANS ‘965, AS TO CITIES AND TERRITORIES ‘White and vedi Reddish white. Kings, bankers, comners Dackamths: cpperemith, butchers shepherds ples nd theres ‘Batylon, Fars, Palestine Adharbaljan, Alan, ‘What and brownish not shining, Whe. Sls Tara and Vrelthers of gan serene), agents an farmers. Creenish yellow. Pistachio green. Kings, calculators, teach tu iunte, dance enantio, par llr, Distr oftag. Main, Haadhan, Mountains of Kurdistan, Ctesipion, Cyprus. Alcan, Constantinople, Oran, Ra ‘angana, and shares he conta of Hert and Satan Baypt the ets of Baga. Armenia, Gugan, Glan, Magan ‘Smoke coloured not quite black, Dark red. Sallors water ‘ners swimmers) an sana digger Which red, White of elthes. withered vegetables. Horse zen, cones flere “That part of Ammen Minor which is beyond Mugen. Parts of ‘Nn Hija Baha, Dab Marval, Easter Kraan ‘Shd share ia Bala and adarbadgnn, “Turkestan as far as Gog and Magne, and the rue cies there. Asean. Jerusalem. Nisibis, the tw ees, Malaya, ‘Stan. Malan, Dalam, Abaahab Ts, Sohn, Tid hush yew Changing, Vases, cunuchs secretes, so- pric edna pope dancers sings, ascends oe ‘White inged lack. Back. Magnates and digas, pry “ounces, ey-maers. pllwopers, geomet mer ‘chants (rammarans. dees ‘andaluta Sa, Crete. the Buphvates and Mesopotanie, ‘Jeraramagas he capa of Abyssinia, Sts Ka he ees ‘of Parsim he dreedon of Kirman, an Stan afar a te “The Greek Emp as ar as Tusa. and upper Egypt fo the ‘Taxco. Bai Hea Sst, Hab athens China (acne) Golden. Physicians, eachanters, ma ‘ane slr. ‘etieh, Curae, He ea mile das pel [usbodies meade er eos ashe ‘tt est niente, ete ode) undertake Uni burden “The Haz country, the desert of Arabia as Tar as Yemen, ‘Tanger. Qyad, Kharara, Quis. Am, Sri, Nahar, ‘Nahrevan, and shares in Turkaoh Sophia Colours mixed the a peacock. brown and green, Plea ‘ck and write. Hunters and Haves, Persian Iraq, Dinawar. shan, Ra, Baghdad, Danbavand find Gurgan, the borders the Se of Ameria and Barbary ‘5 fares Morocco, ‘Yalow sapphire be and various colours: Bright red turning Yellow Setanta, traders ace drivers, makers of lass and [ower uneducated people grave robbers ‘alan and Sind, and he ver Mibran Gnd) and Ue ea ‘between Oman and Hindstan, Easter China, Asia Minor, ‘Awa and Ista esepals ‘Southern ag a frat Ka and Vij, he country of the Cope West of Sind and share et Fars ‘White, 1Gaki_ Most revered and vious people. The ast Dart ofthe sign for blind men hake who operat on her for falaract snd alos xX Bla l/s) bP |S |S Ol) ja\3 x | Flal~ l/s) P| S/H) Ola) a |3 “Tabata and the county perth of Gurgan, Bukhara and ‘Smurand shares contol Asta Minor ella ne frm Sy Neon Ea Aland esx Yen an ‘365 AS TO PLACES. ‘367-360 TREES & CROPS: WATER, WIND & FIRE ‘JEWELS & FURNITURE, ‘Deer paatarng places fr brass of burden. Woodebeds. paces where ive and hewer dena: places where jwely — re ts used. Copper on, lead: helmets, dade, ‘ons and ras. ‘Mountain places, orchard pasture land storehouses or ‘toa cow and eepant sheds ‘Unirigated felde. crop from setting out cuttings, —. hthes necklace, al lars; set rat, artichokes, Mountains hl mounds hunting grounds. verses ress ‘crate and gamblers ad rms ng pales Reservoirs, ree beds river margins ulated paces. trees, wolves and places of worship Taide act atirr area er ee a “all and medium tees. Good drinking water, ran, running trate and that which comes down fem dey. Toce and Sone sur ‘Mountains foreach sanctus, ings palaces, desert, ples. quarie, bare salts ground. Divan, women’s quarters, musians’ houses, threshing “all wees, Toren, subierancan fires minerals exacted rom the ground, cloudy weather Cots of mall and clases tall metal veses: emerald and robles. gold and sver ob esta manfactared rom ter ‘Sow fields sowing and planting All running water. Mer ‘sy erie ero and the ordinary seed) ‘Stall mosques and paces of worship, castle, cultivation, Pum-groves. obeertoren, pana orchard, tps of moun {ein which ae ulated igh places poo of bed wate, prisons, places of gre and ‘mourning scpons holes, deserted place, vineyard. ml ber ares. pla|xl@lala [3 ‘ate palms tall ees, and woch as are grown on the top of ‘mountains: Winds which four tees and rts which make {rag and pend he Snes dar aonpere,S ‘Mata sed Ge. RR WRISS THEE OARS SHOUT ‘ests ack md and rd and sare sare headed ‘hy estos footer eer rag sl serena ‘rel plains, Magia temples, Chisuan charches, arsenals testa, ep, gated orchards ‘Canc, ancient reservoirs, harbours, replace. (eeeping ctl saves seeping places, les of ogy ana nes. oi {ge fr etranger. The fit par ofthe sg tnietes Sone find grave and water whe Running and sanding water Teale bath-waler, tavern brothels canal and ices Ids nests and resorts of aquatic beds Ss a eh ng na {old ll manufactured artes, arrows and (bows and) pears nd armour, (earthenware) garments, armour, nibs far) Tournt tik ana ine dept. ‘ropa herbage and eit, such as do nt equreto bes fate “Tal es, plana a cen, grobaln and ele pba ‘Starring wate ec sr up he oes, nd Sst {tras and urbge eld gh Tas and sts dain wet {hd for bldg houses. ode gg and planing es «| Bla |x| 3S) bP |S | /@la\|a 3 “odes of eng hay men, Magan prs mouming pace, ‘area, ke shure, sa mares anes *|B ile| | Ss ‘Calton. safar, ult baring wes, sandal wood, camphor el ‘Bete Prat halt mediom sae trees. Stagnant waters & lakes: Pars, mothe f per, crak shoes cogs, sle, ‘970. SICKNESS AND DISEASE ‘S71. AS'TO VARIOUS ANIMALS “A Tr vay eng evar weak Tab 9 nodes Specialy the ead sich as Dldness lod to the face, ‘eubes: cpr and oxime wor out, plegmate set ling ‘At frat ven sirong, towards the en Wan and apare ony ‘moderately serio disorders forte mont pare eck {ce crf, and quiney and pots to feces. ceaena snd ‘masks on bake brea Healthy and sweet-smeling body nesses nat eious. gen ‘aly colar got not uch ates ‘Allhoofed animals, wil and domestic such as goats and ‘Sheep also rams and deer ‘Cows, calves, elephants gazelle: animals which become attached to man. Domestic fowls and such birds as become tame; gvelles and homed vipers ‘Weak and sckiy, gout, cata, cancer baldness, ears. ‘eaines:ngworm.dandrll eproy, pipes ls, hea ees mete ad ger Reptiles, aquatic and terrestrial animals. that are nu- merousin the desert ike beetles; pleonoua lizards, "A at strong bot aereards weak apd able to disease, ‘spel of he stomach and pln in the ees, xs ofa et lente breath ‘Wild horses, tame Hons, all animals with laws, black snakes ‘Strong, moderately len, ad lender slekness moder oss ‘thai, pPlgel|~ |@| He] a) 3 Limbs strong, sound. middling lender "Aaa strong and thckee bat af the end of ie weak and elt nese chy deine and ness. cataract ca ‘Sr ehemesingwor leprosy, reentan urine euch [ja [=| @[a [ax [3 Magpes, black crows, bulls, sparrows, parrots large serpents ‘Birds, leopards, and inn Reptiles, aquatic animals, destructive wild beasts (of prey). many-ooted animals like scorpions and wasps (and poisonous insect) ‘Alfreton at at weak and ly moderately thin healny ‘ea gout etre, binds nd ane ee baldness ep Tepe supers ngs ade nd mari ee Solid-hoofed animals especialy pack-horses, mules. ‘asses, ‘There i alao an indication of birds and reptiles, ‘Weak sickly but sound limba. deaf and dumb. opthami, lending, scrofa cance, baldness, tur: the te ‘dency to badness mach stronger than under oer sgn ‘ids, lame, animals that are herded, creeping things. apes, locusts. ‘Ar fiestavong al last wenk ad icy be sound iensos (tthe tongue jaundice, eatare, gout lows headache, pan {the eyes, ae! ven, vertigo, rupture. eplepy and exe, x |Bla|~|s ‘Weak, thin, sickly, espectally im les, fares ab) gout coping ofthe mds blows, exema ingwor. dandrall Dalal leprosy ealareh and sbundont har, ath, ‘Bipeds, vultures, sur for nusur, eagles, Beavers Jor ‘bons. sinfab, sabes, ermines, aquatle birds especially black ones. RK) Bla) ~|s |b ‘Birds, sh, large and emall, aquatic carnivores, serpents, scorpions. ry 372, ON THE YEARS OF THE SIGNS* aso Years Months Days: Days. Hours 7 1S 37 40) 3 5 8 3 © 20, 1 16 1 20 20 50 4 4 6 25 35 ea 5 5 2 1 10 4% 3 23 ® 2 20 50 4 ‘ a8 8 20 1 16 Ro 18 27 3 3 - 2 9 30 2 12 me a7 a ors 5 18 a % 90 ca 6 6 Bo ry 2 12 878. IN ASPECT OR INCONJUNCT. As the complex must fellow the simple we have now to consider the relations af the signs to each other Each sign is in sextile aspoct tothe third and eleventh lft and right oft, and there isa sath ofthe zodiac (60") between any ‘degre of that sign and the same degree of those named. Simlarly the quartile aspect fs between a sign and the fourth and tenth left fnd right, separated by 00" and the trine between the Mth and ‘int distant 120” and the opposite signi the sever, 1807 There fare therefore seven slgns to which Uhe sign tn question turns its face and which are consequently considered tobe bound in aspect. {oil The two signs which are each side of the one in question and thelr opposites, vz the second and twelfth andthe sh and ejghth fre notin aspect and are known as tnconjunct, ‘Re explation a gven of ts ables ated ay the wand ‘onthote deecrbed in Abu Matas Medi 235. Te year and he oor ee ean sero Ue minor eae of hee su ah he (lg and ene ae te se number rasp ery 5/2 o by 8/28 ‘No reason is given er the two damitles of Saturn being alloted dierent ‘Rene ig rete meh mth ot ted ene 190 whee {he tour lat eoumearewnerplazned) But Vetus Valen 168, ges 8 ‘reason he asslans 1/4 ofthe Suns great years to Aquarius, and 1/4 fhe Moon's to Capcom fo Gresik words). ‘Theft method allows a yea fr every degre ofobque ascension ofeach {lenin any eltmate and x month for every ve minutes. The number breeder he correc ones, 2» “The sgn used are conjunction apposition 2 sexe ‘quarile O.tnne 374, SIGNS FRIENDLY, UNFRIENDLY. HOSTILE. Signs which are in sextle or trine are friendly to each other, those in quartile un {rien and that opposite nical. Thus Gemini and Aquarias are ‘in sextet Aries, Leo and Sagitarius tn rine to it and these are ‘mutually friendly. while Cancer and Capricomm being in quartile and {bra opposite are inimical. The inconjunct signs Aries are Four, viz. Taurus, Virgo, Scompius & Pisces. 975, RELATIVE POWER OF ASPECTS. The fllowing isthe order in power ofthe various aspects. The most powerful conjunction ‘Ler meeting n the same sign. then the opposite then the dexter” ‘quartile sinister quartle, dexter trne, sinister tine, dexter sextl. Sinister sextle. When there are two aspects the more powerful ren ders the weaker one incompetent and tales away ls power. Chun ear ure orem Caps ae ating ut ore Cancer ‘376, HINDU OPINION. The Hindus are partly in agreement and party dlcent from this doetsne. They ar in agreement in regard {othe opposite, quarts and tes, but they say that while a sign looks towards its third, Uhe third does not regard i, and while i ‘doesnot look to fs sith the sixth does regard. They donot apy the term aspect to conjunction, for they say that when one stands tect and Woks ahead, one cain see onesll With regard to the Fela importance ofthe aspects they say that from a sig towards {he tied and tenth signe there a quarter ofan aspect, and tothe fifth and ninth, half an aspect (awards the 8th and 4th three quar tersofan aspect and tothe 70 complete aspect). They describe the Second and fwelth sign as inconjunet to the Rist an I to them, 877, RELATIONS BESIDES ASPECT. TWwo signs equidistant from fan equinoctal point are sald to be equipollent, because the day hhours of each are equal tothe night hours of the other. and thelr Ascensions are equal inall places, sch as Aries and Paces, Taurus land Aquarias, et The corespondence Is by inverse degrees, one being north the other south, the Mist of Aries being equal to the toveniy-ninth of Paces and Uke 10th tothe 20th ‘Two slgns revolving in the same parallel, North or South (equidistant froma solstice are described as corresponding in course (initinere), their day hours are equal as are thee night hours, and thelr ascensions are identical atthe equator. such as Gemini and ‘Cancer, Taurus and Leo, "The correspondence is also by Inverse Segrees, the beginingof Cancer corresponding tothe end of Gemini, {Gnd the tenth of the former to the twentieth of the latter. These two Felations reelve diferent names in the books. and there Is no per- fmanence fn such names, bul that term is best which corresponds to the meaning. [Abu Ma'shar has called the to signs which have the same presiding planet as concordant in tinere. and although this s i FEzent from the two kinds of agreement refered to above, its a Felaton which has to be considered. Wih regard tothe agreement “which we have spoken of, Abu Mavshar calls the relation of Aries to Pisce, and of Virgo to Libra by power, ad that of Gemini to Cancer fand Sagitastus t Capricom by eourse, as natural sexi. although they do not regard each other- but since the nearest aspect tothe Ineonjunet place fs the sexe, he has ealled them by that name. ‘Similarly the relations of Aris to Virgo and Pisces to Libra by cours, fad those of Gemin to Capricorn and Cancer toSagttarius by power, ‘Fie oth degree belng regarded a» destiute of «companion 0 35 sacocete od egres wh od and even wth ven 2 ue gS ‘Te el esa gun ss te hrs es cores (ninth cour {ADC: Norther hal. CBA: Souther hal ‘BRB: Ascending. ‘BED: Descending all. ‘Te ascending sgne according to Wison are", a. becsse when i then the suns declan a rereasing, Translator’ notes hae speaks ofas natural opposites, although there is here no aspect. BButin the quar aspect t occasionally happens from these agree: ‘ments aa inthe case of Taurus to Aquarius and Leo to Scorpius by power, and in that of Taurus to Leo and Scorpius to Aquariis by ‘ourse, that the disagreeable enmity of the quartile lessens and its fl influence disappears, so that the slgniiance of the relation fins in power, jast as the removal of the inconjuetion. obscu find evil from those sextle ad natural opposites also takes place From those two correspondences to which we have adverted, power and course, the zodiac ia divided into two sets of halves 1. [Norther and southern halves, 2. Ascending and descending halves. 378. ASCENDING AND DESCENDING HALVES OF ZODIAC. The latter are marked out by the solatces the ascending half compris ing the following signs: Capricorn, Aquarius, Places Arle, Taurus, ‘Gennt, and the descending half the nadirs ofthese. ‘The Hindus call these halves ‘ayana’, the ascending “uttarayana’ or north, Because although the declination ofthe sun In this half of the ecliptie fs south, yet te sun during the whole of the half keeps is face towards ts northern goal. The descending Dal called akshayanat or southern by suilar reasoning ‘Signs ofthe ascending half are deseribed a signs of short or crooked ascension, because ther oblique ascension Is shorter than that in the erect sphere, while those ofthe descending half are ‘ald to be signs of long or direct ascension, because thelr obLique ‘ascension is longer than that in the erect spre “The crooked signs are also called ‘obedient and this due to concordance in eouree, because when you compare two signs ‘one paral, the onebelonging tothe deseendinghalf comes first by the diurnal movement, and the one ofthe ascending ha later: $0 the former commands, the latter, which obeys the command and always follows. 379, TRIPLICITIES. Those signs whose nature as regard two qual ties Is identical are stated In the zodiac atthe angles of it Angled tangles: they are consequent known as tipi and fre recognized as entiues. although thee tn numbe, the effects of tach being identical or similar. The rt eplcty is formed of Anes, Teo and Sagittarius, allo which are fry tn thelr nature withering fad heavy. while the special domain of each is for Aries, res ‘ordinary te, for Leo those present in minerals and plants, and for ‘Sagittarius that whieh Is Gltributed from the heart of animals ‘hroughout the body. ‘Tue second tiple componed of Taurus, Vb and Cape com is earthy, generous with iawealth, and the Interpretation of According to PaosAleandrnas, he commanding signs are fom Taw ‘sto igs The bed sige fen Gemin to Aquaria, So azo Valen [p24 But Chaucer say te 88 "These crooked sgn farel obedient to {resign that are fat Ascension (Cancer to Satara)” ‘The nort- frm algo command beesuee when the aun on them, Ue dat longer than the sgh lated by the pushed Pa its effects s that Taurus ts responsible for pastureland which is not ‘sown, Virgo for plants which have nether berries nor seeds and Small tes, Capricorn for sown erops and large and tal trees Gemini, Libra and Aquarius form the third triplety whieh fs ary in nature, sending winds abroad, and in detail Gemini is characterized by that que ale which produces and sustains Ife, Libra by that which cases tees to grow, ferulizes them and pro: duces rat, and Aquarius by destracive stars. “The fourth tpliety of Cancer, Scorpus and Pisces is wa: {ery in sympathy, Cancer denoting sweet pure water, Scorpius that ‘whieh i turbid and Pisces that which fe stinking, distasteful and slkaline, 880, SIGNS OF THE SEASONS. Quadrant ofthe zodlae and signs ofthe seasons. Arles, Tauris and Gemint are vena changeable, lover eildhiood, the east and the east wind, the frst watch of ay And night. Cancer. Leo and Virgo are aestal restful, gover youth, ‘he south and the south wind and the second watch, Libra, Scor- pis and Sagittarius are autumnal, changeable, govern adult fe, {hewestandits wind, and te third wate, while Capcom. Aquarius nd Pisces are hibernal, peaceful, govern old age, the north and the ‘north wind and the fourth watch “The ist sign of each season fs called tropical as i 8 the ‘umning point. the second fixed, because when the sun Is in i the ‘season Is established, andthe third bieorporal. Each one of these ‘Ss related by quart tothe others of ts kind. and thus Arles, Can ‘er, Libra and Capricom form the topleal tetragone. the indi tons of which are gentleness, purlty and social with a ten- dency to science and details, Then Taurus, Seorplus, Aquaria and {Leo form the fixed tetragon, the indieations of which are muldness, thoughtfulness and juste, In many cases of igdousness and pug pacity, and sometimes of endurance in adveraty and palience in trouble and injustice. Gemint, Vigo, Sagittarius and Pisces, the blerporaltetragone. indicate ambit. levy. playfulness, thought lessness dlscord tn business, capriiousness and dupliy “The inuence ofthe xed signs according to what has been sald obvious. thatof the bcorporal more obscure, and that ofthe ‘wopleal Between the two ‘We must now tum to the essential characteristics of the planets uncomplicated by any other influence, because the relation ea ofthe planets tothe signs is such that when they enter them they “undergo certain alteratlons: for Ue planets like the sign are spit {ual forees which change the nature of bodies submited to their Influence, a retrograde planet for example. may change tempera ‘ment Info a cholerc one, or & Joyful or anstous one, according as ‘one ofthe four elements becoes preponderant and alters the ac Utes ofthe spirit and the conditions 381. NATURE OF THE PLANETS. The planets always influence Whatever Is recepdve under them. So the results of the aetion of ‘Satur are inthe directon of extreme cold and dryness. of Jupiter fof moderate heat and molstre, of Mars, of exieme heat and dry- ‘ess, ofthe sun of not moderate heat and dryness. tess than characterizes Mars, the heat being greater than the dryness. ‘The {influence of Venus is towards moderate cold and motsture, the lat ter predominant, of Mercury (owards cold and dryness. the latter rater stronger, which fnikience however may be altered by asso ‘ation with another star. The moon tends to moderate cod and Inoisture the one sometimes dominating the other. For the moon falters in each quarter in accordance with the extrinsic heat Its ‘eceving from the rays ofthe tn. Comparing it with the seasons fof the year the frst week has a spring ike character tending to- ‘wards warmth and moisture, the second summer, warmth and “dryness the thir after opposition, auturmtal towards cold and dry- pes, and the fourth winter ike towards cold and motsture. Some people say that moisture always predominates tn the moon what- ‘ver its sation, bat a a fact ts moisture tends to warmth with the fncreaing ght ofthe rst half and to cold with te decreasing ight ofthe second, because when the extrinsic influence ceases it can ‘only return to ts original condition. ‘382. MALEFICENT AND BENEFICENT. With regard to the ood land el fortune due tothe planets, Saturn and Mars are male ‘cent, the former especially so: Jupiter and Venus are beneficent, specially the mer. Jupiter confronts Saturn in clesring-up un {ortunate complications as Venus does Mars. ‘The sun is both be reficent and malefient the former when in aspect and distant. the latter when in conjunction and near. Mercury also is eter very fortunate or the reverse: it assists whatever planet i near I. Dut when alone is inclined to benecence, the more so in proportion to iis proximity. In virtue of ts own nature the moon is fortunate, Dut Xs position with regard to the other planets changes quickly owing to the rapidity of ts motion (On the whole the effects of the beneficent planets may be described as virtue, peace, plenty. good disposition, cheerfulness, epose, goodness and learning. ifthese taluences are powerful, {hey are frendly teach other if weak, they lend each other assis tance. On the other hand, te maleicent effect destruction, Ve anny. depravity. covetousness, stupa, seventy. ardety. Ingra {ude, shamelessness, meanness, conceit and allkinds ofbad qual lies. If powerful they help each other in enmity, but if weak, aban- {on each other, and en alone are active but cowardly. Some people say that Saturn is at first inimical on account ‘of Mars and later fortunate on account of Jupiter because fe ac= ‘companies them in all states. ‘They say of Mare tis at rst forts- hate and later malefleent. and the same ofthe sun, ut we know of ‘ho justification for these ideas, forthe principle atthe root of ts tatters that any planet which has its two qualities nan extreme degree Is malefcent: tn a moderate degree, beneficent. and that if the qualities are unequally present, en itis netther called bene ent nor maleleent except under certain conditions, 389, BFFECT OF MOON'S NODES. Many astrologers attnbute a ‘efinite nature to the ascending and descending nedes, saying that ‘he former is warm and beneficent and denotes an increase in all {things andthe latter col, maleficent, and accompanied by a dimi- futon of influences. Its related that the Babyionlans held that {he ascending node increases the effects of both beneficent and ‘maleicent planets, but Iti not every one who wall accept these ‘Statements forthe analogy seems tobe rather farfetched, 384. HINDU OPINION. According to the Hindus, Saturn, Mars, {thessun and the ascending node) are in general malefioent (they do ‘not mention the Dragon's tail. Jupiter and Venus are in general beneficent. and Mercury inereases the effects of both beneficent ‘and maleficents. Of the moon some say that while waxing it Denefcent. and when waning. maleicent. while thers assert that for the rst ten days ls nelther beneficent nor malefcent, during the second ten, beneficent. and during the third, malefent 1995, MALE AND FEMALE, All the three superior planets and the sun are male, Saturn, among them, being like a eunuch (has 00 Influence on birth). Venus andthe moon are female, and Mereury hermaphredite, being male when assoetated with the mal planets, And femate when with Uh female: when alone i is male tn ita ture. Some people say that Mars ts female, but this opinion is not received. 2 985, DIURNAL AND NOCTURNAL. Saturn, Jupiter and the sun are ‘ural and exercise thelr power during the day. Mars, Venus and tthe moon nectnmal and Mereary is elther ane o the other depending ‘on the sgn in which iis, oron the planet with which itis associated, Every planet assists those resembling tthe dlurnal asking assis: ‘ance from the diurial and the nocturnal from the nocturnal ‘The sun slr af the day and the moon of the night, Because thelr nuence is exerted during these prods. Bvery planet which is Under the horion during ts own period ia witout influence ‘Some people say that the dragon's head is male and dturnal and the tal female and noetuenal, Dut ths Is quite Mogical 387. ARE INDICATIONS CONSTANT? The indications ofa planet ‘donot always remain constant: they are dependent on its relations te the various sigs, to other planets and to the fixed stars, tothe position as regards the sun and its rays, and to distance fom. oF proximity to the earth. ‘Thus Satu whieh is dry aa it aes be: ‘comes mst as it sets “The effects which are thus attsbutabe tothe various situa- tions ofa planet present themselves in two forms, dhe one fort pate, the other unfortunate. ‘Saturn, for example. which governs ‘matters ofthe land, ifn conditions of power and beneficence tn proves the agricultural conditions, blessings and good luck ensue nd increased profits ar realized; but if the conditions are adverse. the farming operations are atended by disappointment, bad for tune and falar, All the indications ofthe planetary influences which are de serbed inthe Books are set down in the tables which follow. ‘988, WHY ONE QUALITY REPEATEDLY ATTRIBUTED TO CER. ‘TAIN PLANETS AND NOT TO OTHERS. It may be asked why men ‘om Ss made of several planets in connection with one subject when the same fs not the ease with others (Uhe signs). This is due Ast of alltocertain defect in the ar, and to confusion of reasoning. The tasters of astrology frst agreed to arrange things according tothe Colours smell taste, special pecullarites, actions and habits and attached them to planets in accordance with the nature, benef. ‘ence or malefcence ofthese, but other associations were suggested by resemblance in Ume of appearance or of coming into action. tis rare that only one planet furlshes the indications for one subject ‘or object, generally wo oF more are associated, as for example when Ps ‘wo elementary qualities are present obwously related to two die: ent planets. Thus the onion ls elated by its warmth to Mars and by {ts moisture t Venus, and optum by ts coldness to Saturn, and its tng plants such as encumber and melon 414-417, RELATIONS TO FOODS & DRUGS, HOUSEHOLD RE- (QUIREMENTS, STATES OF BING, POWERS. Indications as to. 1414 foods and drugs: 415, household utensils: 416, states of be: sng 417, powers Saturn: Drugs cold and dry in the fourth degree, especially ‘those which are narcotic and potsonous. Dwellings. Sleep. Reten tive power. Jupiter: Those which are moderately hot and moist and are profitable and agreeabie. Frits. Clodung, Vial growing nutritive culties and the ai inte heart. Mars: Whatever is not potsonous but pungent and warm in the fourth degree. Drugs. Business. Passion. ‘Sun: Whatever is warm beyond the fourth degree and ts salutary and in general use. Foods. Ealing and drinking, Youthful vigour. Venus: Moderately cold and motst foods useful and pleas ant tothe taste, Savoury herbs. Colton, Sensual ‘Mercury: Foods which are dryer than cold and are agree ‘able but rarely useful Grains. Speaking, Faculty of reflection. ‘Moon: Foods which are equally cold and mots, sometimes ‘useful, sometimes detrimental, and are natin constant use. ever tages. Drinking water. Natural power. 418, INDICATIONS AS TO QUADRUPEDS Ae. ‘Satur: Black animals and those lving ip holes tn the ground: oxen, goats, horses, sheep: ermine, sable, weasel, cat {nouse, Jerboa aso, large black snakes. scorpions and other pot ‘sonous inseets and fleas and beetles Jupiter: Man, domestic animals and those with cloven hoofs ‘such as sheep, oxen, deer, those which are speckled and beautl- fully coloured, and edible. or speaking, or ined such as lions, ‘cheetahs and leopards. 26 Mars: Lion, leopard, wolf, wld pig, dog, destructive or mad ‘ld beasts, venomous serpents, ‘Sun: Sheep. mountain goat, deer, Arab horse. lion croco: ‘te, nocturnal animals which remain concealed during the day. ‘emus: All those veld animals which have white or yellow hoot such as gazelle, wid as, mountain goat also large fish, Mercury: Ass, camel, domestic dog. fox. hare, Jackal, er: ‘mine, nectural creatures, sll aquatic and terrestrial animals. Moon: Caml ox, sheep, elephant, gaffe, ll beasts of bur ‘den obedient to man and domesticated, 419-422. INDICATIONS AS TO BIRDS, ELEMENTS AND HUMOURS, ORGANS OF THE BODY. VITAL ORGANS. Indications as to, 410. ‘birds and other fers; 420, the elements and the humours 421 ‘organs of stilar nature: 422, vital organ Saturn: Aquatic and nocturnal birds, ravens, swallows and fies. Earth, black bile and occasianally erude phlegm. Halt nail, skin feathers, wool, bones, marrow and horn. Spleen, ‘Jupiter: Birds with straight beaks, grain eating, not black, pigeon. francolin, peacock. domestic Yow, noopoo and lark. Al fnd blood. Arteries, sperm and bone marrow. Heartin partnership wth the sun, ‘Mars: Flesh-eating birds with curved bls, nocturnal. water hens, bat, all ed birds, wasps. The upper pat of fire and yellow bile. Veins and the hinder regions. Liver together with Ven. ‘Sun: Eagle, ring-dove, turtle dove, cock and falcon. ‘The lower part of fre. Brains, nerves and the hypachondria, ft and feverything ofthis kind, Stomach. Venus Ring dove wild pigron, sparrow, buibul nigga. lo- custs and inedible ands: ~~. Fes fat ad pial marr. Kidneys, Mercury: Pigeon, staring. exckets, falcon, aquatic bis tnd nightingales. Black bile Arteries. Gallbladder ‘Moon: Ducks, eranes carrion, crows, herons, chicks, par- ridge, Phlegm, Skin and everything related thereto. Lungs 7