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Address: 1317 Northgate Circle Oviedo FL, 32765

Phone: (347) 330 5925
May 20, 2016
Dear Hiring Manager,
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Jimmy Johnson.
I believe that I am an extraordinary potential in becoming a part of your organization. In
response to the open position, I am enclosing a resume for your review. Please consider this letter
as my formal application in presenting my background, education and experience.
Two words that describe me are industrious and compassionate. I have over five years
experience in sales and customer service, and a year experience as a secretary. I had recently
graduate from Nassau Community College with my A.A. in Liberal Arts and now am pursing my
B.A. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Central Florida in Economics and
Communications with a minor in Political Science. I have chosen these specific majors and
minor because I want to make a difference in the world by becoming a lawyer, and defending
childrens rights. I am always enthusiastic when it comes to my work, a team player in my field
and a leader who is passionate about what I do. I enjoy working diligently in completing all
tasks, as well as, trying to exceed limits far beyond reach. I am versatile and able to adapt to any
surrounding that I am put in. In my opinion, you can never stop learning, growing and achieving
when you give the time and dedication in anything you pursue.
If I am chosen for this position, I will be devoted and can show you why I am a valuable
asset to your company. Words and actions are what separate ordinary from extraordinary and Im
ready to show you extraordinary. I would like to have the opportunity to participate in a personal
interview to better present my qualifications. May I call, or stop by next week to set up an
appointment? Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best Regards,

Mirlaine Ocean