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Observation Task 2: Identifying Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Focus: Identifying types of learning support needed for SEN students

Objective: To encourage student teachers to support and included the learning needs of
identified SEN students in the classroom

Procedure: Identify two children who have SEN and complete table 2 to highlight their needs
and identify support that is offered which facilitates their learning. If your class has no SEN
students you will need to go to a class that has SEN students in order to complete this task.

Table2: SEN Support for Students

Table 2: SEN Support for Students




4 years


Area of Focus

Type, range and frequency of support

provided / needed.

Possible ADHD: Moving

from area to area another
does not still in one place
for a long. Also Too
much moving,
sometimes hit the
children, he sit in carpet
2 min no more.

Daily Teacher Support with advice from

Learning Enhancement Teacher:
Sit child in space by the teacher
at carpet time.
Lack of pressure on him and
make him play in area he want.

Let him choose any book to try

to count of names of things he
Complete Reward Chart every day.

Reflections on Observation Task 2: Identifying Children with Special Educational

Needs (SEN)

Read the questions below and write your answers

1. What is the school policy for inclusion for SEN students in the school?
Avalon school policy, is gives each student private time for listening,
speaking, reading and writing to enhance diction, pronunciation, and
clarity of speech and comprehension. A varied co-curricular platter: This
includes sports, performing arts, Visual arts and short modules for life
skills enhancement.

2. What accommodations were made for the identified SEN students in the
classroom? They dont use accommodation, but I think my opinion if
student have a math class the teacher should give SEN student simple
number while give the regular student more numbers than a SEN student.

3. Was there any assistive technology, other equipment or materials used

with the identified SEN students? If yes, please describe the equipment that
was used and what it was used for. No , they dont have because its still a
new school.
4. What teaching strategies did your MST use with the identified SEN
-Reword them if they do well or when the follow the class rules and lets other
student clap their hand for him.

5. Where there any other school staff that worked with the identified SEN
students? If yes, please explain their role and what they did with the
identified SEN student.

-Yes, one teacher shes supervises the students with special needs. If the general
teacher observes the special need student in her class make mistake and she cannot
deal with them so the regular teacher and teacher who care or administrator about the
SEN student communicate with each other.

6. Do you think that SEN students should be included in the classroom or

taught in class specifically for SEN students? Why / Why not?
-I think that SEN student who has improvement in different skills should
include in regular classroom to develop the skills such as reading,
physical, art.