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The video clip is an excerpt from The 11th Hour, a documentary made in 2007

presented by Leonardo DiCaprio.

1] According to the 1st speaker (Kenny Ausbel) in this video, what are the two most
complicated systems on Earth?
Human Society and nature

2] According to DiCaprio, what are the achievements of the human species?

Ability to take stock out of experience, discover quantum physics, explore
outer space, peer into own DNA.

3] According to DiCaprio, what kind of planetary crisis is underway?

The collapse of the ecosystem and the acceleration of out disconnection
4] According to the video, what is the fundamental illusion that causes us to
misunderstand our situation on the planet?
That people are separate from nature and superior to other species living
on the planet

5] According to the video, what is the major change that has occurred in the past
century which has accelerated the damage to the global climate and all other
natural systems?
Focus on the economy
6] What was the technological change that made it possible for the human
population to exceed one billion?
Discovering other sources of the energy different from sunlight and
agricultural revolution

7] The third person who speaks in the film is Wangari Maathai, an African woman
who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her environmental work. She says, I dont
merely know that the biosphere is in trouble. I know it is [because] I just have to
look around at the environment in which I live.

What about YOU? Can you see any indications that the planets biosphere is in
trouble? Or, do you see indications to the contrary? Look around you and EXPLAIN
what kinds of indications you see regarding the state of the environment.
Actually, there are numerous indications of the changes that the environment is
changing, but we usually do not notice. To notice the real changes we have to look
back to at least 50 years. One thing that comes to my mind is the global warming
problem. From the stories of childhood of my parents, I understand how harsh the
winters back in 60s were in our region. However, nowadays the winter is warm
comparing to the past. Another problem, which is actually crucial in my hometown,
is air pollution. Massive deforestation and manufacturing led to the decrease of the
air quality. This can be easily seen from the high mountains of my hometown. If in
the past the image was clearer, now it is hard distinguish the buildings and see the
beauty of the town looking from the mountain.