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Atlas, a Titan. brother to Prometheus and Epimetheus. holds up the sky. 3

He was tricked by Hernkless into fetching the apples of the Hesperides. and then
into resuming
his burden of the sky.

Europa attracted Zeus attention.
He came to her as a playful bull while she was near the seaside.
When she climbed onto his back. he swam off with her to Crete.
[When they reached Crete he turned into an eagle and made love to her,
Eagles. like most birds. lack penises.
Therefore. hers was a virgin conception]
Kadmos and her brothers went looking for her.
She gave birth to Minos and Rhadamanthis (Cretan kings).

(Son of Agenor and felephassa iArgi-ope [Silver-Face. re. the Moon\ Kadmos was a
brother of Europa [along with Cilix and Phoenix].
When Zeus abducted Europa he and his brothers went in search of her.
He went to Delphi.
The Oracle told him to forget about his sister.
Instead he was to follow a cow.
and where it lay down to rest he was to found a city.
He found a cow. followed it. and established Thebes where it lay down to rest.
BUT first he had to sacrifice the cow.
He sent his men to fetch water from a spring Ares [to wash the cow)
Ares' dragon attacked them and killed most of them.
Kadmos came to the rescue and killed the dragon.
Athena appeared and told him to take its teeth.
Half he would give to AEetes of Colchis when he went with Jason.
Half he would sow now.
When he sowed them savage armed men sprang up,
They advanced on Kadmos, but he tossed rocks into their midst.
They turned on one another and in the end only five were left alive.
These became the Spartoi, the Sproutegl Men
[The Spartans were called such by the other Greeks.
They called themselves Lakedaimonioi,Shrieking Demons.)
Later after serving as Ares skave, Zeus gave Kadmos Harmonia.
(A geography and civic history, pre-Greek)


Orpheus and Eurydice

Tale of the greatest mortal musician
(For the Greeks the harmonies of music were manifestations of the patterns of
nature; cf., the use of music to communicate with aliens in Close encounters)
Orpheus could charm anyone or anything with his song and lyre
He sailed with the Argonauts for the Golden Fleece
He inspired them with his song
He Saved them from the sirens by drowning out their song with his.

He married Eurydice (wide-justice).
she was killed by a viper right after her wedding.

Orpheus descended to Hades to retrieve her.
Her Charmed Cerberus and Hades himself with his music.
Hades agreed to Eurydice follow Orpheus back up to the Surface as long as he didnt
look back at her.
At the last moment he turned about to catch a glimpse of her.
He saw a fleeting shadow and a whispered farewell.

He withdrew to the forests and sang.
Some Maenads came upon him and tore him apart.
[They were unnatural.
Only they were immune to his music.l
They threw his head into a river.
Eventually it washed up on the island of Lesbos.
The Muses buried it there.
His body was buried at the foot of Olympus.
(a tale of the power of music,
the failure of trust.)

(H: 299-301,218)


Combined brains and brawn
Slew procrustes while on his way to Athens
Procrustes would tie his guests to a bed, and either stretch them or lop off enough of
Legs to make them fit it.
Theseus slew the Minotaur inside the Labyrinth and found his way out .
He was helped by Minos daughter , Ariadne but abandoned her(crossed love)
(The clever hero, abandonment of the woman who has kin-destroying love.
He went to Hades with Perithous, because Perithous wanted Persephone =.
Hades stranged them both on the bench of forgetfulness

Hercules freed Theseus, but left Perithous because he was wicked.


Trojan War

Helen abandoned her husband Menelaos, and ran off to Troy (Ilion) with Paris.
Agamemnon. brother to Menelaos. led all the Greeks against Troy.
Akhilleus was the mightiest warrior of the Greeks.
Hecter, Paris brother, was the mightiest warrior of the Trojans.
Akhllleus spent most of the war sulking in his tent because of an insult delivered to
him by
Akhilleus emerged to avenge the death of his cousin, Patroklos at the hands of
Akhilleus killed Hector and dragged his body around Troy.
Akhilleus was killed by an arrow to his heel. shot by Paris.
The Greeks built a wooden horse and left their best warriors inside.
They then pretended to withdraw.
The Trojans dragged the horse inside their gates and celebrated.
The Greeks then emerged and slaughtered almost all of the Trojans.

Gods and goddess routinely intervene in the course of duels and battles.

This was the last great battle of the Mycenaean age.
(H: 247 - 249)

I Kadmos - Polydorus -' Labdacus - Laios]
Laios was king of Thebes
Laios had a prophecy that his son would kill him
and sleep with his mother
When his wife gave birth to a baby boy
Laios pierced the infants ankles with a nail, and then tied it with a thong.
Then he gave him to a shepherd to be abandoned on a mountainside.
He was given instead to a man from Corinth.
King Polybus (and Queen Periboea) raised him as their own son, since they were
He was called Oedipus , /oido-pos/swollen foot.
As a youth he was teased but the other boys for not looking like the king, his
supposed father.
He went to Delphi to seek counsel.
The pythoness expelled him with the wordsout wretch! You are fated to kill your
father and sleep with your mother
(Sophocles wrote of Oedipus, he was fated to reach a green old age.)
He thought that he was to kill polybus and sleep with periboea.

Since he loved his "parents" he resolved to leave his home and go wandering
On his journey his way was blocked by arrogant Laios. who was traveling in his chariots
Words were exchanged and Oedipus killed Laius and his charioteer.

He proceeded on until confronted by the Sphinx perched atop a bluff.
This was a monster harassing Thebes.
(She had flown up from remotest Ethiopia.l
She had the head of a woman. the body of a lion. eagles wings. and snake tail.
(Her name means strangler. however.)
She put a riddle to each traveler that she encountered.
When they failed to guess the answer. the devoured them. .
What goes on four legs in the morning. two at noon. and three in the evening? .
Man" answered Oedipus. because he crawls in infancy. walks upright m his prime, and
uses a cane in old age."
The Sphinx. shocked at his having given the right answer. threw herself to her death from
the bluff.
This lifted a plague from Thebes.
The joyful people made him their king and gave to him Jocaste, the widowed queen.

Soon another plague descended upon Thebes.
Jocaste's brother Creon went to Delphi
The Oracle told him that Laius murdered must be punished
When Oedipus heard this he condemned whomever committed the deed.
He asked the blind seer Teiresias [who once had been punished by changing genderl if he
Teiresias at first refused to answer.
When Oedipus accused him he replied, You yourself are the one you seek.
Neither Oedipus nor Jocaste believed him.
Then a messenger arrived from Corinth to announce the death of Polybus.
He recognized Oedipus and told him that he had been adopted.
Then the story gradually came out.
Jocaste ran off in horror and hanged herself.
Oedipus went looking for her and found her body.
He took the ins from her robe and blinded himself.
[A complex gale of good intentions gone bad of incest, and of the inevitability of fate.)

(H: 297-299)
First Theban War

Creon became regent.
Oedipus two small sons, Polyneices and Eteocles were left in Thebes.
Oedipus went wandering with his daughter, Antigone.
His other daughter, lsmene, stayed in Thebes to watch over his interests.
The two brothers had a falling out over which 0138 would rule.
Polyneices fled to Argos and raised an army against Thebes and he brother.

He was joined by six other Chieftains. becoming the Seven against Thebes.
The wife of Amphiaraus. one Eriphyle. was entitled to decide for her husband, (cf.. Norse
Freya and the necklace of the Brisings)
Polyneices won her over to his cause by bribing her with Harmonias wedding necklace.
They fought with seven champions from Thebes at its seven gates.
Teiresias said that Creons son Menoeceus had to be sacrificed.
Creon refused,but Menoeceus went out to fight without his knowledge.
He was immediately killed.
The two brothers squared off and killed one another.
Finally the invaders were all killed except one, Adrastus.
Grieving for his son. Creon refused to allow the dead to be buried.
This was a gross violation of natural law.
Antigone buried Polyneices.
She was executed for this. but died having done the right thing.
( A tale of suffering for righteousness]

Second Theban War or The Seven against Thebes

Adrastus went to Theseus of Athens to seek justice against Thebes.
The six widows did also.
Theseus did not want to go to war.
Theseus mother, Aethra, urged him to uphold justice.
Theseus said that Athens was a democracy and that the people must decide
The people chose war.
Athens conquered Thebes,but did not sack it.
The dead were given proper funerals(pyres).
Evadne , widow of Capaneus , threw herself on his pyre(sutee in India).
The army was led by the nameless sons of the dead heroes.
(An "epigonic " (coming after) tale of vengeance,
Also, of doing the righteous deed.
cf., The Seven Samurai and The magnificent seven.

(H: 207-210)


Apollon and Artemis invented it and passed the skill on to the Kentaur. Cherion, who in turn
taught it to many heroes.
A mighty hunter 7=
The most handsome man ever to live .
Eos/Dawn loved him
King Oen-opion (wine-faced) asked him to clear his island Chios of wild animals.
Orion did this.
He fell in love with King Oenopioas daughter Mer-ope(sea-face)